“How to Win the Battle of the Mind” – Episode 2

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“How to Win the Battle of the Mind” – Episode 2

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Coming up next on changing your world.
When it really bothers me when I see other Christians, try to shame other people based on what they have and how they have performed.
And because you hadn’t performed the way they performed, then something must be wrong with you, when something must be right with you, because you say, well, I just believe in Jesus.
And whatever I do, I wanted to be out of my heart.
Because good works that are not motivated by love are not accepted by god.
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This is your world. It’s all a vowed make it a better place.
Let every heart Oh, Bye is great.
So we wish you luck today. We all changed.
Let me give you some things about the law that I think think will bless you.
Number 1, The devil can only succeed in your life if you’re under a performance based Christianity.
The law was a performance based agreement.
The law said, if you do this, then gotta do that.
And our churches are riddled with it.
We’re still trying to do something to get God to do something.
Some of y’all at church because in your head, you’re hurt.
If you go to church, they may be God a blessing tomorrow.
And everything we do, if I take communion, then maybe I I’ll I’ll I’ll I’ll this will happen.
If I if I’m good today, then god might be good to me tomorrow.
That was true under the law and the prophets.
Oh, stick with me, guys. Alright.
There’s a reason he gave us the law. Somebody said, why? To make you guilty?
To to fill you with shame, to show you that you keep on sending no matter how many times you say you’re gonna do it right.
You keep messing up. You go a month, do it right. You keep messing up.
And then after a while, if you can mess up just enough for it to start feeling guilty and shameful, eventually you will quit.
But what he’s trying to say is the law was given to give us sinners motivation to need a savior.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir. And Jesus shows up and says, I can do stuff that you’ve been trying to do, and I’ll already do it for you.
Listen to this. The devil can only succeed in your life if you are under a performance based Christianity under the law of Moses.
Performance centered, self centered under the law.
And that’s what church the majority of church is, is performance center.
How well can I perform in order to get something to happen?
How well can I perform in order to get some anointing?
How well can I perform in order to operate in the supernatural? How well can I perform?
Can I pray for 3 hours to see if gotta do something for me?
Can I pray for 3 hours ain’t nothing really happened, but you’ll make it sound like something happened because you’re giving yourself credit because y’all don’t know how I have performed?
Or when you see somebody as successful, you wanna What did you do to to be successful?
And you rarely hear I just believe Jesus.
Most of the time, they would tell you about this is what I did. This is how I performed.
And you thought the success came through your performance.
Well, what if somebody did the same thing you did, but they would they they they didn’t have the success you have?
So is god a respect to the person? You made the confessions 30 times a day.
They made the confessions 30 times a day. Something happened in their life. Nothing happened in your life.
That ain’t god. Why would god wanna do something well for somebody because of what they did?
And then you do the same thing and not even do that for you. That that’s not god.
But the devil took that and said something must be wrong with you.
And if you would do this a little bit more, then maybe god will do that.
And you walk around with the guilt and the shame and you devalue yourself And you don’t feel like you’re worth nothing because god don’t like you.
Look at here. If I was more like them, then maybe god would do me better.
That ain’t how this new covenant works.
That’s why it says I need you to change some things about your thinking because I got a new thing I wanna do with you, and I can’t do it because you stuck in your religion of performance.
I remember I remember having this thought one time. Here I am.
Just got ordained in the ministry. Try.
Trying to make heaven my home.
And it would always be something. I say I ain’t cussing no more.
And it’d always be something to just give me a reason to cuss them out.
To the point where I said, I doubt it.
I don’t even think I’m gonna be getting it. If I make it in, it it’d be good luck.
I remember Tappened dad and sitting on this front row when he was alive, and you know how we used to go to folks and and ask them if they wanna get saved.
And, uh, somebody turned to him and say, hey, Ms. B, you wanna get saved?
He said, no, just wish me good luck.
We bought this stuff, and and nobody it’s like it’s like people are blind to it.
They can’t see. If you’re doing anything to try to get god to do something for you, it is based on the law based performance based covenant of the law.
Jesus said the scriptures in the Old Testament and what they prophesized, they all speak of me, but we trying to stay hooked up with the shadows when the reality has already come.
Under the Old Testament, the Sabbath was a day.
Under the new testament, Jesus is the Sabbath. He’s the manifestation of the Sabbath.
But do you know today we have denominations that are born out of the argument of which day you’re supposed to have church.
And that wasn’t even the issue?
What’s under the law versus what’s under grace?
Well, The law is what you do for god. Grace is what god does for you.
The law is what you do for god. How many times you heard that?
I’m doing this for god. That’s law based.
But grace is what god does for you. That’s grace space.
The law is working for god, but grace is god working for you.
When you are focused and thinking more on what you have done wrong or right, Then you are performance centered focus.
And as Christians, we spend our time thinking about what we’ve done wrong, and what we’ve done right.
And sometimes we even try to keep a score up. Did they have did five things?
I only did two things wrong. I only did two things wrong.
You know, I robbed the bank and shot somebody, but I did five things.
If you are performing before god and conscious of your performance, then you are under the law, and it’s called dead works.
Any work you try to do To get god to respond to your good works, it’s dead works.
People under grace are conscious of what Christ is doing for them and will do for them.
It is god’s doings, not your doings.
And the devil will get you every time you shift to self effort, and then he’ll condemn you for the effort.
Look at what you did. Oh my goodness.
Satan will cause guilt and questionings.
How many times have you read the Bible today?
That that’s that’s that’s that’s bothering me.
And and this is where And then when it really bothers me, when I see other Christians, try to shame other people based on what they have and how they have performed, And because you hadn’t performed the way they performed, then something must be wrong with you.
When something must be right with you, because you say, well, I just believe in Jesus, and whatever I do, I wanted to be out of my heart.
Yeah. Mhmm. Because good work that are not motivated by love are not accepted by god.
So here’s the deal.
I had to I had to I had to write something down here.
I I need to, uh I asked the question.
What then is the purpose of the law. Listen to this.
Now I’ll read it a couple of times.
The purpose of the law is to develop the necessity and a great expectation for the redeemer.
He added the law to develop the necessity and a great expectation for a savior.
How? By revealing human sinfulness to the degree that it would create the desperation in men that drives them to the savior.
That’s the reason for the law revealing human sinfulness to the degree that it would create desperation in men and drive them to a savior.
I don’t think you understand that sometimes religion can blind your mind to that.
But when you have tried and tried and tried and tried and tried, and tried, and tried and tried.
And you keep seeing your sinfulness. I ain’t gonna slander no more.
I ain’t gonna cuss no more. I ain’t smoking no more weed. Hey, sleeping around no more.
I’m gonna be good. I’m gonna be good. I’m gonna be good.
And you keep seeing your sinfulness because you’re trying to accomplish this with your own effort. You I’m trying, lord.
I’m trying, lord. Help me Jesus.
And you sit up there and you say, d day is almost night I’m a witness fight.
I fooled around too much long.
I played that record when I I spent a whole night getting high and getting drawn.
And I got up in the next morning, and I put on Jermaine Hawkers, and I heard day is almost night.
I’m gonna win this fight. I fool around. Yes. And I’m saying, yes, sir. Nah. Nah. I’ve been blessed.
Uh, but but I’ll never let you down. Never let you down. Watch this.
This time lord, I mean it from my heart. Made up in my mind.
I’m gonna have a brand new start. And I did for a half a day.
And I’m like, what is going on?
And it won’t be long before the law will get you where what really wants to get you, the law is what’s responsible for the flesh.
Some of y’all don’t believe that. Look at Roman chapter 7.
Uh, verse 5, I believe.
When you operate in the law, you automatically operate in the flesh.
For when we were in the flesh. Yeah. The motions of sin, which were by the law.
The flesh is a result of the law.
It did work in our members to bring forth fruit under death.
When you’re operating in when you’re operating in the law, when you’re operating in a performance based, uh, uh, uh, Christianity, you’re gonna get in the flesh.
I don’t care how St. Demon is you come to church. I already know you in the flesh.
Because you can’t you cannot be in the you you’re gonna get in the flesh.
You you you you live by the law. It’s gonna happen.
And you can try to fool everybody who want the food except people who know this.
That’s why I look at folks when they come under the law.
Look at so sanctimonious and bit and and, oh, look at them. I don’t do that.
Your, you, your judgmental attitude, let me know where you are.
How is it you can judge somebody else and and and know you got some work to do yourself, except you’re you’re you’re you’re you’re pleased with your performance.
Right. Oh, I’m a good Christian.
I’ve been to church The last, uh, 3 months, and I’ve given an offer in Hallelujah. Good.
And if you would do like me, maybe you wouldn’t have that problem.
Well, maybe God allowed that problem to happen because he’s trying to raise a leader up.
Problems are not evidence that you’re flawless. Hey. Come on, man.
Most of the people I read about in the Bible God used trouble to prepare them for the call.
Trouble don’t mean you did something wrong, whether John chapter 9, boy who was born blind.
And the disciples immediately saw the born saying, who’s sin?
Deborah or his parents, and Jesus said, neither one. But that my glory might be seen.
The trouble in your life might be god setting you up for the glory to be seen.
But religious base, Christianity, wants to tell you You ain’t right because you ain’t keeping our rules.
And I’m telling you, I did a great effort at trying to keep all the rules.
I wrote the all the confessions down till I had five pages of confessing and I’m thinking, man, ain’t gonna never get out of here with all these confessions.
Because I thought I had to make all the confessions.
I thought I had to pray for 2 hours, or I wouldn’t be anointed And I was scared as a preacher if I don’t pray 2 hours.
If I don’t make all these confessors, if I don’t fast, All the time, if I really wanna be anointed if I really wanna be anointed, I’m gonna fast at least twice a week.
I was doing a meeting in Minnesota And, uh, I had to pass it all day long.
I got it, and I started seeing double people. I was dizzy.
Somebody said, that was the devil and all when I was just hungry.
And the lord said, why do you keep doing that?
I said, I said, I’m doing that so I could be anointed.
He said, when I called you, I equipped you. When I called you, I anointed you.
And you are trying to do what I have already done. You’re treating me like I’m not enough.
You don’t believe that I’m enough. You don’t believe I’m enough for your salvation.
You don’t believe I’m enough for you here, but you don’t believe I’m enough for your revelation.
You don’t believe I’m enough. And now you think you got to out perform me.
You trying to be like me without me.
And we come to church.
This is the way we come to church. Think of what she got on.
Look at what she got on. Faying down your business.
And on your business, you’re you’re saying that as if like, you gotta, uh, a hand up over those people who are not performing according to the law.
Maybe that’s all they got. Maybe it ain’t got no long dresses.
Maybe God just delivered them off the strip short pole and borrowing the church the next day.
Maybe they didn’t have time to go get no dresses, but I’m not gonna condemn them to hell be because they don’t dress like I wanna They’ll be alright.
The Holy Ghost is gonna be working. Under the new covenant, we have the administrator of the Holy Ghost.
And through this covenant of grace, he’s gonna show us and perfect us, and he’s gonna give us the desire to do stuff that we don’t even know why we wanna do it because the the holy ghost.
Is it the holy ghost hadn’t been given so we can shake rattling road.
He hadn’t been given us so we can do cartwheels, and he hadn’t been given us so we can drink That ain’t what the holy ghost has been given.
Uh, he’s been he gave her the holy ghost so the holy ghost can lead and guide our lives and say, Hey.
Go here. Hey. You might not wanna do that. Try doing this instead of this.
You know, I know you messed up last night, but I love the other way. Get on up.
We got some work to do because part of learning how to walk is falling.
Part of falling is Yeah. Yeah. Paul, you found what I’m saying?
Fall fall falling is a part of learning how to walk.
Walking is a part of learning how to run.
But religion doesn’t give you the opportunity for any of that.
Just got saved.
I mean, when I when I just got saved, I was still cousin.
I I I mean, you know, I mean, I was cussing and still saying praise a lot.
I’m like You are laughing because I’m talking about you.
Because there’ll be a date for everybody in here.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
The greatest day of your life is when you sit down one day and say, I don’t know how to do this.
I keep missing it. I keep missing it. I’m sad.
I’m depressed. I’m tired of going to church acting.
I’ve perfected phone in this so much people think that I’m just flawlessly. I’m just awful.
And don’t nobody know you like god and you know you.
And you and then what makes it worse is he comes and does something good for you after you’d have done something crazy.
He trying to show you. I can do this better than you can.
But I need you to change your about what you believed and believe the gospel.
Yeah. Look at Romans chapter 10 in verse 4.
So the law was given to make you guilty.
The law was given to get you to perform and then come back and say, It ain’t right.
The law was given to push you towards a need for a savior.
It wasn’t given so you can try to keep it.
Nobody has been successful in keeping the law, except one man Jesus.
Jesus kept the law perfectly. No man has ever been able to do it.
I had I had some friends of mine one time.
They said, well, I’ll tell you what, we’re supposed to be under the law, and I’m gonna go and keep the law.
How do you enforce a deal? I I said, gone.
Man, I’m dealing with miserable by the end of the week. Like, some throngs.
You can’t keep it. That’s right.
He said for Christ is the end of the law for righteousness to everyone that believe in.
Change your mind about living by the performance based law. Hey.
Here’s the thing that gets me. The law was extended only to Jewish people.
But here’s what’s amazing. High in the world.
That we get tangled up into some than that wasn’t even yours in the first place.
And then we use it to con condemn people.
I I’m doing a study right now on every wicket war slavery Spanish inquisition, throughout history, started with a misinterpretation of the scripture.
Hitler, all that, started with a misinterpretational scripture.
And you don’t think this is important?
Because somebody went in the Old Testament and got something about the Old Testament. It said, do this.
And then all of a sudden, you’re charging a capital. Right. That that came from scripture.
Come on. You don’t know that.
That was somebody’s preaching Mhmm.
Taking all testament scripture out of context and using it to prove to prove it once.
Satan Yeah, babe. The 1st Corinthians 15, 15, and 56. Watch this.
1st Corinthians 1556. The sting of death is sin.
The strength of sin is the law. What strengthens sin?
So what do you think happened if you decide to live by the law and ignore the gospel of grace?
You’re just strengthening sin.
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