Calling Out the True You | Joel Osteen

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Calling Out the True You | Joel Osteen

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On the inside of every one of us is a blessed person.
Someone confident, valuable, talented, The scripture says you have been fearfully and wonderfully made.
The word fearful in the original language means to stand in awe. To reverence. It implies honor, respect.
When god created you, he stood back in reverence. He looked at you in awe.
He calls you a masterpiece. God didn’t make anyone average.
He didn’t say, I didn’t do very good on that one. They have a bunch of flaws.
They’re gonna be angry, insecure, jealous. You’ve been exceptionally made.
But what happens is we go through life and we make mistakes, develop bad habits, people do us wrong, and shame comes, guilt comes, insecurity.
We don’t feel like a masterpiece. We feel condemned. How can I be successful?
Look what I’ve been through. Or I’m struggling with an addiction.
I’m not that talented, but underneath the insecurity, the bad breaks, the failures, there’s the true you, the one that god created.
The true you is the blessed you, the happy you, the successful you, the forgiven you, It’s still in you.
The beauty of our god is he never loses the vision of the true you.
He still remembers the reverence he felt when he created you.
Despite all the flaws, weaknesses, disappointments, he still sees the masterpiece. He still knows who you really are.
Things on us to keep the true you from coming out in patience, jealousy, bad breaks, The good news is god is not going to leave us like that.
He’s going to keep working on us, making us, molding us until the true you comes out.
The free you, the blessed you, the patient you, the victorious you.
God specializes in removing everything that’s not a true you. Well, Joel, I’ll always struggle with this addiction.
I’ve had it since high school. It’s just who I am. That is not who you are.
That’s something the enemy put on you to try to keep the true you from ever coming out.
The true you is free. The true you is whole. That addiction is not how your story ends.
God is working right now. Freedom is coming. Change or breaking, strongholds are coming down.
You’re about to see the free you. You’re about to step up to who you were created to be.
The forces that are for you are greater than any force that’s trying to stop you.
I’m calling out the free you. The blessed you, the happy you, the favored you.
Now, get in agreement with god. Not all I always struggle with this, but I am free.
I am whole. You need to see the free you, not the defeated you, depressed you, the hurt you, see the happy you.
See the successful you, the married you, the valuable you. Well, you may have gone through bad breaks.
Someone walked out on you, You weren’t raised in a good environment. It’s easy to carry the hurts.
Let that limit your vision. Carry the shame.
Go around feeling unworthy, like you don’t deserve to be blessed, don’t believe those lies.
The enemy would love for you to live discouraged, Thinking nothing good is in your future. No.
The true you is still in you. The happy you, the restored you, the valuable you.
What people did to you did not stop the true you.
What wasn’t fair didn’t change who god created you to be.
He’s in the process right now of removing everything that’s not the true you.
The anger is not the true you. I’m just hot tempered. I can’t help it.
My father was this way. My grandfather too, that’s not who you really are.
It may be the way you are now, but you’re the one to break the cycle.
You’re the one to see it come to an end that through you is calm, cool, and collected.
Don’t buy into those lies that you can’t change. God is removing everything. This is not the true you.
He loves you too much to leave you alone.
He’s going to keep working on you until he sees the masterpiece, who he created you to be.
In the early 1500, a twenty six year old artist named Michael Angelo had a dream to sculpture King David out of a huge piece of marble, Β£12,000 block that stood over 20 feet tall.
He worked tirelessly for 2 years, chiseling and shaping with great precision, great detail.
When he revealed the finished product, this fourteen foot tall, marble image of David, it was magnificent, so beautiful, so inspiring.
Someone asked Michael Angelo, how he could accomplish such an incredible feat?
How he could make this amazing statue out of an old piece of rock?
He said, I had a vision in my mind of King David, and I just kept removing everything that wasn’t him.
That’s the way god is. He knows who we really are. He can see the masterpiece in the rock.
And throughout life, He’ll keep removing things that are not who we are.
The impatience, the insecurity unworthiness, I’m not valuable. Look at what I’ve been through chisel chisel.
That’s not who you are. The pride, the arrogance chisel chisel. That doesn’t belong on you.
The unforgiveness, the resentment, they hurt me. They did me wrong. Chisel chisel.
That resentment is not who you are. I never do something great, Joel. Nobody in my family is successful.
I’m not that talented chisel chisel, that limited mindset, that mediocrity, doesn’t belong on you.
It may try to come, try to distort your image, affect your personality, limit your future, The good news is we have someone far greater than Michael Angelo working on us.
We have the creator of the universe, the god who makes spectacular solar systems, magnificent mountain ranges, amazing sunsets.
That’s the artist that’s working on you. He’s chiseling away everything that’s not the true you.
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