The Mystery of the Cherubim, the Tree, and Paradise | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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The Mystery of the Cherubim, the Tree, and Paradise | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

One of the beautiful mysteries of God begins in the Garden and reappears in Messiah and in your salvation. It even explains reality!

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Recorded Live at Beth Israel at the Jerusalem Center in Wayne, NJ. Friday Nights (8pm) & Sunday Mornings (10am and 11:30am)

Amazing. In the beginning, we have a tree and a garden that are alive, and they close death.
In the end, we’ve got a dead tree across and a dead garden garden tomb and comes life.
It says god planted station cherubim at the garden to block guard the way to the tree of life with a flaming sword turning in every direction.
The cherubim The sign of the separation on that day was the chairman. So what is that?
That means that this chairman of the sign of the separation between us and god, us in the garden and the separation of god and his god in the world.
It’s a barrier, a barrier Now fast forward to the tabernacle, which becomes the temple.
What do you see was the tent of meeting where god and man are gonna meet together?
What do you see in the temple or the tabernacle.
You see the holy of holies, the place where god dwells.
That represents god’s throne, god’s heaven, god’s place, kinda like Eden. God was there.
And it interesting because in the temple of Jerusalem, there were objects.
Some of those holy objects, it says make them as buds blossoms like something that grows in the garden.
And it even says there are images of trees, palm trees in the temple as in a garden.
But then there’s so there’s god. It’s symbol of god.
And then there’s this the veil that says the way is blocked. There’s a barrier between us and god.
It’s a veil. But What is on the veil? It wasn’t just a veil.
It was a veil with images of the cherubim, the ones who blocked the garden.
So here in the temple, you’ve got god.
You got man, and you got that chair of him just like you did. It goes back to Eden.
Goes all the way back to Eden.
And so cherubim are blocking everything the gardener and the garden man and god.
But if there’s ever to be life again, it’s like the blocking of the blessing There’s ever to be life again, the gardener has to come back into his garden.
God has to return to the world so that man can return to paradise.
And god But how does the guard how does anybody get through this?
Cause there you have the chair of him, and the chair of him have a flaming sword.
So you could take it two ways.
One is you can’t get back or 2, the only way you can get back is through death.
Think about that. God himself to get back to us, to to to to reconcile, to bring peace, to open the barrier, to do all that, to get back to us He’s got to go through death.
He’s gotta pass through the chair of him.
And what that means is because there’s sin and there’s death, so he’s gotta he’s gotta take that sin.
He’s take that judgment, and he’s gotta that’s the only way he can pass through. Even god has to die.
The gardener can only come back to the garden through the cherubim. And what’s our salvation?
Our salvation is god. Yes. Said yes. I’m coming back. I’m coming back to the garden.
I’m coming back to the world.
So god comes back into the world, but he can but the the full coming back to full reconcilia can only come if he goes through the chair of him only.
So that’s why he’s on the cross.
When he’s on the cross, He’s passing through death to get back.
He’s ca passing through death to get us back and him to us. And so he’s gotta pass through.
And that’s why that’s why I think about it. What did he say that day?
When he’s on the cross, he said, I tell you this day you will be with me in paradise.
What does paradise mean? It means a garden of trees.
Now, of course, it’s heaven, but it was sad as well.
So when he was on the cross dying, think about it. What happened in the temple?
In the temple, the veil of a holy place was torn apart. But what’s on the veil?
The cherubim are on the veil.
So we they what happened is that Sharabin were pushed out of the way because god was passing through.
The gardener was coming back into his garden.
God, that there’d be nothing he’s breaking every barrier so there’d be no barrier anymore between you and him that nothing could separate you from god anymore because the very life of god passed through it.
The gardener is coming back into the garden. Now, the garden now think about it.
The gardener Adam had to leave the garden because of sin.
Has to reenter, has to end sin in order to reenter the garden.
So he said it is finished. The fur now think about this. The first, how cool god is.
The first gardener left the garden because of a tree.
The 2nd gardener, messiah, enters the garden through a tree, the cross.
Think about that. Man left the garden because of a living tree.
Messiah reenters the garden because of a dead tree across.
It says in John 1941, Now in the place where he was crucified, there was a garden.
See, it all begins in the garden, and then so redemption has to take place in a guard into a garden tomb.
So in garden in Eden, you have a garden of life.
In in in salvation, you got a garden of death.
You got a garden from a garden of life, we die.
From a garden of death, the tomb, we come alive. We actually get born again. Amazing.
In the beginning, we have a tree and a garden that are alive and they close death.
In the end, we’ve got a dead tree the cross and a dead gardener garden tomb and comes life.
It says in Genesis 2 verse 8, And the lord god planted the garden in Eden.
He prepared a garden of so he’s preparing a garden of life to bless man.
It says in the gospel of John in the place where he screws by there was a garden and in the garden was a tomb.
So think about that. God prepared a garden of life and blessing for us, for man.
Man, for with Jesus, god prepared a garden of death a tomb. He gave us life.
We gave him death. He gave us a tree of life. We gave him a tree of death.
But now even in that, god is gonna redeem us and bring life again.
So it says in John 1942, therefore, on account of the Jewish day of preparation because the tomb was nearby, they laid yeshua Jesus in it.
So they laid him in the tomb, a garden tomb. So they’re putting him in a garden tomb.
It says in Genesis, god put man in a garden.
Man, and the and the Hebrew word, Janach means he cast him down in the garden.
Probably he was asleep, laid him down in the garden, left him all And so man takes god and lays him down in the garden tomb.
And who is he? He’s the gardener. Jesus is the gardener.
And so what does it mean? Through death, they put him in the garden.
The gardener is coming back into the garden. It’s a garden tomb first, but he comes back into it.
Now We come to that Sunday morning.
2000 years ago, on Friday night, the world came to an end for the disciples.
It was all over The one they loved, they trusted, had been arrested, mocked, bled to death, killed and taken into the tomb.
It was all over. Then came to the Sabbath. They had arrests. You have to rest on the Sabbath.
The work is done. You rest until it’s over.
But the next morning, so the Sabbath over the disciple Miriam, Mary of Magdala, Mary Magdalene.
She comes to the tomb, and it says this. But Mary was standing outside the tomb weeping.
And as she wept, she stooped to look in the tomb, and she saw 2 angels in white sitting.
One at the head, one at the feet, where the body of yeshua Jesus had been lying.
And they said to her, woman, why are you weeping?
She said to them, because they’ve taken away my lord, I don’t know where they put him When she had said this, she turns around and she sees Jesus, yeshua, standing there, and she didn’t know it was him.
And he says to her, woman, why are you weeping? Whom are you seeking? Then listen.
She supposed that he was the gardener. The gardener. He is the gardener.
He’s the gardener of creation, and he comes he appears when he comes back, he appears that the gardener.
Why? Cause he was separated from the garden. Now the partner appears back at the garden tomb.
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