“GRACE LIFE SPECIAL – The Stance of a Christian vs.the State of a Christian “

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“GRACE LIFE SPECIAL – The Stance of a Christian vs.the State of a Christian “

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Coming up next on changing your world.
Hello. I’m Crip Lo Dolan. Welcome to today’s broadcast.
For years, we have gathered together every July here in the International City of College Park, Georgia 4, our annual grace life event.
People travel from all over the world to gather in the world, to hear what god would speak to their hearts.
And let me tell you, it was nothing short of amazing.
Man, we had stuff with the little kids, for the teens and the adults.
If you weren’t here, you missed out on something very special.
I’m not the only one that feels this way.
Take a listen to this awesome testimony from one of the attendees Grace Live Conference.
This is my third time out here at Grace Live Conference, and I I’m coming all the way from Nigeria.
Now that’s, like, 12 hours plus flight, and I always come here because, um, this is homecoming for me.
This is this is life itself.
You know, because every day I wake up, I have this thing in me that tells me that I am expected in the beloved number 1.
Number 2, that I have a father who least with me.
So I just come to get this this this information out here over and over and to keep myself in the love of That’s why I’m here.
Grace means life itself. Grace is a person. It’s not the curriculum. It’s not the subject.
It’s not just one of those things through about.
He’s a person and he’s Jesus Christ, and he’s the only reason I can be here.
I tell you we are the ones that the world has been waiting.
We do not have to wait on anyone else.
So grace his life, his presence for me is Jesus Price, and he’s a lover of my soul.
I could have been on my couch Wakami Nigeria. Just watching.
But this year, I had to fly in here with my kids, my thirteen year old, and my eleven year old.
I mean, this experience has been life changing, life transforming for us. There is nothing like being here in person.
That connect is everything. And I’m going back ready for the assignments because breath has come to give us life and hope to be who we are calling to be on the end.
Thank you for giving yourself the service of god. We love you for Nigeria.
Wow. What a wonderful testimony.
We heard so many great testimonies just like that one throughout the entire conference.
If you missed 2023’s conference, don’t worry. Grace Life is back in July 2024.
Right now on the screen are the ways you can register early so you don’t miss out on your chance to fill one of these blue seats behind me.
For the next 3 days, you will get to hear the message where I talked about the contradictions in the stance of a Christian versus the state of a Christian.
And what I mean by that is how to deal with those times when what you see with your natural eyes doesn’t align with what you know is true according to the word of god.
You’re gonna love this mess So stay tuned, and I’ll see you again right after this
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This is your world.
Sola’s vow to make it a better place.
Love a uh,
I think it’s very important for us to deal with contradictions in the Bible, not just to bypass them, Knowing that, that’s what we read, but I’m just not gonna deal with it.
I think it’s important to deal with contradictions because I believe within it, you more liberty and more freedom and more understanding.
And so I wanna deal with a contradiction this morning.
Between what I call the stance of a Christian versus the state of a Christian.
Yeah. Yeah.
The stance that you have before god and the state of your actual life.
And I wanna look at that.
And and and the and the definition that I’ll I’ll be teaching from is, you know, I I know that we’ve defined grace over the years as unmerited favor.
That is absolutely right, but you’ve gotta know it’s just so much more involved in it.
That, first of all, grace is Jesus. He’s a person, a man.
Grace is not just a curriculum. Grace is not just a subject matter.
Grace is a person Jesus full of grace and truth.
But grace is unmerited It’s unmerited abounding provision.
Unmerited abounding. That word abound means increases. Unmerited abounding provision.
In the unrestricted operation of god’s infinite love.
So it’s unmerited. It’s a bounding provision in the operation of the restricted unrestrained.
At one time, god’s love was restricted, but when Jesus battle on that cross, Not even your crazy is enough to stop his grace.
Oh, god. I shot that y’all felt that, didn’t you?
Oh, glory to god.
It’s the unmerited abounding provision in the unrestricted operation of god’s infinite love.
Through Jesus Christ, for mankind, especially for those who depend on him.
An unrestricted operation of his love that comes through Jesus, hallelujah.
That is for mankind.
It is provision for everything that was messed up in the garden of Eden provision that was even released before the foundations Now let’s go look at these scriptures, and I wanna, I wanna set up the contradiction.
I want you to see the contradiction clearly because I wanna show you that you bring nothing to the table, and you continue to allow your behavior to determine your identity And if you keep allowing your behavior to determine your identity, then you won’t accept the identity that god has already assigned to you before the foundations of the world.
Right. Good.
Let’s go to the ephesians chapter 2 versus 8 through 9 in the NLT.
And then let’s pit this against Philippians chapter 212 in the in the King James and then the NLT.
1st, ephesians chapter 2 versus 8 through 9. Now I’m gonna tell you something.
You did not come here And you came here to get your soul nourished.
You came here to be fed.
Evisas chapter 2 verses 8 through 9.
He said, god saved you by his grace when you believed.
And you can’t take credit for this. It is a gift from god.
Anything that’s a gift from god, you didn’t bring anything to table to the table to earn it.
You you you you it’s it’s not merit it. This is a gift of god verse 9.
Salvation is not a reward for the good things we have done.
So none of us can boast about it.
Now, notice in verse 8, he makes it very clear, god saved you ed past tense by his grace when you believed.
You have been saved. But now look at Philippians chapter 2.
In verse 12, let’s look at it in the King James and then NLT.
Philippians chapter 2 verse 12 in the King James and the NLT.
Now, here, you’ll, you’ll notice something.
Wherefore my beloved, as you have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your own salvation with fear and trembling.
Well, what do you mean work it out? I’m saved.
But here it says, work out your salvation. Look at this in NLT.
He says, dear friends, you always followed my instructions when I was with you.
And now that I’m I’m away, it even more important work hard to show the results of your salvation.
Obang god with deep reverence and fear.
Now, to a new believer to look at this, they’re gonna have to decide. Now, am I saved?
Or I, am I still in the process of being saved?
Now one verse speaks of things as being fully accomplished, while the other refers to it as in the process of completion.
Let’s look at some more witnesses. Hebrews 1010 in the King James.
Verse 10 says, by the which will we are sanctified or holy, we are sanctified, we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ once and for all time.
We are sanctified But then in 1st thessalonians 523, 1st thessalonians chapter 523 in the King James, He says, and the very god of peace sanctified you.
Well, I’ve been sanctified. Why am I needing to be sanctify?
Why do I need to begin to believe god that the very god of peace will sanctify you wholly?
I thought I was already sanctified.
So here, sanctification uh, is is an uncompleted process, but in Hebrews 10 and 10, this is a finished work.
It’s a finished work in 10 and 10, 1st, thessalonians 523, it’s an uncompleted process.
I’ve actually seen this this this take place in real life.
One person will declare, you know, I’m sanctified.
And somebody would tell you, yeah, but you know, god still got to sanctify it.
Another person would declare, well, I’ve been saved. Yeah. But the Bible said you gotta work out your salvation.
We gotta look at that contradiction. Hebrews chapter 1014. Let’s look at 1 more.
Hebrews 1014 than the King James.
He says, for by one offering, he had perfected forever them that are sanctified.
I am perfected forever.
But then in 2nd Corinthians 1311, He says this, 2nd Corinthians of 1311.
Finally, brethren, farewell. Be perfect.
Well, why do I need to be perfect if I’ve already been made perfect? Be perfect.
Be a good cheer. Be of one mind, live in peace. Here it is again.
See, Paul’s admonition here, I mean, why should those who have been perfected forever be told to be perfect?
So now this contradiction will leave when you understand the one reference to the believers standing in Christ or to the believer’s position before god.
See, there is a standing before Christ that already is, that already is finished, that’s already been done.
You’re standing before Christ or you’re positioned before god.
He is, for example, positionally sanctified positionally set a part for god’s eternal purpose.
He’s perfect in god’s sight because he is in Christ. In god’s sight, your position is finished.
You are saved, positionally.
You are sanctified, positionally, You are holy, positionally.
You are perfect, positionally.
But in the other case, it refers to the believer’s life on the earth, which is called your walk or your state.
So I have been made holy, positionally, but in my life, I’m still working on some stuff.
It refers to your life on earth. It’s your walk.
It’s your state. His earthly life. Should be holy.
It should be set apart for god’s use, He should live perfectly before god, but god understands that this state is a journey.
Life is a journey. Glory, be to god.
And what you don’t wanna do, ladies and gentlemen, is find yourself judging people in the midst of their journey Positionally, they are everything that god says they are.
And that’s important because if god has already established you as such, then somehow, he’s got to accept the responsibility to make sure you arrive at that destination.
Let’s look at this now.
The believers standing then is that position in which god has placed him and as god sees him because he’s accepted Jesus Christ to save you.
You got born again, and you’re already in a position. Glory to god.
God has already put you in a place.
Praise god.
It is god’s acceptance of you in Christ as a member of the household of god.
He’s already accepted you.
There are certain things that it’s it it’s let me use this illustration. I use this Sunday.
When you are born into the royal family, You didn’t do anything to deserve to be born in the royal family.
I don’t care if you were to live a perfect life, if that was possible.
Not even living a perfect life can earn the position And when you get born again and fail to understand what you have been born into, You have been born the day you get born again, you’re adopted into the family of god.
You are sons and daughters of the most high god, not because of what you are about to do, or if you can do it right, you’re born like that before any attempt to try to do something to prove that you can earn it.
The fact is you can’t earn it. You’re born like that.
Something happens when you know I am born a royal.
So since I’m born a royal, I am now motivated to to, to, to to live this life as a royal.
I, I, I now want to walk worthy of who I am. I I’m not trying to do something to earn who I am. I now know who I am, so now I’m gonna walk worthy of who I am.
Not because it’s gonna get me some extra points with god.
I got all the points that anybody could want. I’ve been born into undeserved favor.
I’m peculiar. I’m holy. I’m Royal.
And the next time the devil tries to come to you and tell you you’re gonna die this sickness You ain’t never gonna be nothing.
You’re gonna stay broke all your life. You need to say, Oh, you didn’t get the memo.
I’m born into the family of God. And everything that goes to Jesus is mine.
And not only not only is it mine, He didn’t wait until I proved something.
He did this before the foundations of the world.
Nah. Nah. I need to get in a word and prove it to you.
So you don’t think I’m just, you know, just preaching something.
Ephesians chapter 1, versus 3 through 14 in the NLT.
Wow. Ephesians 1 versus 3 through 14.
I all praise to god, the father of our lord Jesus Christ, who has past tense, blessed us with every spiritual blessing in heavenly places.
So I’ve been called to every spiritual blessing.
It’s in the heavenly realm because we are united with Christ.
We are you because I’ve been united with Christ.
Everything about this inheritance, everything about this adoption comes because I’m united with Christ.
Even before he made the world, god loved us.
He decided to love you.
And if you came out crazy, he still decided to love you.
God loved us, and he chose us He chose us in Christ.
He chose us to be holy. He chose you to be holy.
Now you’re trying to be you’re trying to become holy.
And the way you see that change in your life is if you that I I have been born with this undeserved privilege, I am holy, even though you ain’t doing unholy, I am holding is gonna start changing what you’re doing.
Your stance is gonna start changing your state.
God loved us, and he chose us in Christ to be holy, and watch this.
And he chose us to be without thought, watch this in his eyes.
You’re still pulling up all of your faults in your day to day walk, and god chose you to be without fault in his eyes, so we got to start seeing ourself like god sees us.
Yeah. But, brother Dhalla, you don’t know what I did.
Uh, I’m telling you you’re in life right now That is your state, but you have a stance that’s gonna change your state glory to god.
It’s a journey. You’re going from college park to California. It’s a journey.
There are a lot of things that happen from college park to California. You might run out of gas.
The engine might overheat. You might need to pull over to get some some work done.
You might need to pull them, get some rest. You might get lost, hallelujah.
But be assured you’re going to arrive in California.
And, listen, so listen, you don’t need to judge me because I had to pull over.
Don’t send me the hell because my my car overheated.
Don’t condemn me the hell because I had I had I got lost.
Grease Life Conference 2023 Homecoming feature 3 power pack days focused on celebrating the life of grace.
Creflo and Taffy Donor were joined by special guest, topping off a weekend filled with revelation.
And the message behind that was something I really needed to hear.
The word has been rich. It’s been deep. It’s been gold. There’s nothing comparable to it.
If you need to know purpose, while your purpose, while you’re a Christian, grace life encourages us to live even more so for Christ every day.
It was good to be able to get different perspectives on grace that we ordinarily wouldn’t get if we didn’t get in this setting here together.
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Preferably, you received something out of this message. Now I tell you, I’m just getting started.
You know, our right standing with god is something we could never earn. It is an undeserved gift.
It is grace. It is Jesus. I had to calm myself down during the conference. I got so excited.
I was about to run off the stage during the first session.
Now tomorrow, We’re going to continue this message, so be sure to tune in.
Make your plans now to be here in July. For the 2024 Grace Live Conference.
It will be a family affair with something special for everyone, from toddlers to teenagers, to you.
I look forward to seeing you here, and I’ll be back tomorrow as we continue our grace life experience.
Are you ready to come home? Brace Life Conference 2024, the reunion is coming.
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So if you wanna become born again and began an exciting intimate relationship with Jesus, I want you to pray this prayer with me, and I’ll I’ll say it so you can repeat after me.
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As my lord and personal savior. So by faith, I declare that I am saved.
Praise god. Now that simple prayer, change your entire eternal destination.
And we wanna welcome you to the family of God.
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