Your Secret Life vs. Your Public Life (Including Your Sexuality) | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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Your Secret Life vs. Your Public Life (Including Your Sexuality) | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

Message Of The Week – The most overlooked of the priestly garments and what it reveals about your walk, your calling, your ministry, and your life.

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The more secret, the more holy it was.
So god wants you to have a have secret place, your secret place that nobody sees to be the holiest part of your life.
What is the significance of the priests undergarments?
You don’t see it. Only he knows it. The underwear represents the hidden part of your life.
The part of your life people don’t see.
So the question is if people could see what you do when they don’t see you, what would they think?
If you at home you know, you’re you’re doing your thing and you could have an audience of everybody here could look at you and say, that’s not good.
Well, you know what? You already have an audience. It says that the angels are watching you.
So even when you think you’re alone, you have an audience. You’re on a stage. Think about that.
The question is what would they think?
You know, the part of your life that you may not be showing, god seeing it, You know, what you read, your magazine, what you listen to, what you watch on television, or what you dwell on on the web, what you do when you’re alone and nobody’s watching.
If people could see the secret part of your life, would it be as holy as what they’re seeing now?
It has to be. You wanna make it so. Make it so.
You see, you know, you see in the world, the secret things are the worst things.
You know, like, you, you know, you’re you read the fine print, like, that’s what’s telling you the worst things or what people don’t tell you.
So they advertise commercials do all these things, but they keep the other things, you know, low even when they’re forced to, like, when you see all those medicine commercials and they spent they have this beautiful picture of someone running in slow motion.
And all that. You take this. You can die. Commit suicide. You’ll kill some people.
But because they have to do that, so they do it real quick.
But but in the lord, the secret things are the best things. It’s the opposite.
What was the most holy place in the temple?
The secret place, the holy of holies, The more secret, the more holy it was.
So god wants you to have a have secret place, your secret place that nobody sees to be the holiest part of your life.
The part where you really are loving god and you’re worshiping god, that’s what what else does this this this revelation of the undergarment mean.
You know, people people will say, you know, may say, hey, do you like my new outfit?
You know, you know, you know, my wife said, well, say, do you like this? Do you like that?
But you never see have you ever somebody come up and said, you like my new underwear? Doesn’t happen.
I hope not. Because underwear is not something people brag about. It’s mundane. It’s not glorious.
It’s something that you don’t boast about it. But the priests wore it and god said so.
So so it’s not like the crown and the jewels. Nobody people might say, wow.
That looks great, but nothing about that So if everybody could see your regular mundane day to day life, would it look glorious?
I’m not talking about here. You’re here in the weekend and you’re here and and all that.
But what they can see, what do you do every day?
Is that as beautiful and glorious as when you’re here, worshiping a lord?
When you drive your car, is it something you want people to see?
When you’re frustrated with customer service and you start giving them a bit, you would want everybody here to see it.
When you’re at home and you’re on the phone, do you have to sometimes mute the phone because you’re yelling at something going on there and you do that and then you’re back and you’re you’re Joe Christian again or you’re, you know, they would question your salvation.
How about when you’re at work? How are you at work?
Do you work the same when your boss’ employers, why you and when they’re not out there at all.
Would you do do you do that?
Are you doing it, you know, or and when you work, are you doing it just for money, or are you doing it for the lord?
Colashians 3 22 says servants obey your masters not just in appearance as man pleasers.
You don’t wanna be that. But wholeheartedly, single hearted for god. That’s what god wants.
Now here’s something else.
Important The priest linen underwear would cover his private parts, and that brings up the issue of sexuality.
Sexuality is a gift from god. It’s linked to life. And it says the marriage bed is holy.
Sexuality is for the marriage bed.
If you have one, if you don’t, you’re single, then you need to lift it to god.
Whether you’re married or single, it’s gotta be as Exodus 28 covered in holiness. The world plays on this.
There’s a barrage to attack you.
We know that pornography has never been as prevalent as it as it is now. It’s exploded.
You’re in warfare. We understand that. And sexuality is part of biology without it. Human life would stop.
So unless someone has a condition, As long as we’re in the body, we deal with it.
So no one could say they’re above it and I can’t be tempted. That’s dangerous.
You always have to be on guard. And cover it with god. Bring it to god.
The Bible says, let there be no hints of immorality. Sexual amount.
The Bible writes of it, meaning it was an issue back then.
It’s always an issue, but it says, let there be no hint means you can conquer it.
If you’re dating or courting, you know, the the reference is what is appropriate for a brother and sister in the lord?
That’s what’s appropriate. What is not appropriate, that’s not appropriate.
It’s god’s will that sexuality is to be within the the holy vessel of marriage for your own protection.
Then look what’s happened to this society as it’s broken this. Look at what has happened.
It’s god’s will that. That means before marriage, I mean, I shouldn’t have to say it, but the way things are, I do have to say it.
Before marriage, there’s no sexual relationship. In marriage, there’s no extramarital. There’s no adultery.
There’s no playing with fire or flirting unless you wanna pay pay with a fire that can destroy your life and your family and everything else you have.
How many believers have fallen? How many leaders have fallen? How many ministers have fallen?
Because that part wasn’t covered. I remember reading a pamphlet warning ministers against falling at early 19 eighties that was written it was saying, you know, about to sexual sin, how to avoid that?
The one who wrote it was Jimmy Swagger who would then fall.
I remember the day because he didn’t cover I remember the day I was receiving my ministry license, the man who handed it to me, as he handed it, he said to me and the other guy said, by the way, do you hear the news?
Jimmy Swaggart fell. And I’ll never forget it because it was like, here at the moment I’m getting this license, I get that as if god was saying be careful.
You have to minister with holy garments. Doesn’t matter how big your ministry becomes. Any success means nothing.
Make sure you’re ministering with holy garments. Watch your undergarments.
I’ve seen more than I’ve ever wanted of major leaders of congregations and major ministries fall into sexual sin.
I mean, it continues. Celebrity pastor in New York. I’m not gonna name names.
Celebrity pastor in New York lost his ministry because of sexual sin.
A well known respected Christian, apologist, died, and then it came out that he was engaged in extensive sexual immorality.
And we don’t clothe. We pray for we gotta pray for everybody.
And don’t say they’re for the grace of god. Go. I.
We have to put all things to god, but lifted up don’t hide it. Lift it up to god.
God knows it. He’s not shot. He already knows it. He will bless. He will help you.
He will anoint you. The priest must cover up his or her sexuality with holiness of god.
And that can take time overcoming habits thought life actions, but with god you can.
And it’s not just the sexuality. It’s also the emotional part of love, romantic love.
Emotional attachment can also become sin.
If you’re married, you have to guard not only your lust, but your feelings and your hearts.
And there and that men ministries have been ruined by that too. God put strong parameters over marriage.
As well as over the issue of divorce.
And our feelings must be subject to god’s will, lord, whether I want this, whether I’m being filled, I don’t I am for you first.
It’s covered by you. My life is in you.
My my your will is what I’m following no matter what it means.
Put all that subject to god. Lord, that’s under you. Hi.
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