The Return of the Gods | Jonathan Cahn Special 3

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The Return of the Gods

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Thursday, June 8, 2023

On the Feast of Shavuot– Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came with the sound of a mighty rushing wind. In Hebrew, the way you say Holy Spirit is “Ruach Ha Kodesh.” Ruach means wind, and Ha Kodesh means “the Holy.” The Holy Spirit is the Holy Wind. What does that tell us? The Ruach is Wind, and wind is power. Wind can level a house or a city. God’s Spirit came to give you power to do His will. But you don’t have to do it in your own strength. God has given you the Spirit; the power of the Wind. It wasn’t a gentle wind. It was a mighty rushing wind. Because you don’t just need power, you need the power of God. He didn’t just give you power, He gave you the Power of His Wind! The power to break down all obstacles to do His will. To sweep away resistance and move forward to victory. So go for it. You can do all things as God has called you. Because you’ve got His Spirit and that’s the Power of the Wind – a Mighty Rushing Wind.

I would like to introduce you to rabbi Jonathan Canh.
Thank you, sir.
Let me say something about the book, the book table real quick. Nice.
Yeah, thank you.
Thank you so much. Thank you, Shalom Minnesota.
Great to be here. You can be seated.
Thank you for that very kind um welcoming and that very great introduction.
Um It is a joy to be here uh with Pastor Jim. Uh He’s a humble man of God.
I wanna say I, I’m so humble, so humble. God uses that great to be here at living word.
Um And you know, tonight is actually a prophetic night tonight. This is June 7th.
You know what happened June 7th 56 some odd years ago. Prophecy was fulfilled on this day.
That is the day that Israel was restored to Jerusalem. June 7th June 7th.
And for that to happen, Jesus said, you will, I will not come again until you say and I blessed is he, he said that to the Jewish people.
So they had to survive. Number one, they had to come back to Israel because that’s where he said it and they had to come back to Jerusalem because that’s where he said it and it all came true.
God is real and alive. June seven.
And so I, I actually emailed Pastor Jim and I said, you know, since it’s June 7th, do you want, I can do a whole thing on the mysteries of Israel.
He said, no, no, no. You need to speak about the, the word God has given you for this.
Now, for this hour, the return of the gods is for His people now.
So it’s gonna be, it’s not gonna be light. Do you have any idea of this message?
But it’s, it’s what I, I need to tell you because it’s, I think it’s really among the most important things I could ever share for this hour.
Now, before we get started, let me tell you a few things.
Um First of all, I have a lot to share, but no matter how much I share, there’s only, I can only touch on things.
So they’re gonna have everything I don’t know. This place is a big place.
I could get lost if I didn’t have the people leading me around, but somewhere they’re gonna have the books and somewhere I’m gonna meet you somewhere.
Ok? You’ll find out where, ok, so I’ll meet you and I’ll sign the books and all that.
So let me before I go full blast, let me tell you what they’ll have for you right after the service to bless you.
Not just for you. But so you can bless people in your life who need to know number one and they’ll put it up.
I think number one is the Harbinger and that is the ancient mystery that holds the secret of America’s future.
Millions have read it, but millions also have not.
And it’s coming through, it’s not stopping where America is going right now is continuing.
So, if you have people in your life who need to know, not only for you but for them, the second is called the Book of Mysteries.
And that’ll open up hundreds of the mysteries of God Deep Mysteries kind of takes you into the desert.
Um And a man called the teacher every day is revealing another mystery.
Um And so not only to blow to be blown away but to change your life, but also people are giving this book to nonbelievers, it’s like giving them hundreds of tracks and not one of them has ever rejected everyone who says yet they thank you for it and many are getting saved through it.
So that the book of mystery, the third is the paradigm you saw that for a second.
That is so exact really because it’s what it has exact dates, exact people that are coming true.
Even it even foretold the exact day and hour of 9 11.
And what has happened, it’s still coming true because even what happened on Capitol Hill was it was foreshadowed in the, in the paradigm.
There may be other things that are yet to come.
Now, the next one is called the oracle and the oracle is the only one I’ve done that opens up the mysteries of the end times, Israel Jerusalem, the last days, the prophetic timetable of what we have and really mind blowing repercussions.
The next one is The Harbinger two.
And that is, that is a book that I wrote after eight years of saying, Lord, when do you want me to write the sequel?
Because I can’t just write it.
And he gave me a very strong uh strong leading that the year ahead was gonna be a year of Shakings coming on America and the world and it was gonna be the continuation of what began in the and I had to write this next one to let people know where we are, where it’s going.
Uh And then when I started writing it and then the COVID came and then everything came.
So it’s right there. Uh That’ll be after in the last one is the most explosive that I’ve ever written, which is the return of the Gods.
You’re gonna get a taste of it today.
Most of it I can’t begin to get into, but it’ll be there. OK?
Now, my calling is to get the word out and to encourage you not just to get it for yourself but to others.
So what they’re gonna do uh for, you know what they’re gonna do is this to encourage you in that?
Most of these books are hard covers. They now list, uh, list price is around 28 $30.
If you get one, it’s gonna be $15 get two, it’s gonna be 14, get all, it’s gonna go down to $10.
It’s less than a big Mac meal now, but you can’t save anybody with a Big Mac. Ok.
So there’s no place on earth It’s gonna be this, this inexpensive as here.
So do what you, you know, get it for other people. Get it for yourself.
Um And uh and one more thing to show you one last resource that’s so unique, uh that there’s no bookstore in the world that has it.
Um You can’t get it on Amazon.
I actually usually bring it on the plane and this is the Uncensored version, the return of the Gods Uncensored.
They, and that is not only we touch on what we’ll touch on now, but what I could not put in the book.
You’re right. It’s eight DVD s album one hour where I’m sharing opening up, you’re not gonna hear it, you’re gonna see the mysteries, the Principalities.
Um It has a video tape of prophetic manifestation of this in New York City.
Um And so much more that is uncensored nowhere else. So you can’t get it anywhere.
It’s, it, it comes out to about $5 a DVD. So it’s as long as it doesn’t run out.
Now, they told me when I came here, they, uh, when I was asking about it and they said, well, I said, how many people on Wednesday night?
I said about 200. I said, um, but you know, they said, well, we expect more.
I said, ok, I’m gonna have faith. I’m gonna bring books for 500 people.
They told me it’s like 1800 tonight. So the thing is, listen, I still try to get extra.
If it starts running out, they’ll tell you. So you’re not waiting on line.
But if you’re online, if you don’t tell you, they’ll have it, just get whatever you can get there. Ok?
Um And lastly, they’ll have a, you’ll have sheets there. People ask, how can I get prophetic updates?
How can we get stuff in touch?
Uh If you put your contacts, we’ll send you free gifts updates C DS free from the minister of which is hope of the world.
Um And, and if you don’t get it there, it’s hope of the world dot org and you’ll get free things and that’s it.
Except if you’re ever in New Jersey or New York.
I want you to be my guest uh at the Jerusalem Center. Are we ready? Ok.
I’m ready to, let’s pray, father. We just praise you and bless you. And father, we ask your anointing Lord.
I ask in my weakness, be strong in your power.
Father, anoint Lord and speak your word, Lord and speak your revelation.
Lord and father, we just praise you and thank you and bless you for this night.
Lord have your way in the name of Yeshua Jesus, our messiah Amen.
What I’m gonna open up tonight?
I believe it’s one of the most important things because it lies behind everything that’s happening around us.
What’s changing our culture, changing the world, what’s happening in America? What’s happening to our Children?
There’s a reason for it. Even non believers are saying this is crazy what’s happening.
Even people who don’t know the Lord are saying this is demonic.
Well, what if there was a mystery that explained it? It goes back to the Bible ancient times.
Is it possible that what the Bible calls the gods behind them? There’s actually something real.
There are spirits entities and what would happen if they returned?
Could they be the invisible agents that are directing changing our culture?
What if they lie behind what’s happening to our Children happening to the media?
I wrote the return of the gods because I knew that this was for this hour, not only to reveal this but also to arm strengthen God’s people because it affects every one of us.
And if you’re in a fight and you don’t know you’re in a fight, you’re not gonna win.
If you’re in a fight and you don’t know what you’re fighting. Chances are you’re not gonna win.
Now, it’s critical. Now, let me just say this.
Whoever, if you know me, I know this is not the case.
But if you came here to hear a politically correct message, you came to the wrong place, wrong speaker, wrong service, wrong, everything because we’re not here to be politically correct.
We’re here to be truthful. The truth sets us free.
The ancient world was filled with gods no matter where you went in the world.
Hawaii, Russia, Africa, everybody worshiped gods. And that’s a strange thing. The Bible gives a, a mystery to it.
It says in Deuteronomy and in Psalm one oh six, it says when they, the people worship these gods, they were actually worshiping something called in Hebrew.
The shade shade means a spirit, an entity with will with consciousness in the Psalms.
It says they offer their Children to the shade.
When the Jewish tribes translated that word into Greek, it went into the New Testament as the word ammonia.
We get the word demon from it. The shade became known as the demonic spirits.
Paul in Corinthians says they are worshiping the ammonia.
So beyond the gods are entity spirits, which makes sense because what would a dark spirit do more than anything more than get people to worship itself instead of God.
Next piece of the mystery. If the pagan world was given to the gods, that means they were given to the spirits.
And so what happens is when you look at the pagan culture of the world.
Even today, you see the signs of possession, demon possession all over pagan culture.
People shake and they would shake and quake and tremble and foam at the mouth.
The priests and the oracles were even more possessed by these spirits.
And so the entire culture was possessed 2000 years ago. But what happened? Where are the gods?
Most of the gods? Where are the gods of Rome? Where the gods of the Greek? What happened to them?
What happened was Jesus happened, Messiah happened, he came into the world.
He had the power to cast out spirits, but also he sent his gospel, the word into the world into the pagan world.
So the word of God went into the lands of mythology, the power of God went into the lands of the gods and the power of the spirit went into the lands of the spirits.
And what happened? There was a great clash of war and that’s why in the book of Acts, you see it already, the demon possessed woman who stalks Paul until he cast it out the whole city that’s in an uproar that wants to kill.
They wanna kill the disciples because they feel their goddess is threaten early Christians.
They were persecuted, they were thrown to the lions, not because of culture, not because of politics, because of the gods, they would not worship the gods.
But in the end, the power of God in the gospel of Messiah prevailed.
The temples of Zeus became empty, the shrines of Dionysus became abandoned.
But if the gods were gone, but behind the gods were spirits. What happened to the spirits?
First of all, it wasn’t just the end of the gods. It was a mass exorcism.
That’s why Western civilization is so different because it’s been exercised, but spirits don’t die.
So what happened to them now comes the final key to set up.
The mystery comes from the parable of Messiah.
He said, when a spirit comes out of a man, it goes wandering looking for a place to dwell doesn’t find.
It says, I’m gonna go back to the house, my house talking about the guy that it was cast out of says that’s my house goes back to the guy finds the house, finds the guy empty, swept, clean, empty goes and gets seven other spirits more, more evil than itself and they go and they repossess the house, they repossess the man and Jesus says the latter state of the guy or the latter state is worse than the first.
Now, people think that’s talking just about a guy but it’s not because at the end of the parable in Matthew, it says, so it shall be with this generation.
In other words, it’s not only individuals who can be possessed, entire cultures can be, nations can be and they can be delivered and they can be repossessed.
So this is now the warning to America the warning to the modern world.
And that is this any culture, any civilization, any nation that has been delivered of these things by the power, the spirit of God, the word of God, the gospel.
If it ever should turn away from God, if it should ever empty its house of God’s presence, the house will not stay empty.
But what was cast out of it will come back into it.
In other words, the spirits, the ancient spirits that were cast out when the gospel came in will now return to the house, will return to America.
The gods will return the, the Monia will return pagan gods coming into a Judeo Christian civilization.
Their aim is to pagan. It make it into a pagan culture.
And what we have been witnessing for the last half century or so, what we have been witnessing is the return of these spirits.
We are witnessing a possession, a repossession. We’re witnessing a pagan organization in America.
Now, the Lord said, he said, you know, when they come back, they come back worse.
Well, you know, pagan culture produced zero, but a apostate culture will produce a Hitler or an antichrist.
So you want to see where it’s going, this is what’s happening and this is where it’s going.
Now, what specifically, what if we could know the actual spirits that are at work right now?
Which gods, which Principalities? Well, when Israel turned away from God, there were three particular gods that became central in its fall.
And I call it in the book, I call it the dark Trinity.
The same dark Trinity is now at work in America and the world the first is called the possessor.
That’s what his name means. Possessor, the master, the Lord, the owner in Hebrew, he’s called, we know him as bail.
In ancient times, it was bail who turned Israel, the spirit of bail turned Israel away from God drove God’s presence out.
Made Israel forget the Bible says he made Israel, forget God have them turn away from the ways of God.
Well, that’s exactly what is happening to America. How would it happen? How would he get in?
We would have to open the door. That’s exactly what happened in the early sixties.
We started emptying our culture of God. We said, well, let’s all take him out of the school.
We’ll take it from the Children. Not a big deal.
Well, it is a big deal because you take God from the Children, you’re taking God from the future.
And so what happened? You know the, the warning of Jesus, you know, you take God out of the schools, the schools are not gonna remain empty.
Something else is coming into the schools. You take God from the Children, they’re not gonna remain empty.
Something else is gonna get to our Children.
Well, now it has all that’s needed is we open the door.
Well, it happens and and the same thing that this spirit did in the Bible is happened to America.
There’s a spirit now that has driven driving God out of everything, driving God out of the public square, out of the media, out of everything.
But also causing America to forget that it, forget God and forget that it ever knew God.
You know, it’s hard to imagine there was an America.
Some of you knew it that once the, the the biggest movies in America had names like the 10 commandments, king of kings and the teachers of America, all across the nation led the Children in the Lord’s prayer.
We can barely remember that. And they could not have imagined what we became bail, caused Israel to forget God also caused Israel to overturn the ways of God.
Well, America has actually struck down the 10 commandments.
So this spirit has come into the culture in ways we don’t even realize for instance.
And when you have one God, you have one truth, monotheism, one truth.
When you have many gods, you have many truths.
So now there’s a spirit in America that says, there’s no one truth. We all have our own truth.
If a man says I’m not a man, I’m a tree. Well, that’s his authentic truth.
That is not, that is not advanced, that’s not progressive, that’s pagan, that’s woke pagan.
Here’s another way you might not think about it. The Bible says that when people turn away from God.
They end up turning to idols, which they themselves make, they start worshiping the works of their own hands.
When Paul stood on Mars Hill and he spoke about the pagan world, he said he used the word for I, he used the word, the word was tech.
We get the word tech technology. What does that mean?
If we turn away from God, we’re gonna end up becoming slaves to our technology.
We’re gonna become altered by our technology mastered.
We got an entire generation that is watching the, but that, that’s glued to it.
You know, the Bible says they become like their idols.
So actually people are becoming less human as they are glued to the computer and the computer is becoming more human or they’re taking powers.
There was one sign of bail above all others.
It was a sign of a bull, a molten bronze bull. Could that sign come to America?
It already has go to New York City where the harbingers are, go down there and you will see a massive molten bronze bull.
The people who did it, they had no idea.
But this in the Bible, this is a sign of a nation that once knew God turned away from God and gave itself to the gods.
It’s right there. Now, there’s much more, we got to move to the next one.
There was another, the second of the dark Trinity.
This is a she a she goddess and that is that she, it was actually the wife of Bale in mythology, but she’s all over in the Bible.
She is called a Torah. But in, if you went to Babylon, she’s called ishtar.
You went to Greece, she was called Aphrodite. It’s all the same.
This is an ancient spirit and this ancient spirit is the spirit of sexual immorality.
And when she comes into a culture, she sexualize the culture. She was a prostitute, harlot goddess.
And so what will we expect to happen?
Now, the Bible says bail and then bail the turning early sixties and then we’d expect some kind of change in sexuality is exactly what happened that we have the sexual revolution.
What does a prostitute do? Prostitute takes sex out of the home, out of marriage and puts it into the marketplace.
So she has been taking sexuality out of the home out of marriage and she has been sexualizing our culture.
And so the sexual revolution, what is it? It’s actually every value is a pagan value.
Her, her mission is to pagan, a nation, a culture through the realm of sexuality. And it hasn’t stopped.
In fact, and you, what else does a prostitute do weakens marriage?
What has been happening to America in the sexual revolution?
Our marriages have been weakened, they’ve been destroyed, homes are broken.
All that is the at the fingerprints of this goddess.
And you know, also when the Greeks worshiped her, they called her the oh great sacred prostitute.
The word they used in Greek for prostitute, they called her is the word from which we get the word porn.
And it’s no accident because pornography actually began with this spirit. Her literature is the first pornography on earth.
And she would multiply images of naked people all around the culture. She would seduce the culture.
Well, she has, I’ll tell you one of that.
There’s so much more, but I’m gonna add one more thing about her.
And that is she was also the goddess of the occult casting spells.
It’s no accident that when the sixties came, uh there was another revival, the revival of the occult of, of tarot cards of astrology of new age of witchcraft.
Do you know that today there are more witches in America than there are Presbyterians.
She was the, the sorceress, but we have to move to the next.
I’m just doing a going fast as I can. The next one is called the destroyer.
This is the spirit that caused parents to offer up their own Children as sacrifices.
The pagan world was filled with human sacrifice.
If you were a child, you it was not safe, they would, Children would be abused, they would be offered up.
And when Israel came, you know, when Israel turned away from God, it says they offered up their own Children.
The only thing that ended this in the world was the power of Jesus Messiah.
But the ancient warning is if you turn away from God, these spirits are coming back.
So the destroyer mole comes to America like clock work first bail the turning.
Secondly, uh the goddess, the sexual revolution.
And then at the end of the sixties, beginning of the seventies, America begins offering up its own Children.
It’s not an accident. That is a pagan act. It is the most pagan act of all.
And you know, it feels so well. How can you compare it?
Well, Jesus said they would come back worse Israel offered up thousands of Children.
We have offered up over 64 million of them. Now I’m not gonna go into detail.
But in the book, I looked at how they did this, the rights of this sacrifice.
And, and you see today in abortion, they’re actually replaying it. I’ll mention just one aspect of it.
You know, which Children were offered up more than any other, the Children of the poor, which Children are offered up now more than any other, the Children of the poor.
And this is the sin that brought judgment to Israel for thousands of Children. What will happen to America?
But now we have to go deeper.
When I looked at the ancient tablets of Mesopotamia, I saw something strange about this goddess, the enchantress, this, this, this, this goddess of sexuality.
She says I am a woman. I am a man.
One of our hymns praises her saying, oh, you great goddess, you have the power, you turn a man into a woman and a woman, you turn into a man.
You wanna understand what’s happening. Now, it all goes back. This is the deeper work of the goddess.
It doesn’t happen when she first comes in because it’s too radical.
But once she gets possession of a culture, once she has taken sexuality out of its context, she can now start the deeper work.
And so she’s, this is the principality that blurs the line of man and woman, male and female, boy and girl merges them, confuses them.
One of the ancient inscriptions says she grinds away the masculinity of men.
Now, can you see that spirit in our culture?
We have a spirit that hates men, rages against men, emasculates men and it seeks to remove men from their calling, to be fathers, to be, to be men, to be husbands, to be protectors and seeks to destroy them.
You know, there’s a time when you know, there was a time when in America, there was actually a show.
Some of you remember it called Father knows best. Could you imagine that today?
I mean he went from that to Homer Simpson. That’s how far we have gone.
At the same time, the goddess it says turns women into men.
So a spirit is in our culture to de feminize women, masculinize them, take them away from womanhood, marriage, motherhood.
The goddess was female, but she had masculine attributes.
So she’s seeking to take women and make them into her image. But her powers go deeper.
The priest is this, this goddess had a mysterious priesthood called the.
They were men who walked around her temples dressed up as women, women’s clothing, women’s makeup and parents would bring their Children to see these men dressed as women and they would dance, they would dance before them.
You see when you see this coming into the culture, you know, these spirits are back.
This is what happens when you turn away from God.
And there’s no, there was never any, there was never any gray.
It’s either this or this or when you turn away from God, what was cast out is coming back.
But remember what Messiah said, when they come back, they come back worse in ancient times, she possessed a priesthood, but now she’s seeking to possess an entire generation of Children and they’re being instructed in, in school, not in the Lord’s prayer, but to be confused over their own identity.
And you think that, that you know what it goes even farther than this.
You see the, the God, the spirits are always after the Children because you get the Children, you have the future.
But it began by taking God from the Children.
Now look at what has come into the Children and it goes further, the goddess didn’t just dress men as women and women as men.
She actually transitioned them surgically transitioned her priesthood.
It was found, it found an ancient inscription where the the transition men are dancing before the goddess carrying scalpels dancing with scalpels as if to celebrate their transition.
When you see this happening, know what you’re dealing with.
And now we ask like, how even non believers are saying, how could any adult or parent mutilate their Children for the rest of their lives?
What would possess them? This would possess them.
There was an event that began the entire movement of changing sexuality, pride, rainbows.
It all began as most things begin like this in New York City, late sixties from that movement came everything it began on a night when, when there was a a bar called Stonewall and there was a raid and there was, well, I’m not gonna go into detail except on that night, all the signs of this goddess appeared on the streets of New York City, even the name of the bar, everything.
But I wanna show you how this has affected all things here in the ancient inscriptions.
It says that this goddess is the goddess of parades.
She made people parade in the city, made women parade as men, men parade as women colors and sexual gender.
Well, it’s back. What else when you see these things, you know, you know, it’s back.
The other thing is this, she had one month in the year which she especially possessed the culture.
Her spirit would possess the culture with, with processions. What month was it?
I looked at the ancient writings of the early Christians because it was still happening then and the writings of Saint Jerome and you know, he identifies it, you know what the month was he calls it in Latin.
We call it June and it goes with what he said, what Messiah said, he said the spirits return to the house they once occupied, she once occupied June.
Well, June has become reoccupied. The goddess was also linked to a sign, one of the signs she was linked to, you know what it was, it was the sign of the rainbow.
That’s the mystery of the rainbow. Why is the rainbow spreading like it is, it’s not natural.
You know, the president just off, just, just issued a proclamation calling all Americans to wave this flag.
He just did for June for this. No idea what he’s doing.
But the thing is that if there’s a whole mystery behind it, actually every color of this, if people knew what this was I put in the book, but they, they would not be doing it.
But the thing is that it marks people, but the thing is the rainbow does not belong to the spirit or to a movement, the rainbow belongs to God.
But it’s interesting because she in her mythology, she steals what belongs to other gods and uses it for herself.
And so this thing to put the rainbow in the face of God. That’s a dangerous thing.
Could the mystery even lie behind Supreme court decisions?
The time that the goddess was especially possessing of a culture I said was June but particularly the last days of June to time of the summer solstice pa.
In time, there were three Supreme Court decisions that have altered sexuality and marriage.
The final one struck down marriage as we know it. They happened over a 12 year period.
The first one happened in June end of June days of the goddess near the summer solstice, June 26.
The 2nd 1, 10 years later happened in June last days of June days of the goddess, the date, June 26 the third one where marriage was struck down happened in June last days of June days of the goddess June 26 same date and June 26th is linked to the mystery of the goddess.
Now, remember this, you remember the day when marriage was transformed and the president lit up the White House as a rainbow.
It was almost like giving America over to the spirits that night on the ancient calendar, on the Bible’s calendar and the Babylonian calendar.
It was the 10th of Tamuz, the month of Tamuz. That day that legalized anyone can marry anything or anyone.
Well, that day was ordained in the ancient calendar of Babylon for the casting of a spell to cause a man to love a man that is the day marriage was transformed and it’s not like the Supreme Court had any idea.
But this, we’re talking about spirits. What is the agenda of these spirits? What is their end game?
They’ve come back with a vengeance.
You see, they were cast out of the ancient world by the word of God.
So they’re trying to cast the word of God out of our culture.
They were cast out by believers. So they have a target on you.
That’s why they’re coming against you.
That’s why they’re trying to end religious freedom because and they were cast out by the name of Yeshua Jesus.
That’s why they want that name out of the culture.
When the gods first come in, they do it step by step in the name of tolerance.
It was openness, everybody do their own thing. That’s just to get in the door.
Once they get in the door, tolerance goes out the window.
Once they get power, what happens is remember the days of Jezebel and bail once they get into power, then it changes from a, a culture of tolerance to a culture of cancellation.
They move to every knee shall bow, every tongue will confess, everyone will celebrate our festivals and anyone who comes against us, we will cancel them.
The age began with a war of the gods. So let me, let me tell you something.
Even before that something happened after the book, which I didn’t plan on saying.
But the president I won’t say his name because not to embarrass him, but I, you might know who he is.
The president had this massive celebration on the White House for what to read to redefine Mar alter marriage in federal law for the first time into federal law just a little while back and he celebrated and you know what he did, he did like his boss did, he lit up the White House again as a rainbow.
When he did that, it was a certain day.
Now, there’s only one time in the Bible when God does not honor marriage only once.
It’s in the book of Israel, when the Israelites sinned against him and they entered into marriages that were sin.
And he said, no, I am not going to recognize this. It’s wrong, it’s sin.
It was the 20th day of Kislev, the day that the president redefined marriage and lit up the White House.
That night was the 20th of Kislev. The day when God says I will not recognize these marriages.
That was the day. He said, everyone shall recognize it.
Well, God said, I’m not going to, you see, God always has the last word.
You know, man could do what he wants. God has the last word.
This goes right in line with the last days. What does it say about the end times?
There will be days of a deceiving spirit, seducing spirits. Men will be lovers of self without natural affection.
They’ll persecute the good. Well, I wrote the book not only to reveal and we just touched on, there’s so much more but, but not only to reveal what’s happening, but to arm and empower you.
What do we do? The last part of the book is about that. Number one.
If there is any stronghold in your life, any idol, anything you put above God, anything linked to these spirits, like pornography, anything, it’s a stronghold of the spirits.
You gotta put it away. You have to break the altar. You remember remember Gideon?
Gideon was a great hero of God, but he could not be a great hero until he took care of something because there was a altar of bail in his backyard.
God said, break that altar. God is saying, break the altar in your life, break the altar.
Now let me tell you a secret.
When I was beginning working on the return of the gods, I didn’t tell anybody.
One of my associate pastors, a guy named Michael was was, it was woken up in the middle of the night and he had a word and a vision and he’s never done that before.
He said, I gotta tell you this is about you. He never did that before.
He said, I saw you bringing forth a word and you’re bringing forth a word to all these altars of the gods.
And as you brought forth the word, when the word was brought forth, he said, I saw the altars break open and spirits get depart out of them.
Now, he knew nothing about anything. Now, America has one altar that is more brazen than any other.
That is the altar on which millions of Children have been killed. Abortion.
I finished the last words of the return of the gods.
On June 24th, June 24th is the day that the altar of Roe versus Wade was struck down, cracked open, cracked open by the Supreme court.
That was the vision. The word goes forth and then he saw a revival.
Now it was a so what happened when, when that happened? That was a sign.
You know God is saying, listen, I’ve heard your prayers.
It may have taken a while but I’ve heard your prayers.
God is also saying, listen with me, it looked impossible, but nothing will be impossible with me.
And there’s something else as well. You’ve got say, take courage.
You see in the Bible, the sign of revival wasn’t a gospel tent meeting, which is great.
You know what it was?
It was the broken altar of the Gods because when they returned to God, they broke the altars that now the sign of the broken altars has appeared in America.
God is saying there still can be revival. In fact, revival is the only hope this nation has without revival.
America is gone. We have to pray for revival as never before but not just pray.
For revival, we have to actually start living in revival because if you start living in revival, revival starts then and there and there’s nothing the devil can do about it.
Because the Bible says in the last days, you know, immorality will increase.
When we, we saw it, we have it, there’ll be a great falling away, we can see it every day.
But he also says, God says in the last days, I will pour out my spirit on all flesh.
If the dark is getting darker, it’s time for the lights of God to get brighter.
You see, these are the days when graves disappear, the dark is removing the gray to get totally dark.
That means it’s time for us to remove the gray from our life to get totally bright days of great evil will manifest great good.
You see when evil goes from bad to worse, it’s time for us.
You to go from good to great. You see it’s the candle.
You know the candle in the day, you barely see it.
But the candle in the night lights up the world.
God has called you to be the candle in the night. Do not fear the end times.
God called you for the end times.
If He didn’t want you in the end times, he would have put you in the middle ages, but he put you now.
And if God called you for the end times, then he has appointed you and if he appointed you, he will anoint you.
And if he has anointed you, he will empower you. You know, some of you.
A lot of even said, I wish I could live in Bible times. Congratulations. You’re here. You got it.
You made it. Congratulations. These are Bible Times. These are exciting times. The darkness will bring out greatness.
That’s the thing, you know. You know, I, I didn’t plan things but, you know, what’s the, what’s the most exciting part of the movie?
The last 15 minutes, God puts you in the last 15 minutes to star. That’s a great thing.
If these are the days of Bail and Ashraf and Mole, these must also be the days of Elijah.
If the gods have returned, it’s time for the Elijah’s of God to return, it’s time for us to become the Elijah’s of God.
We see these are the days of Elijah. Well, it’s time to become the Elijah’s of the day.
It’s time that you become that for the eyes of the Lord, search the entire earth, looking for the one whose heart is completely his.
He’ll lift that one up. He’ll show himself mighty, you be that one and God will show himself mighty to you.
You be that one. Moses. You know, you know, this is not the first Moses stood against the gods and the powers of Egypt and he won Elijah stood against the gods and powers of Canon.
So did so did Jeremiah, so did Daniel. So did the Maccabees. So did Paul. So did the first believers.
Well, now it’s your turn. Now it’s our turn. Now it’s my turn. They’re gone.
They left the playing field, you know, they’re gone. You know, the, they, they, they can’t do it.
It’s now our turn, the torch is passed, the mantle is on us. The ball is in our court.
We’re on the playing field now, we need to run with it.
This is round two book of acts. The sequel. That’s what it is.
We’re dealing with the same things.
You know, if you know one of the mysteries, I won’t get into it.
But one of the mysteries I I do in the oracle.
But that in the end of the age, everything returns to the beginning.
You know, in the beginning of the age you had Israel.
Well, you got Israel back in the beginning of the age. You had Jerusalem with Israel.
Well, it’s back and this is on this day.
But also you had, you had a world that was pagan.
Well, the world is going back but if the world is going back to where it was, it’s time for us, the church to go back to where we were, which is the book of Acts, we gotta deal with it as they did in the book of acts, you know, we gotta stand as they stood, we gotta fight as they fought because you’ve got something more powerful than all the gods and spirits of the world.
You’ve got the spirit of God. I don’t care who you are.
I don’t care if you’re here for, if you’re Pentecostal or Baptist, you’ve got the spirit of God live by the spirit, walk by the spirit, repent by the spirit, rise by the spirit stand and fight by the spirit and overcome by the spirit and you will, it was the spirit of the people of God that drove out the gods of the world.
We’ve got that spirit. You’ve got that same spirit. You gotta live by it.
You see you and you have the name that drove out the gods.
Just one name above every other name. The name of Yeshua Jesus.
The messiah is more powerful than any God in any spirit.
You have the power of the Almighty, living true God. And there’s nobody like him.
When Moses went through the Red Sea, he wrote a song.
It went like this, it went everybody. No, you can’t.
It means who is like you? Oh Lord, among the gods. There’s nobody like our God.
There’s nobody like our Jesus like our savior, like our messiah, like our Yeshua nobody, you’ve got that power, you’ve got that power.
You know the world wants you to shut up and the more that the world wants you to show up, you gotta speak louder.
Shout. It’s time to be bold. It’s time to take your ground.
You know, these are the days that produce the great people, men and women of God.
Take your stand against the gods and say, I will not bow down my need a bail.
It’s time to take your stand and say, I will not take your stand against that spirit in your life.
That’s tried to oppress you and haunt you and seduce you and tempt you and compromise you and embarrass you and weaken you and wound you and say no, it’s time to take your stand against that darkness, that spirit and say no more.
I will not bow down my need to you again.
I will not bow down to your bondage or your fear or your gloom.
I will only bow down my need to the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob and Yeshua, the Messiah of the Almighty.
You’ve got the authority. It’s time in the name of Messiah to say, get out of my land, get out of my nation, get out of my house, get out of my life, get your hell out of my life.
For greater is he who is in me than you are in the world.
Greater is the God of my salvation.
The eternal one who says rise and shine for your light has come in the name above all names.
The name of Yeshua Jesus, the lord of all lords, the God of all gods, the king of all kings, amen and amen.
God bless you. God bless you. I’ll see you outside. God bless you. Praise the Lord.
Thank you, sir. God bless you. So good to see you. God bless you.
Remember, uh right out in the lobby, uh Rabbi Khan has a book signing and so he’ll be signing books and we’re gonna go ahead and close the service.
Remember? Uh let’s, let’s fight for our country. Ok? Let’s pray for our country. Let’s believe our country.
God bless you guys. Thank you so much for coming tonight.

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