Victory Demands Self-Control – Pt 2 | Joyce Meyer | Enjoying Everyday Life

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Victory Demands Self-Control – Pt 2 | Joyce Meyer | Enjoying Everyday Life

You can let go of stress and frustration by learning how to say NO to your feelings. Learn how to resist these temptations today, on this episode of Enjoying Everyday Life with Joyce Meyer.

Joyce Meyer, one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers and New York Times best-selling author, shares encouragement and advice to help us enjoy our daily lives.

With a heart to share Christ and love people, Joyce’s messages help people in all walks of life to grow in their faith, learn to study the Bible, find healing from the wounds of life, get answers to life’s questions and encounter the love of God in a powerful way.

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To anybody who lives by their feelings might as well just get a rubber stamp that says destroyed and stamp it across your We cannot live by emotions and ever have victory.
Victory demands that we operate in self control.
I do what I do because I’ve seen god’s power transform my own life and he will do it for you.
The key to everything is found in god’s work.
I’m Joyce Meyer and I believe that god can heal you everywhere you heard.
The consequences of certain things brings death.
And when I’m talking about death, in this way, I’m not talking about no longer breathing and being in a grave.
Actually, in the Amplified Bible, it says the type of death that’s being talked about, and especially in Romans 6, where we’re gonna read a couple of verses, it says it’s the consequences of sin, for example, brings death, but it says death that comprises all the miseries that one can imagine both here and hereafter.
So how many miserable Christians are walking the earth.
You know, it’s one thing to be a miserable sinner.
But it’s another thing entirely to be a miserable believer.
We’re supposed to be the happy group. Amen?
We’re supposed to be the one spreading joy. Our lives are supposed to be salty.
We’re supposed to make other people thirsty to have a life like ours.
That’s why I say we don’t even really have to worry about preaching so much if we just get out there and live the life that Jesus died for us to have, people are gonna they’re gonna be like a magnet and people are gonna be drawn to you and wanna know what you have and how they can get But as long as we continue to be no different than everybody else, except we go to church on Sunday and have a bumper sticker on our car come on.
You know what I’m talking about? I don’t wanna be miserable.
I spent enough years of my life being miserable. And I don’t intend to be miserable anymore.
And you know what I’ve discovered?
If I wanna be happy, then I have to decide to be happy because the devil’s not gonna help me be happy.
He’s gonna do everything he can to make me unhappy, but nobody Listen to me, nobody can make you unhappy if you won’t let them do it.
You know, I’ve told you that I had all kinds of problems.
I mean, like, from being abused for 15 years by my dad, I mean, this wasn’t just an occasional thing.
This was all the time all the time, all the time, all the time, and I’m not gonna go through all the nasty details.
You can get it in other teachings and books, but I I was in bad shape by the time he got done with me.
And I looked okay on the outside.
I mean, I didn’t look like there was anything wrong with me, but, boy, I had a mess in my soul.
And you know when you have a mess in your soul, you know where it starts showing up in relationships.
For one thing, I didn’t like myself because I thought something was wrong with me because of what he had done to me.
And if you don’t like yourself, you’re not gonna be able to get along with anybody else.
And so I was miserable, and therefore, I set about trying to make Dave miserable.
And miserable people don’t even realize what they’re doing but the honest truth is is that when you’re miserable, you really don’t want anybody else to be happy.
You want other people to be miserable with you And you may maybe don’t even do it on purpose, but you really just try to make them miserable.
My father was a miserable human being, and he did his best to make everybody else that he was around miserable.
And we all let him do it because we didn’t know that we had a choice.
Well, Dave was a born again spirit filled Christian who’d been praying for a wife, and he told god, make it somebody that needs help.
Now you wanna be very careful how you pray.
Can you imagine somebody praying that?
But see, that that that’s what a strong a strong Christian says, you know, I can take it.
Give me somebody that needs help. I wanna be used by you god.
I don’t, you know, I don’t even think he knew what he was doing when he prayed that.
I’m sure it was just like a a divine maybe he was in a trance or something when he prayed that prayer, but, you know, let me tell you.
He got somebody that needed help, and but Dave was strong enough in the lord that he would not let me make him unhappy.
And the happier he stayed, the matter it made me.
Does anybody know what I’m talking about?
But it was one of the best things he ever did for me because I saw now listen to me, those of you that are married to somebody that spends all their time trying to make you unhappy.
Come on. Or maybe you’re the one that spends all your time trying to make somebody else unhappy.
I don’t know if you’re the one that’s here.
So I gotta preach to who I got to preach to.
And but what I began to see was stability.
Something I had never seen before.
I began to see somebody who wasn’t controlled by outward circumstances.
Dave loved me unconditionally, but I had to receive the love.
He didn’t turn it on and off based on my behavior. He just was who he was.
And one of the things that we need to learn is to be who god wants us to be no matter what everybody else is doing.
Did you hear me?
Maybe somebody’s been mean to you, they haven’t treated you right.
And so now your temptation is you’re gonna build a wall and you’re not gonna let them into your life and you’re not gonna talk to them and you’re gonna give them the call’s shoulder.
Well, that’s not the way god wants you to respond because now you’re letting them control you And what you need to do is just say, god, I’m gonna be who I am, and I’m gonna trust you to take care of them.
So I’m telling you that you don’t have to let other people make you unhappy.
And that’s something that you can do, but only if you have self control.
Because your emotions, anybody who lives by their feelings, might as well just get a rubber stamp that says destroyed and stamping across your life.
We cannot live by emotions and ever have victory. Victory demands that we operate in self control.
When I’m talking about self control, I’m not just talking about eating and exercising.
I’m talking a lot about controlling your thoughts and controlling your words and your attitudes and especially these emotions that wanna go down every time a circumstance doesn’t suit us.
We need to toughen up a little bit and be able to deal with this appointment and stay happy when we don’t get our way.
Come on. I’ll just stay that to this side of the room.
Stay happy when we don’t get our way. Come on.
Can you be happy when you don’t get your way? Amen.
We spend too much time trying to get god in the whole world to serve us And Jesus said he came to serve, not to be served.
I hope you love me when the day is over.
For the wages of sin is death. Sin makes you miserable.
Every kind of misery.
That’s why really, instead of getting so mad at people, that sin and do things that hurt us, we we really need to realize that hurting people hurt people.
And I’m telling you what, sin brings its own punishment.
You don’t have to worry about trying to punish somebody.
Who’s sinning, it has its own punishment and its misery.
Do you really think that a drug addict is happy? No. They’re miserable.
Do you really think that somebody who does nothing but mistreat other people all the time is a happy person No.
They’re not. They’re miserable. Sin, the wages of sin is death.
Death that comprises all the miseries that we can ever have this life and in the one to come.
Romans 86 says for to set the mind on the flesh is dept.
Here again, it’s not talking about being in a grave.
It’s talking about the more you think about yourself and the flesh and what you want and what you don’t have and what you think you should have and what other people have that you don’t think they should have and you don’t understand why you don’t have it.
Come on. I mean, you just spend you spend the whole day thinking like that and just see how happy you are by bedtime.
Not not gonna be too happy, but you can purpose to say, god, I believe I’m in your hands and you have a plan for my life, And as long as I obey you and do what you want me to, when your time comes to bless me, no devil in hell and no person on earth can keep you from it.
Come on. Real promotion comes from god, not from man.
And I have found this, and I preach this a lot.
I hope you don’t get tired of hearing it, but it doesn’t matter to me even if you do because We need to hear things over and over and over and over.
The flesh is naturally selfish. It wants what it wants.
And we do need to take care of ourselves, and we need to be good to our those because if you don’t take care of yourself, you’re not gonna be able to even help anybody else.
But I’m not talking about being selfish and self centered what we need to do is purposely everybody say purposely.
I I stress that because I have to do it on purpose.
And, I mean, I’m I’ve been hard after this god thing for over 40 years, almost 45 years now.
I mean, studying the word preaching the word really doing everything I know to do to try to live according to the word.
And every single day of my life, I still have to use self control.
I still have to say no to myself and I still have to resist being selfish.
I was just sitting and thinking the other day about some ways I’m just still so stinking and selfish, and I hate it.
I don’t wanna be that way. Thank god he changes us from glory to glory.
But what I have to do is purposely Everybody say purposely.
Think about what I can do for somebody else.
I just challenge you like take, for example, just exhorting somebody or edifying them, which basically means to make them feel good.
Just to make somebody feel good. Imagine that you have the ability.
Every single one of you has the ability no matter how many problems you have, you have an amazing ability to make somebody else feel better.
And I would venture to say that far too many are not using that ability at all.
They want everybody else to make them feel better, but they’re not really giving their life to making other people feel better.
I took on a little new project.
I’m I’m pretty goal oriented, and so I like my little god projects, things that I feel that god wants me to do, and and I make a I make a thing out of it.
And so for a while, I had this thing going on, and now it’s it’s become more of a habit.
See, when you do something over a long period of time, it becomes a habit.
And so then you don’t really have to try to do it anymore.
You just do it and don’t even hardly realize you’re doing it. You know?
Like, I don’t have to try to go brush my teeth.
I mean, I brush my teeth three, four, five times a day and don’t even realize You know, I’m not like, okay.
Now I have to go brush my teeth. It’s just what I do.
Well, for a long time, I was kind of pressuring this thing Be sure you put a smile on at least three faces every day.
Do something to make at least three people smile.
Well, now my new thing is at least one time every day.
At least one, surely I can do one. Come on.
How many do you think you can do one of something? K.
One time a day, I wanna reach out to somebody either by email or phone or in person and I wanna compliment them and say enough to them to let them know they’re appreciated and that they have worth and value.
Now, so if anybody wants to join me in my quest, you can join me.
How many would like to just set a goal that at once, at least once a day.
Come on, say I can do it once.
At least once a day, you’re gonna ask god, put somebody on my heart that I can bless, that I can appreciate.
And instead of getting on social media, and telling every bad thing you know about everybody. Come on.
Don’t do that kind of stuff. Don’t get caught up in that.
Don’t even read that junk that you see. You don’t know that it’s true.
I’m telling you whole reputations are being ruined by social media and people are just telling lies about people and talking about stuff.
I mean, some of the stuff that’s that’s online about me I mean, I I almost I never hardly ever look at it, but I kind of it it’s amazing where they stick stuff.
It’s like you’ll be in the middle of looking at an ad about dish soap and all of a sudden, here comes up the latest secret about Joyce Meyer or whoever, you know, Joel Osteen or this one or that one or somebody else.
And so I was dumb enough to open that one up and take a look at it.
And I just thought, I I did not say that. I did not do that.
And until we have to stop believing everything that we read because just because it’s in print doesn’t make it true.
And and don’t don’t be part of that.
I mean, I’m grateful for all the technology god’s given us, but let’s use it to build somebody up.
Let’s use it to edify somebody. Get on there every day and tell something happy. Tell something good.
Say something that’s gonna put a smile on somebody’s face. Tell a clean joke.
Thought I’d better throw in clean just in case somebody doesn’t know the difference.
Romans 86, but to set the mind on the flesh to just think about me me me me me is death.
But to set the mind on the spirit is life and peace.
You know, if you think more about what you can do for other people than what somebody ought to be doing for you, you’re gonna have life and peace and that’s gonna turn into joy.
But the more you think about what you don’t have, what you think you should have, what somebody else you don’t think they deserve and the whole thing I went through before, the more miserable you’re gonna become.
We can troll our happiness a lot more than we think that we do. Come on.
I’ll just tell you, I think you can be miserable.
Any day you wanna be miserable, you can be miserable.
And any day you wanna be happy, I think you can find something to be happy about.
You say, well, I’ve got a lot of problems. Well, you know what most people do these days?
And the more you think about them, the bigger they seem.
And the more you talk about them, the bigger they seem, whatever you focus on, becomes the largest thing in your life.
So the best thing to do is just get up out of your sad chair where you’re feeling sorry for yourself and having your pity party and just go do something.
Take a walk. Thank god for nature. Hey, man. Head a dog. Do something.
Get your mind off yourself and do something else. Alright?
Few quotes and comments on discipline.
Lack of discipline leads to frustration and self loathing.
You feel good about yourself when you discipline yourself.
You know, as well as I do, if you start out in the morning and you know, you’ve got a plan, you know, what you should be doing that day, you’re gonna get your house cleaned up or you know, you’re gonna do this.
You’re gonna bounce your bank account. Whatever it is, you’ve got a few goals and projects you wanna get done.
Well, if you do them at the end of the day, you’re gonna be able to sit down and relax, enjoy yourself, and you’ll just you’ll just feel good.
But isn’t it frustrating when you go through a whole day And you know you were just super busy all day long.
And for the life of you at the end of the day, you cannot figure out one thing that you did.
I mean, that is the most frustrating thing.
And you know what causes a lot of that? Letting other people control what we do.
We have a plan and we let somebody else derail us.
Don’t think for one minute that the devil won’t use anybody that he can use to get you off your goals to frustrate you and keep you from being the person god wants you to be.
How many of you ever try to study the Bible for 1 hour without getting interrupted.
You know what?
If the phone beeps, we just can’t stand it.
I mean, if the phone beeps, we’ve gotta know who wants us.
I don’t know when we all got so important I mean, we we get frantic if we leave the house and realize we don’t have our phone.
My phone, where’s my phone? Phone. Gotta have my phone.
I mean, if you lose your phone in the house, it’s like the world has to stop till you find the phone.
I’ve been around a few years, so I remember when we used to have a four way party line, any anybody that old?
Okay. See? Now we’re dating ourselves, but, I mean, you that meant four people use the same line.
And so if you wanted to make a phone call and you picked it up and somebody was talking, you had to hang it up and wait again.
And if you really want them to get off the phone, you’d pick it up and hang
it down, pick it up and hang it up.
And then you’d really come into some money if you could have a two way party line.
And, boy, then a private line. Woah. Now that was really big.
And I remember when you were driving, if you wanted to make a phone call, you had to find a pay phone.
Come on. And it’s amazing how well people did without us.
And now And, I mean, I do it too.
If the thing beeps, it’s like I can’t stand it.
I gotta know who’s trying to call me and what they might be saying.
We need to stop letting all this other stuff control us. You know what?
The world is not gonna end.
If you turn your phone off and spend an hour with god, characteristics of a disciplined person.
They always go the extra mile.
They always do more than they see undisciplined people or lazy people or people that aren’t excellent, they just do what they barely have to do to get by.
But an excellent person or a disciplined person doesn’t do that.
Matthew 25, 1 through 10. Great parable.
I’m sure you know it, but it teaches such a great lesson.
Then the kingdom of heaven will be like 10 virgins who took their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom.
5 of them were foolish and 5 were wise.
See, it’s our choice, rather to be wise or to be foolish.
And a wise person does now what they’ll be happy with later, even if it means sacrificing now, for a future benefit.
No discipline for the president seems joyous.
Nevertheless, later on, it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.
I say some people live like there’s no tomorrow, but tomorrow always comes.
So live today in such a way that you’ll be happy with tomorrow when it gets here.
Instead of then saying, oh, I wish I would have when it’s too late to go back and do what you should have done.
When the foolish took their lamps, they took the ESV Bible says no oil with them.
The amplified Bible says no extra oil with them.
And I like that better because they took just enough oil to keep their lamps burning if everything went exactly right.
Come on, are you one of those people that it takes you 22 minutes to get to work?
If everything’s just right and so you do not leave your house until 22 minutes before it’s time to get there.
And then you go into your car, You forgot your phone.
Gotta have the phone. Go back in and get the phone.
Now you’re down to 19 minutes to make a 22 minute trip.
Then, oh my gosh, you forgot your sunglasses. Well, if you’re like me.
You gotta have sunglasses because my eyes are light sensitive, can’t drive without the glasses.
Then I gotta go back in?
And then I get to the front door and realize I left my purse in the car and my keys are in my purse.
Now I have to go back to the car. Hello? Is anybody home?
Are we talking to you where you live?
Now you got 15 minutes to make a 22 minute trip.
Then you get behind a slow, older person, That old man shouldn’t even have a driver’s license.
He didn’t even be on the road. You are gonna make me wait for work.
Come on. Then you finally get to work.
You’re 10 minutes late, and you’d lie about why you’re late.
But you got a bumper sticker and you went to church on Sunday.
Come on. Give god a big frame.
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How many trips have you been on now?
Uh, this is my internship with. And what what was the main reason that you did wanna do this?
She said you wanted to travel to help people.
Yes. It’s uh, it’s a total different work as a doctor here than back in my home country, but it’s really I feel like I really, uh, wanted to do that to just help people in, uh, poor countries who cannot, uh, have access to medical care I do that because I love Jesus.
And I hope that the patients feel that sometimes we just pray right at the investigation table with them.
So just to make them know that Jesus is the doctor all above us.
As believers, we can get confused, even frustrated, trying to discover what god wants us to do with our lives.
But it doesn’t have to be that way.
Joyce Meyer wants to help walk you through the process of finding god’s will for your life.
Learn to hear God’s voice in the big decisions and the day to day.
You can live with confidence once up of faith at a time. Finding God’s will for your life.
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