The Surprising Truth Behind the Pleasure/Pain Principle | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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The Surprising Truth Behind the Pleasure/Pain Principle | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

Jonathan Cahn opens up the surprising truth behind the pleasure/pain principle and how you can channel this principle for the Lord in your life. Don’t miss out on this eye-opening message!

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And if you go by pleasure, then the enemy can use all this to hook you and take you away from what is of god.
So we have this this culture in Christianity based on feeling.
How does it make you feel Sometimes this gets mixed up as as god doing something.
You know, it’s it’s god. It’s charismatic.
It’s got a faith that’s based on emotion, you know, you know, something that I want, but I say it’s god doing this, or I felt the leading, but it’s me too.
It may god can bleed. But so much, when you go and buy feeling, it’s hard to know what god is.
We have the word emotion. Emotion has the word motion in it.
Because, you know, reality, you’re you’re you’re you’re well-being cannot be based on something that changes.
It’s gonna be based on what doesn’t change. God.
When you’re when you mistake, you know, god is leading me to marry this person, probably it’s you.
It could be god chances are, in most of the time, when people say it’s you and you put god on the front of your desire.
Believers go from, like, you know, they can go from 1 up up and down.
So it’s a spiritual. It’s a on the clouds and down. That’s not the way we’re supposed to live.
The Bible doesn’t say we go from emotion to emotion. It says we go from glory to glory.
That’s very different. The Bible doesn’t say you will feel the truth It says you will know the truth.
That’s different. I mean, sometimes you may feel it. Sometimes you don’t, but I know it.
That’s what’s gonna set you free. God does bring joy. Absolutely. It’s part of being in god.
The more you’re in god. These things are added to you, joy. But joy is not god.
So you don’t seek joy. As if it was god, you see god, and he gives you joy.
Seek first the kingdom of god and his righteousness and all these things will be added to you.
Seek all these things and you won’t get you’ll end up losing everything. See, pleasure has no morality.
It’s not good in itself. It’s not bad. It can be good. It can be bad.
It can be good if it’s pleasure in good things. It’s bad if it’s pleasure in bad things.
There was a science fiction story where they wanna train the children to hate flowers.
So they give electric shocks when when the child sees the flower or smells the flower, they use paint.
So so so eventually the child hates the flower?
Well, the enemy uses that same tactic For instance, for 2000 years, he’s been doing that to the Jewish people.
The flower is Jesus, but he’s been associating with pain with people who did things against them in the name of Jesus so that they would they would they would avert the name of Jesus.
That’s what the enemy does.
He tries to take things that are good and associate it with pain, and things that are bad and associate it with pleasure.
See, the enemy uses sin. He tries to get you away from the good.
He is he tries to have pain with a good. He wants to discourage you.
So for instance, you’re in fellowship, you know, the the enemy doesn’t want you in fellowship.
He doesn’t want you in ministry. He doesn’t want you to fill your calling. So he’ll use something.
He’ll try to use something It could be someone who who who who offends you, someone who did something to you in the body, to discourage you so you say, okay, I’m finished.
He’ll use pain to try to attach it to the things of god.
And so, therefore, you don’t do it. And, you know, there are a lot of people.
There are people who don’t come to god because something happened in their life with people who said they were believers or ministers.
And so the enemy used pain to cause them to bring it to the gospel so that they would avoid that.
In the same way, scientists do tests where they associate they associate pleasure with things that wouldn’t normally get pleasure where they they they wire it to the to the brain of the animal, and that animal will choose that thing and maybe nothing at all, maybe pressing a button over food, over sleep, over anything.
They can manipulate it because that the enemy uses this principle to to make you be attached to things that are bad for you.
For instance, alcohol, okay, problems that this is gonna just take away your problems ends up pain.
Alyssa’s sexuality gives you a thrill, then it’s pain.
He uses things to distractions to take he uses the pleasure principle to take you away from the Bible, take you away from prayer, take you away from Iraq, take you away from the will of god.
And if you go by pleasure, then the enemy can use all this to hook you and take you away from what is of god.
They did test, you know, with people, you know, when when they get emails, it actually triggers often something in their brain sir serotonin, which is a pleasure thing.
So it keeps you hooked on emails. And and actually peep you know, and I went Internet.
They use all manipulation to keep you on their site.
You know, something pops up, something, you know, they put these things that are not even true, but they just to get you hooked.
To keep you hugged. Now let’s get to the root of it because if any were they’re gonna talk about how to use what the enemy’s using, how to turn it all around.
Pleasure and pain. It’s part of life. It’s actually woven into life. It’s for own good.
Pain is there for a reason. It’s there to warn us.
It’s to to we don’t do something that’s bad for us.
Whereas you got an infection, it’s pain, so you’ll be aware of it.
If you don’t have any pain, you’re in a dangerous situation. It’s like having no oil light in your car.
When it’s freezing out, it doesn’t feel good. It feels painful.
So because if you stay outside, you’re gonna die.
So if you get inside, it feels good because that’s part of life.
It’s part of preserving you its It’s there’s a reason something’s gonna damage our body.
We have pain to tell us. Stay away from that. That’s not a bad thing. That’s a good thing.
Pain is actually there for a reason. It’s built in to keep you alive.
You know, if you for instance, you got the pain of hunger, that’s telling you you gotta eat.
But that’s there to keep you alive, but you don’t have it. You might not.
At the same time, speaking of which, pleasure is built also by god before it gets truthful by the enemy is built to keep you alive.
It’s there. Part of it. For instance, you eat food, you have pleasure. Why?
Cause if you don’t, you’re gone. Sexuality has pleasure to keep life alive.
Some things, though that aren’t that simple, they require another element.
For example, food gives me pleasure, but if I don’t have money, I can’t get food.
So my mind is actually will adjust and it’ll actually give pleasure, or our minds will adjust that we actually will get pleasure out of this green paper.
Okay? Because money, having this, I can do other things. So my mind actually attaches it.
So therefore, I do, for instance, when you, you know, you know, when money becomes the end in itself, then it’s all messed up.
Now we can go farther. You know, for instance, say there’s a job or a career That’s gonna that that’s gonna that’s gonna help us.
Well, we can we we hear about that careers or something happens. The door opens.
We get pleasure because it’s ultimately linked to life. Why do you get up in the morning?
Why do you get up early in the morning, especially if your work is not that amazing because of the principle.
Because in your mind, you say if I don’t get up, I don’t work, I’m gonna have pain.
I’m gonna have not money when I have pain there, So therefore, I get up and I do this. Okay.
Or look at people in gyms. They’re lifting weights. I mean, sweating. There doesn’t look fun at all.
Running, sweating. It doesn’t look like anything you wanna do. Why did they do it?
And some of you might be those people. Get out. No. Okay.
Because in their minds, they’ve associated it They associate the exercise with other things that bring pleasure. Health.
If I get health, I wanna do it, or it’s gonna make me look better.
So that’s the joy in it. You know, I’m gonna attract, uh, you know, uh-uh, a wife or a husband.
That’s the joint. For some reason, so their associating pleasure with this thing that’s hard to do, that’s why they do it.
Otherwise, if they didn’t if there was no no thing at the end of it, why do that?
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