From Underestimated to Catapulted | Joel Osteen

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From Underestimated to Catapulted | Joel Osteen

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As David was about to return home, Goliath, the champion of the Philistine army, came out on the mountainside and started taunting the Israelites.
Shouting insoles, daring them to come fight. All the Israelite army ran and hid.
They were afraid but something rose up in David.
He said, who is this man that he would defy the armies of the living god?
Didn’t make sense to his mind, but he had this passion, this knowing that he was gonna take care of Goliath.
He went to King Saul and told him that he wanted to fight Goliath.
You would think that Saul would be happy. None of his soldiers had the courage. They were all terrified.
Day after day, they shrunk back. Finally, someone stepped up.
But when King Saul saw saw how small David was, He said in verse 33, David, don’t be ridiculous.
You’re just a boy. He’s the champion of their army. He’s incredibly skilled, strong, and powerful.
You can imagine how David failed.
He had all this passion, this enthusiasm, He knew god called him to do something great, but nobody believes in him.
His father, his brothers, King Saul, they all discounted him. Tried to talk him out of it.
David understood this principle. I’m underestimated, and that’s okay. Doesn’t hurt my feelings. I’m not offended.
They can’t see what’s in me. The odds may be against me. But I know god uses underestimated people.
This is setting me up for a new level of my destiny.
David got his courage up, went out to face Goliath.
When Goliath saw how small David was, he began to make fun of David, ridicure him.
He said, am I a dog that you’d come at me with a stick?
He was saying, is this the best you got? This teenager, this young boy?
He didn’t have the training, the size, the experience. He’s not even worth my time.
Look at how many opportunities David had to get discouraged, feel inadequate, unqualified, his father, his brothers, King Saul, now even Goliath are all trying to reinforce these lies.
David, you’re not enough. You can’t do this. It’s too big.
To reach your destiny, you have to tune out all the naysayers the intimidation, that can’t do it, thoughts.
You have to know, on purpose, god is causing you to be underestimated.
People not believing in you, discounting you, feeling like you’re way over your head, that’s a sign that you’re right where you’re supposed to be.
God is positioning you to do something that you’ve never seen, to defy the odds, to go where no one in your family has gone, to break generational curses, to bring down giants, to set new standards.
Don’t get discouraged when people don’t believe in you.
Try to talk you out of it, it’s good to be underestimated.
That means god’s about to catapult you to new levels. Goliath stood over 9 feet tall.
He was huge, muscular, not only powerful, but he was skilled in battle. Smart, experienced agile.
You would think god would find the biggest Israeli soldier, the tallest strongest, most skilled man to take on Goliath.
He’s god. He could have chosen anyone. He could have caused an Israeli man to be 9 feet tall.
Stand eye to eye with Goliath. That makes more sense. But what did god do? He chose David.
Some commentaries say David was less than 5 feet tall. My brother Paul’s height.
He was he was very short, not even average height, Goliath was 9 feet tall.
That means he was almost twice David’s size. God was showing us this principle he uses underestimated people.
You may be in a situation where what you’re up against seems impossible.
There are giants in your life. In your finances doesn’t look like you’ll get ahead.
Medical reports not good. Maybe a child’s off course. You’re still believing to meet someone. Nothing’s working out.
You’re right where David was. Thoughts will tell you there’s no chance.
It’s too big, too complicated, You might as well turn around, quit expecting, quit believing. Don’t believe those lies.
God has let the odds be against you on purpose. He’s let you be underestimated.
So when he turns it around, when he buys the odds and you defeat that giant.
You come out promoted, healthy, happy, married, victorious. Nobody will doubt the tired god is on your side.
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