Enjoying Your Life – Part 2 | Joyce Meyer | Enjoying Everyday Life

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Enjoying Your Life – Part 2 | Joyce Meyer | Enjoying Everyday Life

What does God want us to know in times of trouble? On this episode of Enjoying Everyday Life, Joyce Meyer shares encouragement for viewers who are going through difficult times.

Joyce Meyer, one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers and New York Times best-selling author, shares encouragement and advice to help us enjoy our daily lives.

With a heart to share Christ and love people, Joyce’s messages help people in all walks of life to grow in their faith, learn to study the Bible, find healing from the wounds of life, get answers to life’s questions and encounter the love of God in a powerful way.

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You cannot make somebody love God. So say your prayers and cast your cares.
Actually, you will help them more if they see you enjoying life, then you will ever help them trying to preach to them about something they don’t even wanna hear I do what I do because I’ve seen god’s power transform my own life, and he will do it for you.
The key to everything is found in god’s word.
I’m Joyce Meyer, and I believe that god can heal you every where you’ve heard.
You know something?
God has never ever in your whole entire life ever thought, one bad thought about you.
You don’t know any human being like that. I can tell you that for sure.
He’s never had a bad thought about you. He’s never had hopeless thoughts.
Doesn’t look like you say, well, there’s no hope for you.
God believes in you. He’s got hope for you.
He’s got a future plan for you.
And no matter how many times you’ve messed up, god is willing to give you another chance and another chance and another chance if you’ll just be serious about your relationship with him.
John 16 24. Boy, this is a good one.
Ask and receive that your joy might be full.
Up until this time, you’ve not asked a single thing in my name presenting all that I am.
But now ask and keep on asking, and you will receive so that your joy, your gladness, and delight may be full and complete.
We’re gonna do a whole message in one of these sessions about learning how to just receive from god.
God is not for sale. You cannot buy him with your good works.
We don’t do right things to get god to love us.
We do write things because he loves us. There’s a big difference.
I love that ask and receive.
Hey, instead of worrying about your kids all the time, ask god to take care of them.
Receive it and get about the business of enjoying everyday life. Amen? Amen.
If you’re concerned that you’re company you work at is gonna close down and you’re gonna get laid off.
It’s not gonna do you any good to worry about it. Pray about it.
Believe that god’s working in your life. Trusted.
If you lose a job, he’ll get you another one and go on enjoying every single day of your life.
When people you love have problems that they don’t seem to wanna fix, I said when people you love, have problems that they don’t seem to want to fix.
Instead of worrying about it, trying to force something off on them that they don’t wanna have.
You can’t make somebody love god. Okay. How much you want them to?
You cannot make somebody love god. So say your prayers and cast your cares.
Actually, you will help them more if they see you enjoying life.
Than you will ever help them trying to preach to them about something they don’t even wanna hear yet.
No, some of you like that, some of you aren’t so sure.
I know I’m a rescuer too.
Let me help you. You know what? I finally figured out Listen to this.
Jesus did not go around in his 3 years here and say, can I help you?
Can I help you? Oh, please let me help you. Your life isn’t a mess.
Can I please help you? No. You know what he did.
The Bible says that all all who came to him Come on.
All who came to him, he helped them.
And the truth of the matter is is if you’ve been working on somebody for 4 years and they’re still not helped, There’s a pretty good chance they’re not really ready for help yet.
So sometimes you gotta just let them go ahead and get in a worse mess than what they’re in.
Okay. So anyway, I could tell you all kinds of reasons why we don’t enjoy life and I’ll get around to a lot of them before the weekend’s over.
But it is god’s will that you enjoy every single solitary ordinary day of your life.
Well, I wish I had a ministry like Joyce’s.
Uh, I doubt it. You might like this part.
But you know how few moments I’m up here compared to the amount of time that I’m dealing with ordinary every day?
Stuff. Amen. And then finally, John 1713.
Now it’s interesting to me that All of these scriptures I’m reading you about enjoying life are all in the book of John.
And probably more than any other disciple John had an close, intimate relationship with god.
He was the one that was always says he leaned back on Jesus’s breast at dinner.
You know, they laid on couches and ate them. Sounds like a good idea to me.
It was laid down and prop up on the elbow and and John referred to himself as the disciple whom Jesus loved.
I bet that annoyed Peter. I mean, he wrote the book.
And called himself the disciple whom Jesus loved.
But the the the point is is he knew he was loved.
I said he knew he was loved. Unconditionally.
He knew that he was loved and so he’s the one who writes about enjoying everyday life.
When you know that you’re loved and you’re secure in that love that gives you confidence and you don’t have to live in fear all the time, and you can begin to then enjoy every single moment of your life.
Anyway, I think it’s interesting. They’re all in the same chapter.
So John 1713, last one.
And now I’m coming to you, This is Jesus.
I say these things while I’m still in the world so that my joy may be full and complete and perfect in them, that they may experience my delight fulfilled in them, that my enjoyment may be perfected in their own souls and that they may have my gladness within them filling their hearts.
How many things do we do? I’ll be so glad when this is over.
I sure dread doing this.
Boy, I’ll be happy when this is done.
But see, god wants us to be happy now. Not some other time.
Yeah. I know you got a lot of things in your life.
You think there ain’t no way I could enjoy that.
Well, here’s what I’m trying to tell you.
If you enjoy God in the midst of it, then doing the task takes on a whole different nature because you’ve now offered it up to him as part of your service and sacrifice to him.
Do you know that us taking care of what we own, washing your car, cleaning my house, mowing the grass, all those things We need to do also as a service to god.
It’s a way of thanking him for what he’s given us.
Taking care of what you own is part of a way of thanking god for what he’s given you.
We don’t appreciate what we have if everything around us is falling apart.
So you could go home tomorrow and clean out that closet with joy.
Oh, god. I’m doing this for you. Hallelujah.
Oh, boy.
Education about joy, I believe, is vital.
One woman after hearing this seminar thanked me for giving her permission to enjoy her life.
And this may not be all of you, but I would imagine there’s a few of you in here tonight that are kind of thinking the same thing.
You you mean I can actually enjoy this?
Yes. Now, Ecclesiastes You know, Solomon who wrote this was supposed to be the wisest man in the world, although he did some dumb things.
He, uh, I never have quite totally worked that out yet, but, uh, he said some really amazing things.
And he, again, four times in the short book of Ecclesiastes makes comments about one of the most important things that we can do is to enjoy life.
And he especially talks about enjoying our work I think sometimes we just get addicted to being miserable, and we just purposely put ourselves in positions where we can keep being miserable we got something to mumble about all the time.
I just got so much to do.
Nobody could be happy with everything that I’ve got to do. I’m so busy, busy, busy, busy, busy. Well, you
know what sweetheart? You made your schedule. If you don’t like it, change it.
Learning how to say no to a few people and no to a few things.
Your kids don’t have to do everything they wanna do and go everywhere they wanna go.
They’re not gonna fall apart if they don’t get to be in five sports and go to twelve parties a week.
And you are more than a chauffeur. For your kids. That’s good. Amen?
So many people have so much going on.
Every day goes by in a blur, and they don’t even know what they did at the end of the day.
You cannot enjoy life if you never have time to breathe, and you cannot enjoy life if you’re doing a bunch of stuff that you hate and despise and don’t wanna do, and you’re doing it just to keep somebody else happy.
And you say, well, I don’t want to make a mad Okay.
But here’s what happens because you don’t wanna make them mad. Now you’re mad.
And you’re taking it out on somebody else in your home, See, I know some of you’re getting.
Well, I just don’t feel happy.
Well, that’s your number one problem you live by how you feel.
I just don’t feel happy. I just don’t feel hopeful.
Well, then give your feelings a kick in the can.
And just say, I am not gonna live by how I feel anymore.
I am going to enjoy my wife.
One day, when I was trying to get a breakthrough in this, I walked through my house and I screamed at the top of my lungs.
I am going to learn how to enjoy my life.
Sometimes you gotta be a violent Christian.
Some of you already are, but I’m not talking about that kind.
Achalesiastes 224. There is not thing better for a man than that he should eat and drink and make himself enjoy good in his labor.
And this is not talking about eating too much.
Thought I better throw that in there because you’re about to hear four times.
There’s nothing better than to eat and drink.
And make, I love this, and make himself enjoy good and his labor.
That means you do it on purpose.
You decide I’m going to the grocery store and devil, I’m gonna enjoy it.
I’m getting ready to do my dishes, and I’m gonna enjoy it.
I’m getting ready to drive in traffic to work, and I’m going to enjoy it because Jesus is in my car.
See, really, the truth of the matter is is You’re not not enjoying your life because of your problems.
You’re not enjoying your life because of your attitude towards your problems.
There’s nothing better. Verse 25.
For who can eat or who can have enjoyment more than I can apart from him.
So he’s saying apart from him, you’re not gonna have any of this.
But how many of you know that a sad Christian is an oxymoron?
I mean, that just there’s nothing about Christianity that tells us to go around being miserable, stressed out, busy all the time.
Complaining, murmuring, I hate to drive in traffic, I hate to go to the store, I hate to do dishes, I hate to blow the grass.
Boy, thank God it’s Friday. Oh, man. Vacations coming up.
Whoo. Am I gonna have a good time?
And then you go in debt to go on a vacation that you can’t afford.
Oh, yeah. And then you come back and you spend the next 12 months trying to pay off the vacation.
You didn’t even have any fun on while you were there. And let me tell you something.
We can learn to live on vacation if we learn the true meaning of this message.
Jesus said, come on to me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you wrath.
I will ease, relieve, and refresh your souls.
I’m preaching tonight while on vacation.
The word is so good. Ecclesiastes 478.
Then I returned and I saw vanity under the sun.
In one of its particular farms. Here is one alone.
No one with him He neither has child nor brother, yet there is no end to all of his labor, neither is his eyes satisfied with riches, neither does he ask for whom do I labor and deprive myself of good?
This is also vanity, emptiness, falsity, futility, It is a painful effort and an unhappy business.
So here we have this man who has several problems.
He has never taken time to develop relationships. He said it says, he’s alone.
And has no one with him.
Secondly, his work never seems done, no matter how hard he works, And 3rd, even though he works, even though his works has produced riches, he does not know how to enjoy them.
Whatever god has given you, you need to save some, give some, and spend some.
I said, whatever god has given you, you need to save some, give some, and spend some.
You won’t be happy if you save it all because you’re afraid of the future.
You won’t be happy if you spend it all because then you won’t have anything for the future, and you sure won’t be happy if you don’t give some, because then you’re not operating under one of the best spiritual laws in the whole universe that we reap what we sow.
As long as the earth remains, there will be seed time and there will be harvest.
For whatsoever, man sows that and that only is what he shall REIT.
Some of you are like me. You’re a workaholic.
You never take the time to enjoy anything because you only feel good about yourself when you’re working.
And action, the truth is is you talk way too much about how hard you work and how much you work because that’s where you get your worse and value.
And I know you’re better and more excited than you act.
How many of you And how many of you know what I’m talking about?
You can get your worth and value out of what you do.
See, sometimes even when you do for people all the time, You can become a real martyr.
Well, I just do everything for everybody all the time. I do everything around here.
I do all the work. Nobody does anything but me, Well, then, Joseph don’t do some of it.
Well, it’s all up to me. If I don’t do everything, nothing gets done.
Well, you know what? Even if you just took a little break once in a while, it would make the rest of it doable.
Amen? Come on ladies. Take a break. They’ll get a manicure.
They’ll get a pedicure. Hey, man. Let somebody rub those feet.
Amen. You say, what kind of preaching is this? Smart preaching.
Akhlesiastes 5, 18, and 19.
Oh, I just heard somebody say this is good.
Behold what I have seen to be good in fitting is for one to eat and drink and to find enjoyment in all the labor in which he labors under the sun, all the days which god gives him.
We’re gonna go back and read that again. Come on now.
Make the devil mad. Enjoy your job. I said make the devil mad.
Enjoy your job.
Well, I’m the only Christian where I work.
Well, didn’t you pray for god to use you?
See, we think when we ask god to use us, he’s gonna put us to work in the church or a ministry.
Behold what I seem to be good and funny is for one to eat and drink and to find enjoyment in all the labor in which he labors under the sun, which means on the earth, all the days which god gives him for this is his allotted part.
And every man to whom god has given riches and possessions and the power to enjoy them and to accept his appointed lot, his life, and to rejoice in his toil, this is the gift of god to him.
You’re like, man, I don’t know.
I don’t know if I’ll come back tomorrow. I I got some real problems.
I was I was hoping that you’d really have a word for me. I’ll wake up.
What I’m trying to tell you is while you have a problem it’s okay for you to go ahead and enjoy your life.
See, people don’t know that.
They think if they got a problem, they gotta go sit somewhere and be miserable until they don’t have the problem anymore.
You don’t even have to talk about your problems all the time. Imagine that.
You don’t have to think about them all the time.
You can say your prayers and cast your cares. Do what god tells you to.
If he tells you to do anything, if he doesn’t, then trust god that he is working in your life right now.
Now one more thing in Ecclesiastes. Ecolesiastes chapter 6 verse 9.
Now, this is a scripture that backs up what I was saying about enjoying your life.
Better is the sight of the eyes the enjoyment of what is available to one than the cravings of wandering desire.
So he said, it’s better to enjoy what’s in front of you that you have.
Than to have all these craving desires for things that you don’t have. Come on.
Enjoy what’s in front of you that you do have And stop just wanting something that you don’t have because he says it is vanity.
And, you know, one of the things that the writer of Ecclesiastes learned, and I I respect him for this.
He basically says, I tried everything and nothing worked.
But he finally found out at the end, the only thing that really works is god and living for him and obedience to him.
Well, it’s true. Life has a whole lot of mundane to it.
Most of the time, it’s just Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and then repeat.
But like Joyce said, we don’t have to want somebody else’s life when we realize that god desires for your life to be so much more than ordinary and boring.
He has great things for you, and he wants you to enjoy your everyday life.
And a great way to find that enjoyment is to find out about god’s will for your life.
That’s why today, we’re offering Joyce’s newest book, finding God’s will for your life. What a great topic?
What a great title? This is one of the biggest requests that we get when people call in here.
Some of the things that they are looking for in god’s word.
And because of that, she’s dug out all those scriptures and what god says about his will for your life and put it into a book that is so practical so useful, and we want you to have it today so much that we are offering it to you for your gift of any amount.
You see many people live most of their lives striving to find and follow god’s will, but still wondering whether they’ve gotten it right.
Well, Joyce helps you to explore the wisdom of what the Bible tells us about god’s character and about his love and purpose for us.
His purpose for you. She also offers practical steps to discover how to build your trust in god.
Seek his guidance and overcome the fear of missing out on his best for you.
Again, today, this book is for any amount That means whatever you can do. Pray about it.
Just do your best, but we want to make sure that you get what god says about you into your hands, that you can study it, that you can spend more time with him.
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So let us know today, and we’ll get this book to you.
Now god has such incredible love for you and such a good plan ahead.
Hold on to that into your heart today. Lean into him and see what might happen.
As believers, we can get confused, even frustrated, trying to discover what god wants to do with our lives, but it doesn’t have to be that way.
Joyce Meyer wants to help walk you through the process of finding god’s will for your life.
Learn to hear god’s voice in the big decisions and the day to day.
You can live with confidence one step of faith at a time.
Today, we’re offering Joyce’s newest release finding god’s will for your life for your donation of any amount.
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