The Unseen Advantage | Joel Osteen

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The Unseen Advantage | Joel Osteen

I was out riding my bike the other day down this long path toward downtown.
I saw a young man on a skateboard, a couple hundred yards in front of me, I wrote about 5 minutes and noticed that I wasn’t gaining on him.
And I thought that’s strange. I’m on this large bike, with big wheels. I’m pedaling fast.
He’s on that little skateboard with little 3 inch wheels, yet he’s outpacing me.
Now at one point, we were both going up this large hill. He was just scooting along. No problem.
I was huffing, puffing, trying to get up the hill. He was doing it with such ease.
Didn’t make sense to me. We went our separate ways.
About 30 minutes, I saw him sitting on a park bench. He had his skateboard turned over to the side.
What I didn’t realize is his skateboard had a motor on it.
He had the remote control in his hand.
The reason he was going faster further with less effort if he had an advantage, he had something that I couldn’t see.
In the same way as a child of the most high, you have an advantage.
There is a force breathing in your direction that’s going to cause you to defy the odds.
You’re going to go further, faster, with less struggle.
People are gonna look at you and not understand it. Think how could you get out of that neighborhood?
I saw how you were raised.
They’re looking at it from a human point of view What they can’t see is you have a motor and anointing a favor, a blessing on your life.
How could you lead your company in sales? You don’t have the experience.
Logically speaking, they’re correct, but god is going to do in your life is going to defy the logic.
How could you beat that sickness? The medical report says, no way. Yes.
But there’s another report you can’t see Jehovah Raffa, the lord my healer is breathing on my life.
Don’t judge your future by your human limitations.
What god is about to do in your life is going to amaze you, the doors he’s about to open, the influence he’s going to give you, the resources, the ideas, the creativity, the divine connections.
Now the enemy would love to keep you stuck with a limited mindset focused only on the logical.
Joel, I don’t have the funds. My back’s been hurting for years. My child’s acting up.
My boss doesn’t treat me right. I don’t come from an influential family.
Do you think that can stop your destiny that the god who breathed life into you who chose you before you could choose him is somehow at a loss of how to bring you into your purpose.
Or could it be that you’re seeing things only from a human perspective?
My prayers, god, open our eyes, help us to see what you see, not just a logical point of view, but a heavenly perspective.
Help us to realize that you are all powerful. That you are in control, that you are for us.
Acts chapter 27, the apostle Paul had been on a boat headed to Rome for 14 days when it was shipwrecked.
They all swam to the shore on this small island.
Paul went over to pick up some sticks to make a fire a poisonous snake bit his wrist latched on wouldn’t let go.
The teeth were penetrating the skin, the venom going in, The natives on the island knew exactly what was going to happen.
They had seen it time and time again.
When someone was bitten, The scripture says they would swell up, get sick, and die.
The natives waited and waited and waited. The problem was nobody told Paul he was supposed to die.
Sometimes what you don’t know is good for you.
If you get a negative report and you over analyze it, you reason it out, study it all day, that’s gonna take your faith.
That’s why the scripture says, lean not to your own understanding. Take this in the right sense.
But sometimes you have to turn your mind off Faith is not of the mind.
Faith is of the heart. Yes. We should use common sense.
Make good decisions, but don’t let your logic talk you out of what god put in your heart.
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