One Thing Gets Everything – Bishop T.D. Jakes

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Returning our hearts to the word of god.
And as we turn to 2nd samuel chapter 6 verse 7 through 15, I want to make sure that you understand that this is not a service that we invented.
That in 18, it’s 63, the idea and the notion started of what is now watch night surge service.
That Frederick Douglas led, uh, a group of people, and there were small groups under trees and under rocks and under ridges.
1862 up under Bridges hiding to worship because they were not allowed to congregate in open spaces.
But in 1862, about September, Abraham Lincoln had signed the emancipation proclamation, and they were still waiting to see if it was going to be a reality on December 31st 18 62 going into 18 63.
They believed god that this watch night would be a moment that their souls and their lives and their bodies would be liberated that they would be free to marry, to own property, to have a future to have a life.
And they either called it Freedom Knight or Watch Night Service, because they were believing god that they would be set free.
And so the custom evolved down to this current day that every year, on December 31st, in part in recognition of our ancestors and their commitment to worship in hiding with the expectation that someday, they would be free.
And so every time we come into a building on December 31st, we commemorate, we validate, We appreciate the struggle that brought us to open service where you can clap if you want a shout if you please and dance all over the church.
That is the history of watch night service.
We didn’t do this to compete with the night club. It’s deeper than that.
It has a deeper meaning and a different deeper purpose and a deeper understanding and a deeper struggle.
People struggled for you to be here tonight.
People fought and cried and some died.
They were caught worshiping god under trees and were killed to be here tonight.
They were strange fruit hanging from trees. Strange fruit means they were hung.
And left dead stretched out on trees for us to be here tonight.
And not just us, only the notion that Frederick Douglas had is that all of America would be 1.
And so he continued to work with Abraham Lincoln and other leaders to fight that America would be truly one nation under god indivisible with liberty and justice for all.
Yeah. Abraham Lincoln was shot for it. Frederick Douglas died fighting for it.
Surely, you can drive to it.
As we turn into the our attention to the word of god, we come to understand that one miss unity devotion commitment does not come easy.
It doesn’t come without struggle. Suck in samuel 6, 7 when you have it.
Amen. Yeah. This is, perhaps, would you stand for the reading of god’s word?
You can sit the rest of the night if you like.
Take your shoes off if you want to. If you feed it clean.
To me, now everybody says that David’s greatest moment was when he killed Goliath.
But but that was his inaugural moment. That was his debut moment.
That was the moment that the king noticed him.
But to me, this is David’s greatest moment because what was prophesied then has now finally come to pass.
Anytime God promised you something, do not snatch the promise without understanding that with it comes to problems.
I heard my sister say that this is a 2020 24.
It’s a year of more. And everybody shouted all over the room.
But I just wanna tell you that you can’t have more of this without having more of that.
It goes together. And the greater the gift of god inside of you, the greater the attack that is launched against you.
You can’t just reach in the bag and get the blessing and not the burden.
It all comes together.
And so we stepped into the attacks in the midst of the story at a time that David is trying to do, uh, what this country was trying to do.
He was trying to bring nations together. It’s hard enough to bring your house together.
It’s hard enough to bring your marriage together.
But like Frederick Douglas, David is trying to bring Judah and Israel who had been alienated from each other, back together up under one head and one leadership.
And in the process of doing that, there were problems. There were struggles.
The arc of the covenant, which represented the glory of god, had been separated from Israel 4 years, the Philistines had taken the arc of the covenant.
The arc of the covenant represents the glory of god.
And you can never get it together without the glory of god.
Some of you right now, you’re trying to it together with your own strength, but it’s gonna take the and in the process of trying to back the glory, he has a problem.
So I want you to understand this that you can be doing the right thing and still have a hard fight.
David had a hard fight.
Anybody else in here had a hard fight? He had a hard fight.
He had a hard fight. We don’t look like it because we dressed up. We smell good.
We got on makeup and cologne. But we’ve been sweating. We’ve been crying. We’ve been crawling.
We had a hard fight. Michael, we didn’t get here by ourselves. We had a hard fight.
It caused something to be Michael Urban. Can you hear what I’m saying?
You have to be able to withstand some blows, some knocks, some issues, some adversities.
You don’t get to be Fred Hammond easily. Come on, somebody.
You don’t get to be the president of the United States without being scandalized. Ostracized, criticize.
You don’t get to build a business without setbacks. You don’t get to have a marriage without pain.
You don’t get to raised children without controversy and adversarial attacks and all kinds of issues come up.
It’s not easy. That’s why grandma tied. That’s why she don’t babysit.
You think she being mean, but girlfriend is tired.
She’s still recovering from what you took her through. Come on, grandma.
Back me up in here. We don’t mind giving them some cookies and patting them on the head and giving them a puzzle like Christmas time, but take them with you.
Take them with you. Take them with you because we’re tired now.
The struggle has been mighty The tears have been a deluge.
Sometimes while you were asleep, our eyes turned into waterfalls, and gushed down the cliffs of our cheeks, cascading on the floor.
And we wiped our face in the morning and packed your lunch and said, let’s go school.
Can I get a witness, somebody?
And so David is in the middle of the greatest moment of his life, but he’s got more glory, but he’s also got more problems.
And he’s trying to bring the glory of the lord back, and it is not easy to bring glory back.
In fact, something always has to die to bring glory back, whether it’s flesh, whether it’s circumcision, whether it’s a ram in the bush, something always has to die to bring glory back, whether it’s pride, whether it’s ego, something has to die, whether it’s anger, whether it’s temper tantrums, something has to die to bring real glory.
And the Bible says in the 7th verse, and the angel and the anger of jehovah was kindled against others.
And god smote him there for his error.
And there he died by the of the company holding right there.
He died by the arc of the company. He died beside life.
He went dark beside the light of the world because he touched god and got in god’s way and other died.
And other was one of David’s men. God smote him. No devil. No demon. God smote him.
There for his error. And there he died by the arc of god. Come on.
And David was displeased because Jehovah had broken forth upon other.
Now let’s be honest, have you ever gotten mad at it?
God, Have you ever been frustrated because it costs too much to be you?
Have you ever felt sorry for yourself because you thought it was gonna be easier?
And you lost some people along the way, and you buried some people along the way, and you lost some friends along the way.
And you said, God, why? That is the text before us now.
And he called that place, Perez, other, even unto this day.
And David was a friend of jehovah that day.
And he said, how shall the arc of jehovah come unto me?
When you get a friend and you get discouraged, you’ll want to give up your dream.
So David went on pause so David would not remove the arc of jehovah onto him into the city of David, but David carried it aside into the house of obed edom, the Gittite.
And they all come jehovah remained in the house of Obad Idham, to get tight, 3 months, and Jehovah blessed Obad Idham.
At all his house. Whoever god lives, there will be a blessing.
Wherever god resides, there will be a blessing.
And it was told King David Saint Jerome, have blessed the house of O’Bedden.
And all that pertain it onto him because the arc of god, because of the arc of god.
And David went and brought up the arc of god from the house of Obad Edem into the city of David with joy.
He went to Obad Edem and knocked on the door and said, give me my glory back.
That’s why we’re here tonight.
We came to knock on the door and said, give me my glory back. Yeah. Yeah.
You think you’re tired, but the reality is you’re trying to do it without glory.
You need the glory back. Somebody shout. I need the glory back.
And it was so that when they that bear the arc of jehovah had gone six spaces.
He sacrificed what we just did. He sacrificed and ox.
Do you know how long it takes to raise an ox?
He sacrificed an ox and a fatling every 6 paces.
And David Vance before jehovah. With all his might.
And David was girded with the linen Efaud.
So David and all the House of Israel brought up the arm of Jehovah with Oh, thank you.
Shouting. He he what what the card could not do the shout did.
What the wheels could not do, the shout did.
What the oxen could not do, the shout did.
What the people could not do, the shout did.
Looked at the neighbor and said, you could break it with a shout.
So David, David, David, David, David, David, David, David, and all the house of Israel brought up the arkham jehovah was shouting.
And with the sound of the trumpet, can the church say, man? Yeah. Remains standing.
I wanna pray with you a moment. I’m not gonna watch the clock. I’m gonna watch the word.
I wanna talk to you from the subject. One thing gets everything.
If if you get one thing right. It’s gonna get everything.
Stop trying to get everything and go after one thing.
One thing, if you’re watching online, one thing will get everything.
Somebody shall hallelujah. Oh. Spirit of the living god fall fresh on us.
As we embark upon this brief journey of expounding your word, let it come alive through these vocal cords, let it manner fest itself in the hearts of your people.
Let me plan to seed in their heart that fertilizes their 2024.
Let them break forth in singing and shouting and dancing until you rest in their house.
I believe you for the blessing in Jesus’ name, somebody shout a man.
You may be seated in the presence of god.
Can I talk to you tonight I rushed home and went to bed and got some rest so I feel good?
You might wear out before I do.
Because I’m ready for you.
That the house of Saul grew weaker and weaker.
Now you will remember Saul was king over Israel.
And he got jealous of David because of David’s anointing that he tried to kill David over and over again.
And even when David had the upper hand, he refused to kill Saul, not because he wouldn’t kill because he killed many men, but he wouldn’t kill Saul because Saul was anointed.
He didn’t respect Saul, but he respected the anoint And people who respect the anointing will back off because if you fool with the anointing, you have fool with god.
And so the reason the house of Saul is growing weaker is because the lord has forsaken him.
And the Bible said the House of Saul grew weaker.
That means it wasn’t instantaneously But little by little, there was a deterioration of the army and the strength and the power and the finances and the resources of Saul It happened gradually.
Somebody say it happened gradually. The house of saul grew weaker and weaker and the House of David grew stronger and stronger.
I’m wondering if there’s anybody in here that can feel yourself growing.
You know you’re not the same woman you used to be.
You know, you’re not the same preacher that you used to be.
You know, you’re not the same person that you used to be because the things that used to drive you crazy bother you anymore because you’re growing stronger and stronger.
Look at somebody and say I’m stronger. Yeah. Yeah.
If you were gonna get me, you should have got me when I was weaker, but I’m stronger now.
I’m wiser now. I’ve got more fortitude. I’ve got more tenacity now.
And so there is a transfer going on between these two leaders, Saul and David.
And Saul is getting weaker because god has rejected him.
And David is getting stronger because god has chosen him.
And if god chooses you, I don’t care how many javelins get thrown at you.
If god chooses you, you will ultimately prevail.
I wish I had a 1000 chosen people Yeah. Yeah.
Stop introducing yourself as him. My my name is Clara, and my name is Sarah.
My name is Mary, and hello. I’m John, and I’m Richard.
And I just walk up to somebody and say I’m stronger. Yeah. Yeah.
When you say stronger, you’re talking about me. I’m stronger. I I I got stronger through resistance training.
I got stronger through warfare. I got stronger through conflict. I got stronger through adversity.
I didn’t get here on a flowery bed of ease. I got stronger in the struggle.
While I was crying, I was getting stronger. While I was trembling, I was getting stronger.
While I was frustrated, I was getting stronger. While I was full about, I was getting stronger.
I know it didn’t make any sense how you could have doubt and still get stronger.
But see, I had doubt and kept going anyway.
And anytime you had a doubt and keep going anyway, you get stronger.
I need a 100 strong people that will praise god now.
My brother than my sisters, ladies and gentlemen, saints, and enemies hear me.
Hear me clearly when I teach you tonight that bringing in a new season isn’t always easy.
It gets tough. It gets difficult.
And this is a tough moment in the life of David.
David has lost us, uh, his friend in the process of getting stronger.
His grief does not negate the fact that he is getting stronger.
His displeasure with Jehovah does not negate the fact that he is getting stronger.
He has parked the arc of the covenant into the house of Obad edom.
Obad edom is a Gittite. He’s not even an Israelite.
He’s a Gittite, but he has converted over to god and god rested in the house of obed edom.
Have you ever had god rest on you?
You hit a season where everything you touch God just blessed it.
Everything you went after, god just did it. Every mountain you had to climb, god just blessed you.
For 3 months, the Bible said, that the house of Hobbit Eden was blessed just because he kept god.
If I was old school, I’d start singing, take the lord god with you.
Everywhere you go. Oh, bad eating them got blessed.
When you read the midrash, you will later find out that obed edom continued to walk with the arc of the covenant, even when it left his house, He started following the arc of the covenant and joined in and started serving the lord all the way up to being a gatekeeper at Solomon’s Temple.
Solomon is David’s son. So for an entire generation, O’Bedd Edem said, if you’re gonna take the glory, I’m going with the glory.
I said I’m going with the glory.
If it’s not gonna stay in my house, I guess I gotta move because I’m going with the glory.
I don’t choose my church by staying glass windows.
I don’t choose my church by how nice the pews are. I choose my church by the glory.
As long as I seek glory in the house, I will move, I will shout, I will pack up, I will do whatever I gotta do, because I’m not into the building, And I’m not into the preacher.
I’m into the glory. For where? The spirit of the lord is. They is limited.
Is anybody liberated in here? Is anybody emancipated in here?
Is there anybody in here that could speak your mind?
Is there anybody in here that could praise god without music?
Is there anybody in here that can glorify god even if it’s getting on other people’s nerves?
But trust strong enough now that come hell or high water, I will bless the lord at all time.
His praise shall continually be in my mouth. I know you want me to shut up.
I know you think I’m too loud. I know you think I’m too routed, but I’m not talking to you.
I’m talking to god. And when I get ready to talk to god, you can roll your eyes, you can write notes, but I’m gonna give god the pain.
The other day, I ordered some chicken legs over the phone.
And when old folks try to be innovative, it gets interesting.
I just wanted a few chicken lads, but I must have hit the wrong button.
They said a whole Whole box of chicken lids.
So I told somebody to break it down into 4 packages and put them in plastic and put them in the freezer in the garage.
And they put them in the freezer in the garage.
Now, the freezer in the garage is so cold that not only did it freeze the chicken lags, but it froze the plastic to the bottom of the freezer.
So now I’m trying to get the chicken legs to break loose from the freezer.
And I’m a little bit proud, so I don’t like to ask for help.
So I spent a little time grunting.
I went up in the kitchen, and I grabbed something I tried a private chicken legs loose.
So I finally decided maybe I’m too old, So I got my son, uh, I got Dexter to come over.
And I said, Pull them out of there for Grand Paul.
And I saw he was sweating to So I got my grandson who’s younger than my son.
And I said, Malachi, come down here and help me pull these chicken lads out of the freezer because I’d gone into a cooking frenzy.
Every now and then, I’d just have a cooking frenzy.
I don’t care where anybody cooks or eats it or not. I just wanna cook it.
Take my mind off of everything and just start I cooked up everything in the house, except for them chicken lids.
I was hot with them chicken legs. And I was down there.
I went back down there. I cut the free I unplugged the freezer. Because I’m stubborn.
And if I say you coming out, you coming out.
I unplugged the whole freezer, open up the door and woke up in the morning, and they were still froze.
So Jackie, I’m I’m down in the freezer.
And I’m yanking on the chicken legs trying to get them loose.
And god said to me, you think you need more power.
He said, but it’s not the power you like. It’s the patience.
I said patience, lord.
He said, yes. You need patience.
He said patience will do what power will not do.
So I went up there, and I bought some water. Oh, no.
I’m a witness fight. And I took the boiling water, and I poured it down on the sides of the freezer.
And went on cooking everything else. I was cooking.
And with patience, when I went back down there, all the chicken legs were loose.
Suddenly, I knew god wasn’t talking about the chicken legs.
He was telling me that certain things only break loose with patience.
You’re gonna need some patience after you’ve done the will of court.
You’re gonna need some patience to understand that breaking some strongholds take time.
Who am I talking to? It’s not gonna be by your might.
It’s not gonna be by your power. Is gonna be by the spirit of the lord.
And when god says it’s coming loose, it’s coming loose.
Test about it and tell them when god says it’s coming loose. It’s coming loose.
And you’d have heard to me that this text really is all about power. It’s about patience.
And it’s about praise. It’s about what?
Say it again. It’s about. Uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Say it again. Uh. Uh-huh. That’s what your 2024 is gonna be about.
It’s gonna be about power. And praise.
And I want you to get this, whether you’re online or in the building, the things that god is going to anoint you to break loose aren’t gonna break loose just because you want them loose.
You’re going to need this recipe to break it loose. It’s about uh-huh. Uh-huh.
Oh, y’all getting it now. Now I want you to understand power, first of all.
I want you to understand the difference between powers.
The word power in the Bible is translated from 2 different words.
Exusia in the Greek and dunamis.
They have close to the same meaning but they are not the same thing.
Jesus says, uh, you shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost has come upon you.
That word is dunamous. Are you hearing what I’m saying?
The Bible said that when he said all power in heaven and in earth is given unto me.
That word is Exzusia. The difference between Exzusia and dunamis where we get dynamite is this.
Exussia is authority. Dunanimous is power.
Let me break this down. 2 o’clock in the morning, the police come knocking at the door.
Bam, boom, boom, boom, boom, and knock on the door.
You look through the peephole and you see the badge. That’s Exesia.
Look a little lower.
That thing hanging off its belt is dunamous.
You got to have both.
You’ve got to have the authority, the badge, the right, And then if it don’t break loose, you gotta have the dunamis, the dynamite to break it loose.
God gave you the holy ghost so that you would have dynamite.
For the breaking of strongholds, casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of god.
If you have Exusia and dunamis, shout, I got power.
And there are many things that are gonna be broken in your life.
Because you got power. There are demons that are gonna back up out of your way because you got power.
There are people that are gonna hate you because you got power, because you show your badge, and you get to go places, they don’t get to go.
And you get to do things that they don’t get to do.
And god opens doors for you that are close to other people because you have Exusia you have the authority.
Whatever you have accomplished in your life, you had the authority to do it, or you wouldn’t be able to do it.
That’s why it’s a waste of time to be jealous of other people.
Because if you don’t have the badge, I’m not opening the door.
But if you got the badge, whether I locked you or not, I’ve got to honor the authority and opened the door.
That’s why some folks hide you that don’t even like you.
But because you had Exesia, they had to open up a door for you.
And then you got the job and you found out they don’t like you, And you’re confused.
Why did you hire me if you didn’t like me? They hired you because god gave you Exusia.
Don’t be scared. Tell your neighbor I got it like that.
But do not be deceived my brothers and sisters you also gonna need some patience because there are some things that only break loose through much prayer and fasting.
You remember the man that brought his son to Jesus and said, often, he falls into the water and often, he falls into the fire.
And I wouldn’t be in front of you if your disciples had been able to deliver him.
They had power, but no patience.
Jesus told the disciples, this kind comes out by much prayer and fasting.
In other words, you can rebuke this devil, but it’s gonna take some time.
You better get to boil in some water. It’s gonna take some time.
These strongholds that are passed down through generations You don’t break them by spinning around three times and throwing $20 on the alter.
These bad habits that have built up in your character and your behavior and your discipline don’t come out just because somebody put an oily cross on your forehead.
It takes some patience and some discipline and telling yourself, no.
When your mind is telling you to cuss them out, Oh, what a real saint.
Are there any real saints over in this section over here?
Have you ever had to just tighten your lips and close them together and keep your fox in your head?
Cause if you let it out, Like you farted, died on the inside.
They wouldn’t respect you no more as a beacon ever in life because you could let it rip that change.
Takes patience.
Prabhu said after you suffered a while, After you suffer the while, I’m gonna make you perfect.
Oh my god. Did you hear what I’m saying? God says you’re not suffering for no reason.
When the suffering is over, I got something on the other side of it.
Now all you people that’s not suffering don’t shout. But all you people who’ve been going through some help?
That means that the suffering is a sign that you’re about to get a breakthrough You don’t need the breakthrough to praise god.
I want you to praise him right now like it’s already broken.
Oh, yes. Oh, yeah.
Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. It’s gonna break. It’s gonna break.
If it don’t break today, it’s gonna break tomorrow. If it don’t break tomorrow, it’s gonna break Thursday.
If it don’t break Thursday, it’s gonna break Friday, but I come too far not to turn around.
That devil is going to break. Give me 30 seconds of crazy, please.
No. No. No. No.
I said crazy print. Yeah.
Yeah. Finished. I’m almost finished.
I wanna read one more scripture to you right quick out of Hebrews 1032 through 36, and I’m done.
Hebrews 10, 32 through 36 Hebrews 10, 32 through 36.
But call to remembrance the former days in which after ye were enlightened, ye endeared a great conflict of sufferings.
Oh, partly being made a gazing stark, both by reproaches and afflictions.
And partly, becoming partakers with them that were so used.
For you both had compassion on them, that were in bonds and took joyful the spoiling of your possessions.
Knowing that you have for yourselves a better possession and an abiding one.
In other words, stop fighting over stuff.
Whether they got it or you got it, god’s got something.
They don’t believe me. I said god’s got something.
If you didn’t get it, god’s got something.
If you don’t get that house, god’s got something.
If you didn’t marry that man, god’s got something.
If you didn’t get that job, god’s got something. So lift up your head, oh, ye gates.
And be he lifted up he everlasting doors, because god is saving you for something.
Maybe it’s somebody in the balcony. God is saving you for something better.
Stop crying about what you lost. God is saving you for something better.
So that I don’t say it. Cast not away. Therefore, your bonus.
Your bonus. You can’t be walking around with your hand down like you.
Tell me, I’m just going through something.
I’m being kinda depressed, and I’m just not up to it right now. God said, don’t throw away your bonus.
Your attitude. Has something to do with your altitude. Keep your bonus.
Lose your car, but keep your bonus. Lose your friends. But keep your bonus.
Lose your job, but keep your bonus. Lose your client, but keep your bonus.
Don’t be walking around like you lost everything.
Walk out there, put on your best stuff, hold your head up, and your back straight and keep your bolder.
Somebody’s screaming me. I’m bald. This is not my year to be shy.
This is not my year to be intimidated. This is not my year to back up.
This is not my year to faint. This is not my year to take down.
This is my year to be bold. Somebody holl on bow.
You might not like me because I’m bold. You might call me arrogant because I’m bold.
You might get an attitude because I’m bold.
But for what I’m trying to get out, I got to get over in this thing and get bold about it.
I prophesigned to somebody in this room that the thing that you think is stuck is gonna break loose if you get bold about it.
Who am talking to. The devil is trying to make you give up, but the devil is a liar.
Cast not away there for your boldness in which there is great recompense of reward.
The recompense means god’s gonna pay you just because you bow.
Just because you walked in the door. Just because you said yes when other people said no.
Just because you went after it. Just because you strengthened yourself.
Just because you made up your mind. Somebody give him a praise for a minute.
Give him a praise.
Give him a praise. Give him a praise.
Highfive somebody and tell him getting bold about this thing. I’m getting bold about this thing.
I’m getting bold about this thing. Know god is getting ready to reward me.
A recompenses coming my way.
A door is not to open in my life, I’m gonna call those things that are not enough.
As though they were, I’m gonna write it down. I’m gonna draw up the business plan.
I’m getting bold about what god promised me. I tired of being quiet.
I’m tired of sitting back. I’m tired of laying down. I’m getting bold about this thing.
Make some noise if you’re ready to be So the end of the Texas, for ye have need a patient You have deemed a patience that having done the will of god, you may receive the promise.
Shake hands with 7 people and say wait for it. Wait for it.
It’s coming. Wait for it. I’m not gonna stay in this prison. Wait for it.
I’m coming through the storm. Wait for it. God’s got a future for me.
Uh, god’s got an expected end for me. God’s gonna move the mountain out of my way.
I got patience up. He may not come when I want to come, but he’s right on time.
If I’m talking to you, take the roof off of this please.
Open your mouth. Open your mouth.
Open your and give god the praise,
waiting for the power.
Paving for the patience, for the Bible said, after David had had patience, for 3 months, power to get it from the Philistines, patience to leave it in the house of O’Bared Idham.
When he finally got it back.
The Bible said that David started praising I mean, the moment he got the glory back, he started praising god.
That’s why he wrote the scripture. He inhabit surprises of his people.
If you want god to rest on your back, All you got to do is be appraisal.
The reason that other bad is that he touched God without praise.
And if you touch god without praise, you’ll die.
But if you’re entering into his cage with things giving and his courts with praise.
God, a make a way out of no way. I don’t even like to sit beside people.
That won’t praise the lord, because I don’t want that dead spirit of other to follow me.
I need to sit besides somebody that knows how to give god the praise so that when the glory is moving in the church, it will not pass talk to me.
I wanna sit with somebody that will open their mouth and give the glory.
I’m gonna do a praise check. Hallelujah. Look up and down your road.
If in our praise and god move, because this is your year to open your mouth and give not the glory and give him the praise because it’s one thing.
That’s everything. All I want is the glory.
If I got the glory, the doors go open. If I the glory.
The mountains go move. If I got the glory, the yoke will be broken up. Oh, god.
Give us your glory. And the only way to get the glory, the rest of your shoulders is to give him the praise.
Let me hear you praising one more time.
Not about the quotes, because I can feel the praise radiating against the walls, bouncing off the ceiling, sending blessings down because when praises go up, blessings down.
I got one more pee to put with the praise.
And every time they took 6 places, they gave god unoffering.
The word paces in Hebrew means big steps.
The side of you in 2024.
This is your year, not to baby steps.
This is your year to stretch your legs
and pace yourself I prophesy to you.
Take big steps.
Go with nobody. And then bad to go before.
I want you to move out of your seat and start taking big steps.
Big steps big steps in your life.
Big steps in your business. When it put it forward, you showed here
We gonna steal it.
We gonna steal it.
With a testimony. Touch everybody you can touch and tell them to get ready.
For some big step. Me some space.
I’m about to take some big steps. I’m about to move about the dimension.
Why about this stuff with that?
Give him a

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