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Uh, we’re gonna do things a little different.
I’ve got a word that I wanna share with you, but I also have some testimonies I wanna share with you.
And so I’m gonna start with the word, and then we’ll toss to a testimony, and we’ll just see what god wants to say to us.
I were to give this message a subject. It would be on the front line.
Y’all saved. Somebody already felt it. I’m in judges fourteen.
Judge is 4. I know, said I probably got stressed. It’s 4. It’s not 14.
Judges 4 verse 19 through 22.
Perspective is that at this point in the text, there is a man who was on the run.
God has decided that Barack one of the commanders in the army would capture this man.
And this man is on the run. He’s trying to avoid being captured.
And in the process of trying to avoid being captured, he runs into this woman’s tent, thinking to himself, this woman, her name is Jael, and he thinking to himself that if I can get in this woman’s tent, I can be undercover, and they’ll never find me.
Verse 19 begins, it says, then he said to her, this is necessary.
He says to her, please give me a little water to drink for I am thirsty.
So she opened a jug of milk, gave him a drink, and covered him.
And he said to her, stand at the door of the tent And if any man comes and inquires of you and says, is there any man here?
You shall say, no. Then J. L.
Heather’s wife took a tent peg and took a hammer in her hand and went softly to him and drove the peg into his temple, and it went down into the ground for he was fast asleep and weary.
So he died. And then as Barak pursued, says Sarah, JL came out to meet him and said to him, come.
I will show you the man whom you seek.
And when he went into her tent, there lays to say are dead with the peg in his temple.
By the guide, you gave me a word, and you told me it was for not just the women in this room, but the women watching from literally all over the world.
And so, father, I pray that you would bring me into alignment with how this word is supposed to flow.
You know my plans, you know what I study, but we want nothing more than to be in your will and to be in your way.
And so father, let us flow as you flow.
You know for me, God, help me to settle into this thing.
And I pray god that you would begin to open the hearts that need this word the most.
That they would receive that, which only you can give them to be seen, to be valued, to be motivated, to repent and the directness over to you even more.
And we say, have your way. Great God that you are in Jesus’ name. Amen and Amen.
Can I tell you all, first of all, can we give a hand to the band?
Give a hand to the band? Amazing. Thank you all, praise the lord. Thank you for being here.
God bless you and the worship team. Let me tell you something. You all do a thing.
What I love so much is that even though Dallas is having the international leadership summit next week, And so the team is so busy getting everything together that I was like, let’s just see if we can go to LA and have had you in LA.
But do you know that there are members from the Dallas team who literally flew in You’re from the Dallas team.
Can you just stand up for a minute? Stand up. Go on. Make it awkward. Stand up. Yeah.
Thank you. Thank you guys for coming out. We love the family. We love the connection.
Okay. 1997. Is nine years old.
And, like, I don’t know if any of you all are in that millennial stage of life, where you begin to realize, like, I really had no business watching and listening to some of the things, like, Like, I’m grown enough now to understand that I had no business watching that, but I was watching it anyway.
I was watching the movie, GI Jane. And then this have you seen it with Demi Moore? Okay.
So here I am preparing for a battle I’m not even eligible to be a part of.
For those of you who haven’t seen it, in the movie, Demi Moore, she is in training to join the navy after their been a ban against women.
And so she’s going through the tough brutal process of being a member of the navy.
And she’s like, but cut her hair off, buzz cut. She’s doing the push ups.
Like, she’s trying to prove that she can be like one of the guys.
And I think I love this movie so much because we got to witness this woman’s commitment to dismantling patriarchy and showing that women can do some of the same things that men can do.
And I love this so much because when I was studying for our text and I was praying and I was asking god about what it is that I needed to share at Hey, you, He just gave me these words, like, on the front line.
Didn’t really make a lot of sense to me until I began to pray and look at the state of just the world and the kingdom right now.
And god told me that there are women who are going to be coming to Hey, you, who are maybe watching online, who don’t even realize that they are on the front line.
Now whenever you begin to declare things like, I wanna break a generational curse, or I wanna change the way things are done in the industry, or I wanna climb the corporate ladder.
You think that you’re talking about a goal, but what you are doing is volunteering to be on the front line.
In March, it’s women’s history month.
And we celebrate of these women who have made incredible impact on the world and on global stages, but I think very few people really lies that the cost of being historical means that you have to be on the front line.
One thing that we know for sure is that in many ways, patriarchy has allowed women to believe that their best space is in the background.
That if you stay in the background and you aren’t on the front line, then you are in a woman’s place.
I wrestled with this a little bit because when I hear about women being in the background, I think I automatically think about people who are not necessarily visible from a public level.
And yet as I was saying, god showed me that that’s not necessarily what it means to be in the background.
A lot of times, we think that being in the background, maybe doing things that people don’t fully appreciate, but you allowed things to happen logistically.
But god told me that you could be on the main stage and still be in the back ground if you are conforming when I told you to transform.
Some of the people who we think are maybe the most notable in their careers in their field who have the most standout power don’t necessarily that doesn’t necessarily mean that their standout power translates into standing out in the kingdom.
So you can be popular in one sector of the world, but not be a blip on the radar in kingdom because you’re not really on the front lines of what god is doing in the earth.
If you cannot say with real certainty that I’m on the front lines of what god is doing in the earth, then you must be willing to ask yourself, then what am I on the front lines of?
I was thinking about this, how even though we have goals and we have objectives, that most of the time have to do with our external gifts and talents and how we want them to impact the world.
That we cannot really move into a position where we can be trusted with the power, the strength, the innovation, the resources, to make that happen unless we are willing to be on the front lines of who we need to become in order to make it happen.
I gotta go to my notes because I wanna say this right.
If you do not allow yourself to on the front lines of needs to take place inside of you.
That means that if you know that you are governed by fear, or inadequacy or anger or bitterness or pride or ego until you successfully get on the front lines of what needs to transform on the inside of you, we should stop asking god to put us on the front lines of what’s happening outside of us.
Because the type of weight that you need to have in order to be on the front lines of what god wants to do in the earth requires that you be sure enough on the inside that even when fear talks, it can’t control you, or even when shame tries to move you out of position, you’re steadfast and unmovable because I’ve done the work to be on the front lines.
You see, it’s not necessarily that you ever get to a place where you no longer have the fear, where you no longer have the insecurity, but you stay on the front line long enough to realize that that fear is just a boogeyman because when I allow my faith to be on the front line, when fear starts talking I outlast the fear.
I keep showing up regardless of what the inadequacy says because at the end of the day, I have made a decision that I am not gonna move out of the position where god has placed me.
And that means sometimes I gotta face off with my own doubt.
Sometimes I gotta face off with my own insecurity.
Sometimes I gotta face off with the paradigm that once held me stuck, but when I get finished facing off, I recognize that greater is he that is in me than he that is in the world.
So when we were thinking about the conversation that we wanted to have tonight, I asked them to help me find some women who have had to face off with fear and uncertainty because sometimes you don’t believe it when it comes from someone who you think has it all together.
Sometimes you need to hear that the very woman sitting next to you has faced off with fear and came out on the other side.
You know, I know we are in cool LA and, you know, this is my city.
I this is my city. Lived here 8 years. From Texas. This is my city.
But we gonna have old school testimony service for a minute.
If there’s somebody in this room and you know that you know that you know that you have faced off with a fear and you come out on the other side, can you just take a minute and send a round of applause in this room so that the women understand that he’s still slaying giants.
If there was a generational giant in your family, that you thought for sure was gonna take you out, but you trusted that god had equipped you to come out on the other side.
I want you to some noise because there’s another woman in this room who was wondering if god is still performing miracles.
God, are you still empowered does, to overcome, and sometimes it takes a woman to go and get another woman to let her know you really can’t have your back.
You really can’t have your peace back. Depression is not the end. Suicide votes can go away.
Anxiety doesn’t get to control your I’m not talking about what I know that I know that I know that he will always provide.
See, because until you face off with the way that you talk yourself out of where god has positioned you, then you don’t even need an outside enemy.
You talking about your haters, that’s it, but you are your own hater.
You won’t give yourself an opportunity to step into the fullness of what I have for you.
I wanna show you a testimony.
From a woman named Ashley, who knows very well what it takes to face off with fear.
Hi. I’m Ashley.
And the way that I was living in you
from Fear to Faith, and this season is very interesting.
I am what you could kinda consider a classic recovering over thinker So even now, I’m sitting here.
I’m making this video. There are so many thoughts that I’ve had you quiet in order to sit down just to do this.
Right? But I am in this space where I’m like, if I’m gonna have any fear, it’s not gonna be fear that holds me back.
It’s not gonna fear that causes me to be stagnant or to overthink, but I would rather create a healthy fear that says that if I am not in the center of god’s perfect will, having the fear of who will I not become because I am paralyzed by my thoughts, because I’m paralyzed by sometimes feeling like an imposter or not knowing the full plan.
And so even recently, that looked like me leaving LA after 9 years to move to Dallas, Texas and not really knowing what was ahead of me, but I knew that I had a word from God and I knew that I have I have built such a relationship with god that I can trust him even when I don’t see the details of what it is.
And so right now, I am so committed to not living or existing in an expired space or power of god and the grace of god no longer exists that whether that is god saying, I need you to physically move, whether that’s god saying, I need you to move out of this friendship circle, whether that’s god saying, I need you to move your mind and move your thoughts move the limitations that you place on yourself, that is how fear, going from fear to faith is really working in me.
And that’s requiring me to own who I am in such a way that I am now redefining and relearning things about my self that I may have forgotten and really getting out of my own way, renewing my mind, renewing my thoughts, renewing just the the pattern of what I thought life should be, and it is birthing something that is very familiar.
Some days I gotta cry it out.
Some days I’m filled with joy of where I’m headed, but the trust and the foundation of trust that I have in god and the power of who god is is what is moving me forward.
It’s what’s moving me ahead, and it’s currently how power is moving in me.
Ashley, stand up. Way back to people.
One of the things that stood out in my mind about Ashley’s testimony is that she made a decision Oh, god.
Help me. She made a decision that allowed her to move in the direction of overcoming what was standing in her and I thought to myself, how do we get the power to move in the direction of what god has for us?
I wanted to make it as practical as possible for you.
And god told me the first thing that is required is that you have to make a decision.
If you think about it, no power can really come to anything until you make a decision that gives your power a target.
Okay. I’m gonna give you an example.
You know how you go back and forth about if you’re gonna text somebody back.
I didn’t even say who. I said somebody.
The girls who get it, get it, the girls who don’t teach us.
You make a decision. You’re going back and forth.
And then the moment you make a decision, you usually say something to yourself, and you’re like, I’m a go ahead and do it, or I’m not gonna do it.
And in that moment, you then have the power to power flow through with whatever your decision is.
That’s why the war will always be over your mind.
Because your mind is the place in which you make a decision.
Scripts says to set your mind on things above.
It doesn’t say to vacillate between things above because if you set your mind on things above, then you have the power to move in the direction of where you have set your mind.
That woman with the issue of blood was so powerful that Jesus had to make sure that she understood exactly what allowed her to get her healing.
It wasn’t just that she touched the hem of his garment.
Jesus says her, to her, your faith has made you well.
But she had to make a decision before she was even in that situation that she was going to be well no matter what she had to go through in order to get away.
Oh, that’s so good.
You see, because that woman should have gotten discouraged somewhere along the way, I’ve had the issue for so long.
I’ve gone to physician after physician, and no one could heal me. It should have changed her mind.
But for some reason, this woman was so sure of the decision that she did not allow failure or disappointment to make her change her mind.
I hear god saying if you are going to become powerful in God, you are gonna have to make a decision about the direction of where you need power.
And if you are going to make a decision in the direction of where you need power, then the can back you up.
You see, there are some things you can do with your own power, but when you have an assignment that only god can fulfill.
You need god’s power in order to get it done.
God, I will set my mind on where you’re sending me, but I’m gonna need your power to get it done.
And that’s when god says I can get behind that because now we’re in the same synergy.
We’ve got the same frequency. We want the same thing.
So when you start talking about breaking a generational curse, I hear god saying that the enemy will try and convince you to change your mind about who he already said that you are.
But when you decide to set your mind, it doesn’t matter who they knew before you set your mind.
It doesn’t matter what they’ve known or come to expect from you.
I don’t know about you, but I’ve had to set my mind on some things.
And anytime I set my mind. God’s glory shows up where I have settled.
God’s glory should Oh, there comes this moment when I’m preaching and I’m nervous and I’m anxious and I’m stumbling and I’m bumbling and I’m shaking, but then I get to this point where I said, I’m in it now.
And I believe that god sent me to it.
And if god sent me to it, Let’s go, baby.
You gotta get in a position where you decide that I’m gonna set my mind.
There not no taking no for an answer.
That woman with the issue of blood got down on her hands and her knees because she reckon there was a multitude surrounding her, but I won’t let the multitude talk me out of my healing.
You gotta act like you only got one shot I only got one shot to get it done.
I’ve only got one shot to show up in this space.
This woman didn’t give herself any other option.
And she did not allow herself to be discouraged in spite of the many things that were standing in her way.
God told me that there were women who were in this room who struggle with setting their mind because they feel like someone else can do it.
God told me to tell you you gotta act like you’re his only option.
Got told me that you gotta be so sure about this thing, that you gotta act like nobody else can do it, but me.
You gotta be so sure about this thing that it doesn’t matter who else grabs the microphone.
It doesn’t matter who else writes the song because gave me something that only I can do God gave me something that only I can produce.
God gave me a child that only I can raise that gave me a ministry.
And I’m the only one who can preach this thing. The only one who can do it.
There is no other option. It’s just me. So I’m not scared when I
see you doing you, baby, because you gotta do you so I can do me.
God’s counting on me.
There were some people only I can reach And there are some people that only you can reach.
And if I let you stepping into, you discourage me from it into me, then I’m a counterfeit, but I gotta be on the front line of where god has called me, and my you to hold down your side of the
line because ain’t nobody do you the way that you do you, baby.
But you gotta you gotta go to war with you to get that done.
You gotta go to war with you to get that done.
You gotta get sick of your own excuses. You gotta get sick of your own backsliding.
You gotta make a decision that fear doesn’t get to control me any longer.
You gotta make a decision that shamers to let you go.
You gotta go to therapy.
You gotta get some trauma therapy because you gotta make a decision.
I’m not gonna be a scared little girl anymore.
I’m in my grown woman era, and he’s got things for me to do.
I want you to turn to the woman next to you and tell you it’s time for you to get on the front lines.
It’s time for you to get on the front lines.
It’s time for you to stop playing It’s time for you to get on the front lines.
It’s time for you to take it seriously. You gotta be serious about this healing.
You gotta serious about this breakthrough. The kingdom suffered violence, and the violence taken by force.
It’s hard you to get on the front line.
It’s time for you to go to war with your devils. Go to war with your demons.
a I’m preaching in Dallas on Sunday, and god showed me this scripture in Luke 10.
And in this scripture in Luke 10, He’s got these 70 disciples, and he sends the 70 disciples out, and they come back, and they say, you know, even the demons are subject to us in your name.
They’re blown away by what god gave them.
And Jesus says, to them, that that’s not a big deal.
I saw Satan fall from the sky like lightning.
He says, I gave you power and authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions and over all of the power of the enemy.
I love this verse, because it makes things 2 things very clear to me.
When Jesus himself says the power of the enemy, It means that in our mind, if we allow ourselves to believe that the enemy has no power, we will always be stopped in our tracks.
Jesus says, I gave you power over all of the power.
Of the enemy. The enemy does have enough power to keep you from stepping into who god has called you to be.
He does have enough power to keep you from seeing your destiny properly.
He did have some of the things that happened to us while we need the trauma therapist is a result of the power of the enemy showing up in our lives or other people’s lives.
But Jesus says, I gave you power over that.
So when we begin to give ourselves no other option, It is the full recognition of the power we have in Jesus to overcome whatever power has been thrown our way.
I wish I could say that.
The way that I feel it, that fear that has become normalized, has enough power to keep you from being all that god knows you can be.
That’s why if you don’t see it as a threat, you’ll start sleeping with the enemy, not recognizing that you have the power.
To overcome the fear, the shame, the abandonment, Sleeping with the very enemy you wanna overcome, because you don’t recognize it no matter how normalized it has become, in your family, in your friendship group, in your culture, it is on assignment to stop you in your tracks.
And if it is stopping you, the power is working.
Um, I don’t do this because I like it.
I don’t. I love y’all.
But I do this because obedience is an act of resistance.
And I recognize that the only reason I don’t wanna do it is because I’m afraid that I’ll be embarrassed, that I’ll be ashamed, that I’m not smart enough.
So if I don’t do it, I am becoming obedient to the power of the enemy and stepping away from what god has called me to do.
So I told God, as long as you keep showing up, I’ll keep growing up.
Because this thing has had enough power in the past.
It had real power. But there is a greater name, a greater power.
And I align myself with the greater power. Even if it means abandoning what makes me comfortable.
Y’all sit down.
This is what it looks like. When power begins to move in us.
When we allow the power of god to confront what has had power in the past when we see our opponent properly.
You are powerful enough to do X, Y, and Z.
But when I worship, when I create an environment for god’s power to show up, it changes things.
Then there comes this stage where we go from power moving in us into power moving through us.
So there’s people watching online, not in the room, who cannot hear another sermon or read another book, that will further prepare them for where god is ready to take them.
Their mind is set. They got everything they need.
But they have a set mind with cold feet. They’re not in here.
And not in here. They’re watching online from all over the world.
I really got everything I need. I just don’t trust what I have.
Every time I hear and every time I pick up a book, it just reinforces what I already know.
But I do have cold feet when it comes to activating, The face you’re making is making me think there may be one person in the room.
Just one. I wanna show you guys a video from someone who can relate.
Pat, I’m currently on towards discovering myself and my purpose.
So for the last month or so, god has had me on a 2 word basis, and those two words are Trust me.
Every single time I ask a question, I hear, trust me.
And honestly, I am great that the lord finds it within himself to just continue repeating himself over and over again and not ghosting me because I would ghost me at this point because I just keep asking, and he keeps saying, trust me.
I had found that I had become dependent on god in a way that diminished the fact that he had placed power within me.
What I mean by that is him saying, trust me, it’s not just saying, trust me. He’s saying, trust me.
I have placed a sermon and wisdom intuition within you. And when you feel that move, I given you dominion.
I have given you the wherewithal to move.
And so what I am discovering is a new level of power And as I walk lock step with God, because he’s saying he is still saying trust me, but it is the belief that I know that as I move, you are with me, We are in alignment.
We are walking together and that through me, you’re going to use me in all of these spaces and that you are telling me that I am equipped.
I know what to do and in the places that I’m not equipped.
Your power is made perfect in my weakness, so I don’t even have the trip.
When I feel a little weak because, yeah, come on. You be the power.
And so, There’s just a new level of in my step.
And The purpose that God has shown me, he just keeps telling me, like, I’ve laid out a path specifically for you.
I just trust And I think what I’m discovering is who I’m going to need to be in order to lay hold of the blessing that’s already mine.
And he’s developing me and fortifying me in such a beautiful way Yeah.
That’s what I’m meant for now.
One of the things I love about her testimonies that she’s had to recover from what I think many of us have had to recover from, and that is trusting ourselves as much as god trust us.
I don’t know if you’ve ever been like, god, are you sure?
Part of the reason why I love the text that really lays the foundation for being on the front lines is that it showed me so much about how god allows women to be on I can go back to my text.
First of all, I wanna say this.
If you feel anything like the way that woman felt, I want you to know that it is not uncommon for the vulnerability required to allow your transformation to live out side of you, it is excruciating to bear yourself that naked to be seen to reintroduce yourself into circles and situations where they were used to a certain version of who you are.
Man, I guys, I have a book coming out. It’s called power moves.
Night your confidence. And become a force.
And the reason I wrote the book is because I realized that so many women have done a lot of work.
Like, we do the courses. We ride the book.
Uh, read the books, write the books, don’t release them, but we do write them. We have the podcast.
Like, we fill ourselves with all this information, But when it’s time for it to actually come out, we don’t do it, because we are afraid of how us stepping into our power will disrupt our comfort zones.
We’re afraid that if I actually walk in this power that I may lose some friends or that people are not gonna understand me.
And it’s one thing to be like, I’ll do it by myself.
I don’t need nobody, but like, let’s be honest.
I don’t even know who this is that I am yet.
And it is very restricting for us to have all of this power inside of us, but for it to have no place to go.
What I love about this text is that it revealed to us that this woman, JL, she was prepared for the moment when the front lines would come her way.
Uh, she wasn’t out like GI Jane in the middle of the battle with all of the other men, This battle came right to her doorstep.
It still required her to move out of her comfort zone and that she was gonna have to perform a task that quite literally only she could perform, but god was intuitive enough about who she was to understand that I have to position her in such a way that she can stretch herself without breaking herself.
I think many times we don’t move or at the power to move through us because we are afraid that it will be such a drastic change from where we are right now.
And because we don’t wanna flip the script that rapidly, we stay within not recognizing that it will be a becoming powerful and god, it won’t be drastic overnight.
And so god allows her opponent. He allows to say her to quite literally meet her in her tent.
In her domain where she understands the landscape, where she understands the weapons that are available to her.
He knew what was available to her and fix the battle in such a way that she could experience victory and vulnerability all at the same time.
Sometimes we own only picture ourselves with the vulnerability, not recognizing that with the vulnerability comes victory.
We overcome by the, by the blood of the lamb and the word of our testimony.
That means that I am gonna overcome, but it is going to require some vulnerability.
And if I can’t get comfortable with vulnerability, then can never really taste victory because victory requires vulnerability.
This woman gets on the front lines, and she allows this enemy into her camp with the intent of making sure that he didn’t get up again.
God told me that for those of you who are in a position where you wondering, what am I gonna do with all of this vision, all of this power, all of this insight, all of this anointing that you have awaken me to?
What am I gonna do with it?
God told me the only thing you need to do is not miss the moment when the battle comes to your doorstep that you have to be sensitive enough to understand when I allow opportunities situations to come to where you are.
That you have to strike on who you are becoming in that moment.
I wish I could say it better.
The only way that I can really explain it is that sometimes we these moments where we’re praying that god would give us an opportunity.
And then when the opportunity comes, we think that there’s someone else more qualified to actually do it.
This woman, JL, could have let him sleep in the tent and then went and got a soldier or commander and say, Hey, here he is.
Can someone else come and take care of him?
But she was sensitive enough to understand that there was something about what was standing in front of her and what god had placed inside of her that needed to connect And it was on her to step fully in that moment.
God told me to tell a woman in this room that you gotta know when the is yours for the taking.
You gotta know when I’m giving you an opportunity to step into all that I have deposited on the inside of you.
You’ve heard the words. You’ve heard the speeches. Now, I hear god saying that it’s striking time.
And if you insist on someone else more qualify, not striking because it’s gonna be your first time, then you’re never gonna get started, but you’re gonna have to risk things getting bloody.
You’re gonna have to risk them being see, you’re gonna have to risk getting it right or getting it wrong, but if you don’t take a chance, you’re never gonna see the plan, the role that you play in god’s plan.
You gotta be willing to get on the front lines, recognizing that you will have everything you need within reach.
God brought the battle to her. She used a tent peg.
She didn’t have the same tools that the other soldiers had.
She didn’t have the same training that the other soldiers had, but what she did have was within reach that only she could grab And whereas someone else may have looked at it and said, that’s only good for a 10.
She look, oh, I don’t know who you are, but you’ve got something in your that doesn’t make sense to anybody else but you, you see it as a weapon, and nobody else understands that you have a weapon in your hand I hear guys saying don’t drop the weapon.
If I told you that that is what I’m gonna use to help you stop the plan of the enemy that’s running in your family.
Don’t you drop the weapon? I hear god saying it is not just a degree.
I hear god saying it is not just a weapon.
I hear god saying that it is not just a book.
I hear god saying that is not just another witty idea that is a weapon in your hand.
And you may be the person who sees it as a weapon, gusses, that’s the only thing that matters.
Because when the battle comes to your doorstep, You’re gonna have to use that thing that I gave you.
Maybe it is just preaching. Maybe it is just singing.
Maybe it is just writing, but on the outside looking in, you may not see what it is, but god told me this thing is a weapon.
And I’m just waiting for the opportunity where I can strike in the area that god has allowed to come to my doorstep.
I don’t know you are, but I hear that saying, knock knock is getting ready to come in your direction.
Knock knock the batteries got your name on it. Knock knock. I’m about to give you an opportunity to strike.
So I wanna prophesy in this room right now that when the door knocks you’ll have an ear to hear it, when the door knocks you’ll have an eye to see it.
I pray right now in the name of Jesus that you would begin taking inventory over what god has given you.
I hear God’s saying that you got more than one thing you think.
I hear god’s saying, stop looking at the other tools. Start looking at what’s in your tent.
Start looking what’s in your dirt, blood doping, and I’m more than enough to help you overcome the enemy that has come your way.
I here, god’s saying if you use it, I’ll send my power to back it up.
There is no way that the woman should have known exact we went astray, but the moment she reached for it, god gave her insight on what to do with what god has given her.
It’s in your tent. It’s already sitting in the house.
It’s already in friendship circle. It’s already running around in your mind.
God gave you a vision for generational wealth, and it doesn’t even make any sense, but god said it’s already in your tent.
I wouldn’t give you the vision if I wasn’t gonna let it run up on you.
I hear god saying knock them on my way.
I hear god saying, knock knock get ready. You’re ready. You’re ready. You’re ready. You’re ready. You’re ready. You’re ready.
You’re ready. You’re ready. Ready, you’re ready. You better start sharpening your tools when you’re ready.
Don’t miss the moment. Don’t miss the moment.
Can you guys open this coming? Can you just open this coming? Don’t miss the moment.
I hear god saying, there’s
an enemy with your name on it.
Don’t miss it. Don’t miss the moment.
You got everything you need. Don’t miss the moment.
That Devil has your name on it. Don’t miss the moment. That generational curse has your name on it.
That means you’re the only one who can take down so you gotta know what you’re working with.
And you gotta trust what you’re working with.
And it doesn’t have to look like what everyone else has.
You don’t need anything else. Not another lecture.
Not another person sharing the idea and telling you how good it is.
Over, you already know you got something. You just got cold feet.
And it’s okay.
Because a lot of us know what it’s like to have cold fear.
To be afraid that if I started, I can’t sustain it.
To be afraid that if I shake things up, that I’ll be so lonely go running back to be afraid of failure.
A lot of us understand this. But you don’t get the strength to do it.
Until you actually activate.
In scripture where it says that the lord will order our steps.
Some of us are like, We need MapQuest.
Like, I need to like, thank you. Appreciate you.
But I’m more of a, like, give me the whole picture, and god’s more of a, like, a order of when you take them.
But you gotta give yourself no other option, but yes.
Last point, we got 2 minutes. Y’all can stay in. I’m gonna close. Power moves.
Take your time. Come on. Power moves in you.
Then power’s gotta move through you.
Then you get to this space where you recognize that power is also moving for you.
Okay. The last part of this text, Barak finally catches up, and he’s looking for the man that escaped.
He’s looking for the man, and he comes to JL’s tent, and he gets to JL’s tent, and he says, I’m looking for a man.
And she’s like, come, I’m a show them to you.
Not recognizing that what she’s gonna show him is a job that’s already been taken care of.
Sometimes I find myself feeling like Barack in these moments.
Feeling like I’m catching up to an enemy that got away.
And I’m still tracking down this same old issue, same old concern.
And then god shows me that that thing you were worried about, I already took care of it.
If you’ve ever wondered if someone would understand you, if you’ve ever wondered if you’d moved to the city and find connection.
If you’ve ever wondered about something and finally got to it, and I was like, I already took care of that for you.
Then you know what it’s like when power moves for you.
What I love about the last part of this text though is that it happened in the context of partnership.
He had an unsuspecting partner and a woman named JL.
Before we go tonight, I wanna take a minute and allow you to have an unsuspecting partner and the person sitting beside you.
I want you to grab that woman like we did earlier.
Every time.
I want you to share with this woman, an area in your life, in your heart, in your soul, where you need god to partner with you, where you need god’s power to move for you, I just want you to take a minute and just unpack that.
To the extent that you’re comfortable, it could be broad strokes in my healing, and my relationships and my finances, you don’t have to get super detailed.
But what is an area in your life? Where you need god’s power to work for you.
Take your minute.
If you’re watching online, I want you to type it in the chat.
I want you to type an area in your life where you need god’s power to work for you.
Is it in your body? Is it in your marriage?
Is it in your creativity? Type it out.
When that was gets finished sharing with you.
I want you to hug on her. Love on that woman. Squeeze on her.
You’re watching online. You see another woman’s need. I just want you to say, I see you.
I see you. I see you. I see you.
What I love about this text is that Barack had to be willing to look in unexpected places.
Barrack had to be willing to look in the tent of a woman to find that it had already been taken care of.
You may have to look for the answer to your prayer and unexpected places.
So, Spirit of the living god, I pray right now that every woman in this room and need of a touch from god that only god can give and need of breakthrough from god that only god can do.
That you would help her to start opening her eyes to look in unexpected places.
I thank you God that the spirit of prophecy is in this room, and that you are gonna begin prophesying to this woman, the areas where she needs to look.
I hear the spirit saying look again. I hear god saying that I’m already moving. You just can’t see it.
I hear god say that when you finally start searching me with your whole heart that you will see that I’ve already gone ahead of you, and so god I thank you that you are giving this woman the ability to shift her focus.
No longer will she look for all of the things that could go wrong.
She’s gonna start looking for the ways that you were showing up because she understand if you’re showing up in one area, then you show up in all of the areas.
I thank you God for the woman she’s touching, that that woman she’s touching has breakthrough on the way.
Think you got that the woman she’s touching hasn’t seen her best taste yet.
I think you got that the woman she’s touching is gonna have an encounter with joy that gives her her hope back, that gives her her peace back.
I think you got that the woman that she’s touching is gonna get on the front lines.
And when she gets on the front lines, she’s gonna recognize that she’s got backup that all of heaven’s are backing her up.
I think you got that she’s not alone.
I think you got that I’ve never seen the righteous for taking their seat begging for bread.
I think you got that you take her seriously and that no weapon formed against her.
I think you got that she’s still here. I think you got that she’s still breathing.
I plead the blood of Jesus over this woman I dispatch angels over her dwelling place.
I dispatch angels over her finances.
She may be on the front lines, but she doesn’t see the angels that are going ahead of her.
I think you guys that every crooked pad will be made straight.
I think glad that you’ll give her the word she needs for the meeting.
You’ll give her the street she needs for the building.
I think you guys that she’s just getting started and because she’s getting started that I won’t be on this journey alone, because I’m getting started to, because I’m answering the call to, because I heard from you God, and because I heard from you.
My soul says yes. My mind says yes.
My feet say father, I thank you for divine strategy.
I thank you for order steps.
I thank you for peace, for power, for breakthrough, and god selfishly, I thank you for Woman Evolve.
I thank you for connection. I thank you for joy.
And I thank you for what you’ve already decided to do in the city of Los Angeles in Jesus’ name.
Amen. Amen. Amen.

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