Jonathan Cahn’s Powerful Prophetic Word at the National Day of Prayer, Washington DC

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Jonathan Cahn’s Powerful Prophetic Word at the National Day of Prayer, Washington DC

Jonathan Cahn delivers a powerful prophetic word from Washington DC in front of Members of Congress and leaders of the nations on the Return of the Gods at the National Day of Prayer, Washington DC

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Jonathan Cahn has been called the prophetic voice of his generation and is known for unlocking the deep mysteries and revelations of God’s Word. He leads Hope of the World, a worldwide ministry of outreach of God’s Word to all nations, and His love and compassion to the world’s most needy.

Tony, there’s a a particular book that really touched you that caused us to think about things as we planned this.
What was the book?
Well, the book is the return of the Gods by rabbi Jonathan Khan, in fact, Thanks to Steve String.
You have this copy, a copy of this book on your chair this morning.
But Jim, this book spoke to me because as we wrestle with so many issues here in our nation’s capital and literally around the world, to reminder of what Paul said in Ephesian 6 that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities against powers against the rulers of the darkness of this age against spiritual host of wickedness in heavenly places.
Those principalities are still working today, and their grip upon this nation is stronger, I believe, than ever.
And that’s what Jonathan writes in this book when you look at the issue of abortion.
It’s not a political issue. It is driven deeply by the principalities and the powers.
When you look at the sexual perversion and confusion that has gripped our nation and our children.
That’s not a political agenda. That is a demonic attack. That’s rooted in history.
And the worship of the planet, placing the planet above people is not a partisan agenda.
It is deeply rooted in the spiritual attacks on mankind.
And Jonathan lays that out in this book, and I believe, Jim, that’s why It does lay the foundation to drive us to our knees in repentance recognizing that we must battle in the heavenlies before we ever walk in the realm of politics.
The reason we’re talking about this book right now is before it came out, Jonathan was in conversation with my wife and me.
We were aware of the process of what he was going through as he was writing it And when the book came out, my wife had the pre publication copies and began to read it.
And again, thank you to Steve Strang and Charisma Media for giving these free to every one of us But as it came out, we realized its significance.
What you have been given is a book that explains what is happening in America and the other nations represented here more than any other one single book I am aware of.
We ask Jonathan specifically to come and to talk about that so we understand what we’re contending with on this day of repentance.
Jonathan, thank you.
We wore not against flesh and blood against principalities, against powers, against spiritual forces of evil in high places.
Leaders here, members of Congress, people of god, we are standing at a critical, dangerous moment.
We have opened the door to what we never should have opened it to.
We have no idea what we’ve unleashed.
2000 years ago, Messiah Jesus gave the parable of a man who had been delivered of a demonic but he left himself empty of god and thus open to the return of the spirit from which he was set free.
And it came back, but now with 7 other spirits more evil than itself to repossess him and much worse than his first state of possession was his last state of repossession.
And this is the warning, any civilization, any culture, any nation that has known god, and his word, and his power.
And his ways and his salvation.
If it should ever turn away from god, if it should ever empty itself from the word and the ways and though that presence, it will not remain empty.
That which was cast out of it will come back into it.
It will return to its former state and worse.
And so for a Christian civilization or a nation to turn away from god is the most dangerous thing.
And what we are now with thing is not merely a cultural transformation. It’s a repossession.
We’ve turned away from god. We have emptied our culture of his presence.
Others have come in to take his place.
We have removed him from our schools, from our children, and now others have come into our school and into our children.
We’ve cast out his spirit from our national life. And so other spirits have come in, which ones?
The Bible reveals that. When the people of Israel turned away from god, they gave themselves to other gods and other spirits to cold with the culture.
There were 3 in particular And the return of the gods, I called them the dark trinity.
The first was the possessor. The spirit that turned ancient Israel into a pagan nation.
It was known in Hebrew as Al or Bail. It has now come to America.
It’s a spirit that drives god out of every realm of public life.
Its mission to transform a Judeo Christian nation into a pagan 1.
And so we’re now witnessing the paganization of our culture where god is replaced by idols where truth is replaced by many truths or no truth and where the world is worshiped and man becomes god.
Then came the second. It was a she, the enchantress. The Bible identifies her as Osh Torah or ishtar.
The spirit of sexual immorality, unbridled lust.
The spirit that paganizes our culture by seducing it through the realm of sexuality.
So if we open the door for her return, would expect to see the realm of sexuality transformed, and that’s exactly what has happened.
As soon as we turned away from god, there came a sexual revolution. Ashtorah was a prostitute.
A prostitute removed sexuality from marriage, brings it into the marketplace.
And so sexuality was taken out of marriage and our culture became sexualized.
And so began the weakening and destruction of the family of marriage of children.
And that opened the door for the 3rd return. The destroyer.
He who leaves mothers and fathers into the most pagan and dark of acts, the sacrifice of their own children.
As it happened to Israel, so to us, it was just as we turned away from god that we began offering up our children as sacrifices.
On the altar of Mole, Israel sacrificed thousands of its little ones.
On the altars of abortion, we have vice millions.
And for those thousands, Israel was brought into judgment and to destruction, but there was more.
The enchantress, the god has had another thought. In her ancient mesopotamian inscriptions, it is written.
She turns a man into a and a woman into a man.
And so as she increases her hold over culture, we would expect to see her deepening work, the destruction of gender, the blending and bending of male and female, man and woman, boys and girls, to the goddess, belonging to priesthood.
There were men who dressed up as women and those whom she calls to be surgically transitioned into the form of a woman.
She possessed her priesthood But now she seeks to possess an entire generation of children.
For the spirits are always after the children.
If they can possess the children, they can possess the nation and its future.
And woe to those who take part in such agendas and who do not protect the little ones against them.
For the most ancient of times, the Goddess connected to one particular sign, the sign of the rainbow.
She was the goddess of parades, parades that celebrated the alteration of gender.
And she would especially possess the culture in 1 month of all months, the month of June.
When the spirits first seek entrance, they do so in the name of tolerance and open this.
But once they gain a stronghold, they declare every knee shall bow and all opposition shall be crushed.
And that’s why a new totalitarian ism threatens to take over our culture and silence every voice of descent.
And so the gods are a danger to freedom of speech.
Religion, of thought, a danger to this generation and to the future of America, and to Western Civilization and to the gospel.
And just as they led, ancient is so they now lead another nation toward judgment and destruction.
That is what happens. When a civilization turns away from god.
And so there can only be one answer we must turn back to god.
Without that, without revival, America, as we know it, is gone.
And so we must now in this capital city and around this nation pray as we have never before prayed for repentance and revival.
And commit to living that repentance and that revival.
We must pray for the power of god to cast out the spirits of darkness from our land, from the halls of our capital here, to the alleyways of the Ghettos, from the house, from our coastal cities to our heartland planes, we must cry out, set this nation free, cast out our cast out the gods, cast out the spirits, and set America free.
For we commit this day, we will not bow down to the gods of the world or the sacred cows of this culture or the agenda of this present darkness, but we will stand against them.
We will only bow down our need to the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, the almighty.
The holy one, the living god is his name.
And to the name above all names by which we must be saved.
The name of yeshua Hamashiach, Jesus, the Messiah, the light of the world, the glory of Israel, The only answer, the only hope America has that it might yet again shine as a city on a hill with a light of the fire of the power of the glory of the king of all kings, the lord of all lords, and the god above all gods, Amen.
This is Jonathan Khan.
Thanks for watching. The return of the gogs is available literally everywhere, Amazon, wherever books are sold.
And god bless you.

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