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The law said this to me, I want the people good India, armor.
There are enemies trying to take away your peace of mind.
And they are the ones that give you that pain, that depression. Your problem is not your boss.
Your problem is not your spouse. Your problem is not your child. Alright?
It’s something spiritual behind that the word has been stolen. So whatever you do, don’t lose the word of God.
Now you might feel despair. You might feel discouraged. Don’t be. Be the last man standing.
If need be, because you have the armor of god on. Hi. This is Joseph Prince. Thanks for tuning in.
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And good morning, church. Good to see all of you on a Sunday morning.
I have some, uh, testimonies to share with you.
And uh these are testimonies that I believe will encourage you to believe God for your very own healing and breakthrough.
Right? The first testimony comes to us, uh, from a brother from a Florida in the United States, and he writes that my wife, Mary, and I have been following pastor princess ministry and partaking of the holy communion together daily.
And sometimes multiple times a day.
We know the Holy Spirit draws us to the lord’s table in the presence of enemies.
Mary had 2 cysts in her body. 1, 5 centimeters and the other 2 centimeters.
This caused tremendous physical and emotional pain they went on for about 14 months. 3 days after prayer and laying on of hands on the afflicted area of Mary’s body, She woke up from a nap in excruciating pain.
We went to the emergency room and Mary had a computerized tomography or CT scan.
She had a medical records for the doctor.
And after all the tests, the doctor came back and said, Mary, you have no cysts.
Your blood work is great. And your urine is good.
We asked if the doctor had seen her previous report and the doctor replied, yes, I saw the cysts but they are no longer in your body.
We smiled and thanked Jesus. We knew he did it just for us that we may give him alone all the glory.
Praise a lot. Let’s give Jesus the praise.
And he ends off by saying, I truly love you, pastor Prince, as a brother in Christ, I’ve learned more about Jesus through your commitment to him.
May grace be multiplied to you. Praise a lord. Alright.
Church, you will, uh, those of you who are here a few Sundays ago will remember that, uh, pastor Prince minister in a strong healing anointing during the service.
And we have some testimonies that have come in. And so here are the testimonies that have come in.
The first one, uh, sister from Singapore, writes that on Sunday 17th September, attended the morning service at the staff performing at center.
During past the princess healing ministering, he mentioned healing for rashes.
Recently, I developed rashes on my arms and legs that persisted without any clear cause.
I consulted a doctor who diagnosed it as an unknown viral infection. The word unknown there is very troubling.
Since the onset of these rashes, I had been partaking of the holy communion daily.
Despite visible rashes the night before by Sunday morning, I had almost forgotten about them.
It wasn’t until the prince mentioned the healing that I checked my arms and realized the rashes had disappeared.
All praise the lord, and thank you, pastor Prince. Praise the lord, hallelujah. As a sister from Singapore.
Alright. Also writes that on 9th September, I suddenly developed rashes on my body and arms different sister. Right?
She says on 9th September. Alright? I suddenly developed rashes on my body and arms.
They were so irritating that I couldn’t sleep well. And was waking up almost every hour to scratch.
Then on 17th September, I attended the second service at Shore Theatre Salita. Looking forward to worship the lord.
During the service, pastor Prince mentioned that there was someone suffering from rashes on the left arm, which was exactly what I was experiencing.
He also spoke of rashes on the torso, which was what I had experienced during the week.
Pastor Prince then urged the individuals to receive the healing and rest in the lord.
I followed his instructions even though the itching persisted throughout the service.
So those of you who saw someone was scratching that was that sister. I didn’t pay much attention to it.
And I didn’t pay much attention to it.
By the end of the service, all the itching and swelling had disappeared that night.
Even after 10 hours, there were no rashes on my body. Praise the lord. Hallelujah.
My next testimony, your brother from Singapore.
He writes that I’ve been experiencing a sharp pain in my tailbone area for a few days, which made it difficult for me to sleep.
On Sunday, 17th September, I attended the second service at the star performing arts center.
When pastor Prince began ministering, he mentioned that someone was suffering from pain in the tailbone.
Upon hearing this, I immediately received the healing and believe that I’m here because Jesus has already paid the price for it.
By the end of the service, I realized that the pain had disappeared. All glory to Jesus. Hallelujah. Alright.
And the final testimony, the final testimony comes to us from a brother from the Philippines.
He writes that for several months, I’ve been experiencing pain on the left side of my chest just below my heart.
Whenever I took deep deep breaths, the pain would intensify.
On Sunday 17th September, I tuned in to new creation church online.
That day, pastor Prince minister in the healing flow and prayed for complete healing over the people.
I was glad to see people in the congregation receiving and testifying of the healing.
Then I decided to check my own body by taking deep breaths.
Then that was when I realized that a pain in my chest was gone.
I took a few more deep breaths and there was no pain. Praise a lot.
I received my healing, hallelujah, and thank you, Pastor Prince. God bless you. Praise a lot.
For all these wonderful kneeling testimonies. And right now, Josh, are you ready for the preaching of the word?
Best welcome, pastor Prince.
I was praying to spirit the law said this to me. I want the people good in their armor.
I want them to know that they are standing now in the evil day.
Amen, there are enemies trying to take away your peace of mind.
Trying to take away your relationship with your children, your influence over them.
We want to hand the influence over to others.
Your your children minds are being attacked they are being being robbed of all the the truths of god’s word, and then they are believing something that they are watching and listening to on YouTube.
Alright? And there’s a whole culture that has risen Okay? And and and it’s all based on what they say.
They said that there’s no absolute truth. The Bible is not absolute truth. Okay?
Obviously, they don’t believe that because they are putting themselves as the absolute truth to say that you believe something.
You don’t believe the absolute truth. You ask them, do you believe this? Absolutely. They say yes.
That’s an absolute truth. You’re believing in something, but who is the source of your your conviction and your truth is themself.
I’m sorry. God’s word has been around long before you were. Amen.
Having an earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.
So Forsters, uh, robbing your children of of of ideas and thoughts.
And I I can’t understand parents who just let their kids watch anything they want, on TV or there’s no restraint, there’s no constraint.
If you love them, don’t spoil them.
Their Bible saying in the book of proverbs, A man, he that that loves his child will chasten his child.
I’m in. Amen, big words. If they are small, you can actually take the toy away.
You can put them in a certain not a corner Amen. They know it’s discipline because something they do.
Don’t try to reason a with a small child.
Ahmed, when they are teenagers, you got a challenge, but god is greater than their wisdom.
They think they are very smart. Make them think they are smart.
But exercise god’s wisdom that is greater than death. Amen. But know that you’re in a battle.
Your relationship with your wife, Amen. There are men who are already in bondage. You can see them.
They are already in shackles, right, to their computer watching porn. When no one is watching, they are in bondage.
They do not know how to get out. They know it doesn’t satisfy.
They know it doesn’t help them, but they are just addicted. Like, all addictions, you need help.
A man, that is spiritual warfare.
If only we know that there are spirit beings around us, and they are the ones that give you that pain, that that that condition that sickness, and they give you that depression, They are the ones that rub from you.
Jesus says this in John 10, the teeth, the devil, comes not, but to steal, kill, and to destroy.
And I always believe that what steel comes first before you can heal and destroy because Jesus tells us it’s not a parable where he says that the the devil comes to steal the word So whatever you do, don’t lose the word of god.
Your children out there for a while, even they’ve robbed in church in rockettes, right, in our church, Christian, Christian values and being taught, but they go through the world.
If they’re influenced by their friends slowly, slowly, you find that they start believing something else.
The word has been stolen. Now, you might feel despair. You might feel discouraged.
Don’t be in the name of Jesus, God can give you influence and favor like their friends never can.
In fact, the more their friends are unbelieving, the more you’re a believer, right, when I say the more you’re a believer, the more you are a practicing believer, You know, you are holy righteous and good.
Amen? In Christ, your words carry weight.
The Bible says like this about Samuel, when he was growing up, god did not let none of his words fall to the ground.
You must believe when you talk to your child, but he will not listen to me. Stop saying that.
Pray the prayer that us god for wisdom, weightiness in your words, and do it the same maturation.
Just just say a few words. You are good deep. So that I don’t agree with that. Alright?
That person is trying to be proud. The person is trying to make himself an authority over god’s word.
I’m sorry. I’m staying by god’s word. Amen. Enough. Don’t you know what? You know what?
You know what? Don’t don’t do that. Don’t pressure your truth.
People will pressure their truth, feels that they don’t have the power, and they are showing it. Alright?
If the power just one word where the word of a king is there is power.
At least he has this. Uh, man, so just speak.
Believe out of favor, your your son, your daughter, as god for favor.
Even if you think that they get worse, as god for favor, as as long as you love them, have the the values at home, but don’t be someone who, like, They are watching you, is he?
You don’t praise. You don’t listen to sermon.
You watch drama all the time, you know, you you you you you you you score people all the time.
You curse this person, this relative, this colleague, and that kind of thing at home. Why are they watching?
You think that you are raising them by your words.
You are raising them by your example. Amen. Don’t feel condemn.
There’s, therefore, now no condemnation to them or in Christ. Amen, even good parents can lose their child.
For a while. I was believed for a while because when he’s old, he will not depart from it.
That’s God’s promise. Amen. So there are good parents in the in the Bible who have a children that, you know, go astray.
Samuel, Professor Samuel is an amazing man. He had he had children that went astray.
The god’s promise, David, a man of the god’s heart, chewing the window straight, But god’s promise to us is that train up a child the way he should go when he’s old, he will not depart from it.
So besides the area of your health, your relationships, the devil also want to steal your influence over people.
Amen. Make appear that Christians are crazy people.
And somehow I don’t blame them if your testimony at work is that you lie like that, Amen, you you compromise You live at dirty jokes.
You don’t shine. You know, I’m not saying be self righteous holier than thou attitude.
You know, I’m higher than any of you. Ma, come and help me through this.
No? No.
There’s a beauty of Jesus the way he he’s among the the lepers and, you know, cleansing them, there’s power, there’s dignity, yet there’s love, even when he corrected the the the pharisees, there’s love, There’s a presence of Jesus.
There is a dignity that the world wants to see. They wanna see you different.
They are hoping that there can be someone different. They want to live the high life.
They know that this is the low life. Amen. So don’t compromise.
Jesus says you are the salt of the earth. You know, it’s a salt.
In those days, it’s the refrigerator, right? It keeps the, uh, the fish from going stale from going back.
So salt was valuable in those days.
That’s why around the area of the salt sea, alright, the date sea, uh, back then, they would they would, uh, uh, there’s mining industry going on.
And and Romans, the Romans will pay their soldiers with salt not just in money, salt, and salt is valuable.
You you put in their food, right? And that’s why you say that, uh, he’s worth his grain of salt.
Got it? That’s where the saying came from.
It came from the Romans, uh, when they give the salt as the the word salary, check it out.
The etymology come from the salt the word salary.
So how much for your salt last week? Your boss increase your salt.
And then Jesus says this, you are the salt of the earth, but if the salt have lost his favor, Where we’ve shall it be sulfur is dense more good for nothing, but they’re torn out in the streets and man trample them on the feet.
You know what you’re saying? It’s saying in those days, salt, right?
If salt can actually go unsalty, lose its softness, how when it’s in touch with the ground.
I made a study of this based on the times in Israel.
I made a study of this, and now it’s proven scientifically. Alright.
Back then, they just know if you put salt and you touch the ground, the salt loses the saltiness.
So therefore, when they pack the salt in a place, they’re gonna make sure it’s specially stored.
Not touching the ground. So once it’s touching ground, it loses value.
So what happened when it loses value is normal salty? You know what they do?
They take the salt, where did Detroit. Jesus was specific, even scientifically way beyond his time.
Of course, he knows how everything works.
It says that it’s damn soft, good for nothing, but to be thrown out where in the streets.
Once it’s no good, You can throw it on the ground. You can throw it on the ground.
It’s lost itself in us really, but especially Troy in the streets. You know why?
Because even unsalty, uh, salt has lost its savor, you cannot throw it into the field. Why?
Because you will cost infertility for the harvest. You will rob the harvest of fertility.
You cannot throw it in the field. They don’t throw it in the field.
They throw it out there where men step on them.
So it’s possible to be a believer that have lost your testimony and people walk all over you.
Why you don’t dare to be different?
You you you whenever a Christian tried to be like the world, alright, the world wins over them.
Time and time again is shown when a Christian stands its ground and shines forth for the glory of God, even the world come to know the lord.
They want someone they can respect. They want someone who speaks the truth in the workplace.
They want someone whose family is shining the glory of god even their failures here and there. It doesn’t matter.
Amen, they see you you have a strength to overcome that trial.
You have a wayward son, and you see the way you handle it.
They want they want to know how you do that.
And that’s why all this YouTube thing, you know, that this guy promised that the guy promised that the guy promised that all of them are human cherries.
This is the word of god. God who made us, he knows how we are designed.
He knows how we are created. He gave man and woman. He make man and woman.
He calls it marriage. He bless them, and it has been fruitful and multiply. Sex is not the devil’s idea.
It is god’s idea. God use it to multiply. Hey, man.
To replenish the earth. So god knows everything about this earth, how it works.
And have a good day, man. So god told me to tell you this.
This is the one. This is the part that is a stranger spirit.
He says, make sure you have the armor of god on. A man?
So we go to the armor of god. Real quick. Alright. Efficient 6.
Finally, my brethren be strong in the lord in the power of his might You’re not strong in yourself.
I’m not strong in myself. Uh-uh, but we can we are strong in the lord in the power of his might.
In other words, we are conscious of him that we are not in our and of ourselves, we are in him.
And in him, we are strong. In the power’s mind.
Then he comes to put on the whole armor of god that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places, northeast there’s a hierarchy in the in the kingdom of darkness with the devil of course, right, Satan himself over them all.
There is a hierarchy. You know, sometimes so we all these are spirit beings.
We wrestle not against flesh and blood. Our your problem is not your boss. Your problem is not your spouse.
Your problem is not your child. Alright? It’s something spiritual behind it.
We wrestle not against flesh and blood. We love people.
Even people who have done evil, we we we we must make sure that hatred don’t come into our hearts.
Pray for them. There are many people who have done great harm who turned to the lord because they had a dream from the lord.
They won’t read their bibles, but they have a dream from the lord. Pray for them.
Amen. That’s the Christian posture. Amen? Okay.
You know, Chinese have this have this, uh, um, saying, like, when I when I got pain in the bones, right, the rheumatism, what do they say?
Hong. Win. So the interesting thing is that in Hebrew and in Greek, Old Testament and New Testament, Hebrew and Greek.
In Hebrew and Greek, the word for Hong, it’s all it’s the word it’s the same word for wind, the same word for spirit, both in Hebrew and Greek, Noma, pneumatics.
Alright? Pneumatic drill, Pneuma, powered by wind, spirit, Numa.
The holy spirit, Numa Hagios, holy spirit. Is Numa. Wind. Spirit. It’s the same. Hebrew also.
Amen. Spirit. Wind.
So they say when the wind comes, I feel pain. It’s not a wind.
It’s one of these hierarchies. So how do you battle it? Speak to it.
Speak to it. See, in the name of Jesus, you foul spirit, you paint loose my body and let me go in the name of Jesus.
Amen. What if it doesn’t happen? What if it happens? Don’t ask Allah. Do it first.
No. Before you do it, you doubt already. Uh, oh, you’re faithless generations.
Speak. Don’t down. Doesn’t happen. Speak again.
A man. Your words are spirit. Amen. Are you with me so far? Alright.
Next. Definitely, take up the whole armor of god that you may be able to withstand in the evil day.
We are in the evil day.
And having done all to stand, you’ll be the last man standing if need be because you have the armor of god on.
Stand there for. See, how how frequent the word stand appears? The emphasis? We don’t fight by running. Yeah.
You know? Hours is a stand. It’s a different warfare. Stand your grounds. Stand names.
That ground is yours. There’s a story in the Bible of a a a a field of lentils Lantos, you know, lentils, dal.
Okay. Oh, man, dal. I tell you chapati and dal. Oh, dal is good protein, by the way.
Just let you know, Uh, you’ll be healthy eating dawg every day.
Amen, the the the Indians nowadays is the best kept secret. They’re the one that Chinese to know.
Dull, never dull lentil, you know, like, where there’s rape lentil, of which, uh, even Esau gave his birthright for, alright, or it is it is the yellow lentil.
Uh, lentils. They’re red. Okay. It was a patch of lentils.
And the enemies came And one of, uh, David’s mighty man stood that field and said, you’re not taking this field.
This is my family’s field. Is my inheritance.
It was given to me by my grandfather, to my father, and my father, to me. This is my field.
He’s stand his ground. Stand means you’re standing on something that’s already yours. Alright?
Stepping forward is stepping to get something that is not yours but becomes yours experimentally.
But Stan is something that so he stood his ground and the Bible says he took a sword and all the Philistines all the enemies came and and and and and he just flew them one by one on his patch field all by one by one and they all died And the Bible says he fought until the sword clave to his hand.
The sword and the hand became 1.
That’s how tightly held it and it became 1, and he stood last man standing all around him.
Manward dead. Stand your ground and let the enemies fall.
The devil is You see, it’s not, I’m trying to be healed by the prince for many year, many, many years now.
I’m trying to heal. It’s a friend. You got it wrong. You’re not trying to be healed.
You are the heal. When the Bible says by his stripes, we are healed. It’s done things.
You are the heal. Then why am I having this dream? The devil is trying to steal your healing.
And the devil wants your mentality to be that you are not heal.
Are you with me so far? Let’s go on. Alright.
So, stand there for having to go that your waist with truth. First of all, the waist.
Having put on the breast bit of righteousness, this is where it protects the most vulnerable part of you when you go to war, right?
In those days, it’s like a Roman war.
It’s that Roman, uh, armor, by the way, that Paul uses, which is all around him, right?
It protects your heart the most vulnerable part.
You can get, uh, uh, hurt in your waist at the side or your leg.
You still can survive, but your heart.
So the breast of righteousness there, having shot your feet with the preparation of the gospel of peace, verse 16, above all, taking the shield of faith with which you will be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked one.
Let let us count. Okay? Shall we? Go back to the first one again. Alright.
You’re having to build it your ways with truth.
Number 1, having put on the breast field of righteousness, 2, having shot your feet at the preperinent gospel of peace, 3, above all taking the shield of faith, fall, right?
By which you would be able to quench all, okay, my friend, all the fiery dust of the wicked one.
5, take the helmet of salvation, 5, and the sword of the spirit, 6. God never stops on 6.
Next one, praying always. We’ve all prayer and supplication in the spirit. 7th.
7, only 2, the rest are defensive, only 2 are offensive, sword, and pray in the spirit.
You go right into heaven in your prayer and you can go anywhere in the spirit.
What is that? Praying the spirit? What is that?
Praying tongues, praying in tongues. You know, this is not new.
Actually, the old testament, they were waiting for to have this armor.
By the way, this armor is not put on. Listen to me carefully.
It’s not put on the way some people teach it.
I I used to hear people teach it, like, you put on Batman’s clothes.
You know, Batman, there’s a show where you put on Well, uh, um, breath field, righteousness. Click. Amen.
Click. Right. Everything must do this. They don’t do this. Animacy, you’re naked.
So, everything I got up. Click. I put on the bread. I put on.
And all the while, when it tells you is the belt of truth, breath of righteousness is actually telling you about the gospel truths, truth, righteousness, gospel of peace, shield of faith, soul of the spirit, praying the spirit is not something that existed in the old testament, because the old testament, they were not able they are able to fight with physical enemies and yet victory from the lord, but they’re not they’re not able to fight with spiritual enemies.
You’re not ready yet, which are the greater enemy because they are the ones animating and and and empowering all the physical enemies.
You are in that position. Well, I don’t I don’t wanna fight pastor.
I I I’m not a hater. I’m a lover. Too bad.
You’re in the you’re in the battle. You’re in the battle.
And then then I wish I didn’t get safe. Then you’re dead.
If if if if a hunter has a fast shooting gun, rifle, and he shoots, uh, 4 birds, alright?
2 birds are dead. 1 bird flew away. 1 bird is wounded, half dead, half alive.
Right, have a life. Which one does he go first? The 2 that are dead?
The one that’s alive, That that will go after you. Why?
It shows you alive. Gate people, they leave a he leaves the lawn. It’s goddamn.
Anytime he wants, he can put something on them. Anytime he don’t put depression, he can put depression.
Anytime we put bondage, you can put bondage. But you, he cannot.
He has to make you believe a lie, steal the word from you.
That’s why you come to church to learn this strategy.
And you have a father who loves you. Amen?
You know, I was preparing this, um, meditating on it.
So I came to the loins he got with truth. I was meditating on this again.
I know what it means Alright? I’ve preached on it before, but I want more revelation there.
Just praying the spirit over this. Just many things.
Just just the the the belt of truth, the belt of truth, how do we apply this belt of truth, belt of truth, and then run my my son run into my my study.
Right? Justin, eleven year old. And he was running around, uh, look at this.
Look at this. He was wearing a belt, toy belt.
While I was meditating of all the pieces, I was meditating on on the belt of truth at that time.
He runs in at that time. He runs in. Uh look at this look at this.
That’s it.
I said, why why do you say, look, it says belt.
He showed me the word the what belt in belt, it feels comfortable. Is it?
So one thing I know is that this belt is comfortable.
Know how many times this boy has been used by god to confirm my my sermon?
I’ve shared with the pastor before.
Many of times, god has used him, right, to confirm my sermon.
And now I began to meditate further and and and on on on the bell after he left and you’ve already gave me this this portion here.
Which I’ve never seen before and he says, it’s all there. And this efficient 6, you go to efficient 4.
Yes. We’re going backwards now. Can you see that?
So putting on the armor is the last chapter, but if you look at that before that, you ask this, if indeed you have hurt Jesus, and have been taught by him as the truth is in Jesus, in the world that is filled with all kinds of information.
We do not know what is the truth.
We better be spending time with the truth. The truth is not an idea.
It’s the person. It’s the person of Jesus. He is the truth.
Every time you come to the truth, spend time with Jesus, all of a sudden, everything you see in this exact light.
Are you listening? You see it?
You know, why why that? I didn’t see it before.
You can tell many of you when the devil is stolen the word. You know what? Why happens?
You don’t see revelations anymore. Even when you spend time in the Bible, you are looking at words, just words.
You’ve lost the the the sharpness, the keenness, the receive from god’s word.
You’re no more excited of a revelation, not revelation from god. Not just any anyhow revelation. Okay?
Revelation from god’s spirit. Alright. You want that revelation. You go to the word of god.
You’re excited to hear the word. You’re excited.
Also, seriously, he managed to get take that away and manage to just steal from you, manage to just steal from you.
And now your mind is just dull. You’re very easily distracted.
The power that makes a person successful in his career life is the ability to concentrate.
On one thing at a time.
The boss is looking for someone who is able to look at a problem, turn it around, focus the the ability to focus It’s now stolen.
It’s gone for a lot of people. Why?
I use my phone, my smartphone, That’s one of the reasons why.
We are so easily distracted. We are so easily distracted.
We hear a ping, we are distracted.
And the and to get back, you know, you hear me share this like a broken record, but it is the same.
Are you listening people? Okay. EPI.
So how long have you held a truth, a precious truth? He said, what is so good from god?
And then before you know it, you are distracted. You’re not able to savor it, enjoy it.
Even when you’re eating, wow, this food is one of the best food, best chicken rice, best lawn pong, or whatever it is, right, to spend a long time to international audience.
Okay? Anyway, good food. Alright? And you’re eating good food. You said, what is so good?
Before you know it, you’re thinking about problems at work.
You’re thinking about your family or some, and you’re distracted, you are mindlessly eating your normal focus.
This was being robbed today from a younger generation. Alright? Scrolling.
Your interest, the devil is training you to just be interested in something a while. Don’t get your attention.
Leave it. Let it. What did you just say?
I saw I heard the first part about that. You can be here and not be here.
You can be here, not be here. You can be there at home watching. Hello?
Because they went to another room already, is it?
You’re supposed to go for a short time, It’s a problem.
We’ve not attending physically, is it? Already, even physically, you can be here and not be here, right?
But at least you are here. They’re down there. They everything is there.
Hey, I didn’t see that before. Why don’t you see it earlier before the the devil made you see that?
I got that book along that interesting. You have been robbed.
It sounds funny, but is how the devil robs the word. The ability to focus is gone.
I gotta host someone on that, but let me finish this. Okay? Can you let me finish this?
You are very distracting, you know? Beautifully distracting. Okay.
So, if indeed you have heard him and have been taught by him as the truth is in Jesus.
So the the truth is always gonna do it Jesus. You don’t know what’s truth.
A lot of rat tricks are being brought forth that this is the truth. This I say is the truth.
Alright? Uh-uh-uh um high cholesterol is not necessarily bad. High cholesterol is bad. Alright. LDL cholesterol.
This one says that is okay. Keto diet is good. No. Keto diet is bad. You know? Even diets.
Oh, kinds of ideas. What is the truth?
The truth is the lord knows your body more than anybody else.
Doctors are great in what they are doing, but they they study things that are, uh, based on what is there, not specifically.
They won’t study you specifically. They try their best by your blood work or not, but only god knows as the free body.
Watch this. This is what I saw in the spirit.
I saw the at least three pieces of the armor right here.
I saw that as a truth is in Jesus, there’s your loins gonna be truth.
Whenever in those days, right, with normal garments of the Israeli, long, flowing, loose gap, when they wanna do a service, they tighten up.
Like, years before you surf.
So it’s a it’s a picture of you’re about to embark on an activity or a service.
You need strong belt.
Um, for the for the Roman soldier, the the belt holds up all his utilities, all his things that he needs, his weapon as well, his sword, The belt drop.
Alright? Everything drops. Lyft your eyes above the Benopy line, please.
Alright? Now watch this.
Watch this that you put concerning your former con conduct the old man, which grows corrupt according to the deceitful lust.
Say, put off.
So the old man, uh, no news. Doesn’t say put off the old man, actually.
He says put off the conduct, the former conduct, the old man. What do you say?
The way it’s phrased is very important. Some people say, know, we’re still an old man in us. No.
You’re a brand new creation in Christ.
You have the flesh in you that wants to do wrong, wants to sin, right? But that’s not you.
You are not your flesh. You are the new creation in Christ.
In fact, we’re gonna see it right at the bottom here.
But before that, it says that you put off concerning your former conduct, the old man which grows corrupt according to the district for laughs.
That’s a part that likes to get angry uh, that watch porn, that that wants to, uh, uh, be proud and and and and always glorifying himself and always want to give you credit.
You know, that that part of you is your conduct of the old man. It’s not the old man.
It’s not in you. It’s the conduct. The flesh is there though.
The Flash has been all these years energized by the old man. So he says, put out the old man.
How do you do it? Be renewed in the spirit of your mind.
Now you have the helmet of salvation. The hope of salvation.
So which means the way you know how you put off the Honda? Your mind.
You must be renewed in the spirit of your mind. What are you thinking of yourself?
I’m still the old man. No wonder you’re doing those things that you’re doing? You’re doing it an old way.
Become old. Be renewed in the spirit of your mind.
I’m so glad you came today. You know, you’re being renewed in the spirit of your mind.
You know, you’re being renewed in the spirit of your mind. Do you know that?
Uh, because of time, I’m I’m gonna bring this to a close. Okay? We’ll continue the next time. Alright?
But before that, we come to the that you put on the new man, which after god was created according to god or which freed according to god in true righteousness and holiness.
Do you know when god looks at you, god sees true righteousness and holiness? Why?
Because you are the righteousness of God in Christ. When when you are born again, you are born righteous.
So deep down who we are is created in right a true righteousness and holiness.
Be aware of that. In your mind, be conscious of that.
Let the spirit of your mind be full of that that I’m a new creation in Christ.
I’m filled with the nature of god. I am not god.
But I’m a partake of his divine nature in me now. Hallelujah.
Total flesh is in me, and the lord lives the flesh in all of us, the sinful part in all of us, to let teach us to be humble always.
Amen. Amen. So about a Panabas is what?
The new creation the righteousness of god in Christ.
The more conscious you are of that, that’s why we teach that and there are so many testimonies of in one area, for example, pornography We’ve got so many testimonies, and I’ve I’ve many of them scattered in my books where one after another, one after another, and you’ve heard me share from this pulpit as well.
A young man saying, you know, I I used to be in porn.
Some old men also say, I’m in porn for 20 years, but after, uh, you’re teaching, I began to confess.
I’m the righteousness of god in Christ. Efforts, I didn’t feel like it. I still watch it.
But slowly, I realized the more I confess that his mind is being renewed. His mind is being renewed.
He’s not believing. That’s who he is.
And all of a sudden, the desire true deliverance is not, oh, I stopped smoking, but I still want to smoke.
No. Truth desires that when you think of smoking, you are turned off by it. You feel like showing up.
That’s true. The lever is that confessing.
I’m the righteousness of god in Christ. Even sometimes while he’s watching, he confessed it. How does it is?
He confessed it. He confessed it. And now he says totally 3, 4, 5 years have come.
I’ve not watched porn. We have so many testimonies like this, and yet people think we are advocating and sanctioning sin by preaching the gospel of grace.
No, friend. Do you see that? Do you see that? Yep. And I have the stop.
Okay. For now, until the next time. God bless you. Praise the lord. Hallelujah.
Do you understand so far? Put off, put on, you understand?
How you put off in your mind? Don’t think of yourself as the old man anymore.
How do you put on? Realize I’m the right thing.
We got in praise, especially after you lose your temper, especially after you do wrong. That’s the time. No.
This is not who I am. At this time, it’s stupid. I call it stupid, alright?
But that’s not who I am. What I just did did not proceed from who I am.
Find the dwells in me. Did it. Alright? Now, that’s not to say you excuse yourself.
But you’re renewing your mind by saying, that’s not who did that.
I am the righteousness of guarding Christ, and that’s when you correct your children uh-uh uh-uh be a bonus real fast before you go.
When you correct your children, correct their action, don’t say they are lousy. Don’t attack their person.
Say you’re a smart person. That’s why what you did just now is not according to who you are.
I know you, Justin. You are much better than this. Right, what you did just now.
So you understand? I’m not saying you. I’m saying what you did just now. Right?
Never attack the person. You are the righteousness of god in Christ, created in righteousness and true holiness our true righteousness and holiness.
Are you glad you came to church today? Yes.
Every hate, bad, every eye closed, friend, if you have never accepted Jesus Christ, the Bible says, believe on the lord Jesus Christ, and you shall be saved.
If that is you, pray to pray with me right now, and you will be saved.
Amen, if your family is with you, praise the lord, bring them into the saving knowledge of our lord Jesus Christ.
Everyone that is listening to me right now, even if you’re if you’re not sure that you’re safe, You may have heard it many years ago, but you say I’ve never really settled that I’m safe.
Then make sure today. Trade is prayer with me right now. Is the heavenly father?
What a good god you are.
I don’t believe it’s by chance that I’m listening to the word today. You love me.
You send your son Jesus, and he died on the cross for all my sins.
You raised him from the dead. There he is right now at your right hand.
Ruler overall, and I confess Jesus Christ is my lord, my savior, and my god.
Thank you, father. I’m completely saved. All my sins are totally forgiven.
And I ask of you, in the name of Jesus, fill me with your holy spirit in Jesus name, Amen.
Praise the lord. If you pray that Fred just now, you are now a child of god, a child of the most high god.
Amen, you belong to his Kingdom. Praise a lot, and he loves you. Stend to your feet, church.
Remember that you are in a world where there’s warfare going around.
Don’t be conscious of those demons. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. Not a thousand times. No.
Be conscious of Jesus. Hey, man. Let god arise. What happened? All his enemies are scattered.
Amen, when the sun rises up, you don’t have to curse the darkness. Amen, you will just flee. Amen.
There’s darkness in the room. Switch on the light. Don’t be conscious of the darkness. Don’t score the darkness.
Switch on the light. Eaman, focus on the lord. Praise the lord.
This coming week, the lord bless you and your loved ones.
The lord keep you and your families The lord make his face shine upon you and be gracious to you.
The lord lift up his confidence on you and grant you shalom peace wholeness, and well-being in the name of the lord, Jesus Christ, and all the people said, Amen.
Love you, church. We’ll see you again. I hope you enjoy today’s episode, but don’t go just yet.
If you’d like to receive prayer, share your testimony or find out more about gospel partner, just click the link on this screen.
If not, I’ll see you in the next episode.

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