Christ: The Preeminent One – Episode 2

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Christ: The Preeminent One – Episode 2

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Coming up next on changing your world.
I’m gonna just talk to god, hallelujah. I’m gonna ask a help me through this thing. I’m scared, Lord.
Lord, if you could just lift me up and give me some encouragement right now, Lord.
Lord, I don’t know if gonna work. That gonna work. Oh, lord. Help me, Jesus. Halle La Borscha.
My faith don’t seem like it’s there. Could you give me my faith? Could you me with my fake law.
I feel like I’m about to lose it right now. God help me.
And he comes in and gives you peace.
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This is your world.
Zola’s vow to make it at a the today.
We are changed.
The Holy Spirit never leads anyone to look at himself and his own accomplishments, but only and always at Christ and what he has done.
What has Christ done in you?
You know it was him.
You tried it for years, and nothing never happened.
Well, you see, this fall, I went to church. No. No. No. No. God didn’t.
God did not wait until you get to church.
He will meet you in the bar you got drunk at last night.
And when you wake up, there might be something different about you.
But if it is, you can’t take the credit for that.
That’s something that the spirit of god has revealed to you.
A merciful god, a gracious god, a god who can clean you up and call you while you intoxicated and to let you know when you clean up that it wasn’t a dream.
It’s true. He still wants to use you. He used 3 murderers. Why wouldn’t he wanna use you?
Think about all the regrets you have in your life.
Think about all the mess up you had in your life.
And I’m not speaking to you from just the point of Well, before you got saved.
Now I’m talking to a lot of you after you got saved.
Some of the biggest hell and sinning took place after you made Jesus the lord of your life and the shame came into your life.
And the guilt came into your life.
I’m telling you right now, we have got to get rid of this little fable thing and stop being afraid of letting people know, look at Christ in me, because sometimes when that out on they’re not understanding what I’m preaching, and they don’t understand in the Bible you gave them, they can understand a living epistle that will tell them I used to be here, but look at where god has bought me right now.
What are you afraid of?
I’m I’m over this playing church phony kind of stuff.
I can’t even do that. I can’t even do that.
If y’all wanna play some church and and do some fable stuff and stuff like that. I got to go.
I have my resignation info tonight. I got to go. Ain’t got time to do that?
This thing is getting real. I don’t wanna talk to you or debate to you about some intellectual aerobics that you had about a particular scripture, or I got revelation Well, good.
He revealed it to who, you. Well, you you did do it. Don’t talk to me about it.
He revealed it to you. He didn’t reveal it to me.
I ain’t supposed to know what you’re trying to tell me right now.
I might not be ready for what you’re trying to tell me right now.
I ain’t read for me today.
Something y’all looking at me like.
Paul expressed to the believers of Ephasis, his desire and prayer on their behalf.
And here’s what Paul said to them. Look at Ephesians chapter 3 verse 17 19 in the King James.
Ephesians chapter 3 verse 17 in 19. He said that Christ may dwell in your hearts.
Here’s what I want. I want Christ to dwell in your hearts.
I want Christ to be dwelling in my heart.
Does does Christ to dwell in your heart? Do you feel him?
Do you sense him? Somebody said, well, you’re not moved by you feeling. No.
He wants you to feel his love, even though you can’t comprehend it all, he still wants you to feel it and sense it and experience his love, with your deep self gained post fit.
He wants you to experience his love.
That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith that you being watch this.
He wants you to be rooted and grounded. What? In law?
Then may be able to comprehend with all the saints.
What is the breath and the length and the depth and the height?
And to know and to know and to know.
Not know about, but to know to know this has to come with experience and to know this is something you have to know because you experience it.
Experientially and to know the love of Christ, not to know about the love of Christ, not to tell me what that means, Gagape.
And, you know, you got, uh, a paleo, and you got, heroes, to know his love, to know his love when you didn’t have no money to pay your light bill.
To know his love when you were hurt and diagnosed with some kind of bad connection, to know his love.
Not know about it. To know the love of Christ.
Which passes knowledge.
So he says, this passes knowledge, so quit trying to know it intellectually.
He said, don’t know what you’re gonna it don’t only way you’re gonna notice is you gotta know it experience experience to me.
That you might be field just by knowing and experiencing his love, you get full of god.
You get full of god just by knowing and experiencing his love.
Look at this in the, uh, NLT. Go back to verse 17. Just by knowing his love.
You you know how full of god you get when when you experience god’s love.
Always nothing like it.
When the goodness showed up and you didn’t deserve it, You’re full of god because you’ve experienced his love.
Now am I throwing away intellectual part? I told you at the beginning.
Not throwing away the intellectual part, but don’t make that part the whole.
It’s that plus the experience In fact, why know about something intellectually and never experienced?
That’s hypocrisy. Why know about it intellectually and never know it?
Those just love those people that always tell you about what they know, and it ain’t experienced nothing.
It’s like an analyst who wants to talk about football and how y’all to do it, and he never played.
Well, he could’ve made that tackle. Yeah.
But he just ran fifty yards and had to run back again, and he tied.
Well, he should’ve made that tackle. Yeah.
But when he hit the guy, he his shoulder was hurt. And and and he felt numb on his arm.
But you wanna tell me intellectually how you ought to tackle. Ain’t never tackled nothing.
Didn’t even tackle your wife in the bedroom. Ain’t never tackled nothing.
And you wanna talk to somebody about how to make a talent.
You have intellectually examined that. But you have no experience.
So why intellectually talk to me about the love of god?
And you you’ve never you’ve never experienced it.
You don’t understand why a grown man can cry tears when you talk about knowing the love of god.
But you don’t understand. He actually knows the love of god when he was a no good hair raising wife beating, lying, cheat, and god took it.
And said, I love you, and I’m a work with you when I finish with you.
I’m gonna make you the best husband that you thought you could never be.
And when he hears this talk of knowing love, He can’t hold his tears back, but you can because your intellectualism pumps you up in pride and say, yes.
I know that. Yes. I know what? 3 more are. Yes. I know the Greek of that.
I’m not concerned about that no more. I’m tired of it.
I wanna meet some genuine one.
Christian, who delight in knowing their god, experientially.
I won’t hang up
about no 20 ways to get here for midnight. You ain’t never been sick before.
You ain’t never been told you’re gonna die before. I wanna hear about your 20 ways to do it.
I’m gonna just talk to god, hallelujah. I’m gonna ask him, lord, help me through this thing. I’m scared, lord.
Lord, if you could just lift me up and give me something with me right now, lord.
Lord, I don’t know if this gonna work, that gonna work. Oh, lord, help me, Jesus.
I love about My faith don’t seem like it’s there. Could you give me my faith? Could you
me with my faith, lord? I feel like
I’m about to be losing right now. God help
me, and he comes in and gives you peace.
Then Christ will make his home in your hearts as you trust him.
I want it. Christ to make his home in you.
I don’t want him to be a visitor in you.
I want him to be a tenant. Occupying. Your heart.
Moved emotionally.
Because you have no words to describe how much he means to you.
And in the middle of a praise service, when the right song comes with the right words, and you start singing them, but you can’t finish the song because you didn’t get all choked up because you say, I know that god.
He makes his home in your heart, and you trust him.
Your roots will grow down into god’s love.
He’ll keep you strong. He’ll keep you strong.
And may you have the power to understand as all god’s people should how wide and how long and how high, how deepest is love.
It’s deeper than what some preachers say.
It’s deeper than what some apostles and bishops proclaim.
As far as you can go loving somebody, god’s love is deeper.
I can’t ever forgive my wife because she did this, did that.
God God love goes deeper. This man killed. My loved one that God love goes in deep.
When I did that interview with the man who adopted his son’s killer, I just got convicted.
And I said, help me god. I don’t think I can do that.
And he said, not in your own human capacity, you can’t, but this man didn’t love in his human capacity.
I drenched him with my supernatural love, and that was the only way he could adopt his sons and kill her.
But god’s love is even deeper than that.
Help me, Jesus.
May you experience the love of Christ?
Though it’s too great to understand fully, I must still let you experience it.
I’m a blow your mind with the experience you I mean, I’d be able to explain it to people, but I’m a I’m a I’m a let you experience because I want you to know me.
I want you to know it’s not what you brought to the table.
I want you to know it wasn’t the 20 things you did right this week.
I want you to know it wouldn’t because you were good, but because I’m good, I’m gonna let you experience somebody beyond your human capacity.
And then you will be made complete.
With all the fullness of life and power that comes from god.
So Here is the the emphasis on, you see the emphasis on a person and his love.
It’s not a matter of fulfilling commandments or obligations, not duties to perform nor even living up to the and moral standards.
Paul’s desire was that Christ might dwell in your Heart.
Why the heart?
Because the heart is at the seat, of your emotions, which stir your whole being.
This what I’m talking about this morning, this is something In addition to intellectual knowledge, you notice I’m not beating up intellectual knowledge.
I know it may sounds like it, but I’m trying to exalt something a little bit higher so you can see.
So this is, in addition to intellectual knowledge of him, as important as that is It is a realization of him as the controlling force of our own life.
It’s realizing him. That becomes the controlling force of my whole life.
It is a consciousness of oneness with him. It’s him.
It’s him.
The closest thing in human experience, to that place that I’m talking about now is, uh, between a man and a woman when this man meets this woman, the one he can’t live without, and he becomes occupied, thinking of her all the time.
And that woman meets this man, and she becomes occupied.
All he thinks about is him wanting to be with him.
He wanted to be with her.
Where your love making is no longer just physical, but it moved into your spirit and soul, and you both begin to weep if you’re making love with this prison.
The life of, of neither is fully apart from the other.
You just can’t see life apart.
That’s what Paul said.
I showed it to you in a minute, but he said, for me to live is Christ, I can’t see my life apart from him.
When a man and a woman comes to that place, the each of them gives the other the preeminence.
You’re giving the other, the, the strongest thing.
The most important, the most powerful. When something is preeminent, it it is surpassing all others.
It’s very distinguished in this, in some way, it towers above.
And that husband in your eyes, towers above any man on the planet.
And that wife in your eyes, towers above any woman on the planet And she may look better, and she may be finer, and she may talk 3 languages, but she cannot reach the level.
Um, intimacy and knowing. So this is what Paul solved.
This is what Paul recognized. Here I am a murdering pharisee, uh, a hypocrite.
A religious traditional man who sat by while Stephen was stoned to death.
Oh, no. Good.
I thought what I was doing was right.
I was trying to keep the laws of the old covenant.
And Jesus interrupted my life.
And it wasn’t what I read. I was I was riding, and I I got interrupted.
And he showed up, and I had an experience with Jesus.
Whole life changed.
And I told people about This Jesus, and I saw his glorious beauty.
And all my time, I all these people out and sit to heaven, I’m gonna have to see one day But Jesus came in, and he released his marvelous grace.
And he changed me from Saul to Paul. And now?
To live is Christ.
When Christ twills in the heart, or the believer by faith, life with all its acts and emotions become centered in him.
And that’s why the Holy Spirit is, in this age, takes the things that are Christ, and he makes them known to those who are his he glorifies Christ so that he may become preeminent in the life of the believer.
I get it. I get it. You’re glorifying Christ. You’re showing his greatness.
You’re showing you’re showing all of his might, all the things that he has done.
So that I can become the person that will say you are Christ my preeminent one.
Look at what you’ve done.
Do you know who you are?
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As we wrap up today’s broadcast, I’d like to take a moment to pray for you.
I don’t ever want to take for granted that you have received Jesus Christ as your personal lord and savior, there’s no better way to embark upon a new stage in your life than to enter into a personal relationship with Christ.
So if you wanna become born again and begin an exciting, intimate relationship with Jesus, pray this prayer with me now.
Heavenly Father. Come into my heart. Save me. I receive you now. By faith.
And I declare in Jesus’ name that I am saved.
Thank you, lord, for saving me. Amen.
Well, if you prayed that prayer with me, I wanna welcome you to the kingdom of god.
Because of you, creflo dollar ministries is providing a new understanding of grace and empower in the lives of millions of people every day.
Thank you, partners, and friends. Your love and financial support makes it possible to bring this message into millions of homes all across the globe.
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