How to Develop in Spiritual Maturity – Episode 2

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How to Develop in Spiritual Maturity – Episode 2

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Coming up next on changing your world.
I’m gonna take something that you have desired all your life, and it’s been ruining your life, been ruining your relationships.
And he says, because you trust me, I’m gonna give you a new desire.
I don’t know no human like that.
They can give you a new desire on the inside.
And once he’s changed your desires, ultimately, the bottom line to everything in your life is to please god.
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At a uh, uh.
I am so okay with getting up and sharing scripture after scripture after scripture.
And I am fine preaching to a church who wants to listen and learn, and I am so deliberate from doing a cartwheel to see if I can get you to jump up and scream and say, preach pastor.
I wanna make sure you’re learning something and improving, and I wanna make sure that I can have an opportunity to see you get picked off the tree and be used.
But sometimes you have to just settle down and just make it plain so people can see it.
Second Corinthians chapter 3 verse 18.
So all of us who have had that veil removed can see and reflect the glory of the lord.
And the lord who is the spirit makes us more and more like him. Now, stop right there.
So, you know, when I started looking at this, I’m thinking, man, this is really gonna be hard.
I mean, me maturing is going to be hard, and so that’s my first mistake.
He’s not asking me to do the work of maturing myself.
He’s asking me to depend on him to do the work of maturing me.
I have a beautiful announcement to make that god has accepted the responsibility to live in you, walk in you, and work in you.
It is not God who’s walking on your side, and he’s not walking in your back, he walking in you.
Praise god. And and and I want you to do this for a homework assignment want you to go and look up all the scriptures where you see god saying I’ll do the work.
I he says, I will keep you from falling. Clover to god.
He said, I will give you
the fruit of the spirit.
You, you, you, you’re up here trying to get the fruit of the spirit by something you came up with.
And you, it’s the fruit of the spirit. It ain’t your fruit. You are a branch. Branches don’t produce fruit.
Branches receive fruit that are produced by the vine. Praise god.
And, and, and I don’t care what a branch does.
He can never work hard enough to be able to get some fruit, hallelujah.
I’m telling you, god is working on the inside of each of us, and he’s producing the fruit of love and producing the fruit of peace.
He’s producing the fruit of kindness.
Honey, if you’ll stick with him and, and, and let him do the work in you, you will, you will learn how to be kind to people.
It don’t cost much to be kind to people.
And, and, You know what you’re saying when you’re mean to folks, and you were Christian?
Don’t call us much to be kind.
But that that gave me comfort. He’s working in me.
He’s working in me. He’s working to me to give me the desire to wanna do what’s right.
See, he’s working deep on the inside of
me, hallelujah. I can do
the work on outside, but
I can’t do the work on the inside.
See, I can try
to discipline myself and make myself do this and make myself do that.
And I might do it for a couple of months, But there’s nothing like when something has changed in you, hallelujah.
And from on the inside of you, the change
is now seen on the outside of you,
and he is the one that can do the change on the inside. This country needs an inside change.
An inside change.
And that’s that’s the that’s the job of the Holy Spirit. Somebody said, well, everybody’s ignoring the church. No.
No. No. This is the time. This is the best time for the church right now.
When people can’t figure out, why is it that I want to kill myself?
Why am I mean Why am I hatred? Why am I doing that?
And then they can come to churches and preachers will begin to preach. Hey, man.
Jesus is the example, and he’s gonna do the work on the inside and he’ll do it.
You just believe him. You just trust him. He’s gonna work on the inside of you.
He’s gonna take away your, your, your won’t twos and give you new one twos, and and and you ain’t gonna don’t, you ain’t gonna wanna want to do what you used to wanna do, but that happened on the inside.
You’ve tried to stopped smoking. You’ve tried to stop having, uh, illicit sexual activity.
You’ve tried to do all kinds of stuff, and it seems like you’ve been doing it for a while, and then you fall right back at that same place.
Well, I got good news this morning. I wanna introduce you to a doctor who’s never lost a patient.
I wanna introduce you to a lawyer who has never off the case.
It is a holy ghost that had moved on the inside of you ready to do the work for you if you’ll take your hands off the steering wheel.
Get out of the cockpit and let him do the fly do do the flying for you, praise god.
You you’ll wanna be nice to you, ex wife.
You will want to be nice.
To that person that lied to you and, and, and was responsible for your brokenness.
And, you know, you needed some time away to heal. I understand that. The human part says, I am hurt.
I need to heal. Yes, sir. So I’m not telling you to jump right away. Hey.
You destroyed my whole life. Miserable. I’m broken. Hallelujah. I’m not interested to do that.
I don’t really I don’t really like when people try to ignore the human side.
And so when somebody dies, You tell them you tell them, well, you ought not grieve.
That’s wrong. Hey. That’s wrong. Why why are you serious? Felt like my
arm just got pulled off. Somebody died, and
and I love him. I’m gonna miss him.
The bible even talks about god weeping. And then we’re going around telling people, no.
You are not cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t cry. Don’t Don’t cry.
Are you kidding me? I’m a cry my eyeballs out. I’m a cry in front of everybody.
I’m I’m a I you don’t tell me to do that. I gotta deal with the human side of me.
He says, don’t grieve as those who have no hope. He didn’t say, don’t grieve.
The human side.
Okay. I got I got a Lou.
I got to go in there for a moment then, Look at Philippians 2 13 real quick.
Let me show you something. Let me show you this. This is so important. Spiritual maturity, man.
Coming to a plate of place of completeness. I’ve completed the course on being angry.
I’ve completed the course on being addicted.
I I I I’ve I’ve completed the course of of you know, idolatry, and I’m I’m not putting god putting nobody in god’s place anymore.
I’ve I’ve completed the course. For god is working in you. There he is.
Who’s working in you? Are you willing to let him do the work? Because here’s maturity.
Maturity is I am willing to let god do the work.
I’m so tired of coming up with strategies of my own and on my own, only to end up at the same place looks like I’ve made progress only to be revealed that my progress was short lived because I him out of the way, and I have more confidence in me doing the work when the Bible says, for god is working in you, say this out loud.
God is working in me. So when you get up one morning and you’re feeling differently about this person, differently about this situation, not wanting to do the thing that you’ve been trying not to do, that’s god who’s been working in you.
Some people are doing this.
Some people pity packing up. People like, I ain’t got this yet.
Because you have been busy practicing self reliance.
God is working in me. Say that.
Say it again. Say it one more time.
So the obvious question here is, what what is he doing?
Or you, you know, you you don’t wanna just stop there with god’s working in me.
I I it’s alright to ask god a question.
You know, that that was a religious thing misunderstand it to us.
You ought not to ask god a question?
No. No. No. No. No. That’s not what he’s talking about.
There’s a difference between questioning god and asking god a question. Questioning is questioning in doubt.
It means you already didn’t know the answer, but you’re questioning god anyway.
Well, if you’re god, then how come you let that happen? Actually, you’re doubting him.
So he says, don’t doubt him or don’t don’t the operating questionings.
But to ask the question, like Mary did, you know, when when an angel’s payment said, you’re gonna get pregnant without a man, she asked a very legitimate question.
How can this be? Seeing I haven’t had sex with a man for this to
happen, and what is Joseph gonna say? You think Joseph just took that
you know, uh, baby, you
you you you you’re getting kinda round now now. What’s going on? I’m pregnant.
Oh, well, how do you get pregnant? The holy ghost?
Think those are humans, the Holygo. The where the Holygo live at?
Give me the address. He asked the question.
And the only way that situation turned up, alright, was because god had to speak to Joseph.
Oh, the Jos would have been like Gladys Nightnam.
I’m leaving. On that midnight train. Do you heed you?
God is working where in you, what is he doing?
What is he doing? What is the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives to give you the desire and the power to do what pleases him.
That’s the root of what what our issues are.
We we we we don’t have the desire to do it. Nor the ability to do
But you’re asking, well, how why do I not have the desire to to do what pleases god?
And, and, and, and I tried to change my desires.
And you’ve even heard people say, well, you know, you
can’t you can’t change how you feel about
a thing. Just just just And, and I’m like, yes, you can.
Well, no, I I believe that you’re kinda right,
but you can change it by allowing the Holy Spirit to do the work.
The holy spirit will give you the desire.
Do you understand what happens when your desire has changed?
A lot of stuff follows that now.
You understand what happens when you no longer possess the desire to bless somebody out when they make you mad.
Post Spirit does that.
And now you you do you have that new desire, and you do and follow that new desire because what’s this?
I wanna please God. I think that’s missing in Christian life, a desire to wanna please god. Yes.
Yes, ma’am. I wanna please god. So my sister’s, well, what is it now?
It’s, I wanna please myself. And the Holy Spirit is working in you to wanna please god.
And how is he gonna do it? He says, I’m gonna work on your desire.
I’m gonna take something that you have desired all your life, and it’s been ruining your life and ruining your relationships.
And he says, because you trust me, I’m gonna give you a new desire.
I don’t know no human like that to give you a new desire on the inside And once he’s changed your desires, ultimately, the bottom line to everything in your life is to please god.
A desire to please god.
The Holy Spirit is giving you everybody that can hear my voice the Holy Spirit is giving you a desire to wanna please him.
And every time you look around, you just wanna please god
And you might be in the middle of an argument, and you stop maybe and just hold up and say, wait, hold on, man.
I I just wanna please calm. I just wanna please, god, I just had a human moment.
You know? You said you’re just gonna get my $20 back by the end of the week, and I I already had plans $20 than you to give it back.
And and and I had a human moment.
I but at the end of the day, I just wanna please god.
And then god speaks to you and said, well, go ahead and let him have
the $20. And you’re like, get it, but I should.
He’s working on you.
He’s working in you. What’s this? He’s working for you. Thank you. Yeah. Uh-huh.
I wanna do. To wanna please god.
You’re gonna start noticing men are gonna start coming back to church in in droves. Why?
Why? Cause god’s working in your man’s life.
So you quit trying to be the Holy Ghost.
Back up and watch god do the work.
It’s certainly not gonna help when
he comes home to work every day. You’re like, you ain’t no man. Well, you you shouldn’t even say that.
You you you don’t even know what a man is. What are you talking about? You ain’t no man.
You’re upset. You’re having a human moment. Okay?
And you’re not making it better, and you’re trying to make something happen most of the time that only the Holy Spirit can make happen, if you’ll start trusting and believing him.
And then all of a sudden, your man come home, he got a whole change of mind about some.
You know what, babe? I think I need to get a job.
Saint John 13, 34, and 35.
Saint John 13, 34, 35.
So so what are you doing?
It’s it’s it’s I think it’s the most needed adjustment I need to make in my preaching right now is go to the scripture, read the scripture, explain the preaching to you, and let the scripture pre disarm.
So now I am giving you a new commandment.
Okay. So some people say that in the new covenant, there are no commandments. No. No. No.
No. No. I’m giving you a new commandment, and here’s the commandment that he’s talking about here in the new covenant.
Love each other. Yes, sir. Oh my goodness. Simple. Right? Why
in the world?
Do we have an atmosphere of hate amongst Christian people who don’t agree with somebody else’s view?
When it’s very replying here,
love each other. It didn’t say love each other only when you agree with each other.
How many of y’all have
family members that you they have views that you don’t agree with? Alright.
Did you dismiss them from being your family member? Alright. Somebody said, wow.
Well, if you’re dismissed them or not, they’re still your family.
I used to tell my girls.
I said, you can’t you you I’m I’m
the only dad that you can ever have. Tapping the only moment you got.
I am I am realizing how important this is. Love each other.
Not when it’s convenient, not when I feel better about you.
Like I said, we don’t have any excuse to walk out of love because it’s god’s love.
The first act of the Holy Spirit was to pour supernatural love into our hearts.
So we’re not limited by natural love. We have supernatural love wherewith we can love what’s not lovely.
Think of that. Only the love of god can love what’s not lovely.
You might have show some
of y’all when I was doing the the talk show.
You might have show where I had the guy as a guest who adopted his son’s killer?
That was when I when I had him on the show and I
sat there and I thought I thought, man, my my love needs to mature more.
Because I’m thinking like, okay. So you did what?
You adopted as your son, this grown man that killed your blood son.
And he said, he said, pastor, I know how that sounds.
I I used to ask myself something must be wrong with me.
And I thought, I don’t care how I feel about it.
I don’t care what my opinion is about it.
His love is mature, and I saw mine needed more work.
I was like, wow. And I know there’s no way you can do that in natural.
He was not loving in the natural.
He was loving with that supernatural love that got poured down on the inside of it.
You’re ready to be picked and used when you can love that way.
And all I could say was, lord, let me be able to love that way.
I I was so convicted. I was almost in tears because I it’s
not needed me sitting there like I can relate with him. I’m thinking, there’s no way humanly possible that
I would be able to do that. And the lord said to
me, he says, but he didn’t do that with human possibility.
And he said that most Christians would would would tap into the love that I gave them instead of tapping into their head, human love, then the whole world won’t be different.
I thought I’ve come close to that. I there was a man used to dog me.
I used to hate me, and I paid for his, whatever, uh, thing he was doing.
Just paid the whole thing off, and it did something to him.
And that’s what love does.
And love will change this whole world, but it’s gotta start with with Christian people.
It’s gotta start with us, and it’s crazy.
We because that’s what we should represent, but we’re not representing that in some cases, But that’s what we’ve got.
Somebody’s gotta do that. So I volunteered all of you.
I volunteered the I volunteered the world changes nation to stand up boldly and strong in supernatural love and to love when it’s not convenient.
Love each other.
See, if you’re not willing to love in those cases, your love is just convenient love.
Just it’s I was talking to Tiff about this as faint love, unfeigned, I think, unfaint or fake love.
And it’s gonna be tested so that love can be which word, eritment.
Kosgothian, I’m gonna need you to have that. As a foundation for me
to use you in these situations.
I have now discovered that the way people treat you is how they treat themselves.
And so when I see them treating me mean and stuff I’m like, oh, wow.
You just told me that that’s how you treat you.
Wow. So now I have a little bit more sympathy or something.
I I’m I’m not ready to just fly off the handle because I’m like, oh, poor thing.
They’re trying to traumatize me because they’re still traumatized.
We’re Christian people. This is the stuff that we should be be eating, feeding off of.
This is the stuff that we should be knowing.
I I don’t know what it is we’ve been doing, but this is this is the stuff.
This stuff’s this is what makes us who we call ourselves.
Love each other.
Just as I have loved you,
you should love each other. Somebody says, oh, that sounds real cute, but let’s break down what he said.
Just as I love you, so that means he had to love the guy that beat him up, the guy that whipped him with a cat of nine tails, the guy that nailed nails in his hands and in his feet.
The people that stoned him on his way to the cross to be healed.
for gay and loved.
In that situation, And what he’s asking you to do is so much less than that.
What do you say when you get to heaven?
Well, I couldn’t do that. That just hurt my feelings.
And he says, yeah, but I went to hell for you.
Why do Christians have to go through adversity?
We’ve all asked this before, but have you ever had an acceptable answer?
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Oh, there’s something about opening your mouth and declaring what the word of god says But he knows what’s down the street around the corner behind the building, and you’re immediately getting upset because you rubbed on the genie lamp, and the genie didn’t give you your 3 wishes.
That’s not how this operates.
It’s a relationship with god.
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