How to Get Your Power Back – Sarah Jakes Roberts

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How to Get Your Power Back

“The waiting game is never easy. But God uses that time to let us know that, what He has for us is WORTH THE WAIT. If you have been feeling desperate, frustrated or a little unmotivated this message right here?!! It’s for you!

Any time you are a preacher’s kid and you’ve grown up in church, there comes a point in your parents’ sermon where you know that last night’s trouble, it’s going to be content for your breakthrough.
A lot of your miracles you owe to me because wow, the anointing that’s on their lives is directly connected to the trouble that I put them through.
Come on somebody. But I do wanna take a moment without going through all of the stories that have been shared from this pulpit about my behavior to um publicly apologize for something that I did as a child that I now understand the gravity of um you see my parents go all out for Thanksgiving and uh we enjoy that everything but the Chitlins um I’ve been praying that God would break that Chitlin stronghold.
It won’t let them go no matter how many movies or TV shows the bishop.
Does he still need Chitlins and Coleslaw and hot sauce on Thanksgiving.
Wow, it’s a whole, wow, it’s a whole bunch of y’all in here. Praise the Lord.
I need to really pray a little harder then. Ok.
But we would go all out for Thanksgiving.
And I think that they were under the impression that because we were eating well for Thanksgiving that that was going to feed us for the remaining 4 to 5 days of leftovers.
And I cannot tell you because my father eats Thanksgiving, leftovers, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
And let me tell you, um, we used to go to mcdonald’s the day after Thanksgiving and, um, that did not go over very well in our household.
Um, I mean, coming in smelling like big macs and chicken nuggets.
And they was see, because let me tell y’all something about this Chitlin Ministry.
When y’all warm up Thanksgiving food in the microwave, them chitlins won’t let the microwave go.
So I can’t just put my dress in for those of you all unfamiliar with Chitlins boy Google Urban Dictionary.
Trust me, it will just tell you everything you need to know.
So we used to go to mcdonald’s and, um, now that I’ve gotten older, I want to publicly apologize for the disrespect really?
Because now that I’m older, I just can’t imagine why I would exchange big macs and chicken nuggets when I could have had cornbread dressing and macaroni and cheese and greens.
It was a bad decision and I just want to publicly apologize about where my taste buds were in that season of my life.
What I have realized is that as I have grown and had more experiences that there is nothing like a home cooked meal, I guess, I guess you can say that the further that I got away from that mindset, my, my taste for things changed my, my taste for things changed age and experience separated me from the desires I once had.
Now that I’m older, I have to be desperate to eat fast food.
But before it was my first choice, isn’t it crazy how the thing that was once our first choice becomes the last thing that we want.
Now, now that’s a word for somebody because when you look back over your life over the things that you thought you wanted to be your first choice now, age and experience has taught you that I can’t even afford to have that be my first choice any longer that I can’t have this fast food career when I wanna have legacy and generational blessings.
And so God, I’m glad that you changed my taste because you had, you not changed my taste.
I would still be longing for something that would fill me for a moment but not sustain me long term.
So in my text, I want to tell you about how Israel found themselves in a state where their taste changed, how when they were in Egypt and they needed God to deliver them, they had a taste for God.
But when God delivered them and they were in the promised land, the further they got away from deliverance, the more their taste buds changed.
Now, they had a taste for success and now they had a taste for things that were of this world.
They weren’t desperate anymore. I think sometimes God puts us in a desperate situation so that our taste buds can change again.
Because for a minute there, I thought I needed a job.
But what I really need is for you to be my provider.
And if I’m not in a situation where I get desperate, then my taste buds don’t change.
So they’re separated from the God who helped to deliver them out of the hands of everyone who oppress them when we find them in this text and the more distant they’ve gotten from him, the more they’ve lost their taste.
And when you lose your taste for God, you don’t just lose a church experience.
When you lose your taste for God, you lose power.
When you lose your taste for God, you lose faith, you lose hope, you lose the belief that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, there’s someone in this room that’s been struggling.
I’ve been trying to figure out what happened and why I don’t feel on fire the way I used to feel on fire and all that happened is that your taste changed.
I, I got the job and got comfortable and I stopped getting desperate the way I used to be.
I’m not in my word the way I used to be.
And so God creates these circumstances in these situations so that I can get back to the heart of who I am so that I can get back to the heart of the person who was even worthy of praying.
And God answering that prayer is real, is lost their taste for him.
But they are in luck because God has chosen one man.
God chose one man.
We pray for someone else to come into our life to help us change it.
But all God needs is one man, one woman, one person who doesn’t mind listen, bringing his flavor back to his people.
The word taste is defined as to perceive or experience the flavor of something.
So if I want to experience the flavor of God in my circumstance, I have to become an avenue for that flavor to come through.
Because if no one in my world and no one in my life is intentional about being that avenue in which God’s flavor can come through, then my marriage and my finances and my career will start to be bland when they’re supposed to be exciting.
Because let me tell you something about walking with God. There is nothing about walking with God that is boring.
It is a new adventure every single day.
And if you have found yourself stuck, then some along the way, you lost the flavor.
But I got news for you fall family festival revival that we are about to have someone get salty in this room and they’re not just going to be salty for the sake of getting salty.
Somebody is getting salty so that they can bring flavor back to their communities so that they can bring flavor back to their marriages.
People are going to be asking you what happened and you’re going to say I’m sorry, I just got salty.
I am the salt of the earth and I just decided to walk in the knowledge of who God has called me to be.
I got my flavor back. I started getting on fire again. I started casting out demons.
I started believing that no weapon formed against me would prosper.
I wish I could apologize but I’m sorry and not sorry. All at the same time, I’m just salty.
That’s what’s wrong with me. That’s what happened.
I received a word from God and that word made me salty.
It made me salty.
It made me not believe that I just have to live the mundane life.
It made me not believe that I was supposed to just go to work and go to sleep and go to work and go to sleep.
It made me believe that I could really write the book.
It made me believe that I could really start the business.
It made me believe that my child would really be safe. I got salty. I messed around and got salty.
And then the only thing about getting salty is that some people have only gotten used to the bland version of you.
They’re not used to you speaking up.
They’re not used to you owning your crown.
They’re not used to you dreaming outside of where they’re comfortable. That wasn’t even in my notes.
So I guess that’s gotta be for somebody that if you are going to get salty and let me tell you this world is going crazy.
But I know a God who has called us to bring order in the midst of chaos.
And if you are gonna be salty in this earth, you are gonna have to be willing to stop looking for validation to stop campaigning for your saltiness and to decide that I am who God says I am, whether you like it or not, I am who God says I am.
And I need my power back and I can’t have power unless I connect to heaven.
And so yes, I’m thirsting for him again.
Yes, I’m going to revival at 7 30 on a Sunday night because I need to get my flavor back.
I haven’t been feeling powerful. I haven’t been feeling oily.
I think God has maybe chosen someone in this room to be the one, the one person, the one person who brings the flavor of God back to their marriage, back to their finances, back to their creativity, back to their parenting.
I was trying to read books. I was trying to do it on my own.
I never even stopped to ask God, what kind of flavor do you want to throw into this pot?
I was trying to mix up my own concoction for success and I messed around and failed time after time after time.
But when I stopped and asked God, what is it that you wanna do in my life?
What is the flavor that you wanna add to my flavor that can change this world for the better?
So God has chosen one man, but this is not any kind of man.
This is a a frustrated man because we want to believe that in order for God to use us, that we have to have it all pretty and perfect and put together for him.
But God uses a frustrated man to be the one who would ultimately bring deliverance.
I wanna, I wanna get into this a little bit. OK.
So Gideon is threshing wheat in a wine press.
I wish I wish I would have given them a picture of the wine press.
But let me explain to you.
Gideon is threshing wheat in a wine press because the place where he’s supposed to thresh wheat, he can’t thresh wheat and he can’t thresh that wheat in the place that he’s supposed to, which is on a mountain top because he’s afraid that his enemy is going to see that he has been sustained in the middle of their terror.
God help me. God is trying to create a circumstance that would put Gideon in the right place at the right time.
But in order for him to do that, he first had to be in a position where he had the right thing in the wrong place.
I’m dancing because if I get this right.
Oh OK. His enemies put him in a position where he had the right desire, but he had it in the wrong place.
God help me. So Gideon has to find a way to function around his enemies.
I gotta find a way to function around my enemy because right now I can’t confront them, but just because I can’t confront them doesn’t mean that I’m gonna stop being provided for.
So I got the right thing in the wrong place, but that’s the only way I could get to it.
God help me whenever you find a way to function around your enemy.
Instead of confronting your enemy, you will always find yourself in a position where you have the right thing in the wrong place.

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