Satan’s Plot to Steal Your Trust – Episode 3

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Satan’s Plot to Steal Your Trust – Episode 3

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Coming up next on changing your world. And I am warning you.
Of of the manifestation of what is to come because of what has already entangled itself in our lives.
That all of us may have a point in our life where we’ve come to trust money more in this area than god.
And I am saying, let’s recognize it. Let’s acknowledge it.
And let’s say, god help me not to be deceived and show me every area of my life where I have trusted it more than I trust you.
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This is your world.
So let’s vow to make it a better place Let every heart of me is now.
You love a city
uh, If you can have faith in Jesus being given to you, then you will be successful in navigating through hard times or challenges, and you will have some difficult times.
But you gotta remember Romans 832, he gave me Jesus.
Whatever confronts your life, you must encounter your depend whatever confronts your life must encounter must encounter your dependence upon god as your source.
Whatever confronts you, you gotta let that you gotta let whatever confronts you, no. God is my source.
Whatever confronts you, you gotta let her know. God takes care of me.
Your trust in god will cause you to be successful.
I said your trust in god will cause you to be successful.
I said your trust in god will cause you to be successful. Amen.
Look at Psalms 50. Psalms fifty verse 7 through 15 in NLT.
Psalms 50 verse 7 through 15 in NLT. I ain’t trying to be complicated.
I ain’t trying to I ain’t trying to be complicated.
It it would do nobody no good if I came up here and complicated you.
And gave you something that made you say, oh, ah, and then when you walk out of here, you have no idea how to practically, uh, apply to your life.
Oh, my people.
Listen as I speak, Here are my charges against you. Oh, Israel. I am god. You’re god.
I have no complaint about your sacrifices or the burn offerings you constantly offer.
But I do not need the bulls from your barns.
Nor do I need the goats from your pens?
For all the animals of the forest of mine.
You know what god’s talking about now? See, you think god needs your money.
God, like, I don’t need nothing from you.
I don’t need nothing from you, but all the animals are the forest of mine.
And I own the cattle of a thousand hills.
I know every bird on the mountains, and all the animals of the field are mine.
I love this. If I were hungry, I wouldn’t tell you.
For all the world is mine, and everything in it is mine.
Do I eat the meat of bulls? Do I drink the blood of goats?
Make thankfulness. You’ll sacrifice to me.
Keep the vow you made to the most high god.
Then call on me when you’re in trouble, and I will rescue you, and you will give me glory.
This thought that god needs you to be god God doesn’t need you to be god.
Anything god’s asking you to do? He’s asking you to do it for your benefit, not his.
And if 2000 and some scriptures are trying to get us to open our eyes to see that he’s committed to take care of you and that he’s in he wants you to learn how to depend on him, and you think it’s it’s it’s about my money.
That preacher oh, well, look at listening to this devilish slogan. All preachers want is your money.
But they won’t say, oh, Krogers won’t says your money.
Because the fact of the matter is all Kroger’s wants is your money.
You won’t believe me? Go shop at Kroger’s after church today.
And when you get to land and they say, you know, uh, uh, a 100 and uh, a 100, a $115, please.
You say, now, you’re you’re just, you’re concerned about me benefiting with the food.
Security, they don’t care about no benefit or no food.
All they cares about your money coming out your pocket while paying for what you just took off the shelf.
But it’s another man slogan to get you to thinking that somehow this thing called money is to be trusted more than you trust god.
Somebody asked me one time. Well, what if the preacher really is stealing? You know what?
That’s between him and god. I’m doing what god told me to do.
I’m giving what god told me to give, and I ain’t sitting around there worrying about him.
God doesn’t need your money any more than he needed those old testament sacrifices.
And the point behind your giving is for you to learn to recognize god as the source of all of your provisions.
It’s one thing to say you believe god is your source but it’s another thing to prove it.
And the way you prove to yourself, not to god, that you believe god is your source, is to give a portion of what you make back to god.
I realized this, this is, this is bold to get up and to to preach this kind of stuff in this day and time.
But it is still the truth. Yeah.
People who don’t really see god as their source are going to bulk and refuse to give part of what they make because they don’t see god as their source.
But giving back some of what god has already given you is nothing when you see god as your source.
And I am telling you, unless you understand this when this next year’s goals, the year and year after that, year after that, if you don’t know this, you’ll only dream of God being your but you won’t know him as your source because you, you, you, you, you, you, you, you get tripped up in that area, where, oh, I don’t wanna give the money, and Maven has already captured you because you trust it more than you trust god.
Money is gift money is difficult to come by when you think of yourself as the provider.
Can I say that again?
Money is difficult to come by when you think of yourself as the provider.
And there are lots of people especially Christians who think of themselves as the provider.
And you got it all together. I I you can’t think of yourself as the provider.
You are not. You are god’s creation.
He is the provider, and you keep thinking that you’re the provider.
And then it moves over to your healing.
You think you’re, you’re thinking, you’re the provider, the provider of your health, the provider of your resources, the provider of your peace.
Look at First Corinthians chapter 47 in the let’s look at it in the passion translation.
First Corinthians chapter 47 in the passion translation. You cannot think of yourself as a provider.
Stop it. You cannot think of yourself as a provider.
He says in verse 7, for what makes a distinction between you and someone else?
And what do you have that grace has not given you? My god.
What do you have that grace has not giving you.
And if you received it as a gift, why do you boast as though there is something special about you.
You received it as a gift, and yet you walk around thinking, well, I’m, I’m all that.
Because you think you’re the provider of it.
And you gotta humble yourself because you’re not the provider of it.
If you gotta watch out, you gotta watch these messages that coming through the airways.
And, and, and even some clinical report, it, you cannot be your source. You will fail miserably.
And when something awesome happens, it is only because of god’s grace and you need to be grateful and thankful to God for his unmerited favor, but you keep looking at yourself like they’re something special about you.
help us. It’s impossible to prosper without god.
Now somebody asked me one time, well, is it is it possible to prosper without god?
Well, let me show it to you. Proverbs 1022 and NLT. Is it possible to prosper without god? Yes.
You see, uh-uh, people who are not born again, prosper with a god, but but but here’s the part you don’t get.
It’s possible to prosper without god, but it’ll come with some some heartache.
He says, the blessing of the lord makes, makes a person rich, not just in money, but you can be rich in family, you could be be be rich in peace and all of the other kinds of stuff, and he adds no sorrow with it.
But what you don’t understand, when you try to prosper without god, heartaches.
I met some of the richest people in the nation.
And in front of you, they look like they’re awesomely happy, but in private, they’re suicidal.
When god is your source, there is no sorrow added to your success.
When god is your source, you can consider all that he cares for you with a blessing and not and and then you’ll be able to go to sleep at night.
I mean, that good slobbing on the side of your mouth, sleep.
Thank you, Jesus.
Look at First Timothy, 6:9:10. I got about 4 more minutes.
First Timothy, 6, 9, and 10. Somebody said, when are you gonna be quiet?
You wouldn’t be saying that if I was preaching on shat rat, b shat, me shat, and a minute ago, But now that I’m confronting that very spirit that holds you, I’m doing a type of exorcism right now while I’m preaching.
And loud help when we take an offering up. My god.
Some of you might spit up green stuff. Look at this.
But people who long to be rich, oh, they long to be rich. They fall into temptation.
And are trapped by many foolish and harmful desires that plunge them into ruin and destruction.
Oh, look at that.
They fall into harmful foolish and harmful desires that plunged them into ruin and destruction.
That’s all motivated by mamlin. So I say prove it. Look at verse 10.
For the love of money. Oh, yeah.
Money is not bad, but the love of money is. But trusting money, more than trusting god.
That’s the issue. Trusting money more than trusting god, idolizing money and and putting money ahead of god.
That’s the root to all kinds of evil.
And some people craving money, that’s mammon, have wondered from the true faith, and they pierce themselves with many sorrows.
See, that’s connection that’s connected to this great falling away.
And then the scripture keeps talking about it in the last days, there’s gonna be a love of money, where people trust it more than they trust god.
And many are peers with all kinds of things.
And I am warning you of of the manifestation of what is to come because of what has already entangled itself in our lives.
That all of us may have a point in our life where we’ve come to trust money more in this area than god.
And I am saying Let’s recognize it, let’s acknowledge it, and let’s say, god help me not to be deceived, and show me every area of my life where I have trust fit it more than I trust you.
God has a plan for every Christian.
And his plans are bigger than our dreams. Oh, my goodness.
Jeremiah 2911 and 1st Corinthians 2 and 9. Jeremiah 2911, and 1st Corinthians 2 and 9.
In the in the King James.
God has a plan for every Christian, everybody in here, if there’s a plan for you.
There’s a plan for you. There’s a purpose and a plan for you.
You are not alive for no reason at all. You are here for a purpose.
There is a design and a purpose for your life.
There’s a blueprint that was drawn out before you came to this planet.
But it’s gonna require your dependence upon god to see it come to pass.
You’re moving into a time where a society won’t believe nothing, but we will. Amen.
But you will. We believe god. Amen?
He says it again, for I know the thoughts that that I think towards you, sir, the lord, thoughts of peace, not evil, to give you and expect it in.
And then 1st Corinthians 2 and 9, He says, but as it is written, your eye hadn’t seen, your ear hadn’t heard, neither has it entered into the heart of man.
The things which god hath prepared for them that love him.
You’re on your way to something big.
I said you’re on your way to something big.
God will do great things, but you have to rely on him You gotta trust and depend on god.
He knows the path you gotta take to get where you’re supposed to be.
He knows the things you gotta go through. Will you have to go through some hard times?
Uh, yeah, but you’ll be alright because he’ll be there with you.
Notice god didn’t show up in the fiery furnace to put the fire out in the furnace.
He he he showed up to get in the fire with them. There was a 4th man in the fire.
See, we think god’s gonna take the trouble away from us, No, he’s a comforter.
He gonna show up in the trouble with you to comfort you.
And if you need a way of escape, he’s already provided a way of escape.
God’s getting some getting ready to do something big in your life. Can you trust him, hallelujah?
God’s getting ready to do something magnificent in your life. Can Can he can can you trust him?
Are you willing to trust him when you can’t see your way out?
Are you willing to trust him when you don’t know quite what’s gonna happen?
Are you willing to trust him when when when you don’t know where the money gonna come from.
Are you willing to trust him in between jobs?
Because he said your assignment is finished here, and he’s moving you somewhere else.
Are you willing to trust god when he tells you to do that or open up that or start that building, or write that song, or write that move, are you willing to trust that god knows what he’s doing or you when you sit there and question God, or or when you when you when you put what god tells you on hold because you ain’t got the money to do it right now.
Sometimes you got to do it before the money shows up.
And and, hey, and if you’ll start doing what he tells you to do, he knows how to pay for it.
And you don’t need money to pay for everything because god has shown with some favor glory to god.
God has shown up, and he’ll do something and you didn’t even need no money to do it.
God to show up and blow your mind with what he said. God to put you on somebody else’s mind.
Somebody else might show up and do it.
Your job is not to figure out all the time how it’s gonna get paid for.
Your job is to trust in Jesus and know that he will make everything alright.
So get ready where all changes.
Get ready where changes. Something being about to happen.
You gotta find out that you ain’t never been average.
The guard knew about you before you even were born.
And they may look at you like they looked at David, some little old, young shepherd boy in the back field somewhere.
They looked at everybody else to be king except for David, but I’m telling you God will bring you from the field into the throne house, praise God.
If you trust him, But if all you can do is get mad at me because I can’t believe he talked about money.
I didn’t talk about them. I talked about trust.
So why is why is it that you still have the money on your head?
Because mammon wants you to focus in on the money so that the trust won’t remove mammon from your life.
You are seeing viable prophecy being fulfilled every single day.
But that’s for me and my house.
We’re gonna trust god. Did y’all get anything out of that this morning?
We’re gonna trust god. We’re gonna trust god.
I pray that by the spirit of god, you will show manifestation of what I just taught.
Your goodness your mercy, your commitment to our care.
We trust you. Forgive us forever doubting you.
Help us, lord.
Help us not to walk in fear.
That’s seeing how we’re gonna make it, not seeing how this thing gonna work, not it was just to trust you.
Even when we can’t see it, There are only some things, and I just believe it’s everything, lord.
We can’t do no without you.
So Take a slot into your your care.
Rep your love around us.
And may we be a demonstration?
Of the grace and the glory of god.
May we be a recipient of the early and the latter rains falling on us all at the same time?
The anointing was on Elijah, plus the anointing that fell in the upper room on the day of Pentecost, let it fall upon these precious people all at the same time.
That when we walk in a room, our presence will demand an explanation.
Glory to god. Oh my goodness.
Help us through the difficult times, show us how to move and to navigate through the stressful times?
Study these scriptures, look at them over and over again, and, and got to show you areas where your trust has shifted,
and get your trust back on the things of god, and we’re not gonna be deceived in these last days by anything, not anything.
For god is greater than anything that will ever, ever encounter.
He is the all mighty god. Wow.
When you live in society that is governed by Mammoth.
Everything is seen as an attack on mammon’s attempt to try to get you to trust money more than god.
And it looks like, oh, look at the preacher.
Oh, look at the church, oh, they’re only, and they can’t see.
And like I said before, people do what they wanna do.
But pick the Bible up yourself and read it.
And let god speak to you within the boundaries of that written word so that word written can be safeguards?
To any crazy word that tries to come in.
God is so good.
Who, or what do you trust in the 3 message series, trusting god in the end times, creflo breaks down how to declare dependence on god when so many people choose idols for themselves.
God has got to be your source.
Everything that you’ll ever need in this life has already been made available, but you can only access it by your faith.
Grace is this unmerited favor. It is provision that keeps increasing over and over and over and over again, provision that will show up for the who depend on him.
It’s grace. That’s god’s part. It’s dependent on him. That’s man’s part.
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