The Secret of Sharpening Your Vision for Victory | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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The Secret of Sharpening Your Vision for Victory | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

The great heroes of the Bible shared a secret and a practice that enabled them to do what they could never have done without it. Learn the secret.

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Jonathan Cahn has been called the prophetic voice of his generation and is known for unlocking the deep mysteries and revelations of God’s Word. He leads Hope of the World, a worldwide ministry of outreach of God’s Word to all nations, and His love and compassion to the world’s most needy.

Recorded Live at Beth Israel at the Jerusalem Center in Wayne, NJ. Friday Nights (8pm) & Sunday Mornings (10am and 11:30am)

What blessings will come with a focused life? It’ll change failure to victory. You’ll see breakthroughs.
The walls you’re hitting against will actually break. You’ll do more than you could ever do before.
You won’t live defensively. You’ll live offensively.
To live a focused life, I have to decide you have to decide that life is not gonna determine my course.
Circumstance is not gonna determine my question because if I if I don’t have a if I don’t have a goal, then it’s that I’m gonna be just brushed away just back and forth by circumstance.
People are not gonna determine my goal unless it’s god talking through them. Only god.
And therefore, I’m not gonna live, and you’re not gonna live reacting to everything, reactively.
Cause if you react to everything, it means you don’t have a goal.
I mean, yes, there are things you gotta address.
That’s not but but I’m gonna live you’re gonna live proactively, meaning I’m gonna I’m I’m not gonna be just responding to the next event, the next problem, and and hoping things go well.
I have a purpose. I’ve got a mission. I’m moving ahead.
Now let’s say it’s the middle of the night and you’re thirsty.
You have a goal. I wanna get a cup of water. So you have a goal.
You do this all the time. So to get that done, I get up. I put slippers on.
If you have slippers, I I just have socks. You go down to the kitchen or wherever the kitchen is.
You get the cup, turn on the water, and you drink. Very simple. You all done it.
You all but you had to focus to do that. Now we focus all the time on little things.
But but often with a bigger thing of our life, we don’t.
So we do think successfully little things, but then with a bigger things, we don’t have that.
We don’t apply it in the same way. I’ve gotten that one. I have a bigger goal.
I got a bigger mission. I have a bigger thing to do.
So you get things done small, but the big things are not getting done.
The overall life Now so your first thing is you got the overall goal. Why am I on earth?
Write it down. Then I may have goals within under that that god has told me, hey.
I know this is part of my life. I know this is part of my client.
I know who I am, and these are things that I am. So those are other things.
Now now it could be other thing.
Now example, You might have a you might be saying, I wish I had a better marriage. Okay?
But convert that into a goal. Don’t let it just be a wish.
My goal is to have a better marriage. Now it’s part of what I do.
Now it’s part of my aim. Now I have a purpose. Now how do I do it?
Well, if there are things that I’m doing that are not helping my marriage, I get it out.
If there are things that I’m not doing that would better help it, I start doing it.
See, the goal determines everything else. You might be saying, I wish I had a closer walk with god.
Was well, that’s good. That’s a good wish, but but now convert that because, yes, we can pray that, but we have a we do, but we have a part in that.
Make it a goal. My goal is to have a closer walk with god.
So now what I’m doing, what am I doing that’s hindering my closer walk with god?
I need to stop those things. And what am I doing?
What do I need to do in part of my closer walk with god. Let me start doing it.
Or my you might be saying, listen. I wish I didn’t I didn’t have fear. I didn’t have anxiety.
I wish that, well, that’s good. And pray for that, but also convert it into to doing something.
Convert it into my goal is to overcome fear. My goal that’s a whole it changes the dynamic.
You’re not just sitting there waiting for the next you’re now I’ve got a goal.
My goal is So now what am I doing or not?
What are things that I’m doing that are actually contributing to my fears and anxieties?
And what can I do that would lead me to overcome my fear?
How about taking an anti fear action with god going up and sharing the gospel with someone?
You’re afraid of this? Go right into it with god.
Do something about, uh, you know, or I wish I was fulfilling my calling. Hey.
Convert that into a goal. My goal is to fulfill my calling. What is slowing down my calling?
What is going against my calling that I’m doing? Now how do I get that out?
And what can I do now that’s gonna speed it up? Being faithful and little.
I wish I could live in purity. Make it to gold. My goal is purity. So what do I do?
What do I need now? What can I do? I wish I could live victoriously. Make it your goal.
What do I need to do? Write down the purpose.
Because I’m I’m saying write it down because if you don’t, it’s just gonna be this thing there.
You gotta make it make it real. Write down the purpose. What’s the mission of my life?
What’s the purpose of my life? And then what am I called to do and what do I need?
How do I do it like Paul did? God, he Paul prayed. I’m sure. Lord, uh, fulfill my calling.
He pro I’m sure he prayed all the time for that, but he also said I run the race.
I’ve chosen to do it. Write it down. Then write down the details.
What do I need to do specifically? What new habit should I be taken up?
What old habit should I be ending? Break up your goal into parts.
Let me tell you what I mean. You can’t do it all at once.
You can’t live a life of victory today. You can’t achieve everything that god has for you to achieve today.
Today is today. But you can take one step today of that victorious life. You understand?
You can do it. Break it up. Because otherwise, it’s too big. You can’t do anything with it.
Break it up into something very small. That’s a secret. Make it specific make it detailed, not general.
My goal is to become a better person. Good. That’s good, but that’s general. I’m not gonna it’s very general.
I’m not gonna do it. But if I do it, hey.
I’m that is my big goal, but now I’ve got now I’m making it specific.
My but my goal today is to bless that person by giving them a gift by visiting them. That’s specific.
You can do it. And that will fulfill that will begin filling the other one.
Make it specific make it near. There’s something you can do today. Make it small. Start with small.
Remember I tell you about focus?
What happens when some when a lot of when a big amount of energy gets focused to a little spot, power.
Okay? Power. So you don’t have to do don’t think I’m doing everything today, but if David could overcome Goliath by being focused in god and believing in god, that’s focus.
That’s power. It says, love the lord your god, with all your heart, all your soul, all your mind, all your strength, love all of you get into that love of god.
Remember, the smaller the step and the more you focus, the more energy goes into it.
So let me tell you. Think about that. The thing is this.
You can’t necessarily become overnight, the most holy person, but today, you can take a holy act.
And you can focus on you may not be able to lift £200, but you can focus on lifting £20, then you’ve done something.
Better to live £20 than to struggle with something you can’t do.
You can’t overnight be a super believer, but you can take a step trade it all on what I have to do today as a super believer.
One super little step. Little step. What can I do today?
You can’t maybe overcome a lifetime of sin today, but you can.
You can’t take one step to turn that thing down today.
Focus on that one thing that you can do and that’ll lead you.
That’ll be the next step or the next step and the next step. What blessing will come?
This is this is spiritual today and very practical and spiritual. What blessings will come with a focused life?
It’ll change failure to victory. You’ll see breakthroughs. The walls you’re hitting against will actually break.
And you’ll do more than you could ever do before. You won’t live defensively. You’ll live offensively.
You won’t react to the world.
You’ll act upon the world as the light of the world god called you to be.
A focus vessel doesn’t react, cuts through moves forward like the front of a rocket becomes unstoppable like Paul.
You’ll not only accomplish much, you will do it faster. God’s purposes will speed up.
It cuts through cuts through obstacles. You won’t be pounded by the problem all the time.
You’ll be cutting through it because you’ve got a goal.
You won’t be living as somebody who’s wounded by the enemy.
You’ll live as one who does damage to the enemy’s kingdom. Become a focused vessel. Live with an aim.
Live with a goal that got called you for it. You’ll have your breakthrough.
You’ll have your victory, and you’ll be the success god called you to be.
When the axis sharp will come success when your life is focused, you will have your breakthrough, and you will live a life of victory.
This is Jonathan Khan. Thanks for watching.
The Josiah manifesto and all my books you can get anywhere Amazon wherever books are sold.

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