The Strange Mathematics of The Trinity – How 3 Equals 1! | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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  1. My birthday is 3/13/93 at 11:59pm. I just found out from my birth mother (adopted) I was originally due feb 26. Also by birth was right in the middle of the “storm of the century “
    Last year 12/8/22 I was in the ER dying from OD. During detox I at my worst (and this was my worst exp) I desperately said “Jesus…please help me.”

    Many things happened but the most outstanding was when I blew into an image I drew on YomKippur at 11:59pm (my TOB came into play as the objective was revealed. 30min earlier i began resisting a temptation after watching Isaiah Saldivar saying to give God 30min.

    I only found out what Yom Kippur was the next day and there were many things and people that could have had me doing something else.

    When I found what I did was written in Revelation exactly how it happened I felt confused and scared. Shortly after Hamas attack and finding the passage I was afraid I set something in motion. Other preternatural / strange things have happened.

    I was holding back because Satans voice would cause me doubt by telling me I was prideful and narcissistic which unfortunately seemed more reasonable. But on the other hand I’ve had many gentle reminders saying I can do what’s required and brought back to the first moment I wanted I felt willing and able and invited Jesus Christ to let me be his vessel so I could unpoison the world like he did for me.

    I was talking to another rabbi in Chabad asking him about his view on Jesus as Messiah. He explained the Jewish messianic era which resonated with me because Moses and Jesus planted the seeds of Gods word. Mankind watered it and. Satan poisoned it.

    Is it possible someone born perfectly on time with three 3s in his birthday could be the 3rd generation of Gods living word and would help build the third temple by 33years of age? 3 years from now.

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