Rosh Hashanah Special Message on 9/11 | How You Are God’s Watchman To Guard | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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Rosh Hashanah Special Message on 9/11 | How You Are God’s Watchman To Guard | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

On the Feast of Trumpets, Rosh Hashana, and the Anniversary weekend of 9/11, Jonathan speaks on the call of the watchman โ€“ How to become the watchman or watchwoman God called you to be, what you need to know and do to prepare for your calling.

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Jonathan Cahn has been called the prophetic voice of his generation and is known for unlocking the deep mysteries and revelations of Godโ€™s Word. He leads Hope of the World, a worldwide ministry of outreach of Godโ€™s Word to all nations, and His love and compassion to the worldโ€™s most needy.

Recorded Live at Beth Israel at the Jerusalem Center in Wayne, NJ. Friday Nights (8pm) & Sunday Mornings (10am and 11:30am)

So the morning of 9:11 as the nation’s enemies were initiating their mission of destruction when the defense department had no idea whether intelligence agencies had no idea the world’s most sophisticated early warning system 20 years ago failed to discern any of the ancient biblical arm that warned cities of the enemy’s attack was sounding.
There is an appointed time in the Hebrew year when the sound of the watchmen is heard in the early hours of the day.
Only a small window of days when that sound converges with a resign reciting of scriptures linked to judgment or an a national judgment, uh, of a nation.
The context is a nation that had known god like Israel, but turned away And so the scriptures are recited and the so far is sounded, and it’s pleading for mercy.
The prayers are called the the prayers for mercy in light of judgment.
And they’re recited in the early morning, and the trumpets are sounded in the early morning, and they are linked to the rising of the sun.
1 of those days was September 11 2001. The morning of September 11th, 20 years ago.
According to the ancient ordinance, the scriptures and prayers regarding judgment were being recited in the morning, recited even in New York City before it happened.
And the scriptures of national judgment and calling for mercy.
And then the sofars were sounded throughout with it linked to the rising of the sun, the first light of dawn and the sunrise.
So in the morning of 9:11, the trumpets of the watchmen the alarm that warned the ancient city that an attack was coming began to sound in America.
And it began to sound according to the Sunrise, so it first sounded on on America’s northeast coast.
It was appointed to sound first in Maine.
So in Portland, Maine, It began to sound, and that’s where the terrorists were.
At the that’s where it all began. The trumpets were appointing the sound there in Maine at approximately 5:45 AM.
At approximately 5:45 AM, the first terrorist were in Portland Airport passing through security.
Their picture got taken heading to the gate to begin the attack.
So the ancient sound of the watch woman’s warning was sounding.
As the Sunrise moved west, the ancient trumpets began to sound in Boston, and it was there.
And then in that the terrorists would take off for their target as the ancient alarm was sounding warning.
The Sunrise continued to move And the trumpet of the watchmen’s warning now began sounding in New York City, the next site of attack.
As the sound echoed, throughout the city warning that the enemy was coming to attack.
It was all over New York City.
As the sun continued its rising, the watchmen’s alarm began sounding Then, lastly, in Washington, DC, the last site of destruction.
And according to the ancient ordinance, the trumpet sounded First, in the first portion of the day, they can sound up to 4 hours or or a certain segment of the day comes out to 4 hours.
The sun rose in New York City just after 6:30 AM.
That means the time of the trump impeachment warning ended just around 10:30 AM.
The last major event of 9:11 happened when the last tower came crumbling down happened just about 10 29, and then the trumpet stopped sounding.
So the morning of 9:11 as the nation’s enemies were initiating their mission of destruction when the defense department had no idea when the intelligence agencies had no idea the world’s most sophisticated early warning system 20 years ago failed to discern any of the ancient biblical alarm that warned cities of the enemy’s attack was sounding.
And yet, the warning was missed then. It’s been missed since then.
Before judgment falls on a nation, god sends warning. The biblical sound of that warning is the trumpet.
That’s the the physical sound. It’s striking to see that what happened 20 years ago with all these warnings in a sense, and, of course, nobody realized it.
Because even that America has ignored the warning of god ever since and has hardened itself.
What happens to a city that ignores the sound of the watchmen. What happens to that city or a nation?
America clearly has not he did that.
And 20 years later, we can say that America has not only not returned to god, it has hypothesized much deeper and farther since.
And the warnings have gone unheeded. And that brings us to where we are now.
This weekend, I’m led to speak about the watchmen and about the call of the watchmen, and that means you.
God says in Isaiah 62, I’ve said watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem, They will never hold their peace.
Don’t don’t be quiet. Don’t be silent watchmen.
The word for watchmen in the Bible in the Hebrew There’s 2 major words.
One is the word so fat. Try it.
So fat means one who beholds, one who looks up, One who looks carefully, one who waits, and one who keeps.
The most famous word for the watchmen is the word show mayor. Try it.
Means one who guards, one who takes heed, one who keeps, comes from a root word, Shamar, which means to hitch, hedge, to guard, to protect, to mark, to look narrowly, to observe, to preserve, to wait for to keep, to save.
So the watchmen could also be called the protector, the hedger, the marker, the observer, the guard, the preserver, the waiter, The watcher, the keeper, the one who saves.
It says I have appointed watch when the watchmen had to be appointed by man But here, god is saying I’m appointing WATCHMAN as well.
They had a critical calling on which the entire fate of their culture, their civilization, depended.
The watchmen had gigantic responsibility. Today, we have defense systems all over the world.
Then you had a watchmen or or a or a few watchmen responsible for the entire city or the kingdom for the safety so they had to take their position seriously.
They didn’t have satellites. They had their eyes. They had to have a good eyesight.
The watchmen had to be focused. Couldn’t get distracted.
Couldn’t get entangled on what couldn’t be couldn’t be distracted by what was going on in the city in the marketplace below him.
Couldn’t hang out in the city to be a watchman. Couldn’t be involved with what Everybody else was.
It wouldn’t be doing his job. How to stay separate.
He had to take his post on the walls.
Other watch tower, on the gate, if he didn’t take his position, could not do it.
It says in Habeco, The prophet says, I will stand my watch.
I will station myself on the rampart of the walls, and I will watch to see what he will say to me.
Here, the prophet is speaking as the watchmen.
That one of the one of the symbols of the prophet is the watchmen because they had to warn their people.
But the watchmen had to be on the ramparts, had to be above the city in order to see what was coming over the horizon or in the distance.
And the nighttime was the time of the watchmen especially because everybody was sleeping.
It says it says in Isaiah 21, Watchmen, what about the night What about the night?
They asked the watcher. Because they’re asleep. The watchmen, the nighttime was the main time. The critical time.
City slept more vulnerable. When danger was likely to come under the darkness when a few people were aware of anything.
So the watchmen had to stay awake, couldn’t sleep, how to stay vigilant, couldn’t get drowsy, how to keep himself up.
That’s why we speak of the different watches of the night.
The Bible speaks of the first watch, the second watch, the 3rd watch, It was a time of the watchmen, the one who stayed up while everybody else was asleep.
Not only did he dwell above the city, but he had to look from a high place, look at everything into the distance, train himself to see it.
And if he saw anything, he’s that’s when he grabs the show far sets it to his mouth and blows as hard as he can.
Now the watchmen not only would look for the danger but also would be looking to see of good things, you know, if there was a procession of good things that WATCHMAN would be the first to see it as well.
He would see if a king was coming as well. The watchmen would be the first.
Now let’s put it together. If you are a believer, you’re born again, you are called to be a watchmen.
Or watch woman or watch person doesn’t matter.
So far, you mean, you are someone who’s to behold, to look up You’re called to be one who waits on the lord, or also you’re called a Chomare, which means one who you’re to be a a garter, a protector, a a marker, a watcher, a sum someone who saves, why are you called to be a watchman?
Because you’re awake. And the rest are sleeping. You see, the rest don’t know.
Those who aren’t saved can’t know, but you’re saved.
And the rest if they don’t wake up are lost, So there’s no way around it.
Only you can be the watchmen.
And if you’re in such a position, you know, you know, you’re accountable for everybody else.
You’re called to be the watchmen of your family, the watchmen of those around you, the watchmen of those who are working with the watchmen of your culture, your generation, Watchmen of America.
It says I have appointed you You are appointed. This is an this is a calling from god.
You are the lord’s watchmen, and so the lost are depending on you even though they don’t realize it.
So you have a great charge in the same way the profits were told they were accountable.
How do you fulfill such a calling?
Um, tonight, I’m gonna speak about the the keys of being a watchman or watchwoman and the the the the on Sunday, it’s gonna get into a hole of the realm, but what’s happening around us and the and where we have to go with this.
But the the first thing is you have to be a person of focus.
It’s so easy to get distracted. A million details to distract the watchmen has to be focused.
Focus on the lord. Focus on the things of god. It’s so easy.
The one of the greatest and the weapons the enemy has is to distract you, distract you from your calling, distract you from god’s best will, entangle you, The watchmen can’t watch the city or over the city if he’s in the city.
It’s gotta be on the walls of the city. That’s crucial.
You as the watchmen cannot get entangled in everything that’s going on around you.
You can’t get caught up in everything the watchmen couldn’t get caught up in all that’s going on below.
You can’t hang out in the city and be a watchmen.
You can’t get caught up in all the things of the world and be a watchmen.
You can’t get caught up in all sorts of petty things or, you know, the pursuit of money, you have comfort, all these things, and fulfill your calling as a watchman.
As a watchman, the watchman is separate.
So you have to stay separate to the lord, separated to the lord.
Regardless of of of anything else in your life.
You can’t so you can’t make a difference in this world if you aren’t different from this world.
You have to take your post on the walls above the world above the culture on the high place.
You gotta dwell in the high place. The Bible says where to dwell in the heavenlies.
When when we have a live prayer, our live prayer conference during the week via our phones, During the week, when we begin, I always end up praying, lord, we take our stand.
We take our station on the walls as your watchmen. The watchmen was above the city.
You gotta station yourself above the city.
If the watchmen gets lost in those things, he’s not gonna fulfill or she will not fulfill her call.
If he’s in the mist, you can if you’re in the mist of everything, you can’t see in the distance.
You can’t see the bigger picture when you’re getting lost in everything around you. Won’t be able to warn them.
The key is you’ve got to you’ve got to get into living above.
Fighting your fight above, ministering from above, everything from above, the watchmen posts.
You see, it’s a balance. How do we relate to the world?
See, some believers say We should have nothing to do with the world at all.
Just get out of the world. Okay? Others say you gotta have everything to do with the world.
Which one is right? Both are The lord said you are not of the world.
Be separate, but the lord also said you are the light of the world.
You are the salt of the earth. Go into the world. The answer is the watchmen’s post.
You see, you are to engage the world, affect the world, impact the world.
But in order to do that, you have to be separate from the world, which means you gotta be separate from anything that would take you away from god.
That would be that would pollute you to file you, entangle you.
You might have to separate more and more from the world’s entertainment from its ways as it gets ungodly and almost and satanic in many ways.
I’m not saying all of that, all all entertainment is wrong, but it’s getting worse.
But don’t leave it at that.
You separate from the darkness so you don’t become dark, but now you’re a light, shine your light to the world, affect the world.
Don’t be be not overcome by the world, but overcome the world.
Now this doesn’t just apply to our culture and what’s how around, which I’m gonna talk about on Sunday and the canceling the attempt to cancel you.
And what do you do about it? This also applies to your personal life.
You’re a watchmen to the world, but you’re also watchmen to your surroundings and your your friends and your job and your circumstances, e whatever you’re going through.
You are to impact everything around you, but some of you are doing it from below.
You get so wrapped up in the situation that you’re no good. You’re saying, well, earthly good and heavily no.
You gotta be both. You can’t minister the situation if you’re getting so caught up in the situation.
You gotta say, wait a minute. Let me let me go up the ladder. Let me go up the steps.
Away from the problem. Away from all the junk. Let me get above it. Now I can minister to it.
Get above the problem. Live from above. We are from what does it say?
It says your life is is above now with Messiah. Don’t get lost in below above.
What else do we know? The night is especially the time of the watchmen.
It means when things get dark, the watchmen calls gets the his the call of the watchmen gets more important.
Not word. Not you don’t stop when it gets dark. That’s when it you kick in even more.
You rye when it gets darker, you rise to the calling. Hi.
I’m Jonathan Khan, and I hope you were blessed with the video.
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