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Seize The Day | Joyce Meyer | Radio Podcast

In this episode, Joyce Meyer reminds us that every day is a precious gift from God, urging us to use our time wisely to fulfill His purpose in our lives. Through biblical wisdom and practical advice, Joyce encourages us to live intentionally, making the most of every opportunity to serve and obey God. Tune in to seize the day and discover God’s will for your life.

Joyce Meyer, one of the world’s leading practical Bible teachers and New York Times best-selling author, shares encouragement and advice to help us enjoy our daily lives.

With a heart to share Christ and love people, Joyce’s messages help people in all walks of life to grow in their faith, learn to study the Bible, find healing from the wounds of life, get answers to life’s questions and encounter the love of God in a powerful way.

Welcome to enjoying everyday life with New York Times best selling author Joyce Meyer.
On today’s program, Joyce will be teaching from her series, living purpose or a purpose.
Each day, god gives us is precious. And once it’s gone, we can never get it back.
We can all make a decision to use our time wise so we can accomplish all that god wants us to.
Now here’s Joyce with today’s teaching.
I wanna start with Ephesians 5 verse 14. Thank you, lord, for the word tonight.
I pray that you would use it to impact people in many different ways.
Different people are gonna hear lots of different things.
And I thank you for speaking to everybody, including me in Jesus’ name.
Ephesians 514 through 17 are A group of scriptures that have always impressed me.
They have a lot of meaning in them.
Remember now before I start this that he was talking to the church, at Ephasis.
He was talking to born again people. He says, Awaco sleeper and arise from the dead.
I wonder how that would be to start a conference. Wake up.
You sleepy Christians and arise from the dead. But, you know, sometimes that’s the truth.
We just kinda go through life, and we go through church, and we go to church.
And we can stop being excited about god.
We’ll stop being excited about our lives and stop being excited about everything.
If we don’t learn to live life on purpose and be happy on purpose and have joy on purpose and have peace on purpose, Amen?
See, not everybody’s like this, but I think that there’s a lot of people who just sit around sit around and wait for something to come to them all the time.
Well, I wish. Well, I wish I felt happy. Well, I wish I had your life.
I wish I was more disciplined.
I wish I would have been working out for the last 30 years.
Okay? If you don’t remember anything else, please remember this.
You get nothing by wishing for it. Tell the person next to you that.
You get nothing by wishing for it.
How many of you agree with me that there’s an awful lot of people like that in the world.
They’re just kinda sitting back waiting for something good to happen to them, and they’re not doing anything to cooperate with it.
Now like I said, you’re not all like that, but if you’re an aggressive person who does get up every day and sees your day, then you can just sit there smugly and say, Finally, I’m hearing a message that I’m already doing.
Therefore, he says, Awaco sleeper arise from the dead and Christ shines and make day dawn upon you and give you light.
Look carefully then how you walk. Carefully.
The word carefully in the Greek is to walk circumspectly.
And that means to walk looking all around you all the time as if you’re in a very dangerous place.
As a matter of fact, pastor Mike was telling me that he studied it out a little bit further, and it gives some kind of a word picture of be like a person walking barefoot in a field of thorns.
How carefully would you walk? I mean, you’d be very care.
But, see, I don’t think we’re careful enough sometimes.
The Bible says the devil roams about like a lion roaring and fierce hunger seeking someone whom he may devour.
He can’t devour just anybody he wants to, but sleepy Christians people that aren’t being careful about how they live, let let me give you an example.
How many of you, have been offended in the past 7 days.
Okay. That was a thorn.
And if you would have been living carefully enough, you would have thought, I know what that is, and I’m not stepping on that.
Not again, been there, done that.
See, so many things that happened to us are the devil trying to steal from us, whether he’s trying to steal a moment or an hour or a day or our life or our joy or our peace, He roams about like a lion roaring in fierce hunger seeking someone whom he may devour whom resist steadfast in the faith.
We need to live more carefully. Look carefully then how you walk.
Live purposefully and worthily and accurately.
Not as the unwise and the witless, but as wise, sensible, intelligent people. And now I love this.
Making the most making the very most of the time, buying up each opportunity because the days are evil.
You know, don’t ever let the miracle of the moment pass you by.
Be the kind of person who’s watching to see how god wants to use you and watching to see what god wants to do.
And even if it’s given somebody what to you could be just a little tiny compliment to them.
It could be a life changing thing, or it could change their day around.
Let’s don’t let opportunities pass us by. To be used by god.
And let’s don’t let’s don’t let opportunities pass us by to be obedient to god.
Let’s don’t be the kind of people that god’s gotta deal with us 3 weeks before we finally get around to doing what god tells us to do.
Amen? Yeah. We’re gonna talk some in the next three sessions about waste.
And we’re gonna talk a lot about time.
You see, every day that goes by in your life is one you’re not ever gonna get back.
And so we can either waste our time, or we can invest our time.
Resting is not wasting your time. We need to do that. Having fun is not wasting your time.
We need to do that. But do you know every hour that you spend angry is a total waste of time?
Every 15 minutes, that you spend and self pity is a waste of time.
Every 10 minutes that you spend worried It’s a nothing’s ever accomplished.
Do worry. It makes nothing better. Being mad at people don’t make them change.
Half the time, they’re not having a good time and couldn’t even care less that you’re mad.
The devil roams about like a lion roaring and fierce hunger seeking whom he may devour.
We need to live like wise, intelligent, people, not as the witless people who don’t know what they’re doing, we need to learn the word and then pray I don’t care if we have to pray a hundred times a day.
God help me do what you tell me to do in this word.
Help me stop living like a sleepy Christian that’s got a blind fold on.
Walking around out in the world, not paying any attention to the attacks of the enemy.
How many of you believe tonight with me that if you lived a little more carefully and opened your eyes just a little bit wider, that you could save yourself a lot of trouble, probably daily in your life.
So that’s kinda what this is gonna be all about. We’re gonna be smarter when this is over.
Therefore, verse 17, do not be vague and thoughtless and foolish, but understand and firmly grasp what the will of the lord is.
Now, here we come down to it.
Probably 50, 60 percent of the church, maybe more would say, well, that’s my problem.
I just don’t know what god’s will is. I’m just waiting. Say there we have it.
Come on. I don’t even need to go any further for some of you.
I’m just waiting to see what god wants me to do.
If I could just hear from god. Well, you know what?
God can’t drive a parked car. Maybe you see to not go on in some direction.
You know, waiting on god is not a ministry.
Now, the Bible talks about waiting on god but it’s not the kind of waiting that we do.
It’s not like waiting, doing nothing to see if god ever wants you to do anything.
You know, when I first felt the call of God on my life, I mean, I did anything that was available to do at my church, And a lot of it, I wasn’t right for me.
I wasn’t anointed for it. One of the things I did was I went out with a group of people and passed up gospel track on the streets of Saint Louis, and I hated it.
Hated it. I am not a street preacher.
I mean, I I didn’t like it.
And then I tried working in the nursery at church, and that only lasted a week.
And me and the kids knew that weren’t right.
I tried the Helps ministry.
I’m sorry, but that’s not me either. I wanna be helped.
You know what? I’m a leader. I was born to teach.
And when I started opening my mouth and doing that, Now that worked.
That worked. And see, You gotta start moving and doing something till you find what fits.
And sometimes at different times in your life, maybe something you’ve been doing for a long time doesn’t seem to be fitting right anymore.
You know what? I made a decision this past year.
I’m not not when I say I’m not gonna be married to anything, but Dave, I mean, we get married to our plan.
Come on.
Well, that’s the way I’ve always done it, so that’s the way I’ve gotta do it.
And especially when you’re in ministry and you’ve been in a ministry for a long time, you got this system and you’re working your system and you’re doing what you do and you know, you can get married to your plans and not even hear what god’s trying to say to you.
You know, god listen to me, god doesn’t care how long you’ve been doing something the same way if he wants to change it, what you’ve been doing won’t work anymore.
Life would be so exciting.
If we would really learn how to follow the leadership and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, instead of worshiping our plan, and sitting around waiting somewhere for god to show us what we need to do.
God will show you but you gotta be ready to move when he says move.
Now I wanna talk to you for a few minutes about god’s will and man’s will.
God has a will for each of us, something that he has preordained for us to do.
But the fact that he’s preordained it doesn’t mean that it’s gonna automatically happen.
Sometime over the next three sessions, we’re gonna look at a scripture that talks about how god has laid out a good plan, predestined, and predetermined a good plan for every one of our lives.
That includes you. A good plan, not a mediocre plan, not a halfway plan, a good plan, and it says he’s laid it out that we might walk in it, that you might walk in it.
See, god says, I this is what I’ve determined now. Do you want it?
I love what he told Joshua, every place on which the soul of your foot shall tread, that have I already given unto you?
God’s already got all kinds of stuff prepared for you, but now you’ve gotta start finding out what it is and moving into it.
And let me tell you something.
When you start doing the will of god, everybody you know may not clap and cheer.
Whoever needed that can just have that.
God created us to do great things, and Joyce’s brand book release will help us learn how to hear and follow God’s voice when he calls.
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Thanks for listening to enjoying everyday life.
Joyce Meyer Ministry’s mission is to share Christ and love people.
Together, we can do so much more.

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