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Jonathan Cahn shares what is a secret of seeing miracles, breakthroughs and promises of God in your life. What if there was a way to ensure that the promises of God’s Word would come to fulfillment in your life?

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God gives you a promise, but he also gives you commands and instructions.
And you to do what he said, then we’ll come the glory, then we’ll come the miracle, then we’ll come the fulfillment of his word.
First, you have the tent, then you have the temple, then you have the new temple.
Same thing. What you see is the glory of god filling each house.
They build it, and he comes.
There’s the building, the setting up, then comes the glory of god. The principle is that.
First comes a promise. God says I will do this.
Secondly, he gives a command for his people instructions for them to do something. Number 3 comes their obedience.
They’ve they follow it. They build it. They follow the instructions for the glory of god comes.
So first, the promise then the instructions, then the doing of it, and then the glory of god.
God said he would show his glory to them.
His glory would be with them, but then he gave them the blueprints.
You have glory and you have blueprints. You have blueprints and you have glory.
There are the blueprints of the glory, which is what, um, this message is about.
If you want the glory You gotta go with the blueprint.
That’s that’s the principle right now throughout the Bible. And you see throughout.
God gives a promise to Israel. I’m gonna take you out of Egypt. Then he gives him instructions. Okay.
Uh, on this day, take a lamb. This is the Passover lamb. And then do this, this, this, They obedient.
He gives instructions. They obey then comes the glory. They are they are set free from Egypt.
Jericho, it’s a promise I’m gonna bring you into the land. Instructions or the command.
You must do this. I want you to circle the city 7 days, seven times, 7 priests with 7 so fars.
God likes 7. Sound it with a shout. And the wall. And so they they do it.
They instruct they do it. They fulfill it, and the walls come tumbling down. Here’s another one.
There’s a leper. The man the man’s name is Na Aman or Naman.
And he he is told you can get healed by the go to this guy.
Go to the prophet. He goes to the prophet. The prophet gives him instructions. Okay.
You wanna be healed of leprosy. Go down to the Jordan River, dip yourself seven times.
So he’s he doesn’t wanna do it because it’s I said, I I have better rivers where I am than than here to do that.
I’m not gonna but they said, listen. Just do it. So he goes down.
He goes to the the Jordan River, has a baptism, 7 baptisms of himself, comes out his skin is like a baby.
Same pattern. Same thing. Now you look at the Bible. The Bible is filled with promises.
Filled with them. But most believers do not see them all in their life.
Some don’t see hardly any And they’ll say, well, it’s not really for me.
It’s not really true or god income through god can come true with this. But look at the pattern here.
This is so important. Look at the pattern.
God gives you a promise, but he also gives you commands and instructions.
And you have to do what he said, then will come the glory, then will come the miracle then will come the fulfillment of his word.
That is guaranteed because god keeps his word. May not be the way we say we see it.
It doesn’t matter, but god keeps his word.
You wouldn’t have a nation of Israel today if god didn’t keep his word for 4000 years.
He’s certainly gonna keep his word to you, but you gotta do it his way.
If you never fully do it his way, you cannot expect the result that he promised. Right.
You might say, you know, well, I don’t have that. I mean, you know, they have that.
They, you know, god told them a with Jericho God told Neiman, you know, you might but, you know, you know, he hasn’t told me to go to a river.
He hasn’t told me to do that, but he has.
Cause when you think about some of these commands, some of these commands seem arbitrary.
Like, why do I have to dip myself in the now there’s a whole mystery to that, but why do I have to do that?
Why do I have to do that? Why do I have to walk around seven times?
Know, I’m not gonna go through it, but but, you know, you know, you know, god just put on my heart with the old building in Garfield that if we wanted it, we had to walk around at seven times.
And we did. I’m not gonna go through it. It was like a dramatic crazy thing.
We all the board did it at 12 midnight the next day we got the building.
Which you couldn’t get before. It doesn’t matter, but they seem kinda arbitrary, but, you know, god has given you instructions and commands that aren’t arbitrary, they’re actually have moral value.
They’re actually they’re they’re all right. They’re all completely you can see why.
And the things that god says when god gives instructions to you in the Bible, he may give other instructions to you But it certainly, you gotta start with the Bible because that’s his word.
In the Bible are instructions for your life.
And the thing is all those instructions are keys or are releases to what god has.
When you do them, there is going to be a blessing.
They are like triggers, releases, catalysts, to miracles, or the fulfillment of god’s word.
You know, god does his part. He’s never gonna not do his part. So where’s the issue? It’s with us.
The Bible is filled with promises, but the promises have instructions.
They have blueprints that trigger the fulfillment. Let me show you.
For example, We want forgiveness. We wanna be refreshed. We wanna be renewed.
We want to be revived. There is a guaranteed way of being revived, that Bible again, he he gives the instructions.
And I’m gonna show you one right here. Acts 319 says this.
Repent and turn again that your sins may be washed away and that times of refreshing or renewing or revival may come from the presence of the lord.
We want the revival, but we don’t always do the repentance.
Repentance opens up revival like nothing else.
You know, if I didn’t say the 2 things for revival, repentance, and prayer. More than anything else. Repent.
You want blessing. You want revival. You want refreshing. Do what god said. Stop doing what god said.
Not to do turn, and there will be blessing in your life. That that’s the blueprint.
God pro now does god promise prosperity yes, but not necessarily the way it’s preached.
Does it have to be financial? No? Does it have to be physical? No?
Does it have to be that new Cadillac? No? God didn’t promise that he promised to bless you.
He promised to give you what you need and true prosperity. It could involve all those things.
It could involve none of those things. Doesn’t matter. But prosperity, yes. That’s the glory part. What’s the blueprint?
The Bible says, you know, it says you want this thing.
It says it says, give and it shall be given to you. There’s the blueprint. You don’t give?
It’s not gonna be given to you. Give and it shall be given to you. It releases it.
All those things, it’s saying as you do, it shall be done to you.
How about all the worries you may have in your life?
You know, you’re worrying about what you should eat, what to drink, your clothing, your finances, all these things?
Is there a promise? There is a promise. It says all these things will be added to you.
But there’s a blueprint. He said, seek first the kingdom of god and his righteous, then all these things shall be added to you.
If you don’t do the first, you cannot sit around saying god didn’t do the second.
Here’s a promise. What if you could have Unbound energy.
You know, you know, a lot of you get tired.
You know, unbound energy you can kinda soar through life. Imagine that. Above problem. Imagine that.
Well, that that that is a problem. That’s a glory there. But there’s a blueprint.
You know what the blueprint is? Those who wait upon the lord. They shall renew their strength.
They shall mount up with wings of Eagles, they shall run and not get weary. Wait upon the lord.
Are you spending time in god’s presence? If you’re not spending time in god’s presence, you’re not gonna be renewed.
That renews you. How about a how about a promise that that about doing even greater things than Messiah did Well, the Bible says that.
He said it. Not now.
Not not that you can we’re we’re just we’re ourselves, but god gives us the power. That’s the glory.
But he says, believe on me, and you will do greater things. Alright.
Therefore but it’s true belief. It’s not the belief we often say.
If you want your life to be fruitful, you wanna fulfill the purpose while you’re on earth There’s a guarantee on that.
It says he says, here’s the release. He says, here’s the blueprint. Abide in me and I and you. Yes.
And and and you will be fruitful. You will bear much of it, but what does that mean?
It means if you’re not spending time in god’s presence abiding in him, you can’t be fruitful.
But if you are spending time truly in his presence, receiving of god, you will be fruitful.
That’s a promise from god. That is a promise of a here’s another one.
What if there was a promise and you know this one, you’re gonna be ahead of me here.
But what if there was a promise that you could get you could you could get whatever your heart desires you’re gonna get.
Well, yes, But there is a blueprint. There are instructions. What is that? What’s what’s the trigger?
What is the key here? Delight yourself in the lord and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Now does that mean you could ask for it? No. No. No. It’s gotta be according to god’s will.
But if you delight in god you’re gonna you’re gonna ask according to his or your desire, your heart’s gonna be of god, and he’s gonna give it to you.
But if you’re not delighting in god, You can’t get the second part. There are people who preach.
You just say whatever you want. You know? Not at all. That’s not the Bible.
That that’s that can, you know, the Bible says if it’s according to his will, number 1, number 2, delight yourself in god, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
So do the first part. He’ll take care of the second part.
So so many of us are many people are seeking the second part. Let me to get the desire.
Let me try to get what I desire. God doesn’t say it.
He says, the light in me, I will take care of that.
How about Can you what if you could change the course of history?
You can you can change the course of an entire nation. Well, the Bible says you can.
I mean, there are conditions here, but one of them is this.
It’s if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves, pray, seek my face, and turn from their evil ways.
Then I’ll hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal their land.
Now I’m not gonna go into it, but I’ve seen god actually do that.
I’ve seen god do that in my life.
I mean, when I was a new believer, I saw him actually turn history And actually, I I haven’t gone into all the things, but he actually did that at the return as well when we were we were together in Washington.
I will I will speak about that at another time. But to the exact time.
Now now, you know, we often sometimes people think, well, you know, well, isn’t that work?
So if I have to do that, Isn’t that worse? Not not at all. You’re not making a miracle.
You’re not making glory. You’re not doing that. All you’re doing is open the door for it.
They didn’t, you know, they didn’t make any glory, but they they made a they made a vessel for him to go into.
They made a tabernacle. They made a temple, and god went into it because it was his will.
So, no, you don’t do anything. You know, you cannot make a blessing. You cannot generate a blessing.
You cannot generate. I can’t generate a miracle or glory, but I can open up the door for the miracle and the glory and the blessing that god has.
Isaac was given a blessing. He was giving a blessing to his sons. Right?
But only one of them got the real blessing, and it was the one he didn’t wanna bless.
It was the one he thought, well, not that he didn’t like his son, but the son was the younger one.
He wasn’t supposed to get that blessing according to man.
So Isaac, and the blessing was coming no matter what. Jacob said, no.
I’m gonna do everything I can to get that blessing. Jacob did not produce the blessing.
He didn’t make the blessing. He didn’t do a thing.
All he did was do everything he could to get that blessing.
To receive the blessing, see a blessing has 2 parts.
The first part is the giving, but that’s half of it.
Is that all the blessings there, but that’s half for re you’re not gonna it doesn’t mean you’re gonna get it.
The second part is receiving it. The lord died for you on calvary. He did everything was done on Calvary.
For me, everything I got, but it means nothing if you don’t receive it for your life.
So the more you receive it, the more your blood the blessing’s already The the one who’s the most blessed is the one who gets real good at receiving the blessing.
And part of the receiving the blessing is doing what god said. The problem’s not with god.
He blesses. If you’re not living in his will, you cannot you cannot expect the blessings of god.
Now some might say, well, um, I I I gave my life to the lord.
You know, I’m in his will. I I repented, but It doesn’t say just repent once it says turn again.
That you you don’t stop. You don’t just do it once. You seek god every day.
You ask for him in your life every day. Yes. You’re safe, but you ask for you turn every day.
You know, Paul never stopped repenting. His whole life was repentance.
You know, some might say, well, oh, okay.
It says given it shall be well, I’ve given things, you know, but but, you know, It says, give.
Do it with your whole heart. Do it abundantly. Do it in a do it with your full heart.
If you’re not doing it with a full heart, whatever you’re supposed to do, if you don’t do with a full how can you expect god to do it with a full heart?
It says seek first. That doesn’t mean just, you know, I found god.
It means I’m gonna seek you every day god.
The more I seek you, I’m gonna seek you more than anything else in my life.
Are you seeking him first? He said if you do, you’re gonna be blessed.
That means what’s the first thing you wanna do in in the day? See god.
Then you’re seeking him first. Lord, more than I want anything else I wanna seek you, then the promise kicks in.
Lot of times, we’re not doing it. We’re not quite doing what he said.
You know, it says if you have faith, the size of a mustard seed, You can say to this mountain, be removed.
You shall be removed, Mohammed. It’s not that god wants you to go around moving always physical mountains.
It’s a figure of speech, although god could do it.
But what it’s saying, if you’re not seeing mountains move in your life, then you said, well, I faith, well, maybe you don’t have the faith he said.
Cause he’s saying if you have real faith, not just theoretical faith, not just religious faith, real faith.
And even if it’s the smallest thing, you’re gonna be able to do the greatest thing.
Even a mustard seed, but I’m real lord. I’m really believing you.
You know, I wanna mount with wings of eagle. Am I really waiting on the lord?
Do I even know what that means? Those who wait upon the lord. I’m in god’s presence.
Lord, I’m trusting you. I am going to mount up Believe, you know, you wanna be used for the high purpose of god.
There is a blueprint there. It says if anyone will cleanse himself of these things, these these low purposes, these bad per if anyone will cleanse himself, god will make him or her a vessel of honor.
And he’s gonna use you for great, great things.
It’s kinda like if you have a you have a piece of fine China and you’re using it as a as a bucket for a mop, you can never lift that thing up in your house because it’s dirty.
So even if you’re meant to be a great vessel of god, if you’re filled with all this dirty, they he can’t lift you up.
So therefore, it says just cleanse yourself and he will lift you up as a vessel of honor.
What about flowing in the spirit?
It says, He said he said, you will he want his will is to let you flow in the spirit, but there’s a condition.
If any man thirst Let him come to be and drink.
Are you really coming to him and drinking?
If you wanna be filled and flowing, are you really coming to him?
Lord, I’m coming to you and I’m drinking of you.
You know, sometimes, you know, It it says abide in me.
You know, there we we we kinda do things half hard and then we expect the the blessing of god.
God says go full blast. Go full blast. If you do this, I will do that.
What if you could guarantee? I mean, just like you could guarantee these things because god’s word is good.
I’ve seen it again and again. It doesn’t mean it happens always in our timing.
Or always the way we think. But god says that, but you gotta go full blast with it.
The Bible says all the promises of god are good. Are yes. In Messiah.
So if all the promises and got if they’re yes, then we’re not seeing them, then there’s something on our part.
Sometimes we dishonor god, and we don’t realize we’re doing it.
In a way, we would never dishonor the world. Let me give you an example.
Let’s say you go to motor vehicles. It’s always a great experience.
And you have to get a driver’s license and say it’s your first time. You gotta study.
You gotta you actually pass that test, you gotta go for the well, well, let’s just say, you know what?
I just wanna drive. I don’t wanna drive.
I don’t wanna have to I don’t wanna have to go through all that stuff. Wanna drive.
But you didn’t follow what they said, and you start crashing into things.
And one day, a police man can pull you over. Ask for your license. He’s a good officer.
I just wanted to drive. You’ll get punished. Imagine you you imagine you said, well, you know what?
This is not good. The government lied. It said I could drive. No. There was a condition there.
We would never do that to the world yet. We do it to god.
We just want the blessing. Well, that’s good. Let let’s say say you wanna be a surgeon.
You have to do well in school. You gotta go to college.
You gotta go to medical school, years study, sacrificing a lot. And apprentice and then perform your first operation.
But you see a commercial about being a doctor, you say, you know, that sounds good.
I wanna be a surgeon. But I don’t wanna go through all that.
So you go to the hospital, you put on surgeon’s clothes, you put on a mask, go into the operating room, somebody’s waiting for an operation, you start the person said, wait.
Are US surgeons? He said, no. But I’ve always wanted to operate.
And you get thrown in jail. That’s what would happen. It doesn’t work.
Or let’s say you see an advertisement of skydiving, and that looks great.
And there’s, of course, you gotta go through all that stuff. You know?
But he said, I don’t wanna go through that. I just wanna I just wanna skydive.
So you jump off. You don’t do it right. Your parachute doesn’t open.
You’re heading down to earth faster and faster, and you’re irritated. You’re upset that it didn’t work for you.
That would be crazy, but we do it to god.
We want the blessing, but we don’t do what he said in the way of following his will.
That’s the blessing. You want it? It’s good, but you gotta do it his way.
Did you really follow him with all your heart? Are you really doing that?
I mean, are you really going all out for god? Are you really doing, as he said?
Think about how much effort people put into learning you know, they they they they they go to school.
They do the years and years of this, and how much do we put into following god’s will?
People from all walks of life will put in hours and hours and hours, years of seeking a goal, but how much are we doing it?
Putting it into holiness, into god’s will. Messiah saw a man born blind.
He told him, you wanna be healed, He did a strange thing, and then he said, go down to the pool of Silom and wash.
Now how’s that gonna give him sight?
The blind man can say, no, I just wanna get I don’t wanna get healed, but it doesn’t matter.
Doesn’t matter. The miracle is free. But do god does give his will. He gives a command.
Go down to the pool of salons.
Do you realize what that means if you how do you have been to Israel?
You know what that means?
If you’re on the Temple Mount, you’re going down to the pool of salome, you’re going you’re going downhill a long way.
A a rocky downhill for a long walk, and the guy is blind. The guy is blind.
He can’t even see what he’s doing. Somebody has to be leading him.
And even then he doesn’t know where he’s going, and it’s dang it’s treacherous when he you don’t have eyes.
He doesn’t see any sign of miracles, but he obeys the word that Jesus gave him.
He makes an effort. He says, I’m gonna obey you.
I’m gonna whine you know, what do I have to lose?
Maybe he falls, maybe he scratches himself, take, but he takes it seriously.
He took the lord seriously and did exactly what he said. God gave him a promise.
God gave him an instruction. He fulfilled the instruction.
The result was for the first time in his life he can see.
All this goes back to the tabernacle back to the temple, back to the vision of the prophet.
God wants to show his glory. God wants to bless his people. That means you. He wants to dwell.
He actually wants us to be filled with him like the temple and the tabernacle overflowing with glory, a glorious life.
That’s what he wants for you. But our part is to open the way.
All those details of the tabernacle, everything they did line up online and measurement upon measurement, they were all acts of obedience, that if we really trust him and we really love him that we’re gonna do everything we can, lord, I wanna do it right for you.
I don’t wanna say this, and then I keep doing that. Um, you know, start with that thing.
But I wanna do what you said. I wanna do the to the best I can.
Give me the power to do because my will is to do and make you happy and please you.
This is Jonathan Khan. Thanks for watching.
The Josiah manifesto and all my books you can get anywhere Amazon wherever books are sold.

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