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What is god asking of you? You think, well, it’s a big thing.
God is asking you to give up to him. Give to him. That which you can’t hold on to anyway.
You know, assessing the book of Revelation, how did they overcome by loving not their lives to death?
And their testimony. The share you know, you know, like, a lot of you who are afraid of sharing the gospel because you think you can get rejected or it’s gonna call You gotta realize it doesn’t matter because you’ve got another just you have to show the gospel no matter what.
Your ministry doesn’t, you know, you whatever you have doesn’t belong to you. It’s god’s anyway.
There was a minister who was going bankrupt. He looked.
He said, lord, you know, the ministry, you all, you know, we can’t make ends.
You know, he’s worried about it. I’m gonna lose the ministry.
And then he heard the spirit say, how could you lose something that you don’t have?
He said, what did you start out with? Nothing. It’s my ministry.
You know, I’ve been to some dangerous places in the world and some fearful things, and it doesn’t mean we are not to take precautions.
God may call you to take precautions Paul did at it, but, ultimately, you cannot let your life be ruled by fear.
We have this choice to serve god or serve fear.
Zechariah, the the father of John Lambda, he said, that we may serve god without fear.
If you live in fear, you’re not gonna serve god. If you serve god, you’re gonna overcome fear.
That’s how it goes. When you look at the callings of god’s people, the callings of the prophet, he’s always saying, don’t fear You know, I’ll go go where I send you.
I’ll go with you because they had challenging callings, you know, and and, you know, the safest place we think you know, you know, the safest place, if I go if I’m if I do this, I’ll be safe.
The safest place you can be is not but not here, we’re living near New York City. So you’re already.
You’re not in the safest place. They’re gonna ever do something.
But the thing is the safest place is the will of god.
You know, you could be an American. Have a million protection. You can be a hoarder.
You can be a things, uh, prepper, have everything, you know, all that.
And you walk outside and get hit by a truck, and that’s the end of it. God’s willy.
Or your heart stops beating for a second, you know, or stops beating.
You know, the safest place is the will of god.
And the point is everything we have is a borrowed gift anyway.
I mean, the only thing we’re keeping is salvation. We’re keeping god, but everything else. You know?
So if he asks, like, what what do you really own in this world? The answer is nothing.
So therefore, what do you have to lose? Nothing.
The story is told of a of a father who buys his son, this brand new car, and it’s all polished and all that, and it’s like, take care of a beautiful car.
And the father takes out a sledgehammer and fast. There’s a big dent in the front.
And he says, now enjoy it. The point is, if not, he’d be worrying, I gotta lose this thing.
Who he says, you know, don’t even worry about this car. Just have fun.
David ran to Goliath because he realized at that point, I’m just following god.
I’m trusting him, but I’m not gonna live under fear.
The the Hebrews were all living under fear, and David We can’t live under fear.
We have to run the giant if we perish, we perish, but we’re going, but we’re not gonna live in fear.
We’re gonna live free one way or the other.
There’s a story of a famous battle where the general ordered the the the ships, the the the the all the ships they’d landed burned up so there could be no retreating.
When you know there’s no way you have to go forward, Paul said in to live is Messiah and to die is gain.
Well, if you’re in that spirit, listen, to live is Messiah, to die is gain, what am I gonna fear anymore?
You know, and and and it’s also said in the scripture, you brought we brought nothing into the world.
We’re bringing nothing out of the world. So what any did anybody bring something into the world?
Anybody bring goods or anything? None of us. So what do we have?
You know, in Hebrew, there is no verb for to have.
You know, there are ways that they translate around it, but there’s no word really in Hebrew that says I have.
You say it another way. You say this this is to me.
This is the houses to me, but I don’t have it.
And that translated, I have it, but it doesn’t mean that.
It is to me, and it’s given to me, but I don’t have it. You see?
So there’s really nothing in Hebrew. You can’t own anything. You can’t have anything.
And the key that’s the key in life.
If you don’t have anything, you don’t have to worry about anything.
You know, you know, it sounds hard when Jesus says, If you’ll lose your life for my sake, you’ll find it.
Sounds hard, but it’s actually in the end. It’s easy.
Because when you lose your life, what do you have left to lose? Nothing.
So, actually, it actually takes away fear.
You know, in the time of Gideon, The Israelites were living under oppression and bondage, and they were afraid of their enemies.
They’re the when you do that, you live that way. It’s a half life.
They because they thought we better go up, we better watch it, we better do this.
Finally, god says to one of them says you rise up, and you go with it.
And I’m gonna be with you, and they break the fear.
And even again, they’re outnumbered, out man, all that, but they win.
They break the way you gotta get to that point.
You cannot be living in fear and anxiety your whole life.
You know, what are you gonna do?
You know, this life, remember, is hanging on a heartbeat. Any second. You don’t have forever here.
You own only what you do for god is forever. So there’s 2 revenge.
Are you gonna panic about this life or be free and say, I’m not gonna be bird.
I’m not gonna be under this bondage. That I have my treasure is not here. It’s in heaven.
You know, you witness, you give the gospel. So why are you afraid of witnessing? You what’s gonna happen?
If you share the gospel, they’re either gonna hate you and reject you or they’re, you know, and if they do that, it says you’re a blessed leap for joy.
You get something in heaven for that.
And and if they don’t and they accept it, then it’s a double and you get they you get salvation.
They’re saved. So it’s a win win situation, but you gotta get over the fear of rejection.
Why live your life carrying what people think about you? Amen. They’re probably carrying what you think about them.
It does not it. Are you afraid of losing your reputation? You don’t have a reputation.
It said, you know, you gave it to god. It’s his reputation.
That’s what you’re living for, not your own, or maybe you’re afraid again on losing if I lose money, I lose my job.
How again, you we came in with nothing. It’s god who keeps us.
The lord, you know, asked to Peter who asked all of them.
He said, are you gonna leave me too? And Peter says, we’ve left everything to follow you.
Where can we go? Know, we, in other words, we burned our beaches. We’re not going anywhere.
And then besides, you know, everybody who’s left for me is gonna get so much more than anything they left.
You know, it it it’s you’re thinking, you know, what is god asking of you?
You think, well, it’s a big thing.
God is asking you to give up to him, give to him, that which you can’t hold on to anyway.
Think about that. Whatever you give to him, you can’t hold on to it anyway, you’re losing it.
You’re gonna give to him. And for to receive that which you cannot lose. That’s a bargain.
You’re giving what you can’t keep to receive what you can’t lose eternal life.
Let me let me share something.
I’ve kinda put it in different ways, but I wanna share it right now in time in in terms of what’s happening now.
We’ve gone through 2 years of viruses of the virus of this thing. It’s still not over.
Hopefully, it’s ending, but you know how this thing is. They say it’s ending, then it comes back. We’ll see.
But of course, we’re all sick of it. Right? Yes. You know, first, we were concerned about getting sick.
Now we’re sick of it. But at the start of it, remember, the big lockdown at the beginning, you didn’t go anywhere, but it there was nothing happening.
That was like a science fiction. Nothing on the road. You could just go to get food.
That was about it. Total lockdown, everybody in their house is afraid.
Now I’m not saying to not be cautious and not to, but I’m saying not to live in fear.
But everybody, you know, so we, you know, you go out to get food. You had your mask.
You had your wipes sanitizing spray. It was like the zombie apocalypse, you know, COVID version.
You know, so many approaches, you can spray them with a with a sanitizer.
You know, at the beginning, everybody was hyper and nervous.
On my mother’s birthday, we got the family, got our kids. We went to see my mother.
And we had to stand outside and sing happy birthday in the night through the window. You know?
And we’ve accepted it up, but the but when when I walked the dog, I had to hand wipe the bot when it came back the bottom of my sneakers, and I had to wipe the dog.
You know, it was crazy. We were so, you know, but you know, we’re all afraid of that, or everybody had a a everybody had a concern.
Now there was a reason, but let’s apply that.
What were we worried about or what are you worried about now? I’m not thing. I’m not talking about masks.
I’m not talking about anything. That’s your choice before I’m not talking about it. But I’m talking about fear.
Either we’re gonna get COVID or we’re not gonna get COVID. Okay?
If we don’t get it, we’re we’re good.
If we get it, we’re gonna either have symptoms or we’re not gonna have symptoms.
If we don’t have symptoms, We won’t know it anyway. We’re good.
If we do have symptoms, we’ll get sick. You know, uh, we’ll have or we’ll just have symptoms.
If we just have the symptoms, we’re good.
If we get sick, we’re either gonna get really sick or we’re gonna get a little sick.
If we get a little sick, we’re good.
If we get really sick, then we’re if we get worse well, well, they’re ultimately gonna recover, and that’s good.
We’re good, or it gets worse. We’re gonna get near death and we’ll recover. We’re still good.
Or we die, in which case we’re saved and we go to heaven, and we’re good. Hi.
I’m Jonathan Khan, and I hope you were blessed with the video.
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