“Godly Living Obtained by thePower of God Pt. 2” – Episode 3

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“Godly Living Obtained by thePower of God Pt. 2” – Episode 3

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Let every heart than me is now.
You love uh, the artist.
If you go with me to the book of St.
John chapter 15 verse 5, we have been talking about godly living by the power of god.
And one of the things that we’ve been making clear is that, uh, instead of striving in our own strength to achieve this godly living, we need to learn how to yield to him because this godly living is only gonna be produced by the power of god.
It’s not gonna be by something that we bring to the table.
It’s gonna be by something that we yield, we’re gonna yield to god.
And through that yielding to God, he is going to to to give us the power needed to live that godly life.
And so it’s important to distinguish between trying to serve god versus being used of god.
And, uh, so we need to kind of think about that.
We’re trying to serve god, and what god would prefer is that we yield to him as instrument you know, instruments, somebody has to take authority to to blow the trumpet.
Somebody’s gotta take authority to, to yield the scaffold.
Somebody’s gotta take authority to play the harp where the Bible says, we are instruments to yield our members onto god, quit letting the devil play you and allow god to to to to be responsible, uh, for those areas of your life.
And so, uh, we wanna continue to talk today.
And today, we wanna continue this series, godly living by the power of god.
By saying that while salvation is of god, salvation is through Jesus Christ.
So also as godly living, which is of god, it is through Jesus Christ.
And so I wanna set the picture of what it looks like.
To live through Jesus Christ, to live by Jesus Christ, to live trusting Jesus Christ, because, uh, that’s how it’s gonna happen.
The the godly living is not gonna be something that really, uh, that’s achieved Godly living has to be something that you receive through your submission to the power of god through your trusting in Jesus Christ, but it’s gonna be through Jesus.
In fact, the book of John chapter 14 6 says that no man comes to the father, except by Jesus Christ, you can’t even get to the father without trusting, uh, Jesus.
You can’t so so what does it look like? What’s the picture looking like?
A life being lived through Jesus Christ?
Well, I wanna start off just, just sharing 5 or 6 scriptures before I make my point here, because I’m gonna show you how the Holy Spirit now is gonna assist in this godly living and how life is not, of some total of you, it’s not of some total of you restraining yourself from the flesh.
That’s what a lot of people think. As a Christian, I’m not gonna be successful, unless I can restrain myself.
I gotta I gotta hold myself from cutting somebody up. I gotta restrain myself from bad living.
That that’s not what the what this is all about.
It’s gonna be by the power of god, I gotta calm down. I’m excited.
I feel like I’m talking to a million miles a minute trying to get one.
But this is this is something we we we’ve been trying to achieve, godly living.
We through the flesh have been trying to earn it.
We’ve been trying to get it and and what happens.
We we start off pretty good, and then we fall back.
And we start off pretty good, and then it God will show you how
to live this life, but it has to be lived through Jesus Christ. Saint John chapter 15 verse 5.
I’ll read all of these in the NLT.
And let’s just kinda milk this just at the beginning and and to get you get on the same page here.
He says in verse 5, yes, I am the vine. Jesus is speaking, he says, I am the vine.
You are the branches. Okay, turning your name and say, hello, branch.
Now you gotta understand the branch. The branch cannot produce anything.
The branch, it, it, it, it, it, it, what is produced by the vine appears on the branch.
Okay? And so Jesus said, I’m the vine. You’re the branches.
Those who remain in me And I, in them, will produce much fruit.
For apart from me, you can do nothing.
And that’s typical today that many people continue to try to live life apart from Jesus.
They try to get Jesus out of way, excuse Jesus.
And and but but life, life, godly living is not going to be possible.
Uh, apart from Jesus, and he tells you that.
So if you’re trying to live a godly life, but it’s apart from Jesus, It’s not by Jesus.
It’s it’s trying to live a life without trusting him. It’s it’s just not gonna work.
If you’re trying to live a godly your self performance, uh, your intellect, all of it.
It’s just not gonna work. You have to make your mind up that every day, My declaration of complete dependence will declare that I can’t do this without you, lord Jesus.
And then we move over to John 6. John 6 first 57. Let’s look at this.
Just just share these scriptures so you can look at them.
I mean, I think if you come to church, y’all, at least look looking to Bible, right?
He says, I live, why? Why? Because of the living father.
This is Jesus talking, who sent me. I lived because of the living father who sent me.
In the same way, Jesus said that I live because of the father, he says anyone who feeds on me will live because of me.
Anyone who feeds on me.
Now I’m gonna show you that feeding on him is taking your issues to him trusting that he’ll take care of it.
Okay? Anyone that feeds on me

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