The Battle of the Mind – Episode 2

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The Battle of the Mind – Episode 2

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Coming up next on changing your world.
Are your eyes focused on worthless things when life can only come through his word?
Where’s your focus? Where’s your focus?
Tap said this morning, everything about right now is about focus.
God wants you to focus on Jesus, and Satan wants you to focus on everything else.
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At a place.
Let every hard than me is now.
You love citizen uh, are changed.
This is a big one here.
Colossians chapter 2 verse 8 and 9 in the NLT. Colossians chapter 2.
In fact, let’s let’s start at verse 6. Let’s read verse 6, 7, 8, 9, and NLT.
Number 3, here’s a landmine. Beware of the philosophy of men.
Let’s define philosophy. This is where we left off last week.
Philosophy is a theory or attitude held by a person or organization.
That acts as a guiding principle for behavior.
A theory or an attitude held by a person or an organization that acts as a guiding principle for behavior.
So it’s a theory. It’s an attitude that a person or an organization came up with.
Doesn’t have to be truth, but this is what they decided to use as a guiding principle for how they behave.
Now listen to what the Bible says about this. You, you just don’t wanna adopt somebody’s principle.
It’s like the norms and values of the world.
The norms and values of society says, if a whole bunch of people of society think this is right, then it’s right because all these people think it’s Those are the norms and values of society.
Society gets it together, and they take a survey. And they say, I don’t think I’m wrong with this.
I think that’s fine. And then now it’s right, not because it’s really right.
It’s right because the norms and values of society has set this as being something that’s right.
And then you adapt it. And then when if you’re not here when they did that, then generations down the line, it becomes, like, unknown.
Of course, that’s just wrong with that. Of course, that’s right.
And that’s why the Bible says there’s coming a time where people will call the things that are wrong, right, and then they’ll call the things right Wrong.
I think we’re already there on that one, aren’t we?
For 6 says, and now, just as you accepted Christ Jesus as your lord, you must continue to follow him.
Let your roots grow down into him.
Um, not it not into the philosophies of men, not until the norms and value.
Let your roots grow down into him. Let your lives be built on him.
Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness Don’t let anyone capture you with empty philosophies and high sounding nonsense that come from human thinking and from the spiritual powers of this world Did you hear what he just said?
No. Here’s the part. I’m like, he says, don’t be arrested or captured by human philosophy.
By, first of all, he says he calls it empty philosophy. He, and then he calls it high sounding nonsense.
Do you know the norms and values of the world?
Has they have taken on, believed, and and thought for high sounding nonsense that comes from, what’s this, comes from human thinking, And watch this, and it comes from spiritual powers of this world.
That’s demon powers. That’s demonic influence that norms and values have set as being this is fine.
Rather than from Christ. We got a decision to make.
Either you’re gonna allow the world through the norms and values of the world to set your thinking.
Either you will allow the philosophy, empty philosophies to set your thinking, then the devil bets on that, The devil says if I can give you my philosophy.
And if I can get you to believe my philosophy at, hey.
While I’m at it, let me set this philosophy towards norms and values of the world, and then you might tend to believe it more.
How many of us have been seduced Walking around with a philosophy that came from human thinking and demonic influence And you will put your whole life on the line for something that was demonically induced to a human mind and produced an empty philosophy.
That’s what we are. Because we ignore Christ.
We don’t pay attention to him. We don’t keep our focus on him.
We’re seeing what the great poet says, and we’re seeing what the great philosopher says.
And, oh, my hero politician said this.
And, oh, you know, the the the preacher who don’t preach out the Bible said that.
And, oh, that oh, that was that that’s that’s deep right now.
That’s what, you know, we say stuff, and then and it come out with a rhyme and a shine.
Woo hoo. Woo. That was deep. That was deep. But did it come from Jesus?
Or is it really empty philosophy?
Don’t be tricked.
Or seduced by empty philosophies.
That’s how the enemy gets into people’s head and into people’s lives. You start listening to philosophy.
And, listen, I’m a former therapist.
I found that the scriptures were more effective than the philosophy that was supposed to be used to help people.
I look at so many people came in.
I’m like, this ain’t gonna work on you. I’m gonna tell you that right now.
Let me go get some Jesus to it and make it sound like it came out of one of these books.
For in Christ, live all the fullness of god in a human body.
He says pay attention to that.
I wonder how many people will walk out of here today and set themselves up to be duped.
Wanna know what commercial will get you, what speech will get you, wonder what’s I wonder what the hero will get you, I wonder what famous actor will stand up and say something, and you think, oh, that’s great.
I wonder what poet will get you.
What empty philosophy is going to invade your thinking today, opening the door for demonic influence based on that way of thinking instead of Jesus’s way of thinking.
Uh, honey. Nobody’s out here today. I love it. I love it, boy.
Let’s look at this next line land mine. Life comes through the word.
Let’s go to Psalms a 119. Versus 3637 in in in the NLT.
Psalms, a 1193637 in NLT.
I wanna move quick because I wanna show you how to win this battle. Alright.
Now watch this. Now you know we live in a world, where people believe that money equals success.
That’s an empty philosophy.
My heart go out to you because when you get it, you’re gonna realize why how come I don’t feel successful?
You can afford a $5000 suit, but ain’t nobody there to tell you you shaw.
You can buy a $300,000 car and don’t know if I wanna ride with you.
And you can buy the biggest house in Atlanta, Georgia, and ain’t nobody in there with you haunting the house or lying.
Man can give you medicine, but only god can give you healing.
You can go out and buy a home, a house, but only god can turn it into a home.
You can go by your friend for the night, but it ain’t gonna be genuine love and relationship.
It’s all about your bag. So that ain’t it.
And neither do we go to the extreme, even say, well, I’m I’m just gonna be vocal.
That’s what Jesus want. Jesus 1, Paul.
You should see some people looking at me like, he what?
Let me ask you a question. Uh, you remember Judith?
You you remember a guy named Judith used to travel with Jesus? What position did he hold?
What does a poor man need with a treasurer?
You know, but, brother, all the Bible says foxes have holes, birds of the air have a nest, but the son of man hath nowhere to lay his head.
Alright. You’ve been conned. And I put the text back in here.
The context was they were traveling, and they were going through a village where there was a lot of racism against them.
And they heard about Jesus who was coming here. They said, no, you can’t stay here?
Not today, you can’t stay here.
And he tried to tell his disciples, because one of them wanted to call 5 out from heaven from heaven again.
Do we do, like, Elijah called Friday?
And he said, you don’t know what manner of spirit you are of.
He said, Foxes have holes in this village.
Birds of the air have a nest in this village.
But the son of man don’t even have nowhere to lay his head in this village.
That’s why we go into the next village. You you see what I’m saying?
And for years, we bought the idea that Jesus was the lowly broke pole Jesus.
Peter wouldn’t believe that because Peter needed to pay his taxes.
And Jesus said, I gotcha. And say it. Shoot. Fish. He said, look in the mouth.
You’ll see his money for his taxes and don’t pay my Hawaii at it.
We bought it. And then then he taught it.
What he says in verse 36, Give me an eagerness for your laws at that time rather than a love for money.
Turn my eyes from worthless things and give me life through your word.
Are your eyes focused on worthless things?
When life can only come Where’s your focus?
Tap has said this morning, everything about right now is about focus.
God wants you to focus on Jesus, and Satan wants you to focus on everything else.
But what happens when you focus on Jesus You remember, I think it was Peter again.
Uh, Jesus told them to go ahead there was a storm, and they went ahead and Jesus went to pray, and then he caught up with them.
But they saw they saw, at the time, they thought it was something.
The bible says they thought it was a phantom or a ghost walking on the water.
And and the the disciples They weren’t trying to hang around.
You know how you know how we do.
We didn’t even got to know what’s going on. We can be walking and somebody wrong.
We’d run with a way we’re ready for.
So Peter said, if it be thou, Bent me to come.
So he put Jesus back against the wall.
There was nothing else But one thing that Jesus could because it what was Jesus supposed to say?
It be not it be thou not me?
If it be thou, bid me to come to you on the water.
So, Peter, Jesus said, come.
So, Peter, we, we put we try to put the, the, the, the, the solution on the word, calm.
Mm-mm. Peter got out the boat focused on Jesus.
Look at the focus now. Alright. Now pay attention to what happened.
He got out the boat focused on Jesus. And what’s this? He kept looking at Jesus.
And while he was looking at Jesus, he was doing something a man is not supposed to be able to do.
A human being can’t walk on water? A human being can’t defy gravity?
What happened? He was focused on Jesus long enough.
And as long as he was focused on Jesus, He entered into the dimension of the supernatural.
Y’all get on that. He’s here. Y’all y’all don’t hear me, honey.
He can’t see nothing else, but Jesus.
And now He has tapped into the dimension of the supernatural where the super is raised him above the natural and he’s doing something you’re not supposed to be able to do in the natural.
But when you’re focused in on Jesus, you’re focused in on god in Jesus you’re looking at the supernatural, and you’re invited into that dimension.
So he steps out of one dimension of the natural steps up into the dimension of the supernatural and defies natural law.
What’s this? Watch? Watch this?
And Satan said, well, I got to stop this because man is about to find out how powerful he is.
Oh my god. Do you want me to go there?
I had a conversation with god about this cell today.
And and I’m thinking, like, don’t you’re not gonna have me teach that right now because I don’t know enough.
And he just said, I want you to share some of that right now. I watched this. Listen to this.
When Adam and Eve were created. We’re not gonna finish this today, though.
When Adam and Eve were created, they were not created mortal beings.
Mortal meaning, uh, excuse me, they wouldn’t they, yeah, they would not create a mortal meaning to die on end.
You’re mortal. We’re mortal because we die. We don’t live forever. Man was created immortal.
Man was created, never to die. God me, lord.
Adam and Eve were never supposed to die. They were immortal beings.
Satan comes in. Listen, it is.
And distracts them in their thinking. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
You wanna know how you can be snatched back from the dimension of the supernatural, let him start talking to you about your thinking.
When he looked at Peter, walking on the water, he said, Not as much around.
Do it in ways, what? Fear did I win? He said, Alright. What’s this?
And he began to sing. Because Satan could disrupt the thinking or the focus that can lead a man into the supernatural dimension.
Follow me? So in the garden at him, ain’t he?
Oh, he was talking to him and said, We’re not supposed to eat this.
The day we eat it, we’re gonna die. What’s the devil? Watch his desperation. Just outright lie.
You will not die. God said you will die. He said, you will not die.
How much has god said to you that the devil turned around and said, that ain’t gonna happen.
What are you trying to do? I can’t afford to lose you to that supernatural dimension.
Cause if I lose you to that supernatural dimension, I won’t be able to do this to you no more.
And then he turns around and says, you don’t need god in the garden?
You eat this fruit.
You can be just like him. Wow. You don’t need him?
Why would you need god? Do y’all hear what he’s saying?
This is I know I’m, I’m, I’m teetering on this real thing. I, Why you need god?
Let me, let me, let me, can I read it between 9 just a little bit?
Uh, I’m gonna go down. I’m gonna say it. Why you need god? When you were made liking.
He knew that stole that from us and we can’t possibly even fathom.
And he told you in the Bible. What is man? He answers the question.
What is man that you’re mindful of him, that you visit him, that you made him a little lower than yourself, Elo he?
Why. Nah. I know, Aye.
God, you ain’t got nothing like that, but we have access.
To the same dimension, and we’ve shown up got access now that we’re in Christ But even in Christ, we we still limit what god trying to bring.
There’s gotta be a reason why we’re going through our list. Yes.
There’s got why what was god up to before Satan came into the garden?
Man, it was supposed to be immortal.
What was what was god getting ready to do with a man that’s supposed to live forever and ever and never die?
What was his plan? And, of course, he had to grow.
He had to mature.
And Satan showed up to humiliate god’s plan and try to turn his one of his greatest creations just like he turned the angelic creation.
Don’t depend on god. Depend on yourself.
I can’t. Declare your declaration. Make a declaration of independence from god.
Declare that you don’t need god.
That’s how he turned a third of the angels, and that’s how he turned the entire human race.
And so he says, I gotta go fix this.
I’m gonna lay the plan out a little bit at a time.
And he who tried to humiliate me, I’m gonna humiliate him.
He said, god, look at your prize. They singed against you. Oh, lord.
This is so good. What’s this?
Your aims as a third of them turned against you.
That that that a third was like 1,000,000.
He said, okay.
He thank you know what you’re doing, Doctor Boy. You forgot who made you. Good boy.
You don’t you don’t understand. You don’t understand. I know you, boy.
So I hit what we’re gonna do. Oh, hit what we’re gonna do.
You think you’ve humiliated me because you got man to sin? Excuse me?
Okay. So I’m gonna come down and hold on.
Hold on. I’m gonna come down in a flesh body.
And I am going to live a perfect life in a flesh body.
I’m a keep all 600 and some laws. I’m gonna keep everything. I won’t fail. Not one bit.
I will be perfect. And the word became flesh and started dwelling amongst men.
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You try to get in a half’s game because because you just think they love you.
Ticket I have love. Uh, security?
Can you say that he’s a way maker? Yes. Can you say that he’s a god.
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