Opening Seeds Of Destiny | Joel Osteen

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Opening Seeds Of Destiny | Joel Osteen

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In the scripture, Satan wanted to test Job, but god had a hedge of protection around him.
He couldn’t just go and put Job into fire. He had to ask god for permission.
This shows us that everything is a controlled burn. The enemy can’t touch you without god’s permission.
And Job was a good man. He honored god, but he went through all this trouble.
Lost his business, lost his health, lost his family. He got so discouraged he sat down among the ashes.
His wife said, Job, just curse god and die. She was very encouraging.
At at one point, Job got his passion back.
He looked up to the heavens and said, I know my redeemer lives.
He was saying, god, I trust you. I don’t understand it.
It doesn’t seem fair, but I know you’re still in control.
And god not only restored Joe, gave him his health back, but he brought him out with double.
Job had twice the sheep, twice the cattle, twice the joy.
The scripture says, Joe went on to live a 140 years and enjoyed his children and grandchildren.
Maybe like Joan, you’re sitting in the ashes, looking at what you lost, what didn’t work out, what you’re up against, You could easily live discouraged, feels like a wildfire.
The truth is it’s a controlled burn.
God wouldn’t have allowed it if you weren’t going to come out better.
There are seeds of increase, seeds of healing, seeds of destiny that are about to open.
And, yes, it was unfair, but when you come out on the other side like Joe, stronger, healthier, more confident, you’re gonna say, look what the lord has done.
There was freedom in the fire. There were new levels in that fire.
David said, we went through the fire, and you brought us to a place of great abundance.
Notice the abundance is on the other side of the fire.
On the other side of the trouble, the breakup, the loss is an abundance of joy.
And abundance of strength and abundance of resources.
The fire is necessary to see the fullness of your destiny.
When my father went to be with the lord back in 1999, I was thrown in the fire.
I didn’t like it. My whole world was turned upside down.
My father and I were best friends, and I’d worked with him for 17 years. Now he was gone.
Everything felt like it was out of control. But looking back now, I realized it was a controlled burn.
I was uncomfortable. I was disappointed.
What I couldn’t see is there were seeds of my destiny opening up in that fire.
Seeds that have been locked up in that cone, gifts, talents that would have lied dormant without the heat.
I didn’t think I could get up in front of people.
I’d never ministered before, but I discovered ability that I never knew I had.
When my father passed, I suddenly had the desire to step up and pastor the church.
I never wanted to before. For 36 years, he tried to get me up here, then overnight, it changed.
Some things can only be released in the fire.
I wish I could tell you that you’ll reach your destiny with just good breaks, good education, doors opening, people being for you, but that’s not reality.
God uses closed doors, disappointments, betrayals, even loss.
And in one sense, we’ve all been in the fire.
The pandemic, people have lost loved ones, couldn’t be together, business struggled, loneliness, but god wouldn’t have allowed us to go in the fire if he didn’t have something better coming.
Don’t water down your dreams. Don’t quit believing this fire is a sign that new growth is coming.
You’re about to bloom to see favor you haven’t seen.
Doors open that you could never open to go places that you’ve never dreamed.
Well, it didn’t happen for me. I’ve been in the fire a long time. Nothing has worked out.
Don’t judge your situation too soon. Your time is coming. God has not forgotten about you.
He sees you doing the right thing when it’s hard.
He sees you being good to people that are not good to you.
He sees you taking the treatment, not complaining, raising those children, nobody thanking you.
There’s about to be a shift, a turnaround You’ve been faithful in the fire.
Now you’re about to see favor in the fire.
You’re coming into great abundance, great opportunities, great relationships, great fulfillment.
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