What’s Love Got To Do With It X Sarah Jakes Roberts & Matthew Hussey

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So if we start from a basis of going, yeah, finding love is very often hard, that there’s nothing wrong with us if we’re finding it hard, it just is hard.
Then we can start to say, well, okay, how might we do love better?
If we were being really smart about it.
And I think to your point that you made, the kinds of guys that are not prioritizing you.
They’re putting their career first. They’re saying they’re not ready for a commitment.
What we have to start getting really good at is deciding what is important to us.
Because if we say what’s important to me is someone who’s super attractive and charismatic and has a great job and is tall and is, like, whatever it may be.
When we listing these things. If someone comes along who doesn’t value us, but they tick all of those boxes, we’ll keep going because we’ve told ourselves that they’re what we’re looking for.
If instead, we say, what I really want is someone who sees me as they’re equal, someone who is kind, someone who is loyal, and someone who is ready for the same things that I am ready for, then it doesn’t matter how hot sexy charismatic or accomplished anyone is, if they don’t pass that test of being those fundamental things, We’re not interested in giving them another day of our life.

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