Unveiling the Bethlehem Tapestry: The Untold Story Behind Jesus’s Birth | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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Unveiling the Bethlehem Tapestry: The Untold Story Behind Jesus’s Birth | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

The amazing ways God wove two obscure Jewish lives together to fulfill ancient prophecies and cosmic purposes in Bethlehem. Jonathan Cahn shares the untold story behind Jesus’s birth by unveiling the Bethlehem tapestry.

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Jonathan Cahn has been called the prophetic voice of his generation and is known for unlocking the deep mysteries and revelations of God’s Word. He leads Hope of the World, a worldwide ministry of outreach of God’s Word to all nations, and His love and compassion to the world’s most needy.

Recorded Live at Beth Israel at the Jerusalem Center in Wayne, NJ. Friday Nights (8pm) & Sunday Mornings (10am and 11:30am)

Everybody in that genealogy had to fall in love, had to notice each other, had to be pledged to each other.
At the exact moment, every one of them.
If they didn’t, if anything was off, Jesus, yeshua wouldn’t be himself.
Every gene, every DNA, and that genealogy not only has good people, it has evil.
Miriam and Yosef, they both were godly people because when Miriam is touched by the lord, she just speaks scripture from her heart.
She knows scripture. Even though she’s poor and even though she she she would go to the synagogue every Sabbath with her family.
She knows the word of god, and you could see it just just flowing out of her.
She is a she is pure. She is She has a deep love for god.
You can see it in her. And then you have Joseph Joseph where the Bible says he was a Sadiq.
He was a righteous man. And he says, and so they would have been betrothed to each other.
Their families would have been involved in it, whether the families made the match, or they were either way, or they agreed to the match, but the 2 would have to agree to it And so he would come over her house one day, and he would that he would ask her.
They would ask if she would go with him.
And if so, he would give a gift to her called the Mohar or the bridal gift, which represents his love for her, And it means they are concentrated.
They would share a cup of wine together, the fruit of the vine, and they would be consecrated to each other.
They would be considered again husband and wife.
He would then return to his his home or his father’s home, and she would stay in her home, but now she is the Kala, the bride.
And he is the groom, and he would spend that time preparing a place for her to come.
And then the wedding would come on that day with a great procession.
But then it says something here, and here is the twist, It says, but while she was engaged while she was engaged, something happened.
Now Mary was named after the sister of Moses, Miriam.
And it’s interesting because Miriam, the word Miriam, actually can meet transformative to mean bitter waters.
And interesting because Miriam the sister of Moses was the one who watched Moses watched over him.
He was the deliverer of of of his people from Egypt, and she watched over him as he drifted through the waters where the Hebrew children had been killed.
And so she is watching over him cut bitter waters, watching over as Moses protecting, making sure he’s gonna be okay.
She’s the one who makes sure he safely gets through it.
Well, Miriam, this one who is named Mary, the virgin Mary, is named after Miriam, and and it’s the same thing.
What her role is to safe to bring the redeemer into the world to save the world.
Similar as Moses was the redeemer, bitter waters, But before and Joseph is named after Joseph of the Bible in Egypt who increase it.
Joseph means he shall link cruise.
And remember Joseph of the Bible of the of the Genesis in Egypt was the one of dreams, dreams, And it’s interesting because god speaks to this Joseph primarily through dreams the same way.
Before they came together, it says before they they came before the wedding came, she was found to be with child through the Rua Khakodesh, the Holy Spirit.
We don’t know how it happened.
The whole except that the power of god came upon her, the gospel of Luke, which probably is taken from her own account, gives more detail of that.
But somehow, the the power of god, the presence of god, came upon her.
But there’s no there’s no way anyone is gonna understand this. It would be a scandal no matter what.
If somebody today was engaged and they they are they have not been with their husband or their fiance, and they are with child who was gonna and they say, well, it came from god.
Who would believe that person? But it says it happened once.
By the holy spirit, they discovered it was discovered one way or the other that she was pregnant.
So they naturally thought it was adultery. Adults. She is consecrated.
This was called, again, the kid who sheen when they pledge each other to each other.
It is to be holy to each other, not to see anybody else to each other.
And during that time of being consecrated, she’s found to be pregnant.
And sometimes, you know, it tells you yet this is the yet yet it is by the holy spirit.
It is a holy thing that happened.
Sometimes the holiness of god breaks out of the bounds of what we think is holy.
The the the the spirit of the lord was upon the waters when everything with creation is about to to come in, and god’s gonna say let there be light.
The water, the the spirit is over.
The waters is interesting because the spirit comes on Mary, and her name means the waters.
She receives the spirit in her life. She is wanting, but but she knows it.
But Joseph, it says, verse 19.
Because Joseph, her husband was a righteous man was a righteous man It says, therefore, you know, and the Greek can mean innocence or holy, and it would be from the Hebrew Sadiq because he was righteous, he did not want to expose her to public shame.
And the word in Greek, because the word is the word parade.
We link to the word parade parade. He didn’t want to parade her.
He didn’t wanna shame her even though he believed for sure that she committed adultery, but he did not want to expose her to that.
She could have been stoned to death. So he wanted to put her away. It says privately.
Now many believers are legalistic They take the the letter and not the spirit of god.
They take the letter of love and not the heart of love and condemn and bring death by the letter.
The Bible says the letter kills the letter without the spirit of god is gonna bring death.
So people, they were the same people today would be the bill would they be pushing to expose and carry out the execution?
But it says Joseph, because he was a righteous man, did not wanna do that.
And so it tells you something the heart of god that that that even though the law says this, the heart of god He he’s a righteous man and he wants mercy for her.
He doesn’t want her to be killed under the law.
But after he consider this, a Malach, an angelo messenger of god, an angel appeared to Joseph in a dream.
And here, he says to him, Joseph Ben David, What’s that about? Joseph, son of David.
What’s that about? Why does he say it? Angels don’t waste their words.
Angel’s gonna speak something that means something. It’s gotta mean something.
So why did he say why didn’t he just say Joseph or Joseph the carpenter?
He said, Yosep Bendavi Joseph, the son of David. Why?
Because he is saying Joseph, You are the son of David. You are the descendant of David.
You are the air and there’s a reason when you look at the Geniology, all those people up to the time of the exile are kings of Israel.
From David on, are kings and Joseph is on the line, the same genealogy of the Kings.
He’s saying Joseph You are the the appointed heir, but you are not gonna sit on the throne, but one who is of your house will sit on the throne.
You know, it says enrollments god works all things together for good.
All things How do you find that? You find it by walking in the will of god.
The more you walk in the will of god, the more you will enter into the destiny of god.
The more you fall you don’t have to know everything.
You know, there’s a people say, you know, Lord, what what color what color socks should I wear today?
Well, he could give you an answer, but pretty much he gives that choice to you.
But the thing of the will of god is that the the more the bigger thing is lord, I wanna obey your will today.
I wanna do your will today. I wanna be more godly today. I wanna please you more today.
And as you do that will, you walk into the destined will as you walk in the will of god that is revealed to you, you will walk into the specifics that is not yet revealed.
You know, Josiah was a righteous man.
He was born in a family of the of of unrighteous people, but he served god.
And he he did the will of god based on the word of god.
We don’t know that he had a prophecy. We don’t know that he knew anything beyond that.
He simply saw the word of god and he obeyed the will of god and he got the idols out of Israel and he brought revival.
But then one day, he’s walking on the mountaintop, fulfilling the will, doing the will of god, and that’s when he sees it.
That’s when he sees the monument to the prophet of the man the man who centuries before prophesied that Josiah would be standing there that day.
Destiny. But you want he Joe just I didn’t have to know it.
He simply had to obey the will of god and obeying the will of god, he walked into the exact appointed place at the appointed hour, at the appointed moment, the appointed will of god, was prophesied by the man of god centuries before.
But the mystery, see, it’s always Joseph and Mary. They didn’t know it all.
And they’ve they’ve they’ve they’ve discovered it, but they didn’t know it.
They were seek simply seeking to follow god, and yet they were there in this genealogy.
Now think about that. We began this by talking about the genealogy, reading that genealogy.
That genealogy, think about that.
That genealogy had to be in its place for Messiah to come when he did and to be him.
Think about it. Everybody in that genealogy had to fall in love, had to notice each other, how to be pledged to each other at the exact moment.
Every one of them, if they didn’t if anything was off, Jesus, yeshua wouldn’t be himself.
Every gene, every DNA, and that genealogy not only has good people, it has evil people.
There were there were people who were not good, and yet god even worked through the evil people to bring Messiah into the world.
Yes,hua, into the world. I mean, in there, you have you have Rahab.
You know, who was a prostitute and who didn’t have to be part of anything, but she just happened to be part of that.
This little thing because the, you know, one turned their eyes in one direction at that moment, and yet it all was part of the will of god to bring Messiah in the world.
Everything. I mean, the slightest thing, and that tells you something to bring yeshua so Jesus so we could be saved.
So you could be saved. And so god in the same way.
And the thing is that how much more in our life now, you know, all that was leading up to Messiah But the more now we we have Messiah and they didn’t know Messiah, but they were still used exactly for Messiah.
We know Messiah. We have the full word of god.
How much more do we have a responsibility that you have a responsibility to set everything in your life to the will of god?
As you do so, that’s when the destiny comes. You all want god’s will.
You all want the destiny. You all want the the blessing of of finding what you were born for can see for.
Well, that’s how it happens. You don’t need a profit to tell you these things that god may send people and god may give words and god may reveal it, but you don’t need that.
You simply need to follow the will of god that he’s given you.
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