How The Devil Is Using The Carrot Principle To Manipulate Your Life | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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How The Devil Is Using The Carrot Principle To Manipulate Your Life | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

There is a principle that guides much of human action, even yours. But if you can channel it for the Lord, it can revolutionize your life.

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Look at the first temptation. The fruit.
The fruit is gonna bring them death, but he tells them it’s gonna bring them knowledge and they’re gonna be like god.
So in in their mind, that’s pleasure. So they partake of that, which is gonna kill him.
Pleasure is built also by god before it gets twisted by the enemy.
It’s built to keep you alive. It’s there. Part of it. For instance, you eat food, you have pleasure. Why?
Cause if you don’t, you’re gone. Sexualality has pleasure to keep life alive.
Some things though that aren’t that simple, they require another element.
For example, food gives me pleasure But if I don’t have money, I can’t get food.
So my mind is actually will adjust and will actually give pleasure, or our minds will adjust that we actually will get pleasure out of this green paper.
Okay? Because money having this, I can do other things. So my mind actually attaches it.
So therefore, I do, for instance, when you, you know, you know, when money becomes the end in itself, then it’s all messed up.
Now we can go farther. You know, for instance, say there’s a job or a career that’s gonna that that’s gonna that it’s gonna help us.
Well, we can we can we hear about that career as something happens, the door opens, we get pleasure because it’s ultimately linked to life.
Why do you get up in the morning?
Why do you get up early in the morning, especially if your work is not that amazing because of the principle.
Because in your mind, you say, if I don’t get up, I don’t work, I’m gonna have pain.
I’m gonna have not money and have pain there. So therefore, I get up and I do this. Okay.
Or look at people in gyms. They’re lifting weights. I mean, sweating. There doesn’t look fun at all.
Running, sweating, It doesn’t look like anything you wanna do. Why do they do it?
And some of you might be those people. Get out. No. Okay.
Because in their minds, they’ve associated it. They associate the exercise with other things that bring pleasure. Health.
If I get health, I wanna do it. Or it’s gonna make me look better.
So that’s the joy in it. You know, I’m gonna attract, uh, you know, uh-uh a wife or husband.
That’s the joint. For some reason, so they’re associating pleasure with this thing that’s hard to do.
That’s why they do it. Otherwise, if they didn’t if there was no no thing at the end of it, why do that?
Then there’s the other side of the coin. Pain has has the power to make you avoid things.
You put your hand on something hot, too hot, pain.
But there are other things that can cause pain that are not like that.
So your mind for instance, if you don’t pay your taxes, you can go to jail.
So your mind says, take there’s pain in the thought of not getting this done.
Something you would otherwise, you know, never do in your right mind. Give money to the government. That’s crazy.
So, therefore, your brain is saying, okay. Um, others pain because I’m gonna be in trouble. Okay?
Same with not going to work. So so it’s all this thing there, is motivating us all the time.
And the thing is the enemy uses it, but we can turn it around.
And so this is what I call the law of the carrot.
You see when you wanna make a donkey, do something that you wanna do, you put a carrot in front of it.
Now maybe a different animal. I don’t know. But that’s it. A carrot So it’ll keep walk into that carrot.
So you got the the dunk. You took something.
It took pleasure in, and you used it to get it to do what you wanted to do. Right?
The donkey doesn’t wanna move for no reason, but associating with a carrot, they’ll do it.
You may and then they have the stick, donkey, and the stick. Stick the pain.
Well, a stick is, you know, the the donkey will feel pain if it gets hit. So therefore, it’s natural.
Now you’re associating something that you don’t want the donkey to do. So therefore, you use pain.
So therefore, that’s how animal trainers do those acts because, you know, the animal does what they want.
They give it that here’s the snack. Here’s a fish. Here’s this thing.
And they get rewarded so then that they end up doing exactly what the trainer wants to do.
There are sign there there are are are, uh, in China right now.
They have something called the social credit system.
If you do something in China that the Communist Party doesn’t want you to do, you’re in trouble.
Well, if you if you do something they do want you to do, like, you praise them online.
You go to a party event. You you bring your children to a party event.
It rewards you You can travel on the trains. You can get a better job.
You can get a better education. It’s all tracking you now. That’s what they’re doing.
But if you post something that’s against the government, you lose credit. You can’t get on the train.
You can’t get the job. And your children may be kicked out of school.
So you begin associating what the government wants of you with pleasure.
And you begin a social where the government doesn’t want with pain. You understand?
So what they’re doing is by this, they’re controlling everybody.
You’re rewired so they don’t have to oppress people anymore. The people will oppress themselves.
They’ll do it for the government. It’s a new level of totalitarianism. It’s happening in the west too.
Not through the gut not just the government, but through the media, through the culture. You do this.
You get canceled. And so you cancel yourself. I’m not gonna do it because it’s controlled.
And so the woke agenda is controlling you by this principle. The enemy uses it.
He wants you to associate the things of god with no joy, no pleasure, even pain.
And through such things, that’s how he wants to control you.
So the enemy will always seek to do that.
And For instance, in marriage, he’ll seek to throw in the stick, throw in some pain.
You had an argument to get you a misunderstanding, hurtful word to take away your joy from something that’s of god marriage.
The enemy will use the carrot.
You know, this came up last Sunday when I spoke it was poor, and I spoke about Hammond as a shadow of the enemy and how it reveals what the enemy tries to do.
Hammond said to the king, if it pleased the king, in other words, he wanted he wanted the king to do what he wanted, but he said to the king, if it pleased the king and also gave him money.
He rewarded him to get the king to do what he wanted. That’s what the enemy does.
He uses the pleasure principle. Why do people sin sin is destructive? Why did they do it?
Why do you do it? Why do why do we do it? The enemy associated it with pleasure.
Look at the first temptation. The fruit the fruit.
It’s gonna bring them death, but he tells them it’s gonna bring them knowledge, and they’re gonna be like god.
So in in their mind, that’s pleasure. So they partake of that, which is gonna kill them.
Look at the gods of the nations back then in the Bible. Molech, bail.
They actually have the Israelites offer up their own children. On the sacrificial altar.
How warped is that? They are so they told them the gods were that if you do this, you’re gonna be prosperous.
They put pleasure on it. The enemy twists people’s circuits.
People actually do things that that are gonna destroy them. It says love does not delight.
Takes no pleasure in evil. There are people though who do take pleasure in evil because they’ve been twisted the wires got crossed.
They delight in things that also bring them harm.
Not just drugs and sexual immorality, but some people are drawn into abusive relationships.
And they keep doing it because they’re wired because they got it messed up.
The enemy did self harm, self destruction. The enemy uses it.
It speaks in proverbs how the adulterous, and it could be a delter. Either way, temps the man.
In Proverbs 7, it says, with her many per swazian, she entices him with her flattering lips.
She seduces him, and he goes like an ox to the slaughter.
Proverbs 9 says similarly, one the one who attempts says stolen water is sweet, and bread eaten in secret is pleasant.
But he doesn’t know that the dead are there.
Her that her guests are are in the depths of she or hell. Flattering lips, it says.
She she tells him what he wants to hear, what gives them pleasure, she entices him seduce him, but it’s like an ox go into the slaughter.
Her house is the way of death. The other one says stolen water is sweet, sweet. It’s pleasant pleasure.
But he says at the end, there’s dead there’s death at the end of that road.
And so that is the enemy joins together all these things.
Hell, with pleasant sweetness, by using the carrot principle. He brings people to destruction.
And so for so since adultery is not of god, It’s he’ll try to associate it with pleasure.
And sometimes he’ll have it the same way. He’ll he’ll give a believer.
He’ll have a hard time in the marriage.
At the same time, there’s someone will come along, who is the pleasure 1, who is the adulterous, the situation.
And at times having problems, someone’s having problems with their marriage, then he introduces flirtation.
He can destroy a marriage, a life. So he holds the carrot.
He holds the alcohol as if it’s good and sweet, but horrendous destruction holds the carrot of pornography.
Sexual morality as if sweet and good, but its end is destruction. Hi.
I’m Jonathan Khan, and I hope you were blessed with the video.
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