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“And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”
Galatians 6:9 (NKJV)
“And as you go, preach, saying, ‘The kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.”
Matthew 10:7-8 (NKJV)
different. I have, um,
I’ve touched something in the spirit.
And I believe that god is gonna release something today by the Holy Ghost into the atmosphere.
And the lord says that I am opening the heavens.
Uh, yeah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.
So those of you that are listening to me right now, you just begin to release your prayer links.
I’m telling you right now. Sunday. Hallelujah. Hallelujah.
There is god says there’s a repositioning. Oh my god. I see it.
The lord is The hand of god is reaching down wherever you are right now, whether you’re in your living room, your car.
I don’t know, but I’m telling you by the spirit of
a lord that god says that there is an open heaven and it’s almost like there’s a rapture in the spirit realm, not not not in the natural, but there is god is is taking a hold of your spirits right now.
And and the lord says that there has been uh, many of you have been set free from from things, harassment, demon spirits, habits, and they haven’t they have not touched you for years.
And all of a sudden, the lord says, because the enemies coming after you, that that these things have emerged again.
You’re thinking, god, I don’t understand this. What what is this?
Then the lord said, because the enemies try to drag you back.
But god said today, hallelujah, not only am I giving you authority to resist these saying not just resist them says the lord, but there is an anointing right now in the spirit realm.
There are there are is rare anointing being released. Uh, and god said you’re gonna annihilate these things.
And the lord says that there have been such strong holes in our nation and in the nations, and it’s looked like they’ve been near Surmountable and in Pentered Bull by the spirit but caught says hallelujah.
I’m loosing. Oh, praise the lord. There is a we’re coming up into a spirit realm.
Uh, I can see it. The lord’s hallelujah.
There there is this wide open plane says god that that there are no demon spirits on it that that many of you, all of your life, you’ve you’ve looked with, uh, not not envy in a bad way, but you’ve looked at others and you thought, god, I wanna flow in that.
And the lord says, now is the time. Hallelujah.
Now is the time that that the gifts of god and the anointing of the lord is being released and I see it by the spirit that there there’s been a, uh, uh, a mixture almost of of of natural man and spirit man in the house of the lord.
And because of that, it’s it’s weak in the power and and very seldom god says that we’ve been able to really dip over, but god says that there is a purity.
There is a a pure power that’s undefiled by the demonic hordes of hell.
And the god says that now I’m raising up this army.
And and and right now, in the name of the lord, wherever you’re at, I sense it in the Holy Ghost.
My god. There is a release.
that even in your natural bodies, me, you’re being healed right now, says the lord by the power of god.
And that that that that strong holes that have been their ancient strongholds.
Even, um, uh, I can see that that some of you are not responsible for the things you’re dealing with.
The lord said that they are ancient, uh, geniologic, uh, spirits that have come down through generations And god said that right now, hallelujah, the word of the lord that’s coming out of the mouth of the prophet is severin, Ayabobo sundae.
There is a sword of the lord coming out of my mouth under the unks of the Holy Ghost.
And god is savoring These generational spirits, harassment, things that that you thought I can’t get free from them.
And god said that I am severing you from Path generations of failure and weaknesses.
And today says the lord, you are becoming a new creation in Christ Jesus.
Uh, god said that there is a waterfall of the glory. Yeah.
Well, even as Moses, uh, spoke to the rocks, says the lord, uh, and water begin to come out of that rock Kallelujah.
God says that there is a waterfall of the glory of God that is coming out of the throne room
of the lord right now in heaven. I see it. It’s touching nations.
someday. You’re in invasion in your homes.
hallelujah. That’s a spirit of god right now. It’s touching you. You raise your hand.
you begin to receive the presence of the lord.
someday. There’s something unusual taking place right now.
I got said that many of you are forever going to be changed from this moment on, says the lord.
that this is not just a touch.
But god said that this is a new creation.
It’s uh-uh, I hear the lord saying that I’m changing the DNA of some of you spiritually.
that even right now says the lord, I I’m releasing some gifts into your life that you never even operated in.
Some of them you’ve asked for, but god said, I’m also going to surprise you with some gifts.
Uh, I I I hear the lord saying that there is a new auction.
This this this waterfall, this river that’s coming out of the rock Christ right now.
so many. I I’m seeing you by the spirit.
You say, uh, I love the lord. I’m still praying. I’m still reading the Bible, but I’m so dry.
I just feel like I can’t hear the word of god.
God says, oh, son, no daughter right now.
Human as Israel was baptized under Moses in the red sea. God said, I am plucking you up.
and I am immersing you in the wells of living water and this dryness it’s been on you and this and this this thing.
I just feel like there’s a ceiling, um, and god said I’m breaking that in the name of the lord.
The hammer of the word of god is being released by the power of the lord. Oh my god.
I feel that hallelujah. There is there’s something hitting the earth right now.
There something hitting the United States of America right now.
There’s something hitting the church right now, but the spirit of the lord, uh, there’s a release and god said that that hell has been terrified of this moment.
Uh, that demons have trembled because they knew it was common, but god said in the month of August, this day, I have declared out of heaven that there’s something that has been released from the very nature of the lord.
And heaven is rejoicing because the hope of glory, uh, that that the heaven has wanted which is Christ in us.
And god said, now, there is an inheritance that has been reserved in heaven for this time.
God said, part of this son and daughter, I I’m releasing today authority.
Uh-uh. I heard the lord say this today to me and the spirit.
He said, I want you to begin to pray in tongues a lot more. And I thought, lord, why?
And the lord spoke to me, he said because the devil cannot understand tongues.
When you pray in the because it’s the natural language. Oh my goodness. Listen.
There’s a key here that devil understands English or other languages of the world cause they’re not spirit languages.
And god said there is there’s a new authority and a new bonus being released When you begin to pray in your prayer language, and the lord also said this to me.
He said, tell my sons and daughters.
When you pray in tongues, You cannot speak unbelief because it is the holy ghost.
Speaking through you, and the Holy Ghost does not acknowledge demons.
It does not speak death. It only speaks life. Sakiya.
he, release release in the name of Jesus blah blah blah blah blah blah because someday, uh, the lord says even in the political realm, there’s something unusual getting ready to happen that’s gonna shock everybody.
And god said it’s just gonna be a beginning of signs, uh, just to let you know because so many of my people have thought, god, it’s hopeless, And god said it’s not the complete answer, but I’m gonna do something in the natural realm, and it’s gonna give you hope.
And the lord said for the rest of this year that there’s no longer gonna be, uh, the allowance of demonic spirits to tread on your land, on on your inheritance.
Uh but this is a new day. This is a virgin day, says the lord.
Now This podcast today is about one thing.
God said, everybody that hears his podcast, I’m really and something into you that is brand new.
This is not something god said.
I’m not renewing some then I’m not refreshing something, but the lord said I’m releasing something brand new into your spirit.
You’re gonna step on virgin mob hallelujah. You’re gonna step on virgin territory.
By the power of the Holy Ghost.
God said I have got men and women now in the earth that have faith.
The lord said, you’ve raised the knife on your eyes, it can great pain and in great disappointment.
You thought god is it over, but if you me forward. I give it to you.
Now, god says, stay the knife. hallelujah because there’s a lamb in the thicket. god has provided a lamb.
And so I speak joy over you. Uh, hallelujah.
I speak things that you did not back to unimaginable things, things that you did not imagine things that you did not see.
The lord says, have I not said for my god is able to exceeding abundantly above all that you can ask her thank.
And so today says, god, I’m gonna fulfill my word.
I’m giving you a shot of a Holygo not only that says the lord.
Uh, I’m lifting you out of where you’ve been. Uh, and god said I am positioning you.
I’m repositioning preachers and pastors and teachers and saints.
So I’m bringing you up this heaviness that’s on, you cops said it’s broken in the name of Jesus, sir.
And if you will receive the word of the lord today, God said I will do it, and it will be quick.
Now before you even go to bed tonight, says god. There’s something brand new hitting you, hallelujah.
Even right now by the spirit of the lord, as you hear me by the spirit, There’s something brand new being deposited in you because god is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him.
Well, this is what’s been in my spirit.
I know it’s unusual, but I think we’re probably stepping over into a whole new a whole another dimension that that we’re just we’re trusting the holy goals.
And You’ve heard the word of the lord today out of my spirit, and god will not let it fall to the ground and be unfulfilled.
So I want you to hear me. God loves you.
You are important to the lord, and he will do what he has said till I see you

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