Mistakes of Bible Heroes and How Not To Make Them in Your Life! | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

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Mistakes of Bible Heroes and How Not To Make Them in Your Life! | Jonathan Cahn Sermon

The great heroes of the Bible shared a secret and a practice that enabled them to do what they could never have done without it. Learn the secret.

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Wanna live a life of breakthrough and victory? I know you do.
If so, you have to take this seriously.
In the same way a runner who’s gonna win the has to take it seriously the goal of winning and apply it in every part of their life to the goal.
If you’re not focused, you don’t you’re not gonna have the power that you’re supposed to have.
You’re gonna be coming against a wall and not going through it. You’re not gonna break through it.
You won’t have that. Or here’s another way of being on focus.
You live your uncertain You don’t have certainty. You’re wavering back and forth. You waiver back and forth.
Elijah said, how long are you gonna waver between two opinions?
If you’re wavering back and forth all the time, you’re not gonna have focus, and you’re not gonna have victory.
He said make up your mind. If bail is god, the lord has got make up your mind.
Go one way or the other. The lord said, don’t be lukewarm.
Choose which one you want, be hot or cold, but make up your mind.
Joshua, choose you this day whom you will serve.
But as for me and my house, I will serve the lord. Choose that word choose. You get decision.
Decision cuts. The power of decision is linked to the power of incision decide a focused blade comes together into a single point.
A single mind. Here’s another one. Are you double minded? You’re not gonna have success.
Single, make up your mind because you’re gonna Only a single mind single mindedness is linked to focus and focus is linked to victory.
Single mindedness is linked to victory.
When you’re single-minded, you do more with less effort, or you do greater things with the same effort.
You know, because if you’re divided back and forth, you go on this way and this way, it’s like it’s like 2 movers trying to move a piano both ways.
Each way or they’re going each way. So you’re not only it’s bad enough.
You’re on half your strength, but you’re finding yourself. So it’s like zero strength.
You can’t be focused without direction. Paul said I don’t run without aim.
And I press on to the goal.
The dull acts, the dull life spends a lot of energy without getting a lot of fruit without being victorious.
It’s like hitting your head against the wall.
A dull acts will hit against the hitting of the wood and could bounce back because he can’t do it.
Well, if you’re always coming against the same thing.
If you’re always banging against a wall, you’re coming against the same thing. It’s a sign of something.
The Bible gives examples of people who are not focused. Eli, his family was compromised.
The pre it ended up failure. He lost the arc.
Samson, you think of Samson, you think of a real strong person.
Our picture of Samson is like is like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jewish. That’s kind of our picture.
But the Bible actually never says that. It never says that.
It never says he looked any different from me or you.
In fact, if he, you know, I brought this up.
If he looked like Arnold Swartzenegger, it wouldn’t be a miracle that he was strong.
Probably, god just came upon him. Nevertheless, with all that power, he messed up. He totally blew it.
He was in the lord outside of the lord, you know, mostly outside what he did.
He was the only thing he had to do was a Nazirite.
He had to just that’s a focused person, a Nazirite is someone who was dedicated to god.
And what they did is they grew their hair long, and they didn’t touch wine.
And, you know, and they, you know, they they didn’t cut there, and they did that And, you know, they were were hold they were to be holding to the lord.
Sam’s the book of Samson is him breaking every part of the Nazarite vow. Until finally his hair.
And so he he wasn’t focused. He wasn’t he wasn’t single minded. He was dumb on.
So his strength, the strong man’s strength, was dissipated, and he fell.
King David was focused, but at one point, he lost his focus.
One point, it says when kings go to war, the time when they really focused, he wasn’t focused.
He stayed behind, and then he fell. Solomon started out great, had everything.
You know, we don’t know if Solomon was saved. I mean, he was at the beginning.
But it says when he got when he was old, his wives turned his heart away.
He lost focus. He he married women. He should have married women to begin with.
He should have married one woman, but he married many women.
And he married women who were worshiping other gods, and he went He went that way.
With all he knew, he was double minded.
Demus Paul said he has left this left me because he chose the world. He was double minded.
James says the double minded cannot expect to get from god.
If you have 2 axes, One is dull. The other sharp, which one are you gonna use?
So if you have 2 people, 2 believers, one is sharp in the lord focused.
Sigma, the other is double is not focused. Which one is god gonna use? Now he has mercy.
He can use that dull one, but he’s gonna He’s gonna naturally use the one who was focused for his purposes.
The young David was focused and when when when he stood against Goliath, He he was you know what?
Because the life was so gigantic and he was so small compared, but you know what?
It was he he was single-minded for god. And he was single modded, and so everything was focused.
He took those stones focused right into his head.
So with focus, even those who are weak in themselves, can become mighty. Mighty. Messiah.
He was the sharpest one. His whole life was lived with one focus, one heart, one mind, nothing.
No wavering. He set his heart on Jerusalem, because that was his goal to give his life.
Paul was a real focused guy.
Focused heart, focused mind, focused course, It’s like everything he did. And now, listen, he wasn’t perfect.
Like, anyone, none of us are perfect. And I’m sure he had his moments, but he lived.
It’s like, like, everything he did was for the gospel.
He said, whatever I do, you know, by all means, I will to win over who I can. I will use everything I can.
For salvation from Assad. When they tried to stop him, he couldn’t be stopped. He was like a laser beam.
No matter what, this is my call. It wasn’t he didn’t have this was he was single-minded for god.
When they the believers tried to stop and they said, Paul, you can’t go to Jerusalem. You’re gonna be killed.
He says, well, I’m fine with that. I’m here to do.
I’m not my my goal is not to stay alive. My goal is to glorify god.
And even when he’s on trial, he uses the trial to to witness to his to his prosecutors.
And then he appeals to Caesar, so he goes to Caesar and he can witness in Rome.
He never got sidetracked. He kept on Pearson. Never got never got off. And and he had to listen.
He had a lot of stuff.
He had people in the in the in the church, in the body, talking against him.
You see 2nd Corinthians, he didn’t let it stop him. He had people sworn to kill him.
And it didn’t let him stop.
He was like a knife cutting through, piercing through everything, and look what he accomplished.
Now if you could take that power, what if you could take that power and apply it to your life?
It would change your life. For victory, do you wanna live a life of power?
Wanna live a life of breakthrough and victory? I know you do.
If so, you have to take this seriously.
In the same way, a runner who’s gonna win the Olympics has to take it seriously the goal of winning and apply it in every part of their life to the goal.
First, take inventory.
You have to if you look at your life and whatever is not sharp or focus whatever is not consistent with your goal and you’re calling in god, that’s dulling you.
Whether it’s a sin, whether it’s an attitude, whether it’s a distraction, whether it’s an idol, whatever is not consistent, not one With the purpose that god has called you to, that’s dulling your edge.
And that’s making you less effective and weakening you Get it out.
For in Samson, going out with Delilah, not a good idea. It was not consistent with his calling.
Nor was drinking wine, nor was the net all that. Actually, almost nothing was consistent.
He would have been better off simply turning away, from from the beginning.
Paul had such a high calling that many things would not be consistent because it was so so high.
But I believe god has given you a high calling. Syn, of course, takes away.
Syn, of course, makes you waiver.
But also there may be other things that might not be called sin, but they’re not god’s will for Paul or for you could be wasting your your time, wasting your energy, wasting your your your focus distracting you and the enemy uses it.
Paul had to turn away from what was not god’s best. Hi.
I’m Jonathan Khan, and I hope you were blessed with the video.
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