Trump, The Swamp, & The Ancient Mystery!

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Trump, The Swamp, & The Ancient Mystery!

“And America has done much good. And there’s no shortage of nations far exceeding any of its faults or sins. But no nation in the modern world has ever been given so much. None has been so blessed. To whom much is given, much is required. If a nation so blessed by God should turn away from Him, what then? It’s blessing will be replaced with curses? Yes. And has America turned away from God? I asked. It has turned and is turning. How? In the same way Israel turned. It started with a spiritual complacency, then spiritual confusion, then the merging of God with idols and then, ultimately, the rejection of his ways. Just as with ancient Israel, America began ruling God out of its life, turning, step by step, against His ways, at first subtly and then more and more brazenly.”
― Jonathan Cahn, The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery that Holds the Secret of America’s Future

This is Jonathan Kahn, the author of the Paradigm, the ancient blueprint that holds the mystery of our times.
And we’ve been watching this ancient blueprint unveil just reveal everything of our times 2.5 1000 years ago, more than that.
And it’s revealing the people of our times, the events of our times, the dates when things have to happen, events before they take place the future.
Well, I can only touch on a taste of a shadow of these things but, but I wanna give you a taste of it and this is where we are, who or the, the prototype to Donald Trump.
The mystery of Donald Trump. He rises to power overnight wild guy and he wars against the house of Ahab and he defeats the former first lady.
Comes head to head with the former first lady in the nation’s Northeastern city and then he sets his eyes on the Capitol.
Well, we saw this whole thing play out with Donald Trump, the mystery Donald Trump, the mystery behind Hillary Clinton, Jezebel, the former first lady.
It’s not about the people, not about their motives, but these are signs, they don’t know what they’re doing, these are signs.
So they come head to head in the, in the, in the Bible who and the former first lady, so Donald Trump and the former first lady Hillary Clinton.
And according to the paradigm, Jay, who or, or the warrior wins, Donald Trump emerges triumphant.
There’s a downfall of the former first lady.
And as we shared, I shared very early on one thing I should note here, how long was Hillary Clinton on the national stage?
Well, she was there from 1979 to 2001 as first lady, Arkansas and America 22 years with her husband on her own.
How many years? 12 years in Washington DC.
Then two years, she retired from public life, came back for two more years on the national stage to run for president.
That comes out to 14 years on the national stage on her own, 22 years with her husband, 14 years on her own.
How long was Jezebel on the national stage? 22 years with her husband on her own 14 years. Ok.
Now, and all the defeat and the victory takes place when the two of them are in the nation’s chief, Northeastern city, Jezreel.
So with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, they’re both in the same city chief northeastern city of America, New York City.
But then then turns his attention to the capital city.
He’s got to go to the capital to take the throne to come to power?
So what happens, Jay, who has an agenda for the capital?
And what is his agenda for the capital city? His agenda is to drain the swamp.
And if you look at what happens, he does it, I mean, and does it dramatically, what was Donald Trump’s agenda for the capital city to drain the swamp?
Now when Jay who gets to the cabinet, remember he gets to the capital with a holy man with him, an alliance with the religious conservatives, the land.
So did Donald Trump. But when he gets there, it’s like it’s the the the nations is divided.
You got the house of ahab, you got the the worship, the priests of bail, you know, so it’s a divided nation and so would Donald Trump and those who were most against Je, who, who were, who would they be?
They were those who were for child sacrifice in the modern modern manifestation.
It’s those, it was the, it would be the abortion industry and they were, were, were, were in a rage against Donald Trump.
But there’s something else too because the worship of bail wasn’t just child sacrifice.
It was also what could be called witchcraft in our day.
And, and actually in the Bible, Jay, Jay who actually uses that word to describe these things, witchcraft. Interesting.
So you got a war between Jeu and witchcraft for the worship of Bell.
Interesting because something weird happened when Donald Trump became president all over America and the world under the moon.
There were gatherings of witches casting spells on Donald Trump.
I’ve never heard of anything like that in the history of America or the world yet.
It’s in the paradigm, there’s a war of witchcraft, Jeu and witchcraft and there it is.
But what also happened when they get to the capital city when Jay who gets there, he sets his agenda actually, even before he gets there.
But he sets his agenda to cut, to separate the state from the priest of bail, to cut off the priest of bail from the support of the state, the cult of bail from the support of the state.
Because when it was there before where they have in Jezebel, it was the state was supporting the the priest of bail.
So he sets himself to cut it off, that means the killing of Children.
And so what does Donald Trump do?
First thing is he sets to cut off state support for the killing of Children, unborn Children.
That’s the first and what’s the first executive order?
He, he issues executive orders his first thing as president, what are they to protect the life of the unborn or to overturn the policies before that were in favor of killing unborn Children?
And so he’s going to undo the the works that were before him.
And that’s exactly what Donald Trump has been, has been doing up to this point, undoing the policies of of the, of the one who went before and, and of that and of the house or the general house of what went before him.
Now, we are gonna see something I just gave you, we’re gonna see something in the next time.
Well, let me tell you what we’re gonna see. But before that, I can only just touch on these things.
Obviously, I’m giving you a quick, quick taste of a little bit of, a little bit of a little bit.
But to get the full revelation of all that’s revealed in the paradigm.
But what, where we are now, it’s available, the book is available everywhere online. You can get it off everywhere.
Um But next time we’re gonna be on the, the, the temple of bail.
Now this is gonna be eerie because nobody could have put this together.
I mean, nobody could put any together but nobody, this is so it’s gonna span the whole world and it’s gonna be, it’s gonna span 2000 years and more and nobody could have put it together.
So next time the temple of bail on the paradigm.

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