Special message from Joel Osteen | The Lord is our strength

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Special message from Joel Osteen | The Lord is our strength

The Lord is our strength. Let’s come together this weekend at Lakewood for A Special Service of Healing, Prayer, and Unity.

Hello, Lakewood family. We wanna tell you how much we love you and how much we’ve been praying for you?
Yes. It’s been a difficult week. Something we never dreamed we would have to deal with.
But we look back now and we see the faithfulness of god and how he protected and watched over us.
And This Sunday, we’re gonna have special services, time of healing and restoration, time of praise and thanksgiving, just thanking god for his angels watching at us and for his faithfulness, for where would we be without the goodness and the mercy of god?
So we hope you and your family will come out.
There are forces that would like for us to shrink back and live in fear and afraid of what might happen at the school, the grocery store, at work, or even at church.
But we are not people of fear. We are people of faith.
God has us in the palm of his hand. And this is not the time to shrink back.
This is the time to turn to god to rally together. Really, we are stronger together.
I’ve had friends call me from all over the country that said, Joel, we’re coming in this Sunday just to be with you.
To support you. So I hope you’ll be there and just draw strength from each other.
We’ll take time to honor some of the heroes that put their life on the line to keep keep us safe, but I know it’s gonna be a great time of healing and encouragement I’ll also be challenged as well about living in faith and not fear, but we’re looking forward to seeing you and your family know that we love you very much.

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