Trusting God in the End Times – Episode 2

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Trusting God in the End Times – Episode 2

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Coming up next on changing your world.
Ma’am, I want you to think that you have power when you have money.
And for most of this world, they, they govern the power based on the amount of wealth that somebody has.
But, Ward, when you get sick of cancer that they ain’t got no cure for.
Only god will show that he has the power to do what your money can’t do. Money can buy you
a house, but it can’t a home. Money can buy you medicine, but it can’t buy you healing.
Money might be able to buy you a little friend for the night, but it can’t buy you an intimate loving long partner.
Only god can do that.
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This is your world.
So let’s vow to make it a better place. Let every hard than me.
Bye is great, so we pray she’ll love today.
There are 2350 verses in the Bible about money.
How is how can that be? 2350 verses.
And like I said, money is not bad, but loving money is Trusting money is valuing money more than you value god is.
Making an idol of money and an idol is based on the value you assigned to it more than god.
Have you assigned a value to money more than god?
Do you trust that money can take care of you when God is saying, Please give me a shot.
I got you, but you have valued money you have placed a value on money greater
than god.
Money is like a hammer.
It can help, or it can hurt. Somebody says, alright, Pastor Dhalla.
I’m hearing you. But how do I know if I have the love of money, if I got the love of money, I need to know whether or not I have the love of money.
And I, I need to understand whether or not I have the love of money.
Can I give you some practical things? It’s gonna sting a little bit. Right?
It’s gonna sting a little bit. Right?
People freaking out. They hate the fact that I even used the word money.
Watch this. Let me give you some things to check your life out.
Evidence that you have the love of money.
You let a paycheck direct you let a paycheck direct your decisions rather than god.
Number 2, money makes you anxious and fearful.
Money makes you anxious and fearful.
Number 3, When you are obsessive about building wealth, you have a love for money.
Number 4, this is the most obvious one.
You’ve cheated, you’ve lied, and you’ve stolen to get wealth.
You’ve cheated, you’ve lied, and you’ve stolen to get well.
Number 5, you feel stingy.
Where are you laughing?
Number 6?
You you you don’t give offerings. There you go.
Jesus Jesus ain’t never said and had Jesus ain’t never said nothing about no offering, and Jesus ain’t never had nothing to do with no offering.
Oh, I beg the difference.
In fact, I’m gonna show you a
scripture right now where he sat right there in the middle of church and watch people as they gave an offering and made a comment.
Go to mark chapter 12, 41 through 44. March 12, 41 through 44.
Let’s look at it in the, uh
yeah. King James.
And Jesus sat over against the treasury, and he beheld how people cast money into the treasury.
Who who who’ll be held? Who’s looking? And you you get offended if your neighbor look
at you while you’re giving.
Don’t be looking at what I’m giving. It ain’t on your business.
Jesus was looking into the Treasury to see how they were given.
And he said, and many that were rich, they cast in much.
And there came a certain poor woman widow and she threw in 2 mights, which make a part thing.
And and he called unto him his disciples and said unto them, verily, I said to you, that this poor widow woman have cast more in than all they which have cast into the treasury.
For all they did cast in of their abundance, but she of her want did cast in all that she had even all her living.
Now look at this in in NLT.
I mean, so people go around and tell me, well, Jesus, you know, he never had nothing to say about this.
Jesus sat down near the collection box.
My god. That’s messing up your religion. Right?
Now right about now, you might be saying, is he trying to trick me, trick me, kid you read?
Jesus sat down near the collection box.
See, what’s happening right now, you’re trying to figure out, do I preserve my traditional belief about money, or am I gonna change?
See, what you gotta understand is you have to be careful not to change the Bible.
You gotta let the Bible change your thinking.
And some people are not ready for that to happen. I I always thought like that.
My grandmom and him told me that, and bless god crap low and tiffy ain’t gonna change my mind about nothing.
If you hang on women I’m gonna show you there’s a demon behind all of this.
There’s a devil that’s been working for centuries in this country.
Jesus sat down near the collection box in the temple, and he watched as the crowds dropped in their money.
How many of you know Jesus is still watching?
Many rich people put in large amounts.
Then a poor widow came and dropped in two small cords.
Jesus called his disciples to him and said, come in. Come in.
Come in. Come in. Come in. Come in. I I need y’all see this.
So now you got his disciples looking at it. He said, I tell you the truth.
This poor widow has given more than all the others who are making contributions, large contributions.
For they gave a tiny part of their surplus It was a big offering to that temple, but it was a small part
of the surplus. But she,
poor as she is, has given everything she had to live on.
Listen to me carefully.
When you pursue security and comfort over god’s plans and purposes for your life, you have a love of money.
Money for Christian people should be attracted, not pursued.
So you’ve been listening to too much of them, them, them power speakers.
They’re teaching you to pursue something that you should be attracting. Yeah.
Alright. Now follow me. Follow me. I’m about there.
The moment you start pursuing money, it becomes a spirit of mammon that’s motivating you.
The moment you start pursuing mammon, or, excuse me, money, a spirit of mammon, a spirit of mammon, you become a part of a spirit of mammon.
And I don’t know nobody in this nation.
Well, I’m almost almost every entity in this nation is mammon driven.
It’s about the bag. It ain’t about Karen, for you, it’s about the bad.
The motivation behind what most entities are motivated to do.
I won’t say all of them, but most of them is this spirit of Maven.
Now, let’s deal with this.
Mabin is an aramaic word meaning riches.
And at the heart there’s an attitude that says at the heart of this that man doesn’t need god that we’re self sufficient.
This is what the spirit of men tries to tell us.
You don’t need god trust in money. That’s what the spirit of Mammad. It is a demon.
It is demonic influence you don’t need god trust in the money.
Ma’ammon was the name of the Syrian god of riches and money.
There was a false god That was called mammon, and it was the Syrian god of riches and money.
And in Revelation chapter 18, the city of Babylon shows a city or a world given over to the spirit of Maman.
It shows a world, a city that was possessed by the spirit of mammon.
With all of its greed and avarice, an unhealthy relationship and trust with the material world.
That’s what Bab Babylon showed. Now prophetically speaking of what is to come in these last days.
As I analyze Revelation 17, verse 1, through revelations chapter 19 verse 4, I kept seeing Babylon the great.
And it was prophesying a rebirth of Babylon, the great.
The first one, I think, was located in Iran, Babylon, the great that city felt It’s not making reference to that coming back again, but I wanna read to you the characteristics of this new Babylon, the great.
And you make your own decision.
The identification of Babylon the Great was identified as the great world superpower
of the end times.
Babylon the great has the largest economy of any entity in the world.
It is the center of wealth in the world, and it is responsible for an extended period a global wealth creation in the end times.
Babylon the great has shaped global culture in the end times in a directly anti Christian manner, it’s shaped global cultures.
That came out of Babylon, the great seemed to spread around the world.
Battylon the great, has the greatest political power of any entity Babylon, the great, is considered to have the strongest military in the world of the end times.
I don’t know.
Help me, but all of these characteristics uniquely and definitively match the United States.
And another part of prophecy was the Antichrist and the 10 horns or those 10 nations that will be with him, declare that they cannot he cannot carry out his object objective until Babylon, the great is destroyed.
And that is supposed to take place before the second advent or the second event is when Jesus comes back with the church and he steps foot on the on the earth for the Battle of Armageddon.
It should it should happen somewhere maybe in in the in in the close to the end of the of the the, um, tribulation.
Now watch me carefully now.
Is in direct contrast
to the spirit of god.
Manon says,
buy and keep it.
God says, sow and reap it.
Mammons says, cheat and steal.
God says, give and receive.
Mammoth is looking for servants, and it wants to rule your life and take the place of god.
Remember, Mammill was this Syrian god of riches, and Babylon was a city that was given over to the spirit of mammon with all of its greed and efforts.
It’s almost hard to trust anything that said in this nature.
In this nation because you know it’s mammonriven that it’s motivated in somehow some way.
Money’s behind it. Even if it has to release something to kill people, let’s just keep quiet.
We made our money. It costs more to get medicine in this country than it does anywhere in the world.
You wonder, in some nations, they give free education.
They give I I think we would love a country where they give uh, um, they take care of your health, uh, is is free and nobody paying to go to the doctor and nothing like that.
They will turn you out to die. If you don’t have the money to be to receive the services here.
Things that were man driven. Slavery was man driven. Yeah.
Yeah. What could make another human being?
Enslave on, uh, other human beings and say they’re less than a human being because they got different color.
White folks got different color too if they go to Florida and stay for a while versus those who in there in Alaska.
But what was driving force?
What was the driving force behind slavery? Cotton was big business. Mammon.
Uh, I don’t see why every state can’t take their state university and offer free education to people that live in that state.
When are we gonna impart into our people? No. We can’t do that.
We gotta get paid. Maven driven.
A propaganda that’s going out nationwide, messing people’s mind up, But at the end of it, what’s the motivation?
Mhmm. Money takes care of us.
And even some churches got involved in it.
I’ll do anything
to get to money, even continue with a lie about giving.
As long as it doesn’t affect my bag. You know the risk?
It wasn’t really a risk, because god told me
to do to talk about and teach tithing.
It didn’t bother me because god was the one that was gonna be my sword.
But people who didn’t know God as their source, it scared the lights out of them for a man with this big of a microphone to tell people that under the new testament, god is asking for you to give a generous offering and not 10%.
Don’t you do understand the devils that went crazy. Ma’ammon said, Oh my god.
He’s trying to mess with our money in the church because a lot of things that’s done in the church are money driven.
Look at Luke 1613.
Mammon is looking for servants. It wants to rule your life.
It wants to take the place of god.
Mammon wants you to crown it the idol of your life and to give it more value that you trust that money more than you trust your god.
And that’s why it’s always hard to give because you’re like, wait a minute.
Don’t trust God. This real right here.
So Jesus said here, he said no servant. Can serve 2 masters.
2 masters? I only know one.
For either he will hate the 1, or he’ll love the other, or else he’ll hold to the one and despise the other, and then he identifies the 2 masters that you can give value to.
I was shocked when I saw this yay. He said, ye cannot serve god. He didn’t say
money and mammon. You gonna serve the god of famine, or you’re gonna serve the god of grace?
Who is well able to take care of you
Mammon is selfish. God
is generous.
Mammon tries to take god’s place by promising us everything that only god can give.
Only god can give you real security
But, ma’am, and we’ll try to give you security.
And you think your security is in the money.
And, ma’am, is setting you up to try to disappoint you because, g, you, you you’re thinking your security is in money?
And when it fails and when it falls, and there’s prophecy about money failing.
When it fails and when it’s fall, if you don’t value god’s Provision more than mammon.
He gonna say I food you.
Mammon wants you to think that it can take god’s place and and provide for you significance.
Only god can give you real significance.
Ma’am, he wants you to think that money can give you real identity.
Only god can give you real identity because I know people with a lot of money, and they still don’t have no identity.
Mama wants you to think that you have power when you have money.
And for most of this world, they, they govern the power based on the amount of wealth that somebody has.
But, war, when you get sick of a cancer that they ain’t got no cure for, only god will show that he has the power.
To do what your money can’t do. Money can buy you a house, but it can’t buy a home.
Money can buy you medicine, but it can’t buy you healing.
Money might be able to buy you a little friend for the night, but it can’t buy you an intimate, loving, lifelong partner.
Only god
can do that. Money wants you to think that you have real freedom when you have financial freedom.
And everything paid for, and you still, to a slave to some substance that you’re abusing in the backroom of your mansion.
Money is not our security. God is our
In the last days,
the love of money,
preparing you to be a part of the community of Babylon, the great.
I ain’t doing it. I’m gonna trust god.
You put me in jail. I’m gonna trust god. I already been there.
I’m gonna trust god. I’m trusting god. You gotta make your
mind right now. Since he’s a come play church, but now we get down to the nitty gritty, the with the for real
Christian, those who who’d I am I’m Money?
Money? Well, never. Never take god’s place. I’d rather give it all away.
And that’s what keeps tapping on in the right position y’all giving.
Anytime I’m to give a certain amount. I give that plus
because you will not govern my life.
You’ll not govern my life.
If there’s a car I’d love too much, I’d get that car away.
If that’s the house I fell in love with. I get that house away.
I’m not gonna be married to stuff. I’m not gonna be married to money.
I don’t want nothing that I can’t give when tells me to give it away.
Who or what do you trust in the 3 message series, trusting god in the end times, creflo dollar breaks down how declare dependence on god when so many people choose idols for themselves.
God has got to be your source.
Everything that you’ll ever need in this life has already been made available, but you can only access it by your faith.
Great is this unmerited favor. It is provision that keeps increasing over and over and over and over again.
Vision that will show up for those who depend on him.
It’s grace. That’s god’s part. It’s dependent on him. That’s man’s part.
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