Go For It & Let The Chips Fall Where They May! | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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Go For It & Let The Chips Fall Where They May! | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

Go For It & Let The Chips Fall Where They May! A Secret that plays a part in the lives and stories of the great heroes of the Bible Esther & Paul, and a key that can change your life for greatness.

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Do the will of god. Let the chips fall where they may.
You focus on doing god’s will and seeking him first. He’ll take care of the rest.
When I used to go down to the city, you know, administering to the homeless and we give out trucks and we give out food, you know, we go to the the the the most, you know, mess it back then.
It was much worse with with everything that was happening in New York City, like in the eighties and dangerous place filled with drug pushers and addicts and criminals, and and yet we went with zero fear at all.
Why? Because we came there to give to them.
We came to give god’s love, and there was no fear in us.
We could go right up to any of them. There was no fear. Because we had a mission.
We’re here to bless. We’re not. We’re in other words, fear you’re looking out for yourself.
You’re afraid of yourself, but but when you’re giving, when you’re look, there’s no fear.
It says perfect love casts out all fear. Now we think about, well, god’s love getting in there.
I won’t have fear. But, yes. Yes.
But, also, when you the more you love, with god’s love, the less you have fear.
Because fear and love don’t go together.
You know, anyone would say, well, what hap what would be the worst thing?
They come and they’d rob us of our sandwiches and they rob us of everything we have.
We came to give so they can’t rob us.
So, you know, if you’re giving, it’s impossible for somebody to rob you.
Know, someone’s gotta come on robbing you. You can’t rob me. I gotta go. No.
Because I’m giving, so you can’t rob me. Someone comes and take your code.
It says give them the other one.
The enemy comes to rob, but if you’ve got nothing to lose, he’s got nothing on you.
He’s got nothing on you. If you’re not if you’re not concerned about about your rep your life and he’s got nothing on you, he can’t use anything.
Give You’re holding on to time.
You don’t have to you know, the time we have here is just pass it away. Give to god.
You got possessions? Guse it for god. You give you give give of love.
Whatever you’ve got, give it for god. Use it. Give. You know, step out.
To come to that spot. That’s what god wants. To fear not.
How many times does god say fear not fear not fear not, fear not. What fear not all the time?
What you you’re not on earth. See, we’re I’m not on earth. You’re not on earth to survive.
You’re not on earth to worry about your life.
You’re on earth to use your life for god’s glory and purposes. You’re not here to protect what you have.
You were here to bless this world with what you have. You’re on a mission. You’re on assignment.
You’re not of the world, so you don’t have to worry about that.
You are here on assignment from heaven.
You’re here, so you can’t bless the world if you get caught up in the world.
You can’t bless the world if you’re if you’re all concerned about yourself. You’re here to bless them.
Be free of that. You say, well, what if they do this? What if they arrest me?
What Listen, Paul was arrested. He didn’t stop it from ministering.
It didn’t, but nothing can stop you in god if you don’t stop.
And so, listen, listen, nobody’s staying here forever. We’re all passing through.
So make the best of your time. Make the most of your time. Be free already.
You’re here to bless the world. You’re here to minister to god.
You’re here to minister the gospel to set free the cow in the darkness. You’re here to shine your light.
What are you worrying about? You got an assignment. That’s all. You’re giving.
You know, the word in Greek for angel is Angalas. Try it. In Hebrew, it’s Malach. Try it.
And now now that’s what’s used of the angels, but you know what?
In the Bible, it’s also used a few time of people like you and me.
Because if it may if you’re a messenger of god, if you’re on assignment from god, you are one of god’s angels on earth.
And the angels are not to worry about about their their selves. They’re to do their job.
All the more, god says forget about the fears of people, proclaim the gospel. Forget it.
I don’t live like the world lives you’re not of the world.
Don’t live your life worrying, losing sleep every day about these things. That’s not why you’re here.
Get free from god. God says fear not fear not fear not.
I think he wants us to not fear. Preacher do the will of god.
Let the chips fall where they may. You focus on doing god’s will and seeking him first.
He’ll take care of the rest.
Look at all the callings that god gave his people And virtually every one of them, you can see, wow.
They had to go against their fears. Moses had to go against his fear to go to Egypt.
David had to go against his fear to go to life.
Elijah had to go against his fear to to have a showdown with the prophets of bail, and they have in Jezebel.
Jeremiah, his whole calling had to go against his fear.
It’s because god wants to get us to that point where we’re free that we go against our fear.
When you’re free of fear, you’re free of yourself. You don’t have to live a limited life anymore.
You’re not limited by yourself. You’re living in an unlimited life because I’m not afraid.
In the days ahead, you’re gonna need this.
In the days ahead, you’re gonna need what this message is saying, the key.
Because you’re gonna have the chance to use it because as it gets more challenging to stand for god, the name of Jesus, that’s when you’re gonna have to stand for him all the more.
And the word, you know, and the world says bow down to this evil.
I mean, they don’t have they don’t have the the idols like like this one, but it’s the same thing.
Bow down to this evil, celebrate this abomination. You have to say, no. I will not.
And I will not fear. The lord is my shepherd and my rock. I shall not fear.
Whom shall I fear? If god is for you, who can be against you whom shall you fear?
The world says, well, we’re gonna boycott you. We’re gonna have to make sure you’re fired. We’re gonna counsel.
You have to say go ahead. My source is not you or this job. My source is god.
When the world says be silent, Don’t speak. You need to say no. God commanded me to speak.
In between you and god, I’m going with god.
And I have thing that matters that you can take away from me. I am free.
I’m sold out. You cannot buy me because I’m sold out. Sold out. You can’t buy me.
You can’t intimidate me? I’m free. Get to that point now before you get in the situation.
Resolve, make up your mind. You know, those believers who were persecuted again.
The the ones who stood were those who who got to this point, and they became great.
That’s what god wants. But get to that point now before you have to use it.
Before they ask you to bow down, resolve, I’m not bowing down.
When they threaten you with your job and this and this and it doesn’t matter, I’m doing what god said.
I’m gonna trust god. Before the fiery furnace, before you go to Jerusalem like Paul, get to that point.
That zero point where you can stand and be free and fulfill your calling.
God did not put you here in this life so you could spend your life worrying about your life.
What is that? That’s a circle. He sent you here to stop worrying. And start living beyond yourself.
Proclaiming doing the will of god. And it says and what does he says?
Go and he says nothing shall separate you from the love of god. What shall? Sword?
No tribulation, no famine, no principalities, no, all hell, no. Nothing shall separate you from the love of god.
Therefore, you are more than a conqueror through him who loves you.
And so you you have to be able to say I shall fear no evil.
He says, just go and do my will. I will take care of the rest. Do this.
Get to this wine, and you will live a life of freedom and victory, and he will be with you always even to the end of the age.
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