The Secrets To Lasting Emotional Stability | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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The Secrets To Lasting Emotional Stability | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

Jonathan Cahn speaks of trust and surrendering your life to the Lord. Learn the secrets to lasting emotional stability.

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If you’re going to a bank and you wanna get interest on your money, but you don’t trust the bank, you’re not gonna give your money and you’re not gonna get interest.
And if you don’t truly trust god, you’re not gonna be able to let go and let go.
Before I went to when I was in college, I had to make a decision of going to another college.
I fasted. I just got I just got saved.
So I had to know, okay, I can’t just just make this decision.
I fast and prayed for several days, and god directed me, and that has led to all these other things.
But I could know it you have before you do commit your plans for the future, before you do it, commit.
I mean, look at the people who have made, miss I mean, listen, Abraham committed his way to go, but not always.
He made a mistake once, at least, more than once, but he made a mistake when Sarah said, hey.
You got a great idea. Go into the the the the made and then we’ll have the child that god says because I can’t do it.
So they did, but they didn’t ask god about it. They didn’t commit to god.
They didn’t do any of this. And they paid the price for it.
You know, so but but but when Abraham, later on, he comes to Isaac, it’s it’s weird because they didn’t have a child, so they messed up.
They didn’t commit. Now they do have a child, and god says, okay. I’m testing you now.
Lift him up to me. Lift him up to be able to give him what would give him to me.
And he lifts him up. And for that, that, that guy he’s that he’s that’s the commitment.
He’s saying, lord, I trust you. And what’s god saying?
Whatever it is lifted up to god, and he’ll give you Isaac lift.
You got an Isaac lifted up to god.
He’ll either he’ll either give Isaac back or he’ll give you something better than Isaac.
I mean, there’s no better than Isaac for Abraham, but he’ll give you something better whatever it is, you have to be willing to always commit to god.
And it’s not just once. As long as you have to commit it back because you took it.
Commit it to god. This is my Isaac committed because I trust you, lord. You are the 1.
I trust you. Commit them with your future. Commit them before you’re gonna do something.
And after you do it, commit the outcome to him. Okay, lord. I’m walking now.
I’m walking out of the boat. I committed, and I tried. And what else it means? I trust my future.
You can worry about your future. You can be concerned about your future.
You can be wrapped up in your future, or you can commit your future. I’m committed.
I’m I’m role my future to you god. I you my times are in your hands. I trust you.
And that’s why it’s really good when you pray.
Like we just did a little bit when you pray, Pray, don’t just pray for the thing.
Thank god for the answer to the prayer. Cause then you’re committing it to him.
You’re not just lord, I need. I need an when you say thank you for the answer.
I don’t see yet. Whatever that is, I thank you.
You are now trusting and believing, and there’s peace And god honors that. Commit your way.
And then what does it say in Hebrew? The Hebrew is Al Adonai. Committed or committed onto the lord.
It’s committed on top of the lord. Roll it onto the lord. Let him hold it.
It’s saying here, you know, in in in years of ministry, I’ve met some very interesting people who shall we shall say they they’re tuned into different frequencies, and there was a woman in the early days.
And in a minute, beating a mystery, I wasn’t prepared for it, The earliest official is a woman who just call call up found my mother’s phone number and called up and just would be whistling whistling whistling I’m just saying, what’s who what kind of people do you have here?
I don’t know, Mom. You know, there was a guy who would who would come up every week.
I can’t actually every week he’d come up and say, he’d always He we didn’t know what what was what was weird.
He just said, he wrote, he says, what about Harrod? What about Harrod? Every week, what about Harrod?
And one day I said, he wasn’t a good guy, and he he was happy. The guy was happy.
He got his answer. There was a woman who had a whole wedding and reception hall planned for her and me, but I never met her.
And she called to tell the ministry she was coming to pick me up.
That weekend, I went into hiding.
There was a guy who came up on stage one day and said, I’m here.
I’m playing the piano. So I mean, do any article comes up, and he said, I’m here to kill you.
And I and I said, um, um, um, I started messing up on the piano.
I said, I said, can you let me finish this first?
Can you do it after I do the altar call?
We’ve seen people very friendly, but who thought they were Jesus?
I mean, we see, I mean, I mean, we’ve seen all, I mean, in God, we gotta pray for them, of course, um, and, listen, and and everybody’s has their thing but I wanna show you something here.
It says it says in proverbs 163 uses the same word as here.
And it says, commit your works to the lord.
Now listen, and your thoughts will be made strong. Will be established.
What’s it saying here? The word here, same word, galal, commits your thought life to god, roll your thoughts to god, committed to god.
And what it’s saying is the word means stable. You’re gonna have mental, emotional, well-being, stability.
When you when you can’t commit to god, you’re gonna be unstable.
But if you could commit your thoughts to god, whatever it is, okay, lord, I give it there.
As you know, Paul said, you can actually cast down thoughts. You actually have control over your mind.
You can have mental wholeness of being. And you listen, you everybody’s from different places.
Undoubtedly, there’s people who went through, gone through a lot in this area.
You can have men you can have stability, commit your thoughts, role each one to god.
Maybe it’s crazy talk. Roll it to god. Roll it to god. Roll it to god.
Now listen, you know, here are some and some of these people and and some of people come and never never commit to anything.
And then, you know, then you hear later, we heard reports they’ve been committed said, well, that wasn’t the commitment we wanted.
Now, listen, I know men many of you, I know you very well, and and and and I say this with love, you really ought to be committed.
To god, to what he has for you. God, that that’s the thing.
We need to be, and I stress that to commit your thoughts to god and they shall be established.
You have worry. Don’t just sit there with your worry. Do something about it.
You don’t have to stay there. You don’t have to live with it all the time.
It may be hard, but take it.
The Bible says you can take the thought and bring it under bring it to god.
Roll it to god. You’ve got unforgiveness. You don’t have to live with it.
You don’t have to go with it. You can take that unforgiveness. Lord lord, I commit this to you.
I commit those people to you. I commit what they did to me to you.
I commit all that to you.
Instead of just dwelling, you are not a a captive to your mind.
You are in charge of your Your mind might have habits. Your mind might have thoughts that it goes.
That’s right. That for a time, it’s like a dog on a leash.
But after a while, if you take it, take it, capture, take it under the lord’s account, the word of god, it’s gonna start changing.
You can actually change your mind. I don’t mean change your decision.
I mean change your mind, because the Bible actually went, you know, the word for repentance means changing of the mind, changing of knowing.
I was going to Nigeria for the first time, and I was told, whatever you do, don’t give your luggage to anybody.
When you get to airport. Do not trust anybody. Do not give your luggage.
And so and do not do that.
Don’t go you get you know, and and don’t go into a taxi that you don’t know.
You can be taken out and all that. So we came, like, told everybody, don’t give your luggage to anybody.
Watch everybody. Stay with your luggage. Stay with your luggage and all that. And, like, we come there.
There’s people waiting for us. They’re smiling and they they come, they say, here we got everything ready and you know, and and here with that.
And and so get all luggage together. We get all those together. We get them.
We they put them in the car. And they drive away with our luggage.
Now I’m thinking, did I just mess up everything I just said in one swoop, all our luggage, their smile going away.
Now it turned out they’re okay, but they took off with our luggage without us. They’re okay.
But it’s a principle here. If you don’t trust, you cannot commit.
If you don’t trust, you cannot give away.
If you’re going to a bank and you wanna get interest on your money, but you don’t trust the bank, you’re not gonna give your money and you’re not gonna get interest.
And if you don’t truly trust god, you’re not gonna be able to let go and let god.
Blessings, you know, you know, the the the you cannot commit unless you trust.
And so it tells you something your faith your commitment is gonna match your faith.
Meaning, How great is your faith? That’s gonna open the door for great commitment.
The more you believe, truly believe God, the more you really believe, not just your head, really believe this is real.
You’re going to live. You’re gonna be able to to commit to god.
And the more you commit, the more you are trusting god. Hi.
I’m Jonathan Khan, and I hope you were blessed with the video.
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