The War Against and for Motherhood | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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The War Against and for Motherhood | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

Jonathan Cahn shares on Mother’s Day how the culture has warred against Fatherhood, so too, Motherhood and children’s gender. And yet, Motherhood is a divine protection and revelation of God. Discover both sides of this end-time matter.

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What’s the pattern here? It’s all against life, but each of them cannot produce, cannot bear life.
They’re being robbed of that. It’s against life. It’s against humanity. It’s against existence.
One of the most basic foundations of the created order is that of mother’s motherhood.
Our culture in its fall from god, you know what it does at the use motherhood.
It devalues when when have you seen the culture really lift up motherhood as opposed to business or careers?
When have you seen that? It devalues women who focus on motherhood.
It seeks to make women to value motherhood to put everything above motherhood success money, whatever.
And all the qualities that make motherhood, the culture is against those qualities.
You know, the the one case where the culture sure honors femininity, it’s being expressed, is when it’s expressed by a man, then it’s celebrated.
If it’s a man being feminine celebration, that’s wonderful.
Now if a woman acts feminine, no, and if a man xmasin, no, But if a man x men or a woman acts masculine, the culture says, this is the greatest thing we’ve ever seen.
What does that tell you? It tells you that this culture is messed up. It’s confused. It’s messed up.
It’s it’s the opposite of life. The opposite of life.
Girls are being trained from indoctrinated from youth, you know, to be everything but Motherhood, women, whatever.
Anything that’d be the opposite BS masculine as you can, and it’s ultimately then saying you’re not even a a woman not even a girl, any which we’ll get to.
But it’s not an accident that today, fertility is is collapse in America and in the west, in the western countries.
So much so that there are governments around the world who are panicking that they’re gonna basically disappear and they’re trying to do everything they can to to increase children.
But when you destroy marriage and destroy gender, you’re gonna destroy life. They won’t tell you this.
All all the the years of pushing women into everything but motherhood has ended up bringing harm to women, to families, to marriage, the weakening of of of marriage goes with the weakening of motherhood and the weakening of motherhood goes with the weakening of marriage.
You know, people didn’t realize when it happened first to fatherhood.
The government basically said, basically, we’ll take over the father. We’ll we’ll provide. We’ll do this. We’ll do that.
We’ll do that. And the man that says, basically, hello, fathers do, you know, dispensible. Men are dispensable.
Well, they’re not dispensable. It ends up having gigantic effects when you don’t have a man, when you have a father there’s joy, except for god will compensate.
I mean, except for you, uh, the lord.
But without god and without fathers, it is detrimental to the children in every way.
Every statistic and gigantically so. But now 4 in 10 children are born without a father and mother and marriage.
And it’s going higher. A culture that glorifies instant gratification and self centeredness is not gonna be conducive to motherhood family, marriage, or anything else.
That is life. So first came the replacing of the father. Now you’re watching.
They’re beginning to eliminate motherhood, and women.
You know, right now, it’s Mother’s Day, but there are people who will no longer say the word mother.
They will say birthing people. Mothers and motherhood, they’re not spendable, they’re essential.
We are to uphold them because motherhood has a high place in the purposes of god.
That’s why it’s so under attack. Because these are the end times.
It says without natural affection, it’s the end times are gonna be against everything natural.
And that’s exactly what we’re watching. Without motherhood, there’s no life.
And the Bible says that the creation itself reflects the invisible nature of god.
What we see is that includes mothers. So the love of god is woven into motherhood.
Into the fabric. It’s part of the divine nature.
Motherhood is a reflection of god, and that’s what we’re gonna open up. And the culture trying to eliminate it.
You know, there’s one of the biggest wars in our culture is that over the life of the unborn, abortion.
And so we have we have a whole bunch of states that are trying to protect the unborn as never before and good for them.
And then we have other states that are trying to attack the life of the unborn as never before, pushing it to the point of birth.
We can kill the baby up to the point of birth. That has never been.
This is now all over It used to be, keep it safe, legal, and rare, those who are for abortion.
Now it’s celebrate the killing of the baby. And I’m not gonna hold back on that either.
How I speak about this because that’s what it is.
It is a war over motherhood because if you end the baby, you’re you’re caking away motherhood.
It’s ultimately a war against women in every way.
And so the war on gender is the same as the same quality.
Our schools that once led our children in the lord’s prayer all across America, and nobody thought twice about that.
It was all appropriate now they are leading the children to be transitioned. You may not be a man.
You may not be a woman. You may not be a boy or a girl.
And now they’re passing laws to hide it from their parents.
And now in one place, I believe Michigan, they passed a law that if a parent does not agree with a child who says I want to be a girl.
I wanna be a boy because they were told that in their school Then the state the government can remove the child from the parent.
California. Now what happens when a girl is transitioned?
Basically, she’s given hormones that mess up, most likely, we’ll sterilize her.
And then if she keeps going, she’ll have our organs, uh, uh, transformed. She will become stealth.
She will never become a mother.
Years later, when she asked, why did you let them do that to me? What would you say?
Whether when boys are told, well, you could be a girl, so we’ll transition. He’ll be a girl.
Won’t be a girl. You will be you’ll be surgically altered to appear, and and you will be so it will be someone who looks like a woman who cannot bear children either.
And can’t be a father, most likely. What’s the pattern here? It’s all against life.
But each of them cannot produce, cannot bear life. They’re being robbed of that. It’s against life.
It’s against humanity. It’s against existence. You know? That’s right.
This week, there was a sister here who, uh, actually, she was here today.
And she is a long time minister here, and she went to, uh, she’s a grandmother.
She went to the doctor for the first time they’re asking her questions, and they said, what is your gender?
She said, I’m a grandmother. What do you mean? What’s my gender? She says, what do you think?
She says, well, I I think you’re a woman, Brit, you think, She says, well, there’s 2.
It’s either I’m not a man. So that means there’s only 2, so I must be a woman.
So next question, what’s your sexual preference? What has happened to America? What madness? Right.
You know, I told you we’re living in a messed up culture. Well, it’s true.
Men who claim that they’re women and they compete against women in sports and then decimate women’s sports.
And they say, this is great.
Mothers are, you know, mothers who cannot be called mothers they’re they’re abolishing motherhood. Right.
You know, when the Democrats were in charge of the house of representatives under Nancy Pelosi, they passed a resolution changing their working documents to a to take remove banned terrible words.
No more the word mother. No more the word father. Sister brother, son, daughter, no more.
It’s creating an medical feminists are now finding themselves being conservative. They’re arguing.
They’re they’re saying, no. This is craziness because they’re as this movement of transitioning is nullifying motherhood and womanhood and everything they thought they were fighting for.
And they’re realizing it’s the destruction of womanhood JK Rowling of Harry Potter, who wrote Harry Potter, not a Christian, radical feminist is becoming one of the strongest voices against this madness.
It’s becoming like conservative It shows you how far this is going.
That’s what happens when a civilization takes god out.
When you take god out, everything goes out. When you take out the life giver, life goes out.
And there’s an enemy. The Bible says. There is an enemy.
He’s called a liar and a murderer, and it goes together because lies ended up end up taking away life happened in Eden, a lie took away life.
And today, he’s having a field day, a lie is taking away life. You are not man.
You are not woman. You are not fierce. You are that’s death. It’s all death.
He’s having a field day. Destroying gender. You’re destroying life.
It’s no accident that right now, there is an explosion in America of suicide.
And the explosion is the greatest among the young. The young are killing themselves.
1 out of 3, I believe, girls, they said young girls have mental illness now.
And those who are most likely to to be self destructive are those who have been confused about their gender.
And it wasn’t them. They didn’t do it to themselves. We did it to them.
This culture did it to them. That what the enemy does. He wants to come in. He’s a thief.
He comes in to destroy steal and destroy. He has surely messed up America.
But god doesn’t want us messed up. He wants us fixed up, messed up.
So if it is messed up to devalue motherhood, which it is, and womenhood which it is, then it’s life giving to celebrate it and honor it and treasure it.
And to celebrate god, because god celebrates motherhood, and motherhood, again, is a divine expression of who god is.
That amazing verse, Isaiah 49. Says this. Verse 15.
Can a mother forget the baby at her breast?
And have no compassion on the child she has given birth to.
Well, it’s saying that that The most deep thing is for a mother to love a child.
It’s the deepest kind of connection because they were connected from the beginning. So there’s something about a mother.
It’s totally connected that how can she give that up?
Because the the love of a mother where a mother loves the child no matter what, when it’s not even rational, when that child has done everything, it doesn’t matter.
Still, the mother’s love. They it’s it’s going towards it.
But he says even though she may forget, because everybody’s human, we’re in a fallen world and there are mothers who are not motherly or they forget.
He said, even that, the this this most incredible love, they’ll forget. Some will.
But I will not forget you. I have engraved you on the palms of my hands.
I have engraved you on the palms of my hand. That’s the love of god.
He’s so he’s taking his motherhood to its full level.
So what is it about motherhood that we can see about learn about god?
Well, first thing about a mother’s love.
Though that begins when the baby’s in the womb and you know what the mother is doing, the mother is basically nurturing the life of the baby from her own life.
And so that tells you something about motherhood right there.
And what is that Motherhood by nature is a sacrificial love. It’s a giving love.
In the Bible, sacrifices are connected to god.
This is telling you about god’s love because god’s nature is to sacrifice.
God’s nature is to sacrifice give himself up, that’s his nature. That’s the gospel. Right.
If not for the sacrificial love of god, we wouldn’t be saved here today.
Without the cross, god doesn’t just love you. He never just loves you. He’s sacrificial he loves you.
It costs him to love you. It costs him to forgive my sins.
Every time I wanna sin forgiveness, I think, okay. I say it, and he could say, okay. Come in. No.
It costs him to do that. Yes, sir.
You know, it to whatever he does, that every blessing you have in your life costs god.
With his own life. A mother’s life is to is to give for her for her child.
So god’s love is to save us by giving his own life. Imagine this love.
A co somebody died for you and that somebody happens to be god. Your salvation is costly.
If you’re saved today, it costs it’s precious.
If if you are not going to hell today, it costs it’s precious.
It’s worth more than a than $10,000,000,000 that you are blessed today.
Every blessing you have that you can say god is my father. That costs god.
And so live in a manner worthy of the preciousness of your salvation.
Your faith is based on sacrifice. Therefore, live in that manner It’s okay. You can sacrifice for god.
You want this, but god said this. It’s okay.
You can give it up because god has done so much more. We are here to be what living sacrifices.
Imagine your whole life is to bless. Your whole life is to give.
Your whole life is to give yourself, and you’re gonna get blessed as you do it.
Whatever you do though, it comes from his love for you that is sacrificial.
He gay somebody gave himself, therefore, live in the same manner. Next reflection of a mother’s love.
A mother feels more naturally than a man. Now there’s exceptions there.
But there’s a actual thing there for for a because the first time the first one who feels the baby is the mother.
She feels the baby for all that time. A mother’s love is generally more empathetic.
More empathetic feels for. Sympathetic, feels for. The child hurts, and then she feels him.
You know, the story is told, it was in a a kindergarten class, and Well, it actually is a they had they had a kind of Bible school thing.
And and, you know, the the teacher says I gotta talk to you about your son, Billy.
It’s a way the father and mother there said, she goes to the mother. He says, uh, yes.
As I I asked Billias, I asked the class. I said, uh, who who broke the walls of Jericho.
And Billy said, I didn’t do it.
And the mother said and they said and the mother says, well, If Billy said he didn’t do it, he didn’t do it.
And the father takes the the teacher’s side says, listen. I don’t care who did it.
Send me the bill. I’ll take care of it.
The mother is naturally standing up for the for the child.
The naturally even if a child’s child’s uh in jail, it’s all convict convicted.
There’s a the the mother is gonna believe the innocence.
The mother’s love is empathetic, puts itself in the place of god. That’s telling me something about god.
God’s love you. We picture god. He’s up there. I’m here. He’s the judge. I’m here.
I’m trying to live up to him. He’s there.
But it but god’s love is like a mother’s love is empathetic. He feels for you.
It says in the Psalms, it says he knows our frame. He knows it. He already knows your weakness.
He knows what you’re dealing with. He doesn’t change his standard.
It doesn’t he still keeps the standard, but he knows you. He understands you. He feels for you, actually.
In the book of Hebrews 4, it says, we don’t have a high priest messiah who can’t sympathize with our weaknesses, but we have one who is tempted in every way, but without sin.
So what it’s saying is that Messiah, he knows your weakness, he knows your sin, and he sympathizes with you.
He feels for you. Doesn’t excuse the sin, but he’s with you. He’s with you. He’s with you in it.
When you don’t when you feel so far from god, it’s saying he’s with you. He’s feeling it with you.
He knows what you feel. He knows it already. You’re not gonna shock him. He knows it. He understands you.
You know, the word understand is linked to, stand under. He stands under you.
And when you were at your lowest one, when you were in the worst sin you’ve ever been, you’d messed up totally.
He still was saying, I know. I know. But I still love you. And I’m still with you.
And I’ll help you up. That is the love and that that is the to know that god’s love is like is more than a mother that it actually actually, he feels for you.
You’re never alone there. Whenever you feel something, he feeling it. What else is it about a mother’s love?
A mother’s love by the nature from the beginning, uh, by the nature of the womb, a mother’s love is to protect and nurture.
Nurture, protective, gentle, tender, nurturing. Well, that’s also the love of god.
We don’t often think that way. He’s the king. But we don’t but what did Messiah say?
He said, oh, Jerusalem, how often I would have gathered you together as a mother hen gathers her chicks under her wings but you weren’t willing.
And god speaks a lot, like, hide me under the shadow of your wings.
Like, a mother, his protection is like that that he that he that his heart is I don’t want my child to be hurt.
I don’t want you to go this way. I don’t want you to fall that he loves you with that.
You know, he’s always always seeking to pull you back, always seeking to to God, even ways you don’t even know how he’s protecting you.
You don’t even know. You don’t know all cars that would have crashed into your car.
You don’t know all the people who would have messed you up.
You don’t know that, but he’s he’s protecting It says it says run to him.
It says cast your anxieties on him. Don’t fear. You know, he doesn’t want you to fear.
He wants you to rest in his wings. Cast your anxieties he cares for you.
I was once playing with my son, Elielle, when he was little, which is a a long ago, and he accidentally hurt my finger.
And I said, L, the l, daddy’s finger is hurting. And he looks at me with sincerity.
He says, Do you want me to kiss it? I started laughing. I said, yes.
So he starts kissing my finger.
And then he looks at me and says, all better And so I said, where did he get that from?
His mother, his mother who would kiss and say, all better because it’s but the thing is that a mother’s love is like a healing love.
One of the most you know what? You know what?
The first word that most people say in life, It’s the word mother. Of course, they don’t say mother.
You say Ma. Ma. No matter where you are, it doesn’t matter Ma, that’s English.
Ma. Go to Israel. Imma is mother. Imma. Ma, doesn’t matter where you are.
It’s almost always the same around the world. A mother you know, that’s why a mother is called mother.
You know why? It comes from the word Ma. And became Greek mater becomes mother.
So I can’t think about this. Mothers didn’t come up with a name mother’s. Babies did.
Babies named the mother.
The mothers didn’t name the the babies named the mothers before the mother named the baby. That’s true.
We are called we call mother and ma and mama and mom, all that, all that, matriarch, all that, because a baby says Ma.
Why? Cause a baby needs milk. So it says Ma. It’s it’s making that sound, making that motion.
It becomes Ma, and the answer is the mother.
And be before the baby even knew the mother when the when the baby was in the womb and had no idea what the mother was, even when the mother was all around, it was saying it went his mouth And so and then then when it was born, she’s there, an answer to her to the needs.
So the same way We god’s love.
It’s like we are we have this deep need, deep thing, the deepest part of our life.
And we’re like in the womb, this world cannot answer it, but there is an answer to everything that is deep in your heart, and that’s god.
He’s the Ma, and that’s it. He’s the answer to everything that’s in your in your life. Every deep thing.
And the thing is to connect your needs to him, then then gonna be matched up.
The deepest thing you need is god.
That’s what it’s telling you because the deepest first thing we all need was mom.
Now the deepest thing is him. More deep and more basic than anything. More than you need money.
More than you need. You need success. More than you need anything you think you need. You need him.
And you know what you know what the last word on p in many cases, people die often their last word is calling out for the mother for Ma.
You know that? Mama. Yeah. Your mother cared for you.
I mean, again, we’re in a fallen world, but most bothers cared for you when nobody did, cared for you when you were so weak that if you didn’t have her caring for you, you wouldn’t be alive today.
Your mother felt for you, sued you, sacrificed all those things she was that to you.
And god was only a shadow of who god is to you now.
See, mothers live and they pass away. Nobody has a mother forever. But god is forever.
You have god from the day you were in conceived in the womb to the day you leave this world and, forever.
God said, you see, it’s a shadow.
The world can disparage motherhood because it doesn’t know the love of god.
Doesn’t know what love is, but we know god.
And even if a mother’s love fails and a and every mother is only borrowed, there is a love.
It’s only a shadow of the love that is never going to leave you and never has to leave you.
God says, listen to this one. Isaiah 46 verse 3 says this. I have carried you from birth.
And even to your old age, even to your gray hairs, I am he and I will sustain you.
I created you, and I will carry you even to the end of your life.
This is Jonathan Khan. Thanks for watching.
The Josiah manifesto and all my books you can get anywhere Amazon wherever books are sold.

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