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“God’s will is that none should perish. Judgement isn’t His desire…but His necessity. The good must bring evil to an end, or else it would cease to be good. And yet His mercy is still greater than His judgement. His heart always wills for redemption. And therein lies the hope.”
― Jonathan Cahn

Thursday, July 6, 2023 – Calling His Bluff

In Acts 4, the Sanhedrin commanded the apostles to stop preaching. But the Sanhedrin didn’t have the power politically or spiritually to stop them. If the apostles had listened to them or believed that they had the power, they would have, in effect, given them their power by their agreement. Instead they said, “We can’t stop speaking about what we’ve seen and heard,” which resulted in the spreading of the gospel of Messiah. The enemy tries to stop you with the same strategy. He says, “You can’t do God’s will; you can’t open your mouth and share; you can’t overcome; you can’t defeat that sin; you can’t live victoriously. But it’s all a bluff. If you believe the lies, you won’t live free, you’ll stay in bondage. The enemy has no power unless you let him. Be like the disciples, tell the enemy “I’m obeying God! You’re a liar, and all the more I’m going to follow God.” Fight the bluff. Live victoriously. You can if you follow God. You can’t be stopped, because He that’s within you is far greater than he that’s in the world.

Each one has only has their own command. Bless notice.
The even the epistles written overwhelmingly by Jewish disciples or the starts out with blessing starts out blessing.
Blessed is the pattern Jewish thing to start out everything with blessing from the beginning, which is saying there’s a, there’s the truth revealed there.
There’s, there’s all these revelations in the Hebrew blessing.
That is whenever you start something, start it with blessing, set it right with blessing said, right?
And if you can’t do something in blessing, don’t start it. Start your day with blessing.
When you wake up, bless God, start your work with blessing.
Start everything with blessing and see what happens though in the Bible.
Each one blesses, you know Abraham to Isaac, the blessing Isaac to Jacob Zechariah holding his baby and John the Baptist and he blesses him prophesized over him.
And even on the Sabbath, it is traditional for parents to bless their Children, lay at the father to lay hands on them.
And he will say to say to a boy, may God make you like Ephram and Manasa.
And to the girl. He will say, may God make you like Sarah Rebecca Rachel and Leah and then the priestly benediction, it is commanded in the Bible to bless your Children.
So many problems come in this world because people don’t do that. Even Christians don’t do that.
And so many people, I mean, if it’s funny, I mean, that’s not funny.
You look at people, look at people like Hitler, they never got a blessing from their father.
Stalin never got a blessing from his father. Saddam Hussein.
Never, they were cursed and they never did anything beyond, they never found the Lord.
So the thing is there’s so much and, and beyond that, on a much lesser scale, people all over the world are living their lives to compensate for the fact that they never got the blessing.
It means so much mean parents. It’s not enough for you just to raise your Children.
You have to bless them and you have to speak it and you have to encourage it and you have to bless them.
Not just by providing, you have to speak a blessing. Bless your Children with words of life.
Children, bless your parents, honor your mother and father and it will go well, you’ll have a long life in the land.
Blessing will come to you as you bless your parents.
Many blessings of the Hebrew blessings are for what has been blessing for what has been your past affects your future.
What has been will affect what is to come cause and effect but what if your past wasn’t blessed, what if you didn’t have?
I don’t have, I didn’t have a blessed past. I had a mess up effect.
Well, bless your past and it will become a blessed past. Said, well, how can I bless that?
Because God still worked it for good.
God worked everything to bring you to him that therefore you can bless God for everything.
Some people curse their past and they’re creating a or they’re intensifying a cursed past and that leads to a curse future.
If you’re complaining all the time about the past, you’re setting yourself up for a curse.
I know people who have been betrayed by others were put in jail for their faith, were tortured and yet they blessed, they gave thanks to God and they blessed their past and they had a blessed future.
Bless for everything in all things and you will have a blessed past and a blessed future.
Psalm 1 19 says, blessed. Are you in Hebrew?
So many of the Hebrew blessings begin and you probably have heard this if you, if you don’t know it, well, most so many Hebrew blessings begin the same way.
Blessed at you.
Are you a the Lord, our God, the king of the universe?
What do we learn from that blessings begin with God. All blessings begin with God.
You need to begin everything with God. You want blessing, you have to begin everything with God.
Whatever you do start it from God. Don’t start without God and ask Him to catch up. Start with God.
Blessings begin first, God. What’s in the blessing? God is first put, what does that tell you?
Blessing comes by putting God first. Then blessings come first in honor first, in order first, in priority.
First, in focus, the blessings begin with God.
So put God a blessed life, puts God first and all things and blessing come. Put God 2nd and 3rd.
Put yourself first. It’s not a blessed life. It’s blessed art thou blessed. Are you? What’s that?
The blessings begin not focused on me. It’s focused on you Him.
And so it is saying a blessed life is focused, not on yourself, is focused on you God.
And then the little you that are in God’s image blessing relating to Him, looking at God, a blessed life is not me centered.
It’s thou centered, forgetting me, forget getting lost to me in, in Him.
Thou and then blessings come and you get blessed on top of it. Blessed.
Are you Lord God king of the universe?
You know, so often it’s, you know, we often what we, we thank, we may thank God or bless him because He gave us something.
And we are to thank God for all the blessings. But it’s deeper than that.
The beginning of every Hebrew prayer or, or the major Hebrew prayers is not just bless God because of this.
It’s simply bless God bless God period because you are, you are you bless God first, be bless God because you, I’m blessed because of God bless you.
Lord. Everything else I get is extra. Who gave?
Then it goes on to say, ok, who gave us this or who did this?
But that’s secondary first, bless God no matter what.
Jethro and Moses, it says in Exodus four, he bless him, go in peace, bless him.
There’s another kind of Hebrew blessing. It’s not the blessing of meeting somebody.
It’s the blessing of sending someone out or, or leaving a, a blessing of partying when you leave.
What does it teach you? What’s the revelation? When you leave? You must bless.
Don’t leave something unless you can bless it. I can’t really leave that unless you bless it.
Doesn’t again again, you might say, well, this one is just, this person was just a horror of my life.
Still bless God for everything and move on. You cannot go.
There are people who never bless and they never move on.
You can go from one, they go from one situation, next situation next. They never go on.
Some of you never. Some of you will not be blessed because you’ve never blessed your child.
You never blessed your parents in some way. They may not be here. Still blessed Lord.
Thank you and you can move on. But if you don’t, you’ll never move on.
And there are people who go from one relationship to the next same thing again.
One job to the next same thing. One congregation, the next, never, never, never, never breaking free.
I know many people who have, who have their whole lives are based on what happened before and you’ll never move on.
Bless. In Jewish tradition at the wedding, the parents bless, they have to give their blessing.
What do you at all times?
No matter what it means, even when you lose something, you have to bless.
There’s a blessing for that as well.
The holiest day of the year Yom Kippur, the day of a high priest entering the holy Holy.
How? That’s the day that atonement came, sin was atone for through the blood.
How how did it come?
It came by the high priest confessing the sins of the people and confessing his own sins.
In other words, it took the high priest how to say I was wrong and he had to say that all the people, we were wrong, we are wrong.
And what is the time? What is it called that time on the calendar?
Which is just about basically September October. What is, that’s the holiest time on the Hebrew calendar, on the bill.
That what’s it called? It’s called the days of Teva.
Teva means repentance and repentance is that when I say I was wrong, that’s linked to repentance, holiest time, days of Teva.
And what is repentance? It’s saying you were wrong Touba actually in Hebrew means not just repentance, it means the turning to turn, to turn, to change your course.
It’s to turn your course and change your life.
But it begins by the realization, the confessing I was wrong or I am wrong.
And I’m gonna turn away from that sin holiest day of the year, greatest day of change.
And it’s all about saying I was wrong.
A big part of our walk is simply that our faith in Greek, the word for repentance.
Meta noia means a changing of mind or a changing of knowing where you are now agreeing with God.
I was wrong. I’m not agreeing with that sin anymore.
Believers as believe we should be the best at saying I was wrong. And sometimes it’s just the opposite.
Sometimes believers are the worst because they, they take a little bit of truth.
Now I have the truth and it feeds their flesh. I’m now I’m righteous and I can judge everybody else.
You know, you can spend hours sometimes on that and the words, the hardest words can’t come out.
I was come on, you can say it, I was wrong.
You could have caused a nuclear explosion that blew up the island of Guam.
But you still can’t admit you were wrong. Well, I was only Guam wasn’t Hawaii.
God’s waiting for us to say it. I was wrong and to mean it, you see it.
You see if we think if we don’t, you know, we many of us, we will not say it out right.
But you think it’s ok, it’s ok to be a believer and to also gossip that means I’m saying, well, it’s ok, it’s right.
It’s ok or it’s ok to be a believer and hold that bitterness in my heart.
That’s ok because you keep doing it in some way.
You’re saying it’s ok or it’s ok to do this and to partake in that secret indulgence, you’re saying it’s ok.
You may not like it.
You may know when your head is wrong but by doing it and continuing to do it.
You’re saying it’s ok. God is waiting for you to say no, I am totally wrong.
This is totally wrong. It is not ok. It’s not acceptable and I cannot stay in it.
Or even some of you think it’s ok to be distant from God, not to be in the word, not to be in prayer, not to be not to be not to spend time with Him.
And God is waiting for you to say no, it’s not ok.
Say I’m wrong, it’s wrong and get back or it’s ok to just stay stagnant and not grow in the Lord.
No, it’s not. Ok. God is ready to say no, this is wrong, it’s ok, whatever that or to even accept in your life, an attitude of defeat and gloom.
That’s not ok. Either God is saying that’s not what I made you for.
That’s not what I saved you for. That’s not it. And they say no, wait, wait, that is wrong.
It’s not, it’s not ok, even if I’m used to it my whole life, it doesn’t make it right.
It’s not ok. I don’t want to live in it anymore.
You’ll only break through when you can say it’s wrong. You’ll only find release.
You know, it’s only when you hate that soon enough that you’ll be free of it.
You’ll only find victory when you can say that’s wrong not to have victory.
And this message is called the identical, the ancient rabbinical writings record that on Yom Kippur, the two goats sacrifice and scapegoat had to look identical.
So you could not tell them apart.
They were considered as 11 sacrifice, identification transference, one becomes the other. They had to look alike identical.
So now you have your shoe on Jesus and you have your shoe with the sacrifice.
The one for whom he dies, sin offering and sit the sinner representing all of us.
Each of us, we’re bar and everybody who Messiah would die for each because he died for all, but he died for each.
So you got one, each there representing all of us.
Now, we don’t know what Messiah looked like exactly in the announcements.
There was a picture of the shroud one day I may speak on that.
But we do know that Messiah had a beard because the Jewish people had beards.
It was even in the law, we know he looked Jewish but the two goats had to be identical.
Messiah and Beavis. Could it be that Messiah and Barabas looked alike? We don’t know.
But the mystery is deeper than that when we think of the two, it’s hard to think of two different people than they two different human beings than is issue.
And perhaps the most holy one, the son of the living God, the son of the father and the son of God and the criminal, the thief, the one, the thief who took life and the gift of God who gave life.
Barra is the evil one. Yeshua, the good Barra is the criminal.
Messiah, the son of the father, the son of the most high.
You got a criminal and you have the son of the father.
But there’s a mystery we’ve always heard of Bara.
The first time I ever heard of Bara is when I was growing up at 4 30.
They used to have on channel seven here.
They used to have movies and one was a movie called Barbi.
The name Bara brings up images of a criminal, violent, rough, the name connected all that.
But there’s a mystery we think of Barra, we think criminal.
There’s a mystery behind the name Barabas wasn’t his real name.
Not exactly Bara is a Greek version of a Hebrew name.
His real name was Bar as in Bar Mitzvah.
Bar meaning the son and Abba, Abba, meaning the father, his name was the son of the father, Abba, the son of the father.
So on one hand, you have Messiah, the son of the father and you have a, the son of the father, the two must be identical, I identical.
But here they are identical by name. And it’s a choice.
They’re going to make a choice between the son of the father or the son of the father.
Barba. Messiah Barba and Barbara in Hebrew.
They wouldn’t have thought of Bara. It would be Messiah is Bar.
Messiah is Bara because Barabas means son of the father, he is the bar of the bar.
Bar and bar. So on that day, the mystery that the one stands for the other, the two become one Yeshua, the true son of the father, the true, it’s gonna sound strange but the true Bara standing for the other one name that the mystery of Passover.
What’s that on Passover? What happens?
The lamb dies for the one who has a death sentence over them, but the lamb dies for the son.
So here now the lamb is dying for the man called the son.
The lamb dies for the bar, the son of the father and here it is now on Passover, you have them again, you have the sun and you have the lamb.
The two are joined together as in Passover, they gotta be joined together even with his name.
That’s why the son can go free on Passover.
So the mystery is there even from the beginning, Genesis 22 when Abraham leads Isaac up the mountain, Isaac is the son Abraham.
His name means the father Isaac is the the son of the father, the bar.
And so the bar, the bar, the son of the father, the Bara Isaac says, where is the lamb Isaac?
The bar has a death sentence over him. He is bound.
He’s about, it’s about to come just as Bara has a death sentence.
But Isaac this first, this Bara says, where’s the lamb? The father answers.
God will provide himself the lamb for the offering. My son, then Barabas Bara 2000, 1000.
And so years later, more than that Bara on the day of Passover seized the lamb.
Isaac asked, where’s the lamb? Barabbas sees the lamb the sacrifice dies in the place of Isaac, the son of the father.
So the sacrifice dies in the place of Bara, the son of the father.
An age later, you know, it said, actually Abraham said, said, God will provide himself the lamb.
And then Moses who’s recording this whole event?
Moses writes at the end, he says, in that place, it will be seen in that place.
The place the name of that mountain is now the Lord shall provide, provide what it’s obvious the lamb will be provided on that same mountain.
What mountain Jerusalem, Mount Mariah.
So an age later now you have Bara standing on that same mountain son of a father like Isaac, I’m out with a descends over him like Isaac.
And when Isaac was about to be killed, the sacrifice was provided on that same mountain, Maria is about to be killed.
The lamb is provided on the same mountain Mount Mariah.
And now here what happens, what did it say when the, when, when Abraham found the sacrifice, Isaac, what happened Isaac?
He was untied from the wood, he was tied, he was released.
And so it says, hey, Isaac is the Barabbas.
And so now it says that Bara was released, he released Bara and delivered Yeshua to be crucified.
The Lord will provide the Hebrew where it says the Lord will provide on that mountain.
Also could be translated. The Lord will make manifest.
The Lord will make appear that on the mountain, the Lord will make the lamb appear on that mountain.
When there is a son about to be killed, the two joined together.
It means your sins are not your sins anymore because he took you when he became your identical.
Now his righteousness becomes your righteousness as you live as his identical.
Now, your identity was of rejection and judgment. Now you bear his identity no longer rejection at all.
But he is the beloved. You become the beloved.
He God made him listen, God made him who knew no sin to become sin for us that we might become the righteousness of God who you are no longer of judgment.
You are of salvation, which in Hebrew is Yeshua, which is now the name that is upon your life.
You once were a failure, defeat, messing up all the time. That is no longer your identity.
He took that on the cross. Now your identity is victorious because He is victorious.
You were not whole. Your life was broken, fallen, but he became identical and broken.
And as on the cross, as a fallen man that you would be decreed whole, your name is whole, no longer broken, but healed, whole, no longer fallen but risen.
You’re no longer, your identity is no longer a cursed, a curse on it that was taken away when he became your identical.
The curse is gone. You are now your name is now blessed, blessed, blessed.
Your name is no longer bound and limited but unbound, released, unlimited free.
Once you are of darkness, it says now you are light.
You now have the right by the law of the sacrifice.
You now have the right to live a life of blessing in free, true freedom.
And it’s not just what would Jesus do? Which is a good question in this every situation.
What would Jesus do? It’s what will Jesus do in me because I am one with him and he is one with me as much as he became one with me on the cross.
That’s as much as I become one with him as we each have born, the image of God in our physical beings.
We are now each to bear the identity of Yeshua Jesus, each in our own way.
I was Jonathan Bara. I am now Jonathan Bar Abba, son of the father.
My identity is no longer fallen.
It’s risen, it’s not of earth, it’s of heaven, the son of the father.
I am now to live the life of Yeshua.
So you, you are once you are now the son, the daughter of the father, the child of the moai, you are, you are now to live as the holy one, the blessed one, the beloved one, the light of the world he became as you.
So you’d be released every time you see him bound. It’s a sign of how released and free you are.
If you’ll take it live in light of him who died in light of you live a life that’s released, that’s free.
What he did on the cross is the first part of the mystery.
What you do with your life is the second part. What you do with him is the second part. Live.
The mystery of Yeshua Jesus, son of the father who became your actual identical, that you, that your life would now become of his life.

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