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How God Speaks | Joel Osteen

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We don’t always realize how god speaks to us.
We’ve seen in the movies where god spoke to Moses, the voice boomed out of the heavens, sounded like thunder, so powerful and dramatic, gave you goosebumps.
But most of the time, god speaks to us in a gentle whisper.
It’s not something loud, it’s not forceful, it’s called the still small voice.
We feel an impression, a prompting, not in our head, but in our heart.
It’s like a suggestion, something that we suddenly know we’re supposed to do. That’s not random.
That’s not you just thinking up things. That’s god speaking to you.
6 times in the gospels, Jesus said, he that has ears let him hear what the spirit is saying.
Everyone has ears, He wasn’t talking about physically. He’s talking about your inner ears.
He was saying, are you sensitive to the whisper?
Are you paying attention to what you’re feeling in your spirit?
It’s easy to ignore it, push it down, But if you’ll start obeying these promptings, the suggestions, the gentle whispers, god will lead you down the best path for your life.
You see that coworker, and suddenly you have the desire to be good to them. You feel compassion.
Something says, let them know that you care. You’ll be tempted to reason it out.
He look like they’re doing fine. They don’t need my encouragement. Don’t ignore the whisper.
God wouldn’t have given you that impression if they didn’t need it.
You don’t know what people are going through.
You can’t judge by the outside, That whisper is god leading you.
The more you obey that still small voice, the more god can entrust you in.
And sometimes you feel an unrest and uneasiness, like an alarm is going off, telling you not to do something.
Stay away from that person. Don’t take that business deal. Don’t get involved in that situation. Looks fine.
Everything seems okay. Don’t go against the whisper. God sees things that we can’t see.
He knows where the dead ends are, He knows the people that are going to pull us down and waste our time.
When we look back over our life, mistakes we’ve made, disappointments, failures.
If we’re honest, most of the time, we can see how god tried to warn us We felt the uneasiness.
We knew something wasn’t right, but we wanted our way so badly we overrode it.
If there’s an unrest, if that whisper is saying back off, it’s not because god is punishing you, keeping you from something good.
He’s protecting you. He’s keeping you from heartache.
The reason that whisper is saying no is because he has something better in store.
When you have big decisions, things you’re concerned about, it’s important to get quiet and listen to the whisper.
Listen to what you’re feeling.
You can’t hear it if you’re always busy, noisy, stressed out, getting opinions from others.
On the phone all the time. It’s not that god isn’t speaking, it’s that it’s too loud around us.
You need times of peace, times where you can get quiet and hear the whisper.
Every morning, I start the day off saying, god, help my spiritual ears to be sensitive to your voice.
Help me to hear what you’re saying today.
It’s not gonna be your mind, just a feeling down in here and impression.
All of the sudden, you have a desire to check on your children.
A prompting to go to a certain place. It’s easy to dismiss. And, oh, that’s nothing. That’s just me daydreaming.
No. That’s god speaking to you. Pay attention to the whispers.
There are times these whispers are going to ask you to do things you don’t understand, things that don’t make sense.
If you reason it out and look at it only from a logical point of view, you’ll talk yourself out of it.
When Victoria and I were first married, we found this townhome that we really loved.
It was a beautiful place with big windows looking out to the woods, tall ceilings.
We got it for an amazing price. Almost half of what it was worth.
And we were so grateful. We never dreamed that in our mid twenties, we would have a place that night.
About a year later, Victoria said, Joel, I feel so strongly we need to sell this place and buy a house.
Thought, what do you mean? This place is perfect. We just got here.
That didn’t make sense to my mind, but when I got quiet and listen down in here, I could hear that same thing.
Don’t be surprised if that still small voice whisked first things that go against your logic.
God’s ways are not our ways. Best for you.
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