Jack Hibbs To day : This Is Your Wake Up Call

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Jack Hibbs To day : This Is Your Wake Up Call

If it feels like life is passing you by, or your mind is set on cruise control, God is calling you to wake up to the things He has in store for you. In today’s episode of Real Life TV, Pastor Jack answers some of life’s biggest questions about life and eternity. Tune in now and get ready to wake up!

This Real Life TV program is taken from a recent teaching by Pastor Jack. It has been formatted for TV and contains some additional material. We hope you gain new insights as you enjoy this message.

Well, listen, in life, there are some tremendous, but basic questions that we must get asked.
Basic is that determine for us eternity.
And one of those great questions, and we’ll go through a few of them, but one of them is, uh, why is there so much evil in the world?
Doesn’t everybody ask that It’s a good question. The second thing is this.
What is the future of our nation?
You know, it doesn’t matter what country you’re living in, As you hear this broadcast, you’re asking that question regarding the future of your nation, your country.
What kind of a world will your kids grow up in? And then question brings you into the next thing.
And that is, who do I trust? Who am I gonna trust?
With my life, with the future of my children, my grandchildren, And where do we turn for hope?
All of these questions are most often tragically avoided, but they must be gotten to.
Where are we going to put our hope?
And the fact of the matter is we can put our hope in the god of heaven because he loves you.
He’s the god of the book, the book, the Bible, and he announces of his great love for you.
So my friends listen. He is your hope. Can I put it this way? Not out of desperation.
I put it to you this way out of clarity. He’s your only hope.
So, what are we waiting our lives? To whom do we surrender our hearts to?
Is it worry, fret, and fear, or is it the lord god almighty? I, I promise you, my friend.
You trust the lord Jesus Christ. As lord and savior, he’ll never let you down.
Why don’t you test him in that and see? Well, you can do that. Grab your bibles.
Let’s dive into the study, your wake up call.
Because friends, if you haven’t had one yet, you’re gonna have one in time.
And you’re gonna need to answer that. What is your wake up call? Could this be it?
Well, god’s got the answer. Well, we know this.
We keep our eyes looking up toward heaven, but at the same time we’re busy.
And I like the way spurgeon puts it. We’re pregnant with expectation. Isn’t that a great word?
When you think of pregnant, you think of, you know, pregnant and you see you see women who may and how far are you?
There’s some women. Have you seen women so pregnant? It’s not like she’s she’s kinda pregnant. She’s kinda pregnant.
Oh, no. No. No. You’re pregnant. If you’re pregnant, you’re pregnant. But when you’re showing, you’re showing.
And there’s women we’ve seen. You’ve seen them that are so pregnant. I start having pains.
You know what I’m saying? It’s like, are you, oh my gosh, and they’re moving like this?
This is a true story.
We went to the Billy Graham crusade in 1986.
I believe it was I think it was 86 in Anaheim, whenever that was.
And, uh, Lisa was out to hear pregnant. With our youngest daughter, and she’s going like this up the stairs.
And the the usher goes, ma’am ma’am. And it’s so cute.
He says people are born again here. Not born. That night, Lisa, had our daughter.
Yep. Awesome. I mean, I just watched. She it was awesome.
She it hurt her very much, but it was But the expectation, there’s signs that are indicating this or that, wake up calls.
Call it what you want. Indicators.
Where god is calling his people, and it’s quite amazing.
But as we look at this church, it’s quite shocking to realize, as I read verse 18, for I consider that the sufferings.
Circ of the word sufferings that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.
What an amazing statement, everybody? Listen. With time running out, let’s remember something.
Paul says, who lived in that state of just eagerness to me, Christ.
He says, for I consider that the sufferings of this present time, every single one of us go through sufferings.
To some degree or another. They come in seasons.
But sometimes even in life, there’s just that what’s the word?
There’s just that one thing that just is there always? Maybe it’s an illness. Maybe it’s a memory.
Maybe it’s a loss. And it just is there.
And in this life, according to the Bible, that all of us are subject to But the Bible calls tribulations, their difficulties, and hardships.
But, listen, if you’re not a Christian, and you’re gonna go through these things if you’re not a Christian, Christian or not, you’re gonna go through these things.
The great thing about the Christian is God holds our hand all the way through.
He’ll never let go of us.
And when we’re crying and when we’re screaming and when the pain is too much or the hurt is too much, we can always say, lord, We can call out to him.
If you’re not a follower of Christ, where do you go other than Jim Beam or Jack Daniels?
Or a line of cocaine, or what do you do? I understand that.
Most of us were like you at one point.
That’s where we went for our relief, but then someone greater than Jim Bean walked in the room. Okay?
And he gives a peace that lasts forever.
And he comes in and he just takes all that stuff away. And he says, here’s my promises.
Open the open my book and listen. In fact, watch the watch. I’m gonna show you how good he is.
Okay. Here’s okay. Well, I’m gonna include chapter 4. So here you go.
There you go. All the creation, creation, stars, heavens, Jupiter, Mars, garden of Eden, animeneve, the whole thing, all this stuff, uh, and then the Garden of Eden, the the sin, the fall.
Okay. You see this part of the Bible?
Sons and daughters of Adam and Eve come back to me.
I love you. This is the road map back.
I’m communicating to you, how much I care, how much I love, how much I want you in my kingdom forever.
This is my book of life.
It took this much to mess it up, but it takes this much of me working to get you back.
His love for us We should grow more and more excited about that expectation.
But but you say Jackie mentioned suffering. Listen. Suffering for the believer is like a university.
I mean, a good one, not like today, back in the old days.
It’s where we grow. No one wants to hear this. But we’re gonna suffer.
But the believer, we become more like Jesus when we suffer by the power of the Holy Spirit.
He does it. In the midst of pain and sorrow.
He winds up getting in under our skin and into our hearts, and he doesn’t work.
This stuff we’re talking about is for real. This is not a joke.
Jesus is not some ancient removed religious figure. He’s god the son resurrected from the dead.
He lives he lives eternally, and he’s coming back. And he’s truly alive, and we’re waiting for him.
And the glory of all of this is in suffering we’ve got Christ to cry out to.
And another thing which brings me great hope is our suffering has a purpose.
When we suffer in this life from whatever it is that causes us to suffer.
God’s got a word, a passage, a book of the Bible, a scripture, to bring us through it, and your faith will explode as you realize, wait a minute.
In fact, this is when it happens. Wait.
Everything’s going crazy or there’s bullets flying or this situation’s going on.
And you have a you have a piece that is so not you that you’ve you kind of feel like, do I understand how bad this is?
Do I realize that this is a real predicament?
And the answer is you know exactly what’s going on But god reminds you, I’ve got you.
And it’s like, wow. He’s there.
He says, Paul says, for I consider that the sufferings of this present time.
1st John chapter 2 verse 16, the Bible tells us for all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life.
By the way, those are the three things that got Eve. Those three things right there.
Is not of the father but is of the world.
And the world is passing away and the lust of it, but he who does the will of god abides forever.
That beautiful, what is the will of god to believe on him whom god has sent? Isn’t that amazing?
Isn’t that great? To trust him?
Belli Graham said that we need to trust god in that 911 clip. That’s the answer.
Expectation. And that work to consider means basically to do the math, rack up the numbers, do the numbers, and come to the conclusion.
It’s a great challenge. Think it through reckon as one of the other words. See it’s worth.
And then 2nd Corinthians chapter 3 verse 18, 2nd Corinthians 318.
The Bible there says, but we all with unveiled face that means he’s speaking to believers beholding as in a mirror the glory of the lord.
See, we we see the glory of the lord when we are reading, when we’re studying about him, when we’re meditating on the word of god, we see the glory of god in our hearts and in our minds and our imaginations.
We’re just thinking about him And, uh, as you keep reading the Bible, his glory becomes, uh, more intense, more spectacular.
That’s why the Bible says wait upon the lord, and he’ll renew your strengths. Did you know that?
Are you tired? You you? No. I mean, I didn’t mean you’d answer that.
I was just I meant to say this, but you interrupted me, but I was gonna say, if you’re tired, then lean on the lord, resting him.
Because we get tired, but we lean on him.
When you’re tired, you have a tendency to lean. Right?
He’s just saying lean on me, and I’ll take care of that.
But it says that beholding, as in a mirror, the glory of the lord, we can’t exactly see how spectacular he is but we see enough.
He talks about us. We’re being transformed in the same image from glory to glory.
Means you’re growing up everybody. We’re all growing up. How does that happen? Suffering.
Sorry, but it’s suffering.
Just as by the spirit of the lord, the more you are dependent upon god’s power to get you through your weak moment, the greater he becomes the lesser you and I become, but boy, the brighter he is in our vision.
When Stephen saw Jesus Christ, he saw him, like, illuminated as the sun.
And again, Paul saw him in in the brilliance of the sun, as though he were looking at the sun and its full strength.
And the Bible shows us in the book of Revelation that Jesus Christ right now at this hour Pacific time, Jesus is on the throne, and he’s emanating glory, brighter.
In fact, even when Jesus appeared on the mount of transfiguration, in the gospels. I love that. He glowed.
You guys are familiar with this. Right? It’s Peter James and John.
Remember the story, Peter James and John? It’s always Peter James and John.
Jesus went over the hill, and he took Peter James and John.
Jesus went in this boat, and he took Peter James and John.
He went up to the mountain and he took Peter James and Johnny.
And you see, by I thought god didn’t have any his favorite. He doesn’t have any favorites.
He says I don’t favor anybody over another. See, well, it’s always Peter James and John.
They saw the amazing stuff. They did see the amazing stuff.
But I think we often mistake what’s going on here because first of all, consider Peter.
If you know your Bible, Peter’s like, we can’t wait to meet Peter because You know the people that are, you know, you can relate to them.
It’s like, Peter, come here. I feel like I know you. You’re always seeing the wrong thing.
Doing the wrong thing, getting in trouble, cutting people’s ears off.
And then James and John, The sons of thunder. What do you think?
Do you think they got that name still in Amway? The sons of thunder. These guys rumbled.
They probably had black leather robes. So I think Jesus goes like this. Hey, guys.
Peter, James John, you guys wanna head on over toward toward that hilltop right there? Great. Just keep going.
I’m gonna take those guys over there and show them a thing or 2.
I know you guys got it. They’re a little slow. I’ll be right back.
It’s always that way. In fact, you can listen. You think I’m, you know, you’re stretching it.
I don’t think so. Jesus is on the mount of transfiguration, and he’s praying.
And the Bible says he turns glowing bright whites. And the 3 disciples see this.
And then the Bible says, Moses and Elijah appear from eternity.
They arrive and they’re speaking to Jesus about his upcoming death. And the Bible says, Peter shouts.
It’s great. That we’re here.
Let us build 3 10ths, one for you, Jesus, one for Moses, and one for Elijah.
And the Bible says, and Peter said this because he didn’t know what to say.
Is that awesome? I gotta say something. What are you gonna say?
I don’t know, but he pops up. I’m telling you, those guys, they were the special class.
And that talks about how patient god is with us.
Look, we laugh at them, but, uh, and if it was our day, it’d it’d be like Manny, Moe, and Jack.
Get over here. Right? But god is patient and he’s kind.
And in the midst of suffering, god is there with us. He’ll never abandon us or leave us.
He’s made us that promise. He’ll never change. He’ll never go back.
And that word suffering, that word is a word that means that befalls everyone in the world.
It’s the it’s the sufferings of this world.
But the difference is, again, as I said, we have Christ with us.
And John 16 33, I love this, John 16 33.
Jesus said, these things I’ve spoken to you that in me, you may have peace. Notice everybody. You guys awake?
Yes. Note this. These things I’ve spoken unto you. Thank you. Thank you for telling me. Yes. But there’s more.
In me, you may have peace. Okay?
In the world, you will have tribulation difficulties, hardships, but be of good cheer.
I have overcome the world. What he’s saying is this.
The difficulties of this life for the believer are not only temporal.
But god uses them to work a work that otherwise could never be done.
You know this as a believer, the people that you know in life who have suffered The most, have you noticed how deep they are spiritually?
Yeah. And how calm they are? God saw me through this.
God saw me through that. We did this. We did the other. God brought us through.
It’s a great way to live. People listen.
As believers, let’s not procrastinate in our trust in him when a difficulty comes.
Don’t say, oh my gosh. What’s going on, god? Where are you? Listen.
These difficulties that have come to us. Number 1, if they’re satanic, they’re father filtered.
That means the father Satan had to get the father’s permission to come and tamper with your life.
Satan came to Jesus and said, can I have Peter?
And, uh, that’s a weird moment because Jesus goes over to Peter and says, hey, Peter.
Sate nest me if he could tier you up.
And can you imagine Peter Peter had to have said, thank god he asked you.
Mean, you told them what you told them where to go. Right?
So, well, actually, Peter, when you return from getting the snot beat out of you, When you return, strengthen your brothers.
Say what? The whole thing about Peter denying Jesus Christ and him weeping and turning his back on Jesus, Satan was trying to destroy, Peter.
And yet, g, the power of god brought him through?
And when Peter came out of that, look what happened after the day of Pentecost from the Holy Spirit came upon the believers.
He couldn’t stop Peter. He’s a completely different man. His command of scripture? Amazing.
Suffering does that. Jesus said, be of good cheer in the midst of whatever is going on.
I can say this. I don’t think she’s here right now, but miss Robin Lisa and I, uh, she’s been our secretary since, I I don’t know, 34, 33 years, 34 years?
She suffered ministering to her husband who suffered difficult, hard life, 11 years, and then died.
And now her mother-in-law, she’s she got her father-in-law through his death, and now her mother-in-law is dying right now.
And Robin is amazing. If you guys if you guys don’t know Robin, she’s amazing.
I’ve never seen her. She never once complained. She’s amazing. And, um, I told her today.
I said, Robin, let’s pray right now because here’s the deal.
Got your mother-in-law is like a stadium right now and year in the middle, preaching to the crowd.
The crowd is at the hospital Robin, it’s always been this way for years. You’re such a great witness.
You walk around crying over the situation of your loved one, but you’re laying hands on them and praying.
And then you’re praying for the nurse whose uh whose husband just wrote her a divorce note, and then you go down the hallway and somebody overhears crying and you’re going in comforting them.
And I said, here’s the deal, Rob, and you’re always in these situations because you’re such an amazing minister.
The depth of her faith I have noticed is equal to her magnitude of suffering.
And when you see that, you begin to wonder, do I know the same god she knows?
And that’s when you say god, whatever you wanna do in my life is good with me.
Whatever it entails, not afraid of having you do what you want because I know that it’s gonna be good.
It’s gonna be loving. It’s gonna be awesome because you are a god.
Takes the things of life and transforms sufferings into great strengths, into great testimonies, and great abilities to minister to other people that otherwise we never be able to talk to.
It’s you and me in our private world where god uses us.
Right now, we’re in It’s fuel up time.
It’s fill up your tank to go out and to be that witness. Remarkable, goodness of god.
Well, listen, uh, your wake up call.
Maybe you’ve had one now that you’ve listened to a little bit of this study that you’ve concluded.
I think I’ve had this happen in life.
Well, eventually all of us are gonna have a wake up call.
It could be a phone call from a doctor.
It could be a phone call or a note from a friend, or maybe a husband or a wife.
But listen, at the beginning of this program, I challenged you regarding your wake up call.
And and you might say, well, Jack, I’ve been I’ve been talking, uh, these last few minutes about suffering and this message.
I’ve been hearing you talk about this and and to endure this.
And the fact that even Jesus himself had to endure this.
And that is true, but god gave us a pattern. He gave us a hope. In the word of god.
And so listen, when people ask, why is there suffering in the world?
You should counter and respond to them as we’ve been teaching you in the study that the reason why there is suffering is because we live in a fallen world.
This world is hurting. And you wanna love about the Bible? God never denied that we were hurting.
He never denied. He didn’t say put on a big smile before you go outside.
He wants us to live in reality. And so listen.
The very, very thing that your friends or maybe yourself, you’re thinking about as to how can there be a god when they’re suffering Well, obviously the Bible teaches us that in the midst of suffering, it’s because of a fallen world, but the lord has come to give us life.
And so, pray this prayer if you would and mean it from your heart that you can pray right now with me and you can say something like this here, lord Jesus, I ask you to not only come into my life as lord and savior, but, you know, lord, I do think I believe in you as lord and savior, but I’ve been hit hard by these times of suffering.
And my faith has been wavering.
Lord, renew my strength in you, renew my faith in you, renew my commitment in you.
And above all things, lord, I wanna reiterate that I believe that Jesus died in the cross for my sins and rose again from the dead.
Friends, if you’ve prayed that prayer, that simple prayer, as long as you’ve meant it, see, god looks at your heart.
If you’ve meant it, he’s heard you.
And so if you’ve prayed that prayer, we want nothing from you except for you to send this information, reach out to us how we can send you a Bible and help you on your life’s journey with Jesus.
And you can do that by simply going to jackives.com, and you can connect with us there or on Facebook, Instagram, or any one of our other platforms.
But, listen, if you prayed that prayer, let us know.
Well, friends, listen, until we’re back together again, god bless you as you continue on in your growth in the lord Jesus Christ.
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