God’s Will For Your Life – How To Receive It | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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God’s Will For Your Life – How To Receive It | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

Jonathan Cahn explores knowing the will of God for your life including understanding its principals & how to receive it.

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It’s saying that everything in your life, as you’re following out, you’re walking out, everything’s gonna be worked for.
You’re good. Claim that. When you’re in a tough time, claim that. This is the promise.
I’m an heir to that promise. I’m to receive of that promise.
So whatever’s not the rule of god, it’s hurting you.
You may not see how it’s doing it, but it’s hurting you.
And that little thing it might give you is nothing compared to what it takes away.
Get it out and get it get into the will of god.
So one thing is getting if you want the blessing, you gotta get in the will of god.
Secondly, you have to know the will of god.
You can’t be blessed of the will if you don’t know the will as an heir.
You have to know the will. What do that mean?
Well, you know, it means you should, at first of all, you should be seeking Lord, what is your will today?
What is your will for me? What is it before I do anything? What’s your will for my life?
What’s your will for this day? What’s your will for this hour? What do you want me to do?
Seeking the will of god because in the will of god is blessing and it also is the will of god.
But also it means you you need to be in this will of god.
You know, there is the will of god that he will reveal to you as you follow him.
And as you do one thing, nothing of, you know, you we are you are to seek and god does speak and lead us.
He says, if I sheep hear my voice, So, there are things about hearing the will of god in that way, and I’ve taught on that.
But the most important thing that you can do with knowing the will of god is knowing this will of god because this is the absolute will of god.
There’s no interpretation on it. There’s no missing it. What it’s saying, it’s there in black and white.
This is the will of god. So, well, maybe the yeah. But it’s general. No.
It’s not if you apply it to your life, it’s not general anymore.
It becomes specific for the will of god for your life.
The more you walk in what you know from this will of god, the more you will walk into the exact will of god.
So the first thing is is there things in here that I that I’m not following?
Well, I you know, a scripture says something take it, apply it if it doesn’t line up with your say, well, it doesn’t line up with your your life.
Good. All the more. That’s showing you right there.
Is where you gotta take it, take it into your life, and that’s where you’re gonna get blessed.
And so the thing the first thing is to know, and that’s why we need to be in this thing because they’re gonna be in the will.
You gotta be in the word of god. I’m not saying you have to be a Bible scholar.
You don’t have to be that, but you have to be able every day to open up this word and get a word from god and follow a word from god.
It’s not a track to read the Bible. The Bible is the oracles of god.
It’s the revelation that people have sought for for 1000 and 1000 years, and you got it.
And in this in this word is your blessing and will lead you to your life.
So you need to get into it because and notice it, because every time you get into the Bible, you’re getting into the will, and you’re getting into the will, you’re getting into the inheritance.
There’s a blessing on it. Now it’s not enough to just know the will, you need to agree with the will.
And so what that means, especially when something and you and god are not lined up and we all have issues, We all have things that have to get lined up, but it is something that’s not lined up with god’s will.
It’s, to your part, the blessing comes when you say, yes, lord. I will. Okay, lord. Yes, lord.
I surrender it. Yes. I will follow that. Yes. I will stop that. Yes. I will.
And that’s where the blessing come. If an heir does not agree with a will, they’re not gonna get blessed.
But also, there’s something else about a will, and that is, you know, there are examples of, you know, there’s a will but the will has to be claimed.
Now, a lot of times those who are in charge of the will are in charge of finding the people who the will involve.
You know, and that that happens where you get called by a lawyer calls up or someone calls up because they are in charge of the will of the estate.
And so the thing is that so but so a claim is made for this person.
Well, well, in the same way, there’s a will of god, but you have to still claim that will.
And I’m not saying this is not the same as saying.
Just gonna use the word claim, name it, and claim it. No. That’s saying whatever I want. No.
But the will of god you are supposed to claim.
You are supposed to insist on it, and you are supposed to on it when it doesn’t look like it’s happening.
And stand I’m standing on the will of god. I’m standing on the promise of god.
And also, another thing that’s part of receiving and part of the air, and that is applying the will.
And that is that you have the will of god most powerful thing you can do is not just hear about it, not just think about it, good, but apply it.
The more you apply it, the more the will is coming into your life.
And when the will comes in, the blessing comes in.
But now at the same time, there are wills given to errors that have conditions on them.
Sometimes they’re in in movies that you read.
You know, okay, I’ll leave this, but they have to do this, this, this. Anybody can do that.
Well, well, that’s true. If if there are conditions and you don’t meet the you don’t fulfill the condition, you can’t get what’s in the air.
What’s in the will? But but in the same way, there are promises of god that have conditions on them.
And it’s not because god is trying to make it harder. It’s because they have to be there.
So there are promises that have conditions on them, and there are many believers could be even to you, there are many believers who said, oh, well, I this didn’t happen the way I wanted to happen.
Therefore, I can’t really trust it. Well, no. Are you did you do what god said?
Did you fulfill the condition of that, for instance, for instance, it says, you know, some people take it out of context.
You know, I’ll ask whatever I want. I’ll get it. No way. It’s not gonna happen.
It says, number 1, if you abided me and I and you, if you love, as I have loved you, so you’re in my will, you’re going to ask according to the will of god, then god will do it.
Okay. But you didn’t do the first part.
You know, there are times that god heal people, but he told them first, you have to do something.
And it was not because they they’re not they’re not working for it, but they have to do something the blind man has to go down to the pool of Salom in order to get blessed.
If he doesn’t if he says, well, I don’t think I should do it. It’s all grace.
They’re not he’s not gonna see because god told him go down there.
And other other times he said, do this, do this, and this will happen.
And so we have to be if you’re if we’re gonna receive what god has, we also have to do, as he said.
He said, if you love me, you’ll do what I said.
You’ll obey my and you’ll do all this, then ask what you want.
But you can’t claim the will and the blessings of the will if you’re not in the will and you’re not doing what god’s Do what god said.
Do what god said. And then take it.
Take the promise The Bible says for and the Bible is filled with promises.
Then you have to take them as he said it. Hey.
God says that he will work all things in your life for good.
That doesn’t mean What does that what does that not mean?
It doesn’t mean that everything in your life is going to be good or feel good.
It means that he’s gonna work everything in your life for good.
If it was good in itself, he wouldn’t have to do any work. Okay?
So it’s so it’s not saying, but it’s saying that everything in your life as you’re following god, you’re walking up, Everything’s gonna be worked for it.
You’re good. Claim that. When you’re in a tough time, claim that. This is the promise.
I’m an heir to that I’m to receive of that promise.
It says, for instance, the Bible says, and you you could do this.
You don’t even need me to tell you this, but it’s all there.
You can get it every day, take out any word. Um, this is not on the nose. Take other word.
It says, thanks to god who always leads us to triumph, not sometimes always That means we’re fa he leads us.
If we’re not following, we’re not going there. But he leads us always to triumph. Claim that.
Lord, you said you will always leave me to triumph.
So there’s gonna be a triumph in this situation because I am following you.
And therefore, I am claiming it I am doing it, and I am claiming it, claim what god says, insist upon it.
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