Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit | Joyce Meyer | Radio Podcast

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Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit | Joyce Meyer | Radio Podcast

Dive into this message from Joyce Meyer on the Sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Join Joyce as she explores the often overlooked role of the Holy Spirit in our daily lives, sharing insights from her series ‘Blessed in the Mess.’ Discover the profound impact of close fellowship with the Holy Spirit, who serves as our comforter, counselor, helper, and more. Gain a deeper understanding of the Trinity and the significance of the Holy Spirit’s presence in your journey.

Joyce Meyer, one of the worldโ€™s leading practical Bible teachers and New York Times best-selling author, shares encouragement and advice to help us enjoy our daily lives.

With a heart to share Christ and love people, Joyceโ€™s messages help people in all walks of life to grow in their faith, learn to study the Bible, find healing from the wounds of life, get answers to lifeโ€™s questions and encounter the love of God in a powerful way.

Speaker 1: When you’re having trouble, don’t feel sorry for yourself because everybody has trouble.
Speaker 1: And no matter how bad think you’ve got it, there’s somebody that’s got it worse than you.
Speaker 1: I’m Joyce Meyer, and I believe that god can heal you everywhere you hurt.
Speaker 1: You suffer with the right attitude, not the wrong attitude.
Speaker 1: Having the mind of Christ, that person is done with intentional sin and has stopped pleasing himself in the world and now pleased as god.
Speaker 1: So that he no longer spends the rest of his natural life living by his human appetites and desires, but he lives for what god wants.
Speaker 1: But I had to go through the process. And you know what really helped me?
Speaker 1: I said from the beginning, we’re gonna take this one day at a time.
Speaker 1: One day at a time.
Speaker 1: And then 1st Peter 1, 6 and 7 says, you should be exceedingly glad.
Speaker 1: On account of these trials, though now for a little while, a little while.
Speaker 1: You may be distressed by trials and suffer temptations for a little while.
Speaker 1: And, you know, really, 2 a half months a long time, but in the whole scope of things, it is just a little while.
Speaker 1: Even a year is just a little while.
Speaker 1: And one of the things you can tell yourself is this is only gonna last a little while.
Speaker 1: It’s this is gonna end well. It’s gonna be okay. God’s gonna work good out of this.
Speaker 1: Come on. Have a talk with yourself. Amen?
Speaker 1: Now if we handle our troubles with a good attitude, we will be blessed in the messes that we’re in.
Speaker 1: We talk about poor old job. Well, let me tell you something.
Speaker 1: Poor old job didn’t end up so bad.
Speaker 1: Jobe 4210, and the lord turned to captivity of Job and restored his fortunes, uh-oh, when he prayed for his friends.
Speaker 1: And if you don’t know the story of Job, his friends did not treat him right while he was in the pain that he was in.
Speaker 1: And so what happened before he could be blessed in his mess he had to forgive his friends and pray for them just what I started out with last night in our exhortation when 90% of the people in this conference stood up admitting that they were holding unforgiveness against someone.
Speaker 1: That is the number one thing you must not do if you wanna be blessed.
Speaker 1: There’s three things I’ll tell you that are important.
Speaker 1: Don’t have unforgiveness. Don’t stay angry. We get angry.
Speaker 1: We feel anger, but get a handle on it and get over it.
Speaker 1: The Bible says don’t go to bed angry. Don’t give the devil any such foothold in your life.
Speaker 1: And then the other thing that I wanna talk to you about for just a minute is keeping the strife out of your life.
Speaker 1: I was thinking the other day about the mess that our kids are in today, And, boy, we like to blame it on everything, but I wanna read you a scripture in James 316.
Speaker 1: Wherever there is jealousy envy and contention, which is strife, and strife is bickering, arguing, heated disagreement, and an angry undercurrent.
Speaker 1: And I think that angry undercurrent is the most dangerous part.
Speaker 1: Got a lot of that going on in churches.
Speaker 1: Praise the lord. Hallelujah.
Speaker 1: And then go to lunch and have the pastor for main course and acquire director for dessert.
Speaker 1: How many of you know what I’m talking about?
Speaker 1: That angry, undercurrent that you can feel it.
Speaker 1: Everybody’s acting like everything is okay, but man, the thought life is not so pretty.
Speaker 1: When we started our ministry, god told that was one of the three things he told me I’ll bless you.
Speaker 1: If you’ll be a person of integrity, do what you do with excellence and keep the strife out of your life and out of your ministry.
Speaker 1: And those are still three of the main foundational things that we focus on at our ministry, strife is a dangerous demonic spirit.
Speaker 1: That wrecks homes and marriages and businesses and churches, and we need to keep it out of our life.
Speaker 1: And you have to do it on purpose because if you don’t stand up against it, it will spread like a cancer.
Speaker 1: Now let but listen to what it says.
Speaker 1: Where there is strife, there will also be confusion Are our kids confused today?
Speaker 1: I’d say so.
Speaker 1: Unrest, disharmony, rebellion and all sorts of evil and vile practices.
Speaker 1: So let me ask you a question, mom.
Speaker 1: Can’t ask dad since he’s not here, but how can we expect our kids to not be confused and rebellious if they live in a home where mom and dad are in strife all the time.
Speaker 1: No.
Speaker 1: I I just really implore you to get before god and try to get the strife out of your life and out of your home and If you don’t wanna do it for your sake, do it for Christ’s sake, and do it for your children because they need some peace and something that they can count on that makes sense.
Speaker 1: One of the things we are missing, missing, missing in the church is a reverential fear in awe of god.
Speaker 1: I feel that so strongly, listen, I respect this pulpit.
Speaker 1: And I personally, if Dave and I had an argument, There is no way that I would get up here and preach if I didn’t get it straightened out before I got up here.
Speaker 1: You say what?
Speaker 1: Because I have a reverential fear and awe of god.
Speaker 1: I’m not, I mean, I’m not afraid you’ll strike me dead, but I tell you what I would be afraid of.
Speaker 1: There would be no anointing on what I said.
Speaker 1: And you you you have not had a miserable night until you’re preaching and you’re watching your watch hoping it gets over with.
Speaker 1: You gotta live a little more narrow if you wanna carry that anointing.
Speaker 1: You can’t just do what you feel like doing all the time. Amen?
Speaker 1: So here’s ten things that you can do to handle trouble god’s way.
Speaker 1: If somebody’s hurt you, forgive them.
Speaker 1: Like I said last night, forgive people while they’re still in the process of making you mad.
Speaker 1: Get so good at it that you get over it before they get done.
Speaker 1: When you’re having trouble, don’t feel sorry for yourself because everybody has trouble.
Speaker 1: And no matter how bad you think you’ve got it, there’s somebody that’s got it worse than you.
Speaker 1: When I was in the rehab hospital and I was having my physical therapy one day, having a hard time they’re trying to have me do like squats on this leg that was weak, man, I could just barely get down.
Speaker 1: And then I looked over, and there was a young girl who was exercising that had no legs from the knee down.
Speaker 1: And I thought, I I don’t have it bad.
Speaker 1: I can build the muscle back up in mine and get back.
Speaker 1: She She gotta learn how to live without hers.
Speaker 1: We may have a problem, but We’re so blessed.
Speaker 1: So blessed. Be thankful and say so.
Speaker 1: When you’re when you’re having a mess in your life, find something to be thankful about and talk about it out loud.
Speaker 1: Tell god how thankful you are for all that he’s done for you. Amen?
Speaker 1: Believe it will end well. We say that all the time.
Speaker 1: I believe this is gonna end well.
Speaker 1: Expect something good to happen to you.
Speaker 1: The devil wants you to expect something bad to happen, but make him mad and just get up every morning and say something good’s gonna happen to me today.
Speaker 1: Trust god and do good while you’re having a trouble, be a blessing to somebody else.
Speaker 1: Watch your mouth. Say what you want, not what you got.
Speaker 1: Amen? Say what you want, not what you got.
Speaker 1: I can say I believe I’m in the process of getting well, or I can say I’m sick.
Speaker 1: Pay attention to your thoughts.
Speaker 1: And if they’re Nasty ones, cast them down. Get rid of them. Keep the strife out of your life.
Speaker 1: Now god gave Job twice as much as he had before.
Speaker 1: But Joe’s not the only one that can get that.
Speaker 1: You can get it too. I got it in my wife, and you can get it in yours.
Speaker 1: Isaiah 617 promises that god will give you a double blessing for your farmer’s shame.
Speaker 1: Chris Kane talks about how much shame she had from what she went through. And I had that.
Speaker 1: Somehow another when you’re abused, you the devil get successfully giving you the weird idea that it’s your fault.
Speaker 1: Somehow, I should have done something I must have done something. I could have done something.
Speaker 1: What, you know, you don’t know what it was you could have done, but Fear is a terrible thing.
Speaker 1: And I tell you, abuse comes with a fear like you just cannot even begin to imagine.
Speaker 1: And working your way out of that is not easy.
Speaker 1: Then I had a hard time learning how to trust Dave, and there was nothing about him that should make me not trust him.
Speaker 1: But because I’d been hurt so much, I didn’t I didn’t trust anybody. And I especially didn’t trust a man.
Speaker 1: And I remember when god was dealing with me about trusting Dave, because he said to me when I’m Why do you always act like I’m your enemy?
Speaker 1: See, I felt like I was due something.
Speaker 1: Somebody owed me, but I was trying to make him pay for what he had nothing to do with.
Speaker 1: You need to be careful. You’re not doing that in your own life.
Speaker 1: Trying to make somebody else pay because I’ll tell you the only one that can pay you is god.
Speaker 1: Nobody else can pay you back, but god. You can’t even collect from the person that hurt you.
Speaker 1: But god can pay you back, and he will.
Speaker 1: But only if you do things the way god wants you to do them, there’s a big if here.
Speaker 1: If every person in this room, every single one of you, you have got the most glorious future laid out in front of you.
Speaker 1: But don’t think for one minute that it’s just gonna magically happen all along the way.
Speaker 1: God’s gonna speak things to you to do, things not to do.
Speaker 1: And if you’ll be obedient, Man, you’re gonna see some stuff that’s just gonna knock your socks off.
Speaker 1: But it’s up to us.
Speaker 1: Are we gonna keep doing what we wanna do, or are we gonna start doing what god wants us to do?
Speaker 1: And let me tell you, doing what god wants you to do hurts sometimes.
Speaker 1: Matter of fact, a lot of times, it hurts.
Speaker 1: And it really hurts when you’re told to be nice to somebody that’s been nasty to you.
Speaker 1: Anyway, back to my trust story. I was having a hard time trusting Dave.
Speaker 1: And I remember saying to god one time, how can you expect me to trust him after what men have done to me?
Speaker 1: And he said, I’m not asking you to trust Dave. I’m asking you to trust me with Dave.
Speaker 1: In other words, god wanted me to trust him that he could take care of Dave And if Dave was tempted to treat me wrong, then he would deal with Dave and he would take care of it.
Speaker 1: Now, you know, the Bible says that god will never allow more to come on you than what you can bear.
Speaker 1: And so I this afternoon, when I was hoping to sleep and couldn’t.
Speaker 1: I kept thinking about the story of Ruth.
Speaker 1: And I wanna use that as an example to encourage some of you tonight.
Speaker 1: Ruth was from Moab, which meant that she was an idol worshiper.
Speaker 1: She married a Jewish man and her and Her husband and his brother and his wife and their mom and dad all apparently live somewhat close to one another.
Speaker 1: Long story short, there was a war, and all three men got killed. The father got killed.
Speaker 1: The 2 men got killed. So that left these 3 women by themselves, and they didn’t have anything, didn’t have any money, they were poor, didn’t know what they were gonna do.
Speaker 1: And so the mother-in-law, Naomi, told Ruth and the other daughter-in-law, you just need to go back to your own country now because there’s nothing that I can do for you while the other lady left, but Ruth said I’m not leaving you.
Speaker 1: I’m not gonna leave you. Where you go, I’ll go, where you die, I’ll die.
Speaker 1: I’m I’m staying with you. You know, sometimes when god attaches you to somebody, you gotta stick with them like super glue.
Speaker 1: Amen? And they were very poor, and Naomi had a relative there in the area where they were who was a wealthy man.
Speaker 1: His name was Boaze. And so she got permission for Ruth to go and glean in his fields.
Speaker 1: And what that meant was that after the reapers were done reaping, she could go in and pick up the leftovers.
Speaker 1: So here she was now, living on leftovers.
Speaker 1: Anybody ever feel like you’re doing that? Just picking up somebody else’s leftovers.
Speaker 1: Everything’s a hand me down from somebody else.
Speaker 1: And, So god gave her favor with Boaze, and he told his men He said, I want you to make sure that nobody hurts her.
Speaker 1: And he said, I want you to leave handfuls on purpose for her. I love the story.
Speaker 2: Oh, those handfuls from god. Are what keep us going in hard times.
Speaker 2: They are god’s miraculous provision for us when we don’t know of our difficulties.
Speaker 2: It’s what gets us through and to the other side of our pain.
Speaker 2: Watch Casey’s story and see how god walked her through a very hard time.
Speaker 3: My son’s name is Thrice. We were playing in the living room.
Speaker 3: And he was bouncing a balloon up and down, just running around, like, a normal kid, two year old.
Speaker 3: And all of a sudden, he stopped, and he grabbed this balloon it was like he was frozen in time.
Speaker 3: He couldn’t move. Took him to see a neurologist and confirmed that he had epilepsy.
Speaker 3: Obviously, as a mom, I was devastated. It was really, really hard time to walk through.
Speaker 3: Of course, my mind went to worst case scenario, whose He’s not gonna be able to drive.
Speaker 3: He’s gonna get made fun of at school. All the things that, um, my brain just went way too far.
Speaker 3: When my third child, my daughter was born, the lady who worked with her at daycare, um, stopped me one day.
Speaker 3: And she said, hey. I just wanna let you know that I have the exact saved same type of epilepsy that he does.
Speaker 3: I wanted you to know that I’m driving. I’m a grown adult.
Speaker 3: I can do all the things And so I just wanted to encourage you with that.
Speaker 3: That was just like a little moment of wonderfulness in the middle of it, but the story got better because she and I became really good friends.
Speaker 3: She, um, would ask me questions about god, ask me questions about church, and she was raised knowing nothing at all about god and who he is and, um, just saw something different in as a family and what we what we lived by and what we believed.
Speaker 3: And so she asked if she could come to church with us and, um, gave her life to Christ.
Speaker 3: And it was like a light bulb just went off, and I’m like, oh my goodness.
Speaker 3: Like, god, use this horrible, horrible thing.
Speaker 4: I would like to say that I’m smart enough to have seen
Speaker 3: it along the way, but I really wasn’t.
Speaker 3: In the middle of my mess, I saw god take something that was devastating.
Speaker 3: And make it into something really, really beautiful and an incredible testimony to how much he loves, not just only my family, but everyone else around us.
Speaker 2: Sometimes your mess isn’t just about you.
Speaker 2: And like Casey, you can look back and see how god used your pain to help someone else and to help walk you through it.
Speaker 2: And an amazing follow-up to story. Casey’s son is now free from epilepsy, which is such wonderful news.
Speaker 2: And for Casey, the experience deepened her walk with god and her trust in him.
Speaker 2: Now back to Joyce as she shares one of the greatest handfuls god ever gave her.
Speaker 1: All along your path, there’s some trials and tribulations and some trouble in the past, in the future.
Speaker 1: But along with it, there’s handfuls on purpose at different places And god will always make sure that one of those handfuls show up just when you think you can’t take take it one more day.
Speaker 1: Dave was one of my handfuls, and believe me, he’s been a handful.
Speaker 1: But god gave him to me on purpose. And you know what?
Speaker 1: He was a perfect man for me.
Speaker 1: I was out washing my mother’s car, and he pulled up in front of There are 2 family flat to pick up the young man that lived upstairs, and I was out there short shorts washing my mother’s car and He thought I was cute.
Speaker 1: And he said, hey. When you finish washing your car, you wanna wash mine?
Speaker 1: I said, buddy, if you want your car wash, wash it yourself.
Speaker 1: And he said the thing that went off in him was that’s the girl for me.
Speaker 1: Now there’s something wrong with that if god’s not involved.
Speaker 1: But god god sent him.
Speaker 1: See, I I wasn’t expecting, Dave. There’s some things coming around the corner that you’re not expecting. Come on.
Speaker 1: I mean, I was in the worst shape that I could have possibly been in at that time.
Speaker 1: I had just finally decided I couldn’t put up with any more out of the man I was married to.
Speaker 1: He was running around with other women all the time. I had a baby. He wouldn’t work.
Speaker 1: I finally decided I had no choice but to go back home to my mom and dad knowing that that meant I was gonna have to spend most of my time trying to stay away from my father because of the sexual abuse when I was growing up.
Speaker 1: But I had gotten so disgusted with life that I didn’t really care much about anything anymore.
Speaker 1: And I didn’t feel like I could take it one more day.
Speaker 1: And then here came a handful.
Speaker 1: I mean, just just pulled right up to me.
Speaker 1: I didn’t have to go chasing her nothing.
Speaker 1: And he was he was 26 I was 23, and he’d been praying for a wife.
Speaker 1: He told god he was ready to get married, and he was dating 3 women at the same time.
Speaker 1: So Dave definitely believed that faith without works was dead.
Speaker 1: He was working at it to find a wife.
Speaker 1: And bless his heart, he said the 1st night that he saw me when we had the car conversation, He said the thing that went off in him is that’s the girl for me.
Speaker 1: I’m gonna marry her. Now it was either god or he was crazy. 1 of the 2.
Speaker 1: He was exactly what I needed because he was patient with me, but yet he wouldn’t let me control it.
Speaker 1: He’d only let me go so far, and then he’d say, that’s enough.
Speaker 1: But He didn’t push me to change right away.
Speaker 1: I had problems, but there was a reason.
Speaker 1: And somehow or another Dave looked beyond the what?
Speaker 1: To the why, and I don’t think that he even really understood it, but I mean, I wasn’t a mess.
Speaker 1: I was messed up. I didn’t know what love was. I’d never seen any real love.
Speaker 1: When he asked me to marry him, he told me he’d love me. I couldn’t even say it back.
Speaker 1: But I pretty much thought, well, why not?
Speaker 1: And I had a baby that I had named David.
Speaker 1: And I remember when Dave asked me to marry him, the only thing I said is, well, you know, I’ve got a baby.
Speaker 1: And he said, All I can say is I love you.
Speaker 1: So anything that’s part of you, I will also love.
Speaker 1: Now see, that’s what somebody full of the Holy Spirit can do.
Speaker 1: And some of you that are ready to give up on somebody that’s hard to handle, if you’re full enough of the Holy Ghost, you can outlast the devil Come on.
Speaker 1: I gave him a hard time for a long time, but look what he’s got now.
Speaker 1: He he sat down there saying it wasn’t hard.
Speaker 1: It wasn’t hard. You enjoyed it. Yeah.
Speaker 1: And, uh, Dave has always told me, god put me in your life to crucify your flesh, and he did.
Speaker 1: I mean, he really did. He was a handful and god gave him to me on purpose.
Speaker 1: See, sometimes you there’s like a There’s a place where somebody can either be lost or they can be redeemed.
Speaker 1: And god will send people into your life at just the right time.
Speaker 1: He’ll open right doors at the right time, and he’ll close wrong doors at the right time.
Speaker 1: He’ll move people out of your life that shouldn’t be there anymore. He’ll put people into your life.
Speaker 1: God has got a plan for you I want you to gift that tonight.
Speaker 1: God has got a plan for you. And all along your pathway, god has left handfuls on purpose.
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Speaker 1: The mind actually is the battlefield.
Speaker 1: That’s where we win or lose the war with Satan.
Speaker 1: He said all he gets to say Thank you so much. This is a lot of it. Today’s mine.
Speaker 1: You start asking god to heal you, and he will restore.
Speaker 1: It’s the god of all comfort, and I am so great that I know how to call on god.

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