10 Signs of Emotional Maturity – Episode 2

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10 Signs of Emotional Maturity – Episode 2

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Coming up next on changing your world.
Give yourself a break, man. Yeah. Give yourself a break. I mean that.
And it requires emotional maturity to be able to give yourself a break and not always be so oh, man.
I don’t even know what to call it. You know?
Have a little interest or pleasure in doing things.
I guarantee you, man, your your whole life will change.
You’ll really get a hold of what Jesus was saying when he says that I have come that you might have life to the full in abundance until it overflows.
And and I’m talking about all of life.
Hey, everybody. I’m standing in the world dome.
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Grace life is coming, baby, and we’re gonna meet you there.
This is your world. So let’s vow to make it a better place.
Let every heart that me used to know. Your love is here to
Number 6.
Here’s another sign that you are growing emotionally. Number 6. Uh, you stay resilient.
And in other words, in the face of up to be you know, when you’re up when you’re facing something that upsets you or maybe you are facing a setback in life or a disappointment.
Well, when you’re emotionally mature, uh, you’ll acknowledge your feelings and identify what can be done and then decide what steps to take to move on.
When you’re resilient, the the the bad day didn’t stop you.
When you’re resilient, the the bad situation doesn’t stop you. You take a deep breath and say, alright.
Let’s let’s get up and walk. Alright. Okay. So, yeah, that happened. That was bad. I’m disappointed.
I really hate that happened. I’m hurt that that happened.
I’m having to deal with all of these different feelings, but I am a I am mature.
I am an emotionally mature person.
So, you know, ain’t a use of me standing in the corner and wobbling and So, you know, ain’t a use of me standing in the corner and wobbling and whining.
Let’s just go and do what I need to do.
I remember the first time that I experienced a massive attack publicly on something that I just really believed in, and I just felt like, man, I felt like I’ve been thrown away.
I just I just could not understand what people’s problems were.
And I was in a corner, and I just thought, you know what?
Either either I’m a stay in this corner and be defeated or I’m just you know?
And so I decided to just go outside. I mean, it was everywhere worldwide.
I decided to go outside and go to the grocery store and hold my head up.
And I walked in the grocery store and they go bury it, and they started taking their pictures and everything.
And and I was just amazed, and I’m like, I’m, uh, you’re not you’re not gonna let me.
You’re not gonna make me, you know, crawl up in a corner and and, you know, kinda like the I mentioned this guy a lot on tombstone where, uh, Kurt Russell, I think it was, went and and slapped the guy and say, what are you gonna do?
Just stand there and bleed? And, uh, sometimes you gotta be resilient.
You’ve got to stand in the face of adversity and and in the face of setback and in the face of things not working and then and you just gotta say, you know what?
Um, let me get up, dust myself off because I’m not quitting. I’m not quitting. Okay?
So maybe I turned a little to the right there. I’m just gonna keep going and do what I need.
You when you when you are maturing emotionally, you are resilient. You face the the, uh, upsets, the setbacks.
You face the disappointments, and you acknowledge how you feel.
I had to acknowledge that 1 time recently that hurt me.
That’s the
first time I ever did that in 40 years.
I acknowledge that hurt me and disappointed me when that was done to me.
And, um, you know, and then I just decide for some reason, I guess, I felt better now. Like, wow.
I and and and I told my wife, I said, you know, I was praying.
I was walking and praying, and I said, that hurt me.
And, uh, and god because god’s not dealing with me. He said, uh, how you feel about that?
I said, you know, I’m good. He said, it hurt you, didn’t you?
I said, well, what am I gonna lie to you and say no?
And so I I said, yes. And I came in and told Tappan. And she
said, good. Good. I’m glad you realized that because it hurt my feelings too.
There’s something about being mature emotionally to identify, you know, what how you feel, and then you’re able to look at what needs to be done.
And then you decide on the steps that need to be done, but you need to locate yourself emotionally.
And that’s okay to do that. As Christian people, it’s okay to locate yourself emotionally. I’m disappointed.
That hurt me. That hurt my feelings.
I mean, you don’t go around broadcasting it every time you see somebody. Somebody call, hey. How you doing?
My feelings hurt, and I just want you to know. No. That’s that’s not what I’m talking about.
I’m talking about you acknowledging this to yourself. There’s a self realization about it that says, alright.
So here’s where I am. Now I’m getting ready to move on and do what need to be done because an emotionally mature person knows how to be resilient.
Number 7. Number 7.
An emotionally mature person, They have a calm disposition, and I’m really appreciating this growth in my life because I just wouldn’t have a calm disposition about nothing.
I was so trying to press for excellence that when it didn’t work out like I wanted to, I was not calm.
I was an a tyrant. I was just I just go nuts, you know, and and because all for the sake of of excellence.
But emotionally mature people, they do get mad, but they do not let the emotions dictate their response.
Okay? Anger is something that’s real. I’m not gonna tell you don’t get angry.
The bible says, be ye angry, but sin not.
See, what god’s concern was don’t let your anger control your emotions. Okay?
And then later I found out that anger was really, uh, an expression of fear.
That I noticed every time I would get angry, the real issue was fear.
And I and I finally had to deal with what am I afraid of. The real issue was fear.
And so what happens is that it it’s important to as you mature in your emotions and none of the none of us are at, you know, these are just signs, but there’s always growth in every 1 of the signs.
I don’t stand up here and and you’re not sitting there proclaiming to be 100%.
It’s just, you know, these are signs that you are maturing emotionally.
I don’t know how far you’ll get in that mature, uh, stage, but, you know, at least you can tell you’re on the right path by locating some of these things here and a calm disposition.
So I started praying, lord, I think I’m gonna be a man of ease, a man of peace, and a man of calmness that I’m just not going to just be the guy that flies off the handle all the time because that just represents a spirit of, um, emotionally immature person.
And that’s something that, you know, as Christians, we gotta get a hold of because, really, our emotional displays will say a lot about our spiritual maturity as well.
But emotionally, man, we just gotta learn how to deal with these things.
Number 8 number 8, here’s a sign of emotional maturity. You believe in yourself.
You believe in yourself.
Emotionally mature people don’t have a false sense of self that is ego based and diluted.
You don’t have a false sense of self that’s ego based.
I mean, your ego is all in a way and and and and it’s diluted, but they do have an an optimistic type of attitude in their own ability.
In other words, you’re you’re you’re pretty you’ve made your mind up that I’m gonna be pretty positive about things when I can be negative about things.
You you made your mind up that, yeah, I can be negative about anything I choose to be negative about, but I don’t think I will. I just don’t think I will.
Uh, sometimes you gotta make your mind up even when you’re in your relationships. You know what?
I don’t I just think I’m gonna let you get on my nerve today.
Just not gonna do that. You just gotta you gotta you you that’s an emotionally mature person.
I’m just I’m not I’m just just not gonna let you do that today.
I mean, you’ve done it for the last 5 days, and I don’t think I’m a let you make me cuss today.
I’m not gonna do that. Okay?
You know, I believe in myself enough to believe that, you know, I don’t have to give my power to somebody else.
And that’s basically what you do. You turn your power over to somebody else.
And today, we’re turning our power over to to social media. It is amazing.
You can get 5, 501 great comments, and you stay stuck on the 1.
The 1 talking about your hair or the 1 talking about your outfit or you thought you would shop on your Instagram post, and they somebody you had no idea people could be so mean and talk about how nasty and ugly you look.
And you like, now now you’re going to the section of the Internet where you can see if you can find out where this person live at.
Can I get a witness? Don’t raise your hands up. Where you live at?
Where you live at? Because I’m coming for you.
I bet you won’t come to my house and say that I wish you would, because you have those those those social media assassins.
And and listen, the Internet is is is undefeated.
So don’t don’t don’t if if that bothers you that bad, get off of it. Alright?
Because you don’t need the Internet to give you validation.
I said you do not need the Internet to give you validation. Alright?
But a part of your emotional maturity is gonna come when when you know how to to to establish belief in yourself and and, uh, how you handle those.
Number 9, approachability. Approachability.
Emotionally mature people are able to and prefer to talk with people, not at them.
Are you approachable?
You’re able to talk to people and not at people.
Sometimes I wonder, like, who do people think they are? You know?
And I really I really hate to see folks talking at somebody like they’re they they don’t have any value.
And when you are emotionally mature, 1 of the signs, and this is 1 of the ones I think most important is, uh, you know, are you able to talk with people?
Are you able to associate with people?
It’s it’s something about, uh, uh, something more important than your college degree and your intellect, and that is your likability.
With your college degree and your Internet, I still don’t have to hire you if I don’t like you because you’re not likable.
And then there’s some people who are likable without a college degree, and they get hired.
Somebody, you know, the boss like, I
don’t even know why I’m
hiring you. I just like you.
And we better learn that lesson that people don’t have to hire you if they don’t like you.
That nobody has to do anything for somebody they don’t like.
So we need to take a quick course on being likable.
Now I don’t mean sucking up, but I just
you know? Just how you
the just just this simple thing here.
Are can you talk with people and just not talk at them?
Why why would you wanna make people seem small?
I’ll tell you why. Because the way you treat yourself is how you treat others.
Okay? And you’re treating yourself the way that you’re treating yourself because you’re emotionally immature.
And that emotional immaturity always like likes to, you know, reflect what we see about ourselves onto other people.
And that’s just this is immature.
It’s really helped me a lot because I can look at people now, and instead of me getting angry, I’m just like, they’re just immature.
They’ll be alright.
Stay tuned for the continuation of today’s message right after this.
Hey, everybody. I’m standing in the world dome. We are getting ready for the reunion. Grace Life 2024.
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Grace life is coming, baby, and we’re gonna meet you there.
Now for the conclusion of today’s message.
I I mean, I got a revelation on people gonna do what they wanna do.
It has it has brought me great calm. I am calm and I am cool.
I ain’t trying to repeat none a 100 times. I’m like, people gonna do what they wanna do.
So now I can either be a target for them to blast or just say, you know, love you.
Later. People do what they wanna do.
And you probably would learn something of yourself. I mean, it’s just nah.
You know, I ain’t gonna go right here.
I just don’t understand why why they just would do that and why they would just say that.
Because they want to.
Because they want to.
It’s it’s it’s it’s it’s no better than wondering why do people sin. I just don’t know what I’m saying.
We we love to there it is. We blame the devil. Blame game. Alright?
Why do people sin? Because they want to.
I don’t know why they would go to bed with that person they married.
Because they want to. Get that in your head because they want to.
Well, they’re just fooling
the devil. No fool of the devil than you are. They just want to.
People do what they want to do until they make up their mind that they wanna do something different.
And that’s what life does. Life life is filled with a lot of different things.
I I heard a Christian say 1 time, you know, if you do these 5 things, uh, then you won’t have problem.
That is the biggest lie I’ve ever heard.
You can do all those 5 things
flawlessly, and you still gonna have situations that happen.
Because life is designed that way to bring us to a place where we mature physically, where we mature emotionally, and where we mature spiritually.
So if you’re looking for this this little day to show up 1 day and all of your troubles will be over, And you can sing the song, soon will be done with the troubles of the world.
No, you ain’t. You’re gonna have trouble until you leave the planet. You understand?
And some of you, when you leave planet, might have a little trouble leaving the planet.
It’s gonna happen?
Well, I tell you what.
What kind of preacher get in the pulpit and tell people they’re gonna have trouble?
The the 1 that won’t tell the truth.
But Jesus made it clear. He says, listen here. I’ve overcome tribulation.
Trust me, and I’ll get you through it. Trust me, and I’ll get you through it.
Now, trouble don’t last always. So when you get a vacation,
enjoy it. It.
Enjoy it. When there’s peace,
oh, enjoy it. When ain’t nobody home but you, enjoy it.
Put your pajamas on, get your popcorn, pull up Netflix, enjoy
it. Because it’s not gonna
be like that always. He’ll give you a little break.
And I’ve lived long enough to know it comes and you get that little peace and joy.
It comes but don’t get don’t live in this full paradise.
I mean, you can have everything fixed from your past,
and there’ll be something new. Yeah. And God gonna take you through that something new.
And that’s that’s how life is.
I don’t I don’t walk in this fable and fantasy anymore, but if I do these 5 things, then I am gonna be flawless for the rest of my life.
When the bible said, they that live godly shall suffer persecution.
And that doesn’t mean that godly people are gonna be absent from the persecution that comes with life.
Life trains, and life gives you opportunity to grow, and life gives you AAA greater uh, insight on the wisdom that you might not have got out of books, but you can sure get out of a book whooping that came from life.
Y’all don’t like me here.
I ain’t coming to this church no more because I don’t believe that scripture. Baby, this
is 1 area where I can
I can very boldly say, I don’t care
what you believe? Keep living.
Keep living. Well, I had no problem the last month.
Come on. Come on. Let’s go to the next month.
Okay? And if you
get that 1, no problem. Praise the lord. Go to the next month. Hey. Keep on going.
You can have 8 months. Enjoy.
Number 10.
Here’s the final sign I wanna give you of of emotional maturity.
You can tell when you’re maturing emotionally, when you share a good sense of humor.
Quit taking everything so serious like what you were doing right now.
I can’t believe he’s saying that all. My Bible to eat all of the bullshit.
Stop it.
Emotionally mature people realize that all of life can’t be taken seriously, But they realize the importance of having fun and laughter in life as a great coping mechanism and pressure released from stress.
You have to do that. You have to do that sometimes when things aren’t going right.
You gotta figure out, you know, if I’m a deal with this, uh, let me order me some fun.
Let me let me let me go to a game.
Let me let me let me I I need I need to have some fun.
I need a a way to some kind of mechanism where I can release the pressure and and and the stress of life.
Let me, you know, let me hang out with people who at least know how to laugh, and they don’t think it is a sin to laugh.
They don’t think it’s a sin to have bond.
You need to hang out with people with a sense of humor or great sense of humor.
You follow what I’m saying? I mean, tap and I we we have friends with we that we can laugh like hurt is so funny.
And sometimes, you know him so well, they ain’t even gotta say it now.
You already know what they’re thinking, and you just use it.
And it’s okay. It’s okay.
And I’m I’m trying to get church folks to people are growing spiritually, and I love it that you’re serious about your relationship with God and and all
of that kind of stuff, and I love it.
And and and and, yeah, there are times that and all of that kind of stuff, and I love it.
And and and and, yeah, there are times that that that that’ll be a blessing to people.
You know, I don’t wanna be, you know, you can’t have fun all the time, but neither do you need to be stressing out all the time.
So ask God to help you to find that balance. Life is a balance, man.
God, help me to find that balance.
I feel like I’m in a counseling session tonight with the whole whole group.
Help me to find that balance in life where I can, um, you know, have a good time.
I enjoy my wife. She is so much fun. She’s hilarious to me.
I mean, even getting up in the morning sometimes just
I can just look at her and I just start laughing.
I just and she like, what you laughing at? You know?
And then I’ll you know, sometimes she’ll get her a little snack, you know, some, um, M and M’s or whatever, you know, some cookies or something.
And then I walk in on her while she she has a little snack pile that I didn’t know about that the kids showed me the other day.
They say, oh, you
don’t know. No. You don’t know about mama’s a snack snack pile. Oh, here it is right here.
And I looked down there. I’m looking at all the baby roof and lemon cookies and oh my god.
I said, why everybody else know about the snack stash itself for me?
And so I walk in there and see her kinda, you know, chewing on something.
She look at me and she say, don’t judge me. Learn.
Give yourself a break.
Okay? Give yourself a break. Alright?
Thank you. Something else might like thank you. I’m free. Thank you.
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You try to get in
a half’s game because because you just think they love you.
Ticket? I have love. Uh, security?
Can you say that he’s a way maker? Yes.
Can you say that he’s a God that sits high and looks low? Yes.
As long as you think you can renew by yourself, you’re gonna just depend on your self effort to do this.
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