Jack Hibbs To Day : We Are At War

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Jack Hibbs To Day : We Are At War

Until the Prince of Peace returns, believers are at war. The battle is all around us in the spiritual realm, and we cannot ignore or avoid it. Learn to fight the war from the victory thatโ€™s already been won at the cross. Jack Hibbs tells us how to stand firm and fight in todayโ€™s episode of Real Life TV.

This Real Life TV program is taken from a recent teaching by Pastor Jack. It has been formatted for TV and contains some additional material. We hope you gain new insights as you enjoy this message.

Friends, listen. We are at war according to the Bible, and I’m not talking about war mongering.
I’m not talking about promoting war at all.
In fact, I’m waiting for the prince of peace to return Jesus Christ himself, but the fact of the matter is, listen carefully to this, we’re at war on all fronts.
It’s not something that’s just between nations, you know, and political powers.
It’s about invisible warfare that the Bible tells us about.
You and I obviously live right here on planet Earth in the physical realm. That is clearly obvious.
You and I live. We act. We breathe. We interact on the physical realm, but notice.
What is being animated in physical realm is being animated by invisible attributes it animates our body.
Our brain doesn’t do. What our will is, our brain is about an eight pound piece of gray matter.
It’s the soul and the spirit that resides mysteriously, spiritually in who we are.
The Bible tells us that we are actually as believers, the temple of the living god.
That’s a spiritual declaration. So listen, when I talk about war, I’m talking about physical things being manifested in the realm of the spirit and vice versa, by the way.
Spiritual things manifesting themselves in the physical world around us is equally true.
Sometimes it’s pretty pretty unexplainable, perhaps. Sometimes it’s pretty terrifying.
Sometimes you throw your hands up and you say, what in the world is going on?
So let’s grab our bibles because the truth is, we’re at war.
Number 8, the war against men.
The war against men. I believe one of Satan’s greatest attacks is against men. Keep men dumb.
Don’t let them lead. Have them take the back seat. Don’t let them sacrifice.
Don’t let them do the things that god designed them to do.
I believe Satan is against these things. A man was created a certain way, obviously.
A woman was created a certain way.
A man was created in a certain way for sure, and god knows exactly what he’s doing.
Genesis chapter 1 verse 26, Then god said, let us notice the trinity.
Let us make man an our image. God says, mankind.
But he started with Adam.
Is it I I I I tell this as often as I can. It’s amazing to me.
Eve is the mother of mankind.
All people came from Eve, but Eve came from Adam. Is that wild?
God put him to sleep, yanked out his rib. I don’t know.
He yanked out his rib, but he took his rib.
The Bible says again, in Genesis chapter 1 verse 27, next verse.
So god created man in his own image. In the image of god, he created him, male and female.
He created them. Absolute symbiotic perfection.
God speaks creates male, female, completely different, but compatible, and they come together as 1.
What an amazing thing. But you and I live in a world of lies right now.
Lies like this. Men cannot be strong. You’re not allowed. So what do men do?
They back away. Men are told they can’t be leaders anymore.
Men are told that they can’t have an opinion anymore.
If you watch the commercials on TV, honestly, go watch them. We don’t know how to buy a battery.
We can’t shop. We don’t even know how to use our phones. We can barely walk, actually.
We have to use our knuckles to walk.
And, uh, a man cannot possibly know what he should do with his life.
There’s a war on men. I find it interesting, by the way, in the world of biology.
Did you know that when a woman miscarries You know the bulk of miscarried babies or males?
Did you know from the moment of conception, the male has a strike against them all along the way?
How many, uh, children are brought into the world? Uh, more? Male or female? Female by by far?
I think Satan hates men. Number 9 is the war against women.
The war against women in Genesis chapter 2 verse 18.
The lord god said it is not good that man should be alone.
I will make him a helper comparable to him.
Comparable, comparable, look what the Hebrew meaning of the word is. It’s absolutely awesome.
The word for the wife and the husband relationship for the woman in this in life period.
When god says I’ve made for Adam a woman, she is to be conspicuous Think of that word.
That’s what the Hebrew word means. Obvious. She’s to be obvious. And it’s obvious that’s Adam’s wife.
An ally a woman has to be an ally. The answer.
The mean the word means one who encourages, informs, denounces, displays, explains, to give evidence to, to inform, to speak plainly.
Now I re I’m reading you god’s definition of why there’s a woman, why god gives wives.
And I love the reality of this.
To be an ally, Most of us men at times are tempted to reject the ally feature of the wife.
That comes from insecurity. She encourages. She informs. She denounces.
She said, I don’t like that.
I know you don’t like that because that’s her saying I think you’re wrong about.
You should have made a left turn back there. She says you ought not to be doing that.
She speaks truth.
She speaks plainly she informs the power of a woman I forget who said this.
I’m just going from memory, but the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.
And, boy, that’s so true. The power of a woman.
Wife, be it a mother, the power of a woman.
And friends today, we’re in a world at war.
Number 10, because I’m going quick now is the war against children.
We’re all aware of this one.
It’s this one, though, that I have a hard time controlling my emotions personally, and I confess that up front, the Bible says in Proverbs 22 verse 6, train up a child in the way that he should go or she should go.
And when he is old or when she is old, they will not depart from it.
Now this is an important passage of scripture. It’s often misunderstood.
When the Bible says train up a child in the way that it should go.
Now, and I need all of you to take you need to handle this. You ready? Usher’s locked the doors.
Nobody escapes. This is pure truth, and here it comes right out of the Bible.
You’re pregnant, you have a baby and you go home with the baby and your friends call you or whatever email tag.
I don’t What’d you have?
You none of none of us ever took our kid on the way home called our parents or grand what is We we don’t know.
We’re not we’re not sure what we have here. We’re not we don’t even know yet.
We don’t know. So so take a look. Look under the hood. What’s there? What do you see?
I’m speaking whatever five year old knew 20 years ago, maybe even last week.
We live in a world that is so deceived with the war on truth and logic and everything else that we’re talking about, that there are those who would argue with you about your own child if you were to say, hey, celebrate with us.
We just had a little boy, and they’ll post on your side or something. How do you know?
Don’t even answer people like that. The Bible says never answer a fool in their folly.
Did you know that? I need a text in the back or I need to email the don’t you dare?
You don’t you don’t answer a fool in their folly. You just let them be in their folly.
Don’t don’t engage them. My point is this friends The Bible says train up your child in the way that they should go.
That means you check the plumbing. If you’re con if they look.
Some people have twins, male, female, boy girl twins. They look exactly the same at birth, except body parts.
Their biology is different. Their chemistry is different. They’re different. Even if they’re twins.
And the Bible says, even if you have twins like that, train them up in the way that they should go.
You check the plumbing and you realize she’s a girl and he’s a boy. Listen.
This is gonna be a hard truth. You’re gonna hate me for this. No, seriously.
Without any intentions, without any preconceived notions, your four year old boy might grab your high heels and go down the hallway, click in your high heels because it sounds cool.
What are you supposed to do as a parent? Do you stand and observe?
Or do you say, yo, dude. Here’s the deal.
Those are for your sister and for mommy.
Get your dad’s boots and take a listen to how those sound. Let’s put those on now.
Put your dad’s boots on and go down the hallway stomping. What are you doing?
It’s called parenting. Watch. Watch this. Oh, but watch.
The woke progressive world that we live in will say, oh my gosh.
You’re abusing that child. Oh, yeah. What do you want us to do? Give them to us.
We’ll totally make them into our image. Isn’t that funny?
You’re not allowed to parent, but they are allowed to groom.
You can’t you brought that child into the world, but you have no authority over that child.
The moment that kid crosses the property of the school, which you pay for it.
They’ll tell them what their gender is.
And immediately, your little kids, our little kids are being confronted with the philosophy of these of a dark world or a world of light, a world of light, or a world of truth?
The reason why we’re seeing so much going on in our culture today regarding this genderality stuff is because of a lack of parenting.
If you listen. If you don’t wanna be courageous, don’t be a parent.
If you don’t wanna grow up, don’t be a parent.
But if you wanna be a parent, you gotta parent.
And, listen, sometimes there’s events with boy and or girl. It doesn’t matter.
Go out in the backyard with them, roll around in the mud, chop down a tree, uh, change the oil in the car, get the sun and daughter down there, get all dirty, fun, and sweaty.
It’s awesome. They love it. But there’s certain things that god has preserved for women and young girls, and there’s a certain thing that god has preserved for boys and for men.
And he’s and to mess with that, To mess with that equation is to destroy a child’s mind.
That child didn’t destroy their mind.
We either allowed it, Are we left them vulnerable to the powers that be?
And the powers that be are diametrically opposed to the plan of god and our world around us.
Children are under attack. Good is under attack.
Good is under attack today. The Bible says in Isaiah chapter 5 verse 20.
What are those who called evil good and good evil? Is this not our day?
Who put darkness for light and light for darkness, bitter for sweet sweet for bitter woe to those who are wise in their own eyes.
That is a 2 verses on pure confusion.
Oh, look at the beautiful sunlight out right now. That’s not sunlight.
Something to twist, something to turn, something to make untrue.
Good is under attack. You do good today, and you’ll be probably ridiculed for it, getting trouble for it.
And then finally, you guys is the war against the pulpit, and we’ll end with this.
In Revelation chapter 1 verse 20, it starts out by saying the mystery of the 7 stars.
By the way, this is Jesus speaking.
The mystery of the 7 stars, which you saw in my right hand, and the 7 golden lampstands, The 7 stars are the 7 angels, not angels that like Gabriel or Michael.
These are angels. We would say pastors, messengers, proclaimers, The 7 stars are the 7 pastors, proclaimers, messengers of the 7 churches, the Eglucia, the congregation, the church.
And the 7 lampstands, which you saw are the 7 churches, chapter 2 verse 1.
And to the pastor, of the church at Ephasis rights.
7 times Jesus will say, and to the pastor of the church at Ephasis, to to the pastor of the church of Thiah Tyra, to the past of the church of Laodicea, to the past of the church at Sardis.
Are you with me, everybody, to to the past of the church at Philadelphia? And he speaks to them.
This is the this is the 21st century, and this is 2024.
The world around us is falling apart.
And yet, it’s the glorious hour for the church to stand.
But listen, the church won’t stand unless it’s got pastors in the pulpit that are more afraid of the judgment of god than of the government.
You’ve got to fear god.
I’m gonna quote myself here on this if it offend you, then that’s on me.
But the pastor’s to be a man of god called to be the voice of god, to the church, and to the culture to which he’s been called the pastor’s real estate matters, location, location, location, is his pulpit where he has been placed and those who are influenced by his calling will be witness of it.
In other words, There are no pastors in America, unless they’ve got Bible open, and they’re teaching the flock of god to look the god to know god and to know god’s word.
And and this year is gonna cause a great shaking.
And you’re gonna see I don’t know what pretend pastors from real pastors.
And don’t be surprised by the end of the year that the pretend pastors will be gone but the real pastors will be standing bloody cheeks, swollen eye, missing a tooth, war, uh, armor dented, but thank god, armor was used.
But church, according to the Bible, the pulpit is the place where the truth is to be proclaimed without apology.
According to the Bible, the pulpit is the place where the church is trained in righteousness.
According to the Bible, it’s a place where faith is ever increasing and developed.
And according to the Bible, the pulpit is the place where biblical doctrine has and is the final word of god.
We are living in some very perilous times.
I’m gonna ask you to stand as I read to you these last final scriptures here regarding the pulpit, 1st verse, uh, Jeremiah chapter 3 verse 15, God says, I will give you shepherds according to my heart who will feed you with knowledge and understanding.
Just think about that for a moment. Ask yourself this question.
Is this happening on the pulpits of America? In some places, yes. To buy and large, no.
Next verse, Jeremiah, 2034. I will set up shepherds over them who will feed them, and they shall solicit.
They shall fear no more. Why?
Whatever food the shepherds feeding the sheep of god, the result is they don’t have any more fear.
They are not dismayed anymore, nor shall they be lacking, says the lord. That’s powerful stuff.
You don’t need to be afraid. It’s flu season. Happens every year.
Klaus Schwab announced the other day that the X virus is coming. Did you see that?
It’s called the X virus. It’s not funny, by the way.
The X virus, it’s it’s it’s a designer virus. No. I mean, it’s made.
Don’t be afraid. Why? You have this word.
And he himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastor teachers for the equipping of the saints.
That’s you. That’s us. For the work and of ministry, that’s what we do.
For the edifying of the body of Christ, that’s why we love on one another. That’s what it’s for.
It’s called church. I’m gonna ask you to lift your hands in dedication to god halfway through this prayer.
If you chicken out, put your hands down.
Heavenly father, we stand before you with our hands outstretched, and we dedicate our lives to you today.
We ask you Holy Spirit to possess us to fill us to baptize us afresh and the renewing power of your word.
Heavenly father, we declare the name of Jesus.
Our hearts are bowed low.
Our knees are bowed low. We proclaim him and him alone, lord and savior.
We dedicate our lives to the lord now.
We pray that every step of our lives from this moment forward in this year to come now, that god, we would be ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ for god’s soul of the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever would believe on him would not perish, but have everlasting life.
That you would trust Jesus and that the world would hear the gospel through us, that Christ died for us and rose again from the dead.
So father, here we stand, we ask you to fortify us and to galvanize us to cause us to speak up and to stand up and to show up.
God that we might honor you.
As husbands, as men, as wives, as women.
Our children would be blessed And god, we pray.
We pray. So I pray selfishly.
That starting from Chino Hills, the pulpits of America might catch fire with the Holy Spirit’s presence like this nation has never seen before until it reaches the tip of Maine into the Keys of Florida.
Into the islands of Washington State and everywhere in between. We dedicate ourselves to you, dear god.
We pray in Jesus name and all god’s people said, Amen. God bless you. Well, friends, listen.
It is so obvious that we are at war in our culture, in our world, in the church and our very faith.
Listen. Now is the time for us to just stop playing it safe.
I think the days of being spectator Christians are long gone.
We are in the fight of our lives as believers.
We are to stand for what is right speak up for what is true.
In fact, god warns us that we ought not to be silent in the day of adversity.
For pastors, we are commanded to blow the Trump and of warning to god’s people.
No more are the assumptions that the ship’s just gonna write itself.
We’re living in the last days, friends, as Jesus said.
But listen, all I know for sure is that we have the word of god, but that’s not a statement of desperation.
It’s a statement of assurance.
All I know is that we have the word of God because that’s all we need.
You and I have got Jesus Christ.
He is the commander in chief of this battle in this war, and he’s the captain of our souls, and he’s leading us on into victory.
Now I’m talking about the victory that after you and I have been contending against evil, we’ve been speaking up against what’s wrong.
We’ve been sharing our, uh, concerns uh, to our elected officials, to the the police chief, to the school board, to, uh, the office, whatever it might be.
We are Chris first. And that we are to be shining that light. We are to be that salt.
And what is so important about us being commanded to do that is that if we do that, We must do that, friend.
We must do. It’s not like if, but since we are going to do that, we must be busy about our father’s business.
That’s the key. To be busy about our father’s business.
That’s why we, right here, want you to be in the word of god, 20 fourseven, 365.
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But most importantly, know Jesus by walking with Jesus until next time.
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