Grace Revolution (Full Sermon) | Live at Lakewood Church | Joseph Prince

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Grace Revolution (Full Sermon) | Live at Lakewood Church | Joseph Prince

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In his first live preaching session in the United States at Lakewood Church, Joseph Prince unveils the loveliness of Jesus and the glory of His grace in an uplifting and powerful message. Experience God’s love and grace afresh as Joseph shows you from one Bible story to another, the greater glory of grace and its power to radically transform broken and defeated lives. This Jesus-centered message will refuel your faith, shift your focus from self to Christ and purge every sense of condemnation and hopelessness, as God’s amazing grace is unleashed in abundant measure in your life!

Love you all.
Love you guys.
Now would you be so kind as to double up that shout for the one who gave his all to us.
It’s long.
I’m gonna be qualified tonight. It’s all about you, lord.
Hallelujah. He’s the one altogether, lovely, amen.
You know when Jesus is tough. He doesn’t hurt.
When he is kind, he’s not soft. He’s steel and velvet.
Serving and king. He’s altogether. Lovely. Heaven praise. Lovely lord. You may be seated.
Love you back.
I wanna introduce the one that loves me all the time when I’m good and when I’m bad.
Sometimes when I’m bad, I’m kinda good. She’s blessed.
My lovely wife is here Wendy.
My beautiful daughter, Jessica.
You know, it’s a real honor and privilege for me to be here.
I don’t say that lightly because I know there is no lack of great ministers of the word in America.
So for Joel and Victoria to invite me is no small thing to me. I honor that.
I take the sense of humility and responsibility. I’ll make sure I do good.
You know, Joel and I, we share a lot of similarities.
We have ministries of grace and hope. We have beautiful wives.
Lovely daughters. He has a a handsome boy.
And the doctors tell us that 70% my next child might be a boy.
But the most striking similarity between us both is that we are both darn good looking.
At least we think so.
So much for humility. Are you all ready for the word?
Holy lot. Okay. Never mind. John chapter 1 verse 17.
My favorite scripture verse. John chapter 1 verse 17.
For the law was given through Moses, but grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.
The law was given. You can give from a distance.
I could send a DVD of myself from Singapore.
But I came. Yeah. Grace and truth
came through Jesus Christ. The law was given to a servant.
Grays came through the sun. The law talks about what men ought to be.
Grace reveals who god is.
In the first miracle of Moses, he turned the water into blood resulting in death.
In the first miracle of grace, Jesus turned the water into wine, resulting in life and celebration.
Under law, god demands righteousness from sinfully bankrupt men.
But under grace, god provides righteousness as a gift.
Now which one do you wanna be under? I thought you would.
And yet today, we are so confused. We mixed up law and grace.
We have some law and some grace.
Jesus said, you cannot put new wine grace into the old wine skin because the new wine was for man and you will lose both.
Now under law, god said, are by no means passed by your transgressions, but I’ll visit your sins to the 3rd and 4th generation.
But under grace, god says, I will be merciful to your unrighteousness. And your sins,
I will remember no more. That’s been a change. That’s been a change church.
And it’s all because of Jesus. And yet we are still preaching the law.
We are still preaching. If you obey god, god will bless you.
If you disobeyed god, god will curse you.
Now it sounds so right, but it’s so dangerous because today, many above, we don’t have it all together, but we are so blessed.
I’m enjoying. I would testify today. It is called unearned, undeserved, unmerited favor. Amen.
You know, when Jesus preached the sermon on the mound, he said, love your enemies.
We’ve got problems loving our neighbor. Let alone our enemies.
He said if your right eye offend you, pluck it out. Throw it away from you.
If you’re a hand or a fan, you cut it off.
Have you seen any any church anyone doing that?
But church will look like a huge amputation walk. So what did Jesus mean?
Jesus brought the law to its pristine standard where the pharisees has brought the law in a way that’s manageable.
Jesus says, if you give the woman the eye, you have sinned.
The pharisee says, unless you do it physically, you have sinned.
So Jesus is an expert at using the law to bring you to the end of yourself.
So that you’ll see your need for Jesus. Amen.
He didn’t mean for you to pluck out your eye and cut off your hand.
I’ll pass the prince as you have come earlier.
Clap your stops all together.
At least you stick on your eyeball.
So what what did Jesus mean?
Now if Jesus preached the sermon on the mount and he stayed up there on the mound, there’ll be no hope for us.
But, you know, the king of the sermon of the Mount. The king came down the mountain.
He came down to where there was sign crying, dying humanity.
And somehow there was a leper that made his way by stealth in the midst of the crowd.
And Jesus found that leper And he said, lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean.
There’s no way the standards of the sermon on the mount could save him.
Jesus came down to where we were. And Jesus touched him.
He’s not been touched all these years. He’s not embraced his children.
He cannot even be in a public place for a leper. Is someone unclean.
And when he’s in a public place, he must shout unclean, unclean.
And here he is before Jesus.
And he says, lord, if you are willing, you can make me clean. He didn’t doubt Jesus could.
He doubt he would. And Jesus stretch up his hand and says, I am willing. Be cleansed.
Now watch this. And the law, the leper, the unclean will make the clean, unclean.
But under grace, Jesus make the unclean, clean. Yeah.
And the law, sin is contagious. Under grace, righteousness, and god’s goodness is contagious.
We may not fear that being under grace will cause licens licentiousness.
Because the Bible says clearly in Romans 614, if you look up here, for sin shall not have dominion over you for or because you are not under law, but under grace.
But what we believe is that when you are under grace, sin will have the meaning over you.
We’ve been hooking by the devil.
The the word of god is so clear when you are under grace and not under law sin shall not have dominion over you.
Though what sin there is a noun, you can put faith and shall not have dominion over you.
Sickness shall not have dominion over partition. I have the meaning over you.
When when you are not under law, but under grace.
This idea that when people are under grace, it will cause life consciousness is from the pit of hell.
You cannot be underwater and not
be wet anymore than you can be under grace and not be holy.
You see, Joe’s ministry, he preaches people right into the grace of god.
You never knew you got slap right into the grace of god with god’s goodness.
That smile is dangerous to the devil.
And then there’s always some people who will say, well, pastor Prince You need
to push more on repentance. It tells Joe, Joe, you need to push more on repentance, but you know something.
Under law, you have to repent first before god can bless you. But under grace, god blesses you first.
And if you receive the blessing and his goodness, the goodness of god will lead you to repentance.
That’s been a change.
So why don’t we just open up the people’s hearts and let them receive god’s goodness anyway?
When they receive god’s goodness, they will change.
Not because of their willpower, but because of his goodness. Hey, man?
You know, every Sunday from this pulpit, repentance is going on in the church.
Because as Joe Preaches, The Greek word for repentance metanoia changing of minds is taking place all the time.
All the time. Repentance is not beating your breath shouting.
Jesus. Jesus. In
the altar call. You understand? You can do all that and go away and change.
Because you have not not heard something that would change your life.
But every time you hear the word of god, You hear the good news.
You hear how wonderful god is and his plans towards you are plans of good and not evil.
How god is for you? Your minds begin to change because the natural man, they have hard thoughts about god.
They are talks about god are legalistic and hard.
You see, Joel’s preaching is dangerous to the kingdom of darkness. So it’s my preaching.
Amen. God is raising ministers of righteousness in these last days.
In the past, the church has had many ministers And we have great revivals, no doubt, no doubt, alright, and those revivals have been characterized by pritchard against sin, and they are revivals nonetheless.
I’m not saying that people are not safe.
I’m not saying they were not revivals, but if you look at 2nd Corinthians 3 verse 9, it tells us up here.
Look up here. It says the minis if the ministry of condemnation had glory, God calls those ministry, ministry of condemnation, those revivals that emphasize sin, preaching against sin, God caused them ministry of condemnation, and god said, they were glorious.
But look. Watch this. The ministry of righteousness. Excease. Excuse
much more in glory. You ain’t seen nothing yet.
God is raising ministers of right all over the world. There is a grace revolution on.
And we are so glad we are part of it. Amen. Gone.
Gone are those days of ministries of condemnation. It’s ministry of righteousness.
You know, I remember many years ago in my living room.
God spoke to me while I was doing my study.
I was sitting on the floor and with all my bibles and my study aids, and god spoke to me very clearly on the insight.
Is it Sun? Study the journey of the children of Israel from Egypt to Mount Sinai.
For this, it’s a picture of pure grace.
Although they murmur and complained during this time, not a single one died.
Now I’ve never heard anyone preach this at a time.
I’ve never read any books on it.
So I feverishly went to my Bible check that portion as if the proof got wrong.
Have you done that before? You can never win god.
And I found not a single one date from Egypt to Sinai. Although they murmured, they complain.
Now how many know, remembering and complaining is sin?
Alright before the Red Sea when the armies of Faroe were charging against them from behind and the Red Sea was in front of them.
They shouted Moses Did you bring us out here to die? Uh, there’s not enough grace in Egypt?
They murmur and complain. No one died. God opened up the sea.
Next 3 days were doing okay, and then there was no water.
They complained and god made the bitter waters sweet.
They were okay for a few days and then they complained there was no food and got rain, not judgment, but bread from heaven.
It seems like every fresh murmuring brought forth fresh demonstrations of god’s goodness.
They complain again.
There was no water and got brought forth water out of the flinty rock.
And then they came to the food of Mount Sinai. In Exodus 19.
And then they say to god, all that the lord has said we will do.
Now in the Hebrew is a strong word, which means all that god can command us we can do it.
Even before they hurt the tanker moments in chapter 20, they boasted even before they have hurt.
Now that is man presuming on his own strength, on his own righteousness, which he had none.
And all this while God has blessed them not because they are good, but because he is good.
He has made a way and provided for them not because of Yah’s faithfulness, but because of his faithfulness.
They came out by the Abrahamic covenant of grace, and now at the foot of the mountain in essence, they are saying to god, god, don’t treat us, don’t judge us, don’t assess us based, don’t bless us based on your goodness, bless us based on our obedience.
The moment men presume on his own strength Notice god changed his tone in Exodus 19.
God said Moses tell them, don’t come near.
All of a sudden god puts a distance between him and man.
If you want me to bless you based on your obedience, based on your goodness, then don’t come near.
The mountain is holy. Less you die. Now he never had that tone before before this.
He was in the pool of cloud by day. In the pillar of Fire by night.
He was close to death. And yet, all of a sudden, because man presume on his holiness on his own righteousness, which he had none.
God says, this is the deal.
If you want me to bless you based on your obedience, don’t come here.
Not even a beast can come near unless it dies. The next chapter, god gives them the big ten.
And listen.
God did not say if you break 1, you’re guilty of the one you break.
God says if you break 1, you’re guilty of all.
In other words, if you don’t commit adultery, but you steal god sees you as an adulterer, that’s what it means.
In other words, the 10 commandment stands as a composite whole.
And you know what happened after that?
Right after Sinai, when they murmur and complain the same scene they committed before Sinai?
You know what happened? They died. When they complained, they die. When they complain the guy.
That tells us they should never have exchange covenants.
And god put Israel for 1500 years god put Israel under the law, and the best of them failed, even David failed.
See, the law condemns the best of us, grace saves, the worst of us.
Hallelujah for his amazing grace.
The scriptures are clear that the ministry of death, if you look up here in 2nd Corinthians tree, It tells you clearly, clearly in verse 7.
It’s a ministry of death, written, and engraved on stones.
Notice ministry of death, God calls the 10 commandments, the ministry of death, written and engraved on stones.
Now, you can’t tell me, Pastor Prince, we are not under law in the sense, we are not under killing of sacrificial animals.
We are not under the feast of Israel, because those laws were never engraved on stones.
The Ministry of Deb God is talking about are the only ones engraved on stones, and what are they?
The tanker moments. God calls it the Ministry of Death, and sometimes we have a series of Sunday meetings where we teach the tanker moments, killing people softly every single week.
God calls it the ministry of death. Look at the verse before this.
God has made us ministers sufficient as ministers of the new cabinet.
Now if you wanna be a minister of your old covenant, there’s no power, there’s no sufficiency there.
There’s no provision, there is no favor, there’s no charisma, and no charisma thought. Alright?
God only makes sufficient those who are ministers of the new covenant.
And it tells us clearly not of the letter but of the spirit for the letter cues.
But the spirit gives life, do you know that the first pentecost, 50 days after passover, the first passover was the tune of Israel with the blood of the lamb on the door post.
That was the first passover. 50 days after that, they were at the foot of Mount Sinai.
And what did god give? God gave the law and 3000 people died in the new covenant.
When the day of Pentecos was fully come. God gave. Not the lord, but the spirit.
On Mount Zion. And 3000 was saved. The lack of kings, but grace, the spirit is live.
Hallelujah. Let’s move our pool bits from Mount Sinai to Mount Zion.
We are on the wrong mountain. God has moved mountains,
and we are still cam at Mount Sinai.
No wonder we are being shaken because those that trust in the lord shall be as Mount Zion.
The new covenant. You shall not be shaken forever. Don’t misunderstand me. The law is holy.
The law is righteous. But they cannot make you righteous. The law is unbending.
Darren lies its problem. It is like a mirror.
When you look at a mirror, it is unbendingly and inflexibly true.
If you see ugly, which I never do.
If you see ugly
Don’t blame the mirror.
Don’t break the mirror. Don’t punch the mirror.
Sometimes you look at it, it breaks.
The law just reveals who you are, but he has no power to cleanse the way you’re blemishes.
The law is holy, but it cannot make you holy.
If the law bends slightly, it’s no more the law. You see, the deal is this.
If you can keep god’s law, god will bless you. Yes.
But but the same token, if you break 1, god has to curse you.
Can you understand that?
Sometimes we we think that by preaching the law, people become lawful.
But the Bible says clearly the string of sin is the law.
You hardly hear that preach in 1st Corinthians 5 verse 56. The sting of death is sin.
The strength of sin. Here’s the law. Wow.
The word strength is do not miss in the Greek. The string of sin Here’s the law.
Guess what? Who is trying to bring the string of sin back to the church?
And he uses to poop it.
And no marble because his ministers are transformed into ministers of righteousness. Righteousness according to works.
His name in Hebrew is Hassan, which means Prosecutor at law.
The devil long before he can steal, kill, or destroy, he’s the accuser.
You must receive his accusation before he can steal from you.
You must receive his accusation before he can heal before he can destroy.
He’s not called a destroyer.
He’s called the accuser, the accuser, not the murderer, but the accuser of our brethren.
You need to know his devices.
In colossians chapter 2, it tells us Jesus nailed the handwriting of ordinances to his cross.
Now what is the handwriting of ordinances? Someone says, no one can obliterate god’s handwriting. Yeah.
But god can. God nailed the law to the cross. Know what’s the next verse?
Having disarmed principalities and powers. That tells you the amory, the weapon of the devil is the law.
The devil uses the
law to knock you under head. It tells you you
have not done this enough. You have not done that enough. Even when
you do right, it’s not enough. When you do wrong, he tells you you have done wrong. When you
do right, he tells you it’s not enough. He’s a accuser. The accuser.
Past the prince, I’m married to one. No. That’s not.
That’s your wife’s voice of conscience sticking to you, brother.
You heard about the guy who boasted to his friends.
You know, last night, I had my wife begging begging me on her knees.
His friends were, you know, so odd by the end. They say, what did she say?
What did she say? Come out from under the bed and fight like a man.
No. It didn’t happen to me. Okay?
Piece. There was a minister at the cemetery once.
And he heard someone crying.
So he made his way over to place where he heard a crying, and there was this man hugging the tombstone crying.
Why did you leave me? Why did you leave me?
The pastor went to him and said, Can I pray for you? And he says, Yeah. Who is that?
It passed away. My wife’s first husband.
Alright. Let’s get back to what is sharing.
We are so afraid.
When people are not under law, they become lawless. That’s the fleshly fear the devil puts.
In the hearts and the minds of the people. The devil tells you, without the law, you become lawless.
But how come god call Abraham? He’s friend.
Abraham lift more than 400 years before the ten commandments was given.
And he was tied with god, man. He was called my friend. God calls him my friend.
I’m a friend of god. I’m a friend of god. Um
you like that move? Slow motion.
You and I must make a pledge.
We must bring Salvation by. Just call his name.
You’ll be there.
I believe he’s in heaven.
Well, how do you know that Casa Prince? No. I’m not a universalist. But I’ll tell you this.
There’ll be more people saved than you reckon. Yeah. Alright. Because of god’s mercy.
God says, believe on the lord Jesus, you shall be saved and your house.
You’ll never know between that stage of unconsciousness and a place where one departs, doc can just visit someone and say, you.
I’m Jesus.
Because my Bible tells
me that John saw in the book of Revelation a multitude.
No man could number of every tongue of every nation of every tribe which no man put number, but nothing is said of that in terms of those who go to hell.
It seems like they are more going to heaven.
Woah, hallelujah.
And I think this church, this ministry has a lot to do with that.
Unveiling the goodness of god, Amen.
When Peter first met Jesus, Jesus said, let’s go fishing. Alright?
And Peter caught the whole night, he caught nothing.
And he said to the lord, At your word, I’ll let down the net. Carfanta. Fisherman.
Well, if you say so, I’ll let down the net. He let down one net.
And his net broke. It was a boat sinking load, officious. And then he realized who Jesus was.
He fell at Jesus’ feet and says depart from me. I’m simple man. Now question, which one came first?
The goodness of god or people’s repentance.
Is the goodness of god that leads us to repentance.
So ministry is like, Joe. God’s so good.
It’s powerful. A soft time breaks bones. Paul, man, UFC.
Oh, sorry. Excuse me. I forgot I was in Lakewood.
You know, look 1819.
The Holy Spirit put these 2 scriptures together. Look 1819.
I don’t believe these two events happen chronologically, but the Holy Spirit put them together in divine order.
In Luke 18 is a rich young ruler. In Luke 19 is Zakius.
In Luke 18, the rich young ruler came to Jesus and said, what must I do?
What should I do to inherit eternal life? He was emphasizing he’s doing.
Now, Jesus should have given the evangelical answer.
Believe on me, and you shall be saved, but he did not. What did Jesus give him, the law?
Honor your father and mother, thou shall not steal. Don’t commit adultery.
And you know what the young man did? He was quite smart. He says, all these are kept.
Whenever you’re both in the law, Jesus always comes back to you and say, one thing you like because by the law is the knowledge of sin.
God never gave the law to justify men by.
God gave the law so that every mouth may be stopped, and all the will become guilty before god.
So they all will see their need for grace.
Jesus said, one thing you like, sell all that you have and give to the poor and come and follow me.
That’s the first commandment you must have no other gods, not even mammon, not even money.
The Bible tells us that young man went away sorrowful.
Next chapter Zachius, Jesus came into Jericho, and the Bible tells us Zacius was short, so he climbed a tree for all have seen and come short of the glory of god.
And the answer is always the tree.
So he looked down, and Jesus looked up, and Jesus, Zacius. Come down. I must eat at your house.
Wow. And all the people started whispering because Zack hears was a tax collector.
That’s like betraying your own nation. And the scandal of grace began.
He’s gone to eat with someone who’s a singer. He’s gone on this TV show.
He’s gone on that TV show. I’m sorry. He’s gone to Zackio’s house.
No loss given.
Just brace. At the end of that meal, Zachir stood up and said, you know, all that I’ve cheated, I’ll repay fourfold, half my goodness.
I give to the poor. Jesus, man said, salvation is term to this house. Now, watch this.
In Luke 18, Jesus gave the rich young ruler the law and he could hardly give up a dollar.
And the grace Jesus gave no loss, but grace and his wallet was opened, his house was opened, everything about Zack hears was opened.
You know, I always say, gotta watch it.
When my wife comes under grace, she gives everything away.
I’m afraid that one of these days, she will give me away.
Grace makes you generous. Grace opens up your high.
And some leaders in some passes are so afraid of grace because If I preach praise, the people will stop giving nothing could be further from the truth.
They will give and give for all the right reasons. Not out of fear.
Of the curse, but the gift because the grace of god is upon them in abundance.
Amen. You know, we have added to the gospel folks.
It said, Jesus Christ died on the cross to give us the gift of righteousness.
He became our sin that we might become his righteousness.
He was cursed that we might be blessed He was made poor at the cross that we might be rich.
He wore the crown of thorns so that we can have the crown of peace.
And yet we’ve added to the gospel. It’s always Jesus plus something. Jesus Plus restitution.
You have that teaching here? Not here in this church. This is a great church.
I’m talking about in America, restitution. It’s not enough to be safe.
You must repay back everything that you have taken. If you’re a thief, you must restore everything you have stolen.
It’s virtually impossible. Can you imagine the teeth at the cross when Jesus was nailed there?
And the thief turns to Jesus and says, lord, remember me.
When you come into your kingdom, and Jesus says to him, I would save you if only you will make restitution.
The thief says, I would lord, but I’m kind of stuck No.
That wasn’t the way it works.
He said, lord, remember me today. You shall be with me in paradise. Hallelujah.
He’s made easy, but priced to his dealer’s name. His wonderful name, Hallelujah.
This is our god. This is our king. He came a long way for us.
He came a long way
for us. Jesus is amazing.
You know, we tend to get into human reasoning, but in the economy of god, He loves for you to take from him, just like Martha and Mary.
When Jesus came to Martha’s house, Martha went into the kitchen, and she was busy preparing food, but Mary said at Jesus feet.
Now in the Asian custom or the Middle Eastern custom, what Mary did was rude and what Martha did was write socially.
But in god’s god’s economy, he wanted Mary right where she was, drawing from him, hearing his word, and Mato came out and she was stressed out and she was grumpy, and she was angry.
Lord, don’t you care.
My sister has left me alone to serve.
She blamed 2 at one go. Don’t you care. My sister Blame the Lord and the sister.
You know, when you’re under stress, you blame everybody but yourself.
And Jesus, look at her and says, Martha, Martha, you are.
Trouble and worried about many things, but one thing. Say one thing.
You know why Martha was trouble about many things?
Because she didn’t do the one thing that married it. No. You don’t believe that.
Many of you believe a few things are necessary, not only one thing.
But Jesus says one thing is necessary.
And Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her.
Hey, man. Which sister make Jesus feel like god?
Martha, who saw him in his natural tiredness, wanting to give to him or Mary who took and took and took from him.
To an inexhaustible fullness that is still there beneath that veneer of tiredness.
For he came not to be served, but to served.
When he was tired at the well in Saicar, a senior woman came.
The bible tells us she came in the afternoon because She wanna avoid all the lady folks, you know, in their gossiping in the in the morning.
So she came in the afternoon, and Jesus was there.
And the Bible tells us the disciples have gone to buy some McDonald’s.
And she took from Jesus and she went away.
She took from Jesus and took from him, and she went away.
And this time, she was no longer self conscious, but Christ conscious telling that everyone in the city of Samaria, come
see a man who told me everything about myself.
Notice, she was delivered from self. Because she took from Jesus.
When disciples came back with the McDonald’s, wanna give Jesus food. Obviously, they saw Jesus was reinvigorated.
He looked different than when he when they left him. He looked church up. He looked fresh.
And they ask one another, has someone given him food?
You see, with the lord, when you take from him, you reinvigorate him.
When you take from him, it’s as if you make him stronger.
David said it this way.
What shall I render to the lord for all his benefits to me?
You know, how god feels appreciated? David gave us the answer.
What shall I give back to god for all his benefits to me? I would take the cup of salvation.
The answer, alright, is to take some more. From god. Amen.
God love for you to take from him. Take your healing. Take your provision. Take his goodness.
Take take take take time. Amen. And then you’ll give and give and give.
But unless you take, you have nothing to give.
With men, horizontally, is more blessed to give than to receive.
With god is more blessed to receive, and he wants you to receive.
You know, sometimes We come to Jesus for a sermon.
We come to Jesus to have something to give some to somebody else.
We come to draw water instead of drinking You can draw water and still die of thirst.
But Jesus says, if you come to me and drink, Drink is a personal consumption.
Come to me and drink out of your belly shop. Low reverse of living water for others.
Let me bring this to a close.
Blessed are the shot wounded.
So they shall be invited back.
So stay with a great man of dust.
My mom didn’t raise no fool.
You know, one time, They brought a woman caught in adultery, and they just so rudely threw her right in front of Jesus while he was teaching in the temple.
And they said, the pharisees said, muster, we’ve caught this woman in the act of adultery.
Now Moses, according to the law says that such should be stoned, what says that?
Caught in the act.
She was not probably clothed.
Now from what I understand about adultery, it takes 2.
Is it the same in Houston? I mean, in Singapore, it takes 2.
So where is the man?
He was probably one of the Pharaces.
Master is what Moses says.
What do you say? Now if Jesus says, don’t stone her, your breaking Moses law.
If he had said, stone her, everyone around there would be wondering.
They’re confused because he pushed about grace and love. So they thought either way they caught Jesus.
He said nothing. You know what he did? He burned down. With his finger, he wrote on the ground.
Now what is that a picture of?
By the way, the precincts of the temple is not urban ground. It is cobbled stones. Look up here.
We have a picture here. Is cobbled stones. So god is writing on stone.
He’s saying,
you presume to talk to me about the law, I am the one who gave the law.
Now since you brought up the law, it’s almost as if Jesus unleashed the full light of the law upon all of them.
By saying he that is without sin among you, cast the first stone.
Now he didn’t break the law.
He upheld the law, but only one who is sinless can throw the first stone.
And one by one, they dropped your rocks.
Jesus scooped down again, and the second time he wrote on the ground, Now god gave the 10 commandments twice.
God wrote on stone twice. The first time never made it to the bottom. Moses broke it all.
And gosh, there’s more come back here.
So he went up for another 40 days. And god gave another 2 sets. Right?
But this time, god said, put it under the mercy seat in the Arkaba Covenant. Mercy rejoices over judgment.
That is the reason why the Bible says
when you fall from grace, notice grace is higher than the law. Fall from grace.
And the second time he after he said, those without the SIM cast the first stone, he knelt down.
And second time, again, he rode on the ground.
By the symbolic action testifying he’s the one who gave the law. Now there was one who was sinless.
Who could cast the song? That day.
His name is You know something?
When it comes to stoning that lady, that girl, the fantasies would if they could. Yeah.
But they could not. Jesus, on the other hand, could,
but he would not. Hallelujah. This is our god. Visas failure.
The Bible tells us 1 by 1, they left convicted by their own conscious conscience.
From the oldest, you know, that intrigued me that the oldest one left first.
I always stop when you grow older, you have less of a problem with your with your SIM consciousness.
It gets worse when you get older.
So the oldest one left until the youngest until there’s no one left, but Jesus and a girl.
And Jesus went to her.
She was probably crying, and Jesus says, woman, where are those that accuse you?
And for the first time she looked up, we’ve peer filled eyes and says, no man, lord, that he says, neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more.
Now listen. Listen. The church has it backwards. The church says go and sin no more first.
Then we won’t condemn you.
But Jesus gave her the gift of no condemnation which empowered her to go and send no more.
It will preach no condemnation people will be empowered to go and send no more.
Hallelujah. What a savior.
You know, I believe as that lady left, We’ve all the bird not seen roll away from her shoulders.
Jesus smile and says, father, another one said to my account, which he will pay at the cross.
Because you see the reason why there is no condemnation for you and I today.
Wonderful as that truth is, It’s not because god has gone soft on sin.
God is holy. He tries holy. He’s a wonderful god, but he’s a holy god.
But every sin was born in the body of Jesus.
And when he hung down the cross, he took your sins and my sins, and god’s holiness holiness unleashed his fury and holy indignation and wrath against all lawlessness, against all sins, and stroke after strength
of the curse of lawlessness, fell on Jesus. He exhausted all of god’s judgment and cry.
How did it?
Yeah. Now Oh, go on.
Help yourself.
And now the reason why There is present tense.
Now, no condemnation for you and I, even when we sinned.
It’s not because God has gone soft.
It is because God’s holiness cannot punish the same sin twice.
The law of double jeopardy.
When you sin, look through the cross and say, lord, thank you is paid for.
If you don’t do that, something inside you, your DNA is very smart.
When you condemn yourself, it seems like the cells of your body say, He wants to condemn himself.
He wants to hurt himself. Let’s create a disease. Doctor’s College psychosomatic.
Autoimmune disorders when your body fights against itself. People are sick today, not because of sin.
Sin is taken care of. People are sick because of condemnation. Condemnation kills.
So when you sin, what
do you do? Look away from self to the cross and say, father, thank you. There is my judgment.
There is my beating. And all the sounds in your body go peace, voice, relax.
The price is paid. It is Spanish. It is Spanish, Honolulu.
It is well. And you are on your way to wholeness, recovery, life, and health.
What a savior?
Ridjoyce to see that I’m done in his day.
And that may I dovile as he.
Washaal. My sins are away.
Washaw, my sins away. Wash all.
My sins away.
And then, may I do Vile, let’s see. Wash her.
My sins away.
There is a fountain filled with blood drawn from in my new well’s veins and seeing us plunge beneath.
That’s lovely.
Oh, plosma.
All the guilt is made. And see nurse lunch.
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