T.D. Jakes: Rising Above the Challenges We Face | Praise on TBN

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T.D. Jakes: Rising Above the Challenges We Face | Praise on TBN

T.D. Jakes sits down with Bill Winston about God’s grace in giving us the tools we need to follow His vision for our lives, and rising above the challenges that come our way!


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You have to possess your future.
My yes.
Take it by the throat and determine that it’s not too late. I don’t care what you did.
I don’t care whether you’ve been a drug. I don’t care whether you’ve been in the street.
I don’t care whether you’ve been through bankruptcy. I don’t care whether you lost your house.
God is a god of second chances, brother. Get back up again.
Now. Some people have counted themselves out because like you said, they’ve been out there prostitute, been in jail five times, been married seven not.
So forth. But god don’t make no mistakes.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
He will choose you.
And make you what he wants you to be.
Yes. Yes.
He’s a hard fix of Bishop, and I’m fine regulated. Oh, yeah. But I’m saying it.
Yes, sir. But the way things are changing in the world as it relates to job opportunities.
Uh, the the the machines we have created are putting us out of a job. That’s one problem.
Then we’ve seen a lot of jobs go overseas. That’s another problem. When people are trying to resuscitate these communities.
The other thing that I think people don’t understand, if you preach the gospel right Yeah.
And you preach it with power, you’re gonna put people out of business as it relates to how they used to make a living.
So if I used to make a living in something that was dishonorable and because I accepted Christ, I have now been out of business.
If you don’t put something in that place, I’m in trouble. You know? Am I right
about it? I’m just gonna
bring it right down front. Yeah.
The other thing is we need our young people to see that it is possible to serve god and be successful.
Uh, goodness.
We need them to see that.
They admire all they have to admire is a small cluster of people.
And many many times, particularly in shock, Chicago, but it’s here in Dallas. New York and other places.
The people they see that are doing well are selling drugs or prostitution or something like that to see people who go into business and see people do some of the things that you’re teaching people to do is part of your witness.
My goodness. Yeah. You know, a lot of that a lot of times they don’t think they have any other choice.
And what I teach people is, you know, money is not the real problem.
Um, the amount that you’re bringing in from your job, that’s not the real issue.
The issue is what you choose to create.
And that there I mean, there are some things unenforces out there. I I understand that. Mhmm.
But I gotta get him out of looking at that as my issue
And start right here
And say, okay. Now what do I have in my house
Oh. That I can work with. Are you fond of what I’m saying?
Yes. Yes.
Yes. What? We we have a steering substitute with on welfare.
I mean, she was just tired of welfare. Mhmm. And she said she starts thinking and praying about it.
And apparently, something came up in her How about your great grandmother’s syrup recipe? Mhmm.
Long story short, boom, from welfare to million Wow.
Not only that, this product is in all these grocery stores. Mhmm.
Made it start making it first in a basement.
Come and hit children help me pour this syrup in these bottles. You got what I’m saying?
Right. Right.
What do you have in your house? Yes. Because god gives us all something to
work with. Yes. Oh god. I’m getting happy already.
Scarcity mentality says I have nothing.
An abundance mentality said I’m about to find some
Right. And and and that’s what we got today.
Right. You know, I’m I’m getting cited because I really, really do believe that we are overlooking most of the people in the Bible that had something in their house didn’t recognize it.
They didn’t see it as a resource. A pot of oil, she’s stepping over a handful of meals.
She doesn’t see as nothing but something to eat and die. Yeah.
And then god comes along through a profit that shows you how to use what you’ve been stepping over to get to what you’ve been praying.
So, you
know, that that kind of thing is so exciting, sir.
When when you look at that and you see that happening, I think that has a lot to do with why you are seeing such an influx of people in your church and in your ministry.
And particularly men.
Because, see, we have so emotionalized our services that we have emotionalized men out the door.
Because the services are kinda designed for women. Yeah.
And because it is designed for women, you when you go fishing, you catch what you bait for.
You see? So you you understand?
So if the services all is just nothing but exuberance and emotions and connecting with god in a worshipful way.
And men, especially who they come out of sexual environment, they’re not feeling that this day. They’re they’re bored.
There’s nothing over there like that.
But when you try to talk to a man about vision, have possibilities of power and potential, and you can still be some He starts getting he said, then we start worshiping glory to god, Hollywood, because a man needs a plan.
He needs a purpose. He needs a goal, and he needs a vision.
And and the other thing is is god in nehemiah chapter 2, I think it is.
It says, that he said, I fulfill the vision or something like that that god placed in my heart.
And over in, uh, acts chapter 2060, apostle Paul says, I was not disobedient to the heavenly vision. Mhmm.
Now what I’m saying is this, I watch how god drops things on me in the vision. Yeah.
Now Yes. The thing of it is is usually so big
Yeah. Yeah.
Until it is impossible for me to fulfill it without
god. Right.
And and so he drops up now.
The tendency is for us to try to take his vision and pull it down and scale it down to where we can do it.
I was out He didn’t want that. He wants us to change our mindset. Mhmm.
And be like Jabez, you know, in in large, the borders of my
Yeah. Yeah. So I
can go up and be and I’ll do all that you called me to help him.
You know, it’s it’s it’s an exciting time.
It’s an exciting time even in the midst of doors, closing, opportunities diminishing, and and people really struggling looking for somebody from every 4 years.
We’re looking for somebody who’s gonna save Yes.
But I think that that we are the people we have been waiting on. You you understand?
I’m I’m not looking to the White House.
Come on.
Yeah. I’m not looking to the White House to do this. Whatever they do, god bless them.
I wish them the best. I’m I’m praying for it. I wanted to go well.
But all the while they’re fighting, we got people hungry, dying, and troubleshoot each other.
Shooting each other.
Shooting up drums, anyway. I can’t wait for them to stop fighting. Forget what they’re gonna do.
You have to possess your future. My Take it by the throat and determine that it’s not too late.
I don’t care what you did. I don’t care whether you’ve been in drugs.
I don’t care whether you’ve been in the street. Don’t care whether you’ve been through bankruptcy.
I don’t care whether you lost your house. God is a god of second chances, brother. Get back up again.
Now now, bless you. You’re gonna make me preach.
I watched how Nevica went down in Daniel chapter 1, and he took Judah Mhmm.
Took the people Mhmm. And brought him into captivity. Mhmm. Alright.
He said now take the ones that, uh, blemish free Mhmm. Good backgrounds. College degree.
I’m putting it in my own
words now.
Take a and, uh, leave the others there. Mhmm. Why?
Because he felt that this is what he needed to help further his kingdom.
Right. Right.
And he left the others there.
You’re right.
Now when god chooses
Come on, man. Come on, man. Come on. Come on. Oh, I
love it. Did you hit what I’m saying?
I do come on with I love it.
Yeah. God chose Gideon. Mhmm. Gideon, Gideon himself knew he was stupid. Mhmm.
He he said, he said, who? Me?
Right. Right.
He said, yes, you. Mhmm. And I saw in numbers 11 where god took the spirit off of Moses
And put it on all those that will go assist Now that means that god can have you go to bed one way and wake up the next moat.
Come on. Come on, bitches. Do you see what I’m saying? Yeah.
I do see
it. I do see it.
I’m living it. Yeah. See, because some people have
counted themselves out because like you say, they’ve been out there.
Prostitute been in jail five times, been married seven times. So forth. But, god, don’t make no think.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah. He will choose you.
And make you what he wants you to be. Yes. Yes. He’s a hot submission, and I’m blind regulated.
Oh, yeah. What I’m saying.
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Well, you gotta be bro, I
feel it.
I feel it.
I feel it.
I feel it. I feel it. I feel it. I feel it. I feel it. This kind of hope
is so important.
You know, it’s so important. I think that the
women are getting it.
We’ve got more women going to college than we ever have in the history of this country.
We’ve got more women going to the business, minority women, in particular, or even excelling their Caucasian counterparts opening up business going into women are going to college.
They’re going back to school. Grandma’s going back to school. They’re opening up businesses and going for it.
The problem is the gods are feeling kinda lost. Who am I in this climate?
A lot of them didn’t have fathers to guide them identity fathers, workaholic fathers, even preaching fathers who were on the road all the time.
And and a father gives a man a god says, you are headed this way.
When you don’t get the god you’re left to the streets to guide you.
You see? And and and and the notion
I’m gonna upset some people with this.
The notion that a mother can be a mother and a father. I understand the idea.
I know you mean well, but there are some things that you need a man to point you in the right direction.
You know what? We we are necessary. We are necessary. We’re necessary.
So if you’re gonna write me, go ahead and write me with the address of the screen.
But men are necessary. Yes. They are.
There are some things that a man can get through to an an young man Oh. That other people cannot.
And we need our fathers back in the house of god
Come on.
To lead and direct the synagogue where they need to go.
And and Bishop the freedom why the man was formed first is because he was the foundation. Yes.
And so the the most of the weight is on the foundation.
And I’d say some, you know, women are trying to carry a load Mhmm. That they weren’t designed to carry.
Right. Right.
God. And
it looks like the women agree with this.
I’m guessing. But but I’ve been preaching lately on restoring the years.
I wanna go back to the foundation. I wanna go back to how god originally planned it to be.
Yes, sir.
And are now in they’re in Chicago.
I know you’ve heard about the violence, where they’re taking chances because they think they have no choices.
Wow. Taking chances because they think they have no choice. That’s a powerful statement.
So we’ve got to open up some things to them, and these are young
men. Yes.
And they’re trying to make it themselves, but they’ve had no role models. They’ve had no this and that.
So I think this waking up of our men is going to come back into the church.
I believe it. I believe I believe it. You know, uh, Doctor.
Miles Monroe used to teach his principle. I thought it was very, very powerful and profound.
He was talking about being born again. He said Jesus did preach about born again.
He said he didn’t preach born again. He said, you could search the scriptures from beginning to the end.
You don’t find Jesus preaching born again. And I’ve talked to myself, oh, wait. I don’t know about that.
That didn’t sound good. He said, no. No. No. Jesus preached the kingdom.
Yeah. Sure.
He said he preached the kingdom. He preached the kingdom. He preached the kingdom.
He said, when he got to making them understand how beautiful the kingdom, the kingdom of heaven is lacking.
The kingdom of heaven is lacking. Then when they said, how do how do I get in the kingdom?
Then he said, you must be born again.
Exactly. I
think we’re trying to get people to join the church and get in the choir, but we haven’t really taught them the power Kingdom.
What god would do, what he’s able to do, what he can do in your life, and how you set your tree.
And if we let them understand that god has a purpose and a plan for you.
I don’t care where you are. I don’t care what you’re going through.
I don’t care what they’ve said about you. I don’t care what’s happening in your life right now.
You god has a plan for you. He has a plan for your son. Single mothers.
He has a plan for your son. Don’t let the boy lamp in the house.
Eat cereal at 12 o’clock in the afternoon. Get him up out of the bed.
God has a plan for your life.
You know, I see one of the things that people have to have.
They have to see a glorious future. Mhmm. Now why do I say that?
For people to let go where they are, they’re gonna have to see something better.
Right. Right.
And and what our job is is to help paint that picture Mhmm.
That there is a better life that you can live because they’re thinking, well, drugs is the better life.
This is the way I’m gonna get this car so forth and 12.
But there is a way that you can get that.
We’re trying to even put people of color into that digital space because it seems to be there’s a obvious absence.
There’s an absence.
And so we need to cut into that space.
Now This is for all people that we because we are church of all nations.
But I wanna get people to the maximum of what god has placed for them to be to be and to do.
Absolutely. And to do that, sometimes you gotta really, really put in them the fact that there is potential in you that is so explosive.
Yes. Yes.
And people are it’s like a doctor who’s got an office, and he’s got the shingle out that says closed.
Well, you got a lot of people down the hall waiting on you to open up.
Right. Right.
And I like what who Doctor Miles Monroe says.
He said the richest place in the earth is not the oil fields of Kuwait or the diamond mines of Africa, but the richest place in the earth is a graveyard.
Uh-huh. That’s where dreams have been buried.
That’s what potential it
is. Wow.
So we gotta get them to shake them loose of what they are right now. Get up and walk.
You know something I’m thinking there might be a pastor out there watching me right now.
You’re trying to get your church to grow.
You you need to just reverse your technique a little bit You’ve been trying to get the men to come to church so that you can fulfill your vision, but the way to get men to come to church is god wants to use you to help give them their vision.
Jesus said, uh, you you get what I’m saying. Jesus said it like this.
He he found all kinds of men that were different walks of life.
Some of them were in business, some of them were tax collectors, some of them were physicians, what have He said, I don’t care what you were doing before it is meaningful compared to what I’m going to call you to do.
Follow me and I will make you not follow me so you can make me follow me and I will make you when people know that your ministry is to lift them up and not lift you up, they will follow you.
Am I right about on that?

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