Transfers in Your Future | Joel Osteen

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Transfers in Your Future | Joel Osteen

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The Israelites wandered in the desert for years.
When they finally went into the promised land, the scripture says they lived in houses that they didn’t build.
They reap from vineyards that they didn’t plant.
The clusters of grape were so large, it took 2 people to carry them.
They didn’t have to start from scratch.
They didn’t have to go in there and build, plant, work their way up, it was transferred to them.
God has some of these transfers in your future, houses that you didn’t build, vineyards that you didn’t plan, That means promotion where you weren’t next in line.
Opportunity, you didn’t see coming, blessings that chase you down, You didn’t earn it. You didn’t work for it.
It’s simply the goodness of god transferring resources, influence, favor into the hands of the righteous.
That’s what happened with us in this building.
For 30 years, the compact center was the premier facility in all of Houston.
2,000,000 people came through this building a year. The Rockets won 2 world championships here.
Practically every major entertainer had played in this building, Elvis, Michael Jackson, the Rolling Stones.
When we were looking for property to build a new auditorium, someone mentioned that we should try to get the Compact Center.
In my mind, that was so far out.
I couldn’t fathom that be it a possibility I said, what do you mean? That building is worth $400,000,000.
We could never afford it. My mind said there’s no way.
But deep down, I could hear a still small voice saying, yes, Joel. It’s supposed to be yours.
It was a long battle but we ended up signing a 30 year lease with the city of Houston for $11,000,000.
That comes out to be a little over $300,000 a year to lease this building.
We do events in buildings like this across the country, they cost about $300,000 a night.
We rented this building for the same amount for the whole year. But here’s how amazing god is.
7 years into the lease, the mayor called, said that the city was behind on tax revenue.
Ask if we wanted to purchase the building.
We always wanted to buy it, but the lease was the best way to get the facility at the time.
I said, yes, Mayor, we’d love to purchase it, but it depends on how much it is.
She said, let us run an appraisal, and we’ll make you a good deal.
We had a 30 year lease with an option for an additional 30 years.
So they had to appraise the building based on the fact that we could be in it for 60 years.
The appraisal came back not at 300,000,000, what the building is worth, not at a 100,000,000, not at 50, not at 25.
They said, we’ll sell it to you for $7,000,000.
The land is worth many times that amount. What was that? A transfer.
God putting resources into the hands of the righteous.
See, in my twenties, I had season tickets to watch the Rockets play basketball here right back there in section 104.
I never dreamed one day we would own the Compact Center.
God has these transfers in your future that are going to bugle your mind.
Things you never imagined, resources, influence, favor, The key is, is your heart to build the kingdom, to help others, to take your family to a new level, If it’s just for me to build my ego, to show off what I have, if I’m self absorbed that’s going to limit what god will do.
God is looking for kingdom builders.
People that will use the resources, the influence to be a blessing, to accomplish your god given dreams, to support that charity, to pay off that single mom’s house, to leave your family, better than it was before.
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