Jonathan Cahn: Unveiling Prophecies in America’s History

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Β Unveiling Prophecies in America’s History

Rabbi Jonathan Cahn speaks on TBN’s Praise about the many prophecies fulfilled in recent history, and how God is still at work today!

β€œAs God was expunged from American life, idols came in to fill the void; idols of sensuality, idols of greed, of money, of success, comfort, materialism, pleasure, sexual immorality, self-worship, self-obsession. The sacred increasingly disappeared, and the profane took its place.”
― Jonathan Cahn

The chief rabbi of Israel makes a visit to the White House.
He sees Truman, and he says Truman, he says Paris from the president.
You have been put in your mother’s womb for such exact time as that. He said, that’s why.
And he start opens the book and starts reading about Cyrus to him.
And the and Truman says, was I used by god? And he says, yeah.
And Truman breaks down in cries in the Oval Office.
This has held up from the days of Egypt to the United States of America.
Like clockwork, our god is real. You know, wait.
You know, one of the things is we’re at a time when the world is trying to dismiss god and say, oh, that’s old.
We we can move on from that.
That’s one of the reasons I believe this is here because, no, god your god is intro the god of the Bible is alive and well.
18 67, 1917.
Now we are out to Well, this is the other one from Hertz.
This is the other Jubilee from Hertzul 50 years.
So this is we’re at the time of the birth of Israel, which is prophetic.
Listen, Jesus cannot come again until Israel is back in the world.
And the Bible said, you know, when I was an atheist, that blew me away to just that god said it.
He said everything he said is coming true.
That Israel’s in the world every day you’ve gotta sign from god that your god is real.
And so here so so there’s something in that in that door called the day of the scrolls. Yeah.
here’s it. Here it is. Uh, you know, whenever god does something, he does it by his word first.
Before he did the universe, his word. Before Israel came, they came to land. They came to Sonite.
Got the word. Before they came back, the words restored.
And even before Israel came the modern times, you have the word of prophecy around for 2000 years before it happened in our lifetime.
So the word always comes from god always restores the word linked to the restoration of Israel.
So now here’s the thing, a A little shepherd boy or a shepherd boy is following his goat.
Uh, he ends up going into a cave, throws a rock in the cave, hits hits crashes pottery, looks in there.
He finds these ancient scrolls that he brings the scrolls and armor brings it to a to a a shop And now what is this?
This is the Dead Sea Scrolls. Now the Dead Sea Scrolls has the bible in it.
It’s the oldest Bible in the world. This is 1947. This is 1947, which is crucial. Why?
It just happens after 2000 years. Went. Why? Because Israel’s coming back the next year. Yeah.
The word and then the nation. So he restores the word.
So and this is something, you know, people said, oh, the Bible was written.
Let Well, it it went from the middle ages. I was the oldest to the Dead Sea Scrolls.
So god is upholding his word.
And particularly that the the book of Isaiah, which is filled with prophecies about Israel, coming back into the world.
Yeah. But here’s the thing. This one guy gets it.
They give they, you know, they give the scolders one guy who’s a professor in in Jerusalem named Eleazar Sukenic, He gets it, and he starts opening up the scrolls on 1.
He brings it back to his apartment, opens up, and he can’t believe what he’s saying. It’s blowing him away.
He never saw anything like he’s opening it up, and it’s being revealed for the first time after 2000 a year.
That same night, his son is running into his room, giving him news of something and giving reports from the radio because the night that the Dead Sea scrolls, the word of god was o was now here restored.
Isaiah all that, On that same night, Israel was voted back into the world. Wow. Only gone.
Mentioned the little boy, uh, and the oracle.
This it is fiction, quote, unquote,
the little boy. It’s it’s all it’s it’s framed in that. It’s framed in that. Like the harbinger. Yeah.
But but very familiar to people in a great way because you’re on an adventure. You’re on an adventure.
That’s how I felt. Just the settings We’re in the desert. We’re in a cave.
We’re we’re at an oasis with Oracle. This mysterious, you know, divinely inspired figure. Very cool stuff,
my friend. The way because when I did the harmager, when I first wrote the harmager, I wrote it completely nonfiction.
Yeah. And the lord just said, okay. You finished. Now rewrite the whole thing. Yeah.
Because god uses parables, and he uses pitch sure is that it is to reach more people.
So the delivery system is that, but you’re gonna be it’s filled with everything that’s filled with is real. Yes.
And now now even even America. We’ve we’ve all grown up. Many of us, grown up in America.
We’ve been blessed to live in America.
The the head nation in the world that with power and all Well, even America and its rise is part of the mystery because if you look at it, you know, you have the Ottoman Empire have the land, but they’re against god’s purposes here.
So god says, okay. You’re coming down. Yeah. So they come down.
And then Britain says, we’re gonna be for this, and and the judiciary is gonna go back.
God lifts them up to the pinnacle of their power, the British empire.
Then in between the two wars, England turns against this. And all of a sudden, overnight, the British Empire collapses.
So god has to have another power to raise up. That is the United States of America.
So America rises up just at the moment that Israel needs it.
Got all even our nation is part of the mystery. Everything we’ve experienced is part of the mystery of god.
For New York City, where we’re sitting right now, that’s good news. Right?
And we keep blessing Israel.
Yes. And to New York where we’re at right now and around the world, this really lines up, I think, Jonathan, when I was reading, Genesis 123.
Yeah. I will bless those who bless you god says to Abraham. I will curse those who curse you. Yeah.
Yeah. In real time in real time. God keeps his promises.
Yes. Yes. That that’s true as a nation, and that’s true individually. You know, you blessed Israel.
I’ve never met anybody who blessed Israel and wasn’t I never met anybody who hated the Jewish people and wasn’t cursed.
Never. And and I’m the and and and this has this has held up from the days of Egypt to the United States of America.
Work. Our god is real. You know, wait.
You know, one of the things is we’re living in a time when the world is trying to dismiss god and say, oh, that’s old.
We we can move on from that.
That’s one of the reasons I believe this is here because, no, god your god is in the god of the Bible is alive and well.
And he’s in charge of everything. That’s what I’m gonna be.
Even even presidents, even presidents, Even American presidents
who played a crucial role in the rebirth of Israel, a prophetic role.
Yeah. When when god, you know, even even when we when when the Jewish people came back the first time, god had a world ruler Cyrus to bless them to say go back to actually bless Jerusalem and come back and rebuild cyrus.
He led the Persian Empire. He let them go home from Babylon, from their captivity.
Well, when god brought them the second time, which was in our light, and our time, which was even bigger.
I mean, it’s the whole world. He Ginny have a world leader. Well, he did.
And unlikely man, a guy who never you’d never expect Yeah.
But all of a sudden, god raises him from from almost nothing and makes him the most powerful man in the world, and his name is Harry S Truman.
And and Harry Truman read the Bible several times as a youth, and one of his best friend was a Jewish man, which god would use years late for Israel to come back into the world.
And and, yeah, and and Harry Truman had a love for Israel, and he actually defended Israel.
Well, you know, if if FDR, frankly Roosevelt had remained in power.
It’s most likely Israel would not have come back into existence.
So Roosevelt in his last election decides to lift up this guy, Harry Truman.
Less than 90 days after Truman has sworn in, Roosevelt dies.
And Truman becomes the most powerful man in the world.
Now, well, and now Truman is gonna follow the mystery of Cyrus. Yeah. He’s the first one. Followed mister Cyrus.
In fact, you know, you know, first of all, he’s gonna recognize Israel. He’s gonna the return.
He is instrumental in the UN voting Israel back just like Cyrus was instrumental.
We were the 1st nation, by the way, if you’re in the United States to recognize the state of Israel, the modern state of Israel.
11 minutes after it was declared. 19 48. 11 14.
Yeah. Yeah. So they will bless those who bless
you. Hello. And and when when did America become a superpower at that same moment?
Same moment, same moment. So that all happens.
And now now Truman, not only that people don’t realize Truman actually first sent the word to the British empire, let those exiles go back to the land.
Just like Cyrus did, he said, you let them back.
And I looked at the day that he said it was a Sabbath.
Was a Friday, and it did was an appointed word.
And that that begins the return, and the appointed word was Moses telling Israel the first prophecy In that day, god will gather you back from all the nations and bring you back to the land on the exact day.
And none of that after Truman recognized Israel, the chief rabbi, you know, you know, actually, you know, you know, Cyrus, you know, he didn’t know what he was doing.
He just was doing. Goss is a believer.
I’m using you anyway, and then, but but Isaiah says no Cyrus god is the one in charge of you.
So Truman also had a Cyrus. I mean, had a had a, like, an Isaiah in a sense.
The chief rabbi of Israel makes a visit to the White House.
He sees Truman, and he says Truman, he says Paris from a president.
You have been put in your mother’s womb for such the exact time is that. Wow. He said that’s why.
And he star opens the book and starts reading about Cyrus to him.
And the and Truman says, was I used by god? And he says, yes.
And Truman breaks down and cries in the Oval Office. And he says, well, yeah, okay.
Uh, years, a little while later. Now Absolutely. He’s jumping it on.
It’s too good. I can’t keep it all in.
Cyrus would sign his inscriptions saying, I am Cyrus. You can find it. I am Cyrus.
Years later, Truman says these words I am Cyrus.
And one of the mysteries here is that when god does, like, one jubilee he he prepares the next one and plants the seeds.
So when he does one so he got one Cyrus in the rain of Harry Truman, that Cyrus, the 1st American Cyrus, is born a child, Donald Trump, the next iris, born in the year, born in the time of Truman.
That’s a nice That’s gonna be another mystery.
Yeah. That that’s called a teaser and TV folks. Uh, wow.
And, folks, we prayed before that this book is going to shake the nations.
I believe it’s going to have that kind of impact. Wow. Okay. We Now we go to okay.
We go yeah. So now alright. So now if you go back to the main Jubilee, that keeps going.
We had 86th 10th 50th year, 1917 restoration. Count count 50 years.
See, every time there’s gonna be a restoration of what was lost. That’s Jubilee. You shall go home.
Everyone shall return. So count 50 years from 1917, it takes you to the year 1967.
Anything significant happened that year?
Remember what what you know, Jesus said, I’m not coming back until the Jewish people say, Baru Khabab, blessed is he in Jerusalem.
So they need Jerusalem. You know, And so but they didn’t have Jerusalem when they came back, but god says I don’t care what the UN says.
I don’t care what the world says. If I said it, I’m gonna do it. Yeah.
So amazing thing. It all’s gonna happen.
And that year is going to be the year. Israel didn’t ask for it.
Actually, it just came upon them, and Israel enters that year.
Jewish soldiers after 2000 years enter the gates of Jerusalem. For everyone shall return home. The owner shall return home.
The civil war. 6 day war comes upon them. And how does it happen?
It happens through the because the Soviet Union, the godless anti god, anti bible, anti Jesus, Soviet Union, sends a word to the Arab nations false that Israel’s gonna attack you.
That caused the Arab nations to line up to destroy Israel.
That brings about the 6 day war brings about Jerusalem. So the Soviet Union brought about biblical prophecy. Wow.
And that tells you something. Yeah.
If god can use the Soviet Union, he can use any problem in your life to accomplish his will in your life.
And so but amazing.
You know, in a Bible, a lot of them be god gives prophetic songs that a song of prophecy is given and then it comes true.
You see it in the Bible. Well, amazing thing.
On 19th anniversary of Israel, they’re having a celebration, and a woman sings a song to the nation.
And it spreads throughout Israel, and it’s a it’s a song of prophecy. The song is called Jerusalem of Gold.
Love it.
And all of a sudden Israel is longing for Jerusalem all over there all singing Jerusalem Jerusalem. Jerusalem.
On the night that she introduced the song, the Arab the Egyptian soldiers are lining up the borders of Israel to invade, and it’s gonna bring about the 6 day war.
So it’s all gonna come to pass as this from the song.
And and by the by the end of that on the end of that war, she has to change the end of the song because it was a song of morning.
And let but now at the end, it becomes a song of rejoicing.
Well, remember god said to Israel when when they lost Jerusalem when they he said he said, you know, when judgment comes, I’m gonna turn your rejoicing into mourning.
Yeah. But then he says redemption, I will turn your mourning into joy. Yeah. So that’s exactly what he did.
Right. And But but Israel didn’t know, like, when this was all happening, Israel thought it was gonna be destroyed.
They start preparing coffins. They start They start dedicating the Parkland for Cemetery.
Big engraves. There’s footage of this and old pictures from that. They’re actually
doing that because but they have no idea that god is at work. You know?
They So and and same with our lives. You have no idea, but god does that work? Right.
And what the thing is that so they have a secret meaning of the president, the prime minister, and the military man said, what do we do?
And they make the decision. We said, if we don’t go to war now, we’re gonna be destroyed.
So they make the decision on this day, but that day is the Sabbath. Again.
So that means there’s an appointed word. The appointed word for that day has the words go to war.
Wow. It’s the it’s the time and the Torah where god tells Israel how to prepare for war and to mobilize all the men.
That’s what they were doing. And they mobilized all the men up to the age of fifty, Jubilee.
He had to be born since the last the last jubilee.
And at the end of the war, the the the scripture speaks about getting all the men up to the age of fifty, the at the whole thing.
God does it. And there’s something amazing called the Masada mystery.
Masada. One of my favorite places in Israel, when you visit, not if you visit Israel, when you visit Israel, you must go to Masada.
is the last stand of ancient Israel. It’s where they died.
You know, Jerusalem fell, then Masada fell, and that was a little grew the grade.
But but they’re for 2000 years, there was a mystery hidden on that mountain.
God put a a parchment there with this prophecy for 2 and it took 2000 years for the Jewish people to get back and open it up and be blown away by the prophecy.
Now I can’t get into everything. Okay.
Because I did this on the I’m doing this on the other show, but let me tell let me let me get into an a really amazing thing from Asana.
We won’t tell anybody.
No. Course not.
Just millions of people around the world, we promise we’ll keep it a secret.
Okay. So the thing is that that, you know, when in ancient times, Israel lost Jerusalem, Messiah, Messiah, Jesus prophesied it.
And then a few years later, they lost Masana. Well, if god’s reversing this redemption, could he could this reverse?
That means when Israel returns to Masada to uncover it, that means soon after that, they will return to Jerusalem.
Well, the amazing thing I looked at the said, let me look at the exact date when Israel returned to Masada when they lost Masada in Egypt, when they lost Jerusalem and take the exact amount of days between that and put it back from the when they return to when they turn to Masada, it’s a 1333 days.
When you take it back, it comes out to the date of 1967, June June 7th, the very day Israel opens the gates of Jerusalem.
60 one. The exact date. Wow. The the Jubalian people, I’ll just mention.
I mentioned that there was now let me show you. Now let me let me oh, shit.
I told you they all began 1867.
There was a gap of this this kind of the mystery gathering of Jewish believers.
The man who called that gathering, who was the con who called it all together, was born in 18 17.
He was fifty years old, and then he calls the guy he did his the gathering. He’s the first one.
Wow. In that year, 1867, another man is born, another child is born.
And when he turns 50, he will play a central role in the next Jubilee that for 2000 years, there hasn’t been Jewish soldiers in Israel.
This man is gonna lead the 1st Jewish soldiers back to the land in the year of Jubilee.
And he’s an Irish Christian. And he and his name is John Patterson.
He actually becomes he’s and he was born and naturally, he plays in an hour, and he actually becomes the god father of the of the Israeli army.
He goes to him. And when and before he dies, he dies in 1947 as Israel’s gonna come back before he blesses a Jewish family.
And that family is the Netanyahu family. Wow. Before he does.
And there’s so much more, but But and then when he so he in 1917, another child is born in that Jubilee, who’s rap who’s gonna become a rabbi, Shlomo Goran, and he’s gonna be the one to sound the show the show for the trumpet in Jerusalem on the day of Jerusalem.
And that’s you, Billy, when he’s fifty years old.
Now there’s another person who was born in 1977, but I cannot divulge it until I talk to that person.
But very crucial in this, but it goes all the way up to now.
Yeah. And and the the 6 day war, Jonathan, the way it unfolded and you unfolded beautifully in the book, the 6 day war, to me, was proof of god’s hand on Israel.
Yes. All the cards, all the odds were stacked against
them. Oh, yeah.
And to retake Jerusalem. They didn’t expect to retake Jerusalem at work.
They told the people, actually, they said stay away from Jerusalem. They were afraid of the world with that.
They said, but god just four to it, you know, god is gonna do it.
And, no, it’s every jubilee is leading up to something.
It keeps on building and growing and going to the next one.
So, yeah, And this is actually gonna lead to the next we we could just there’s many more mysteries in the gym, but but this is gonna lead to the next door, which is gonna take it right up to where we are right now.
The the the mystery of the jubilee really is the the the secret really of the end times because what is the mystery?
It’s that everyone shall return to where you left. So it’s the it’s return return.
So so that the mystery of the end times is return.
One is that everything has to go back to where it was at the beginning of the age.
So you got the Jewish people were in Israel. They gotta go back to Israel. They were in Jerusalem.
They gotta go back to Jerusalem, but the mystery even gets bigger.
Because the whole world is gonna follow this mystery of Jubilee’s.
The whole world, because this is called the dark Jubilee in the book in the Oracle, and that is that this.
The world 2000 years ago at this time when the Jews were in Israel wasn’t Christian. It was pagan.
It was anti re un Christian anti Christian Rome. It was pagan. Yeah.
That means the world in the end is gonna return to its anti Christian state. It’s unchristian.
It’s pagan sake. Not everybody, but the mainstream culture. And so what are we watching every single day?
It’s the mystery of this return.
Every day that the world throws off another thing and say, I don’t want and go we’re saying, what’s going on?
It’s the return. Everything is being said in motion. It’s a it’s gonna be a rematch at the end.
You know? Yeah. You know? And at but the good news on that, there’s another return in the book that I have to say because that is it is where was the church 2000 years ago?
It was in Jerusalem. It was the book of acts. It wasn’t it wasn’t established. It wasn’t comfortable.
It wasn’t rich. It was radical, revolutionary, filled with a spirit, and world changing and history changing. That’s right.
And what that means is, though we see a great falling away, it means that in the end, god is calling the church to go back home to its original state, which is radical revolutionary world changing spirit filled and unafraid bold top of us.
So so even though even though we’re seeing, you know, even though we’re seeing all this and we’re seeing people fall away and all that, those who stand will be transformed into what they were, the apostles and the disciples.
That’s why Jewish believers are back. Because that’s what it was at the beginning.
You know, the church in church in Israel were together at the beginning. They haven’t been together until now.
So it’s all coming back. So that’s a call for all of us to rise to that calling.
So and even when persecution comes, listen. It was it was that way back then.
That will help mold us to become the apostles, disciples of god we are called to become. Yeah. Well,
It’s an exciting time to be alive. Yes.
We live in perilous times, but we live in Bible times today. Yes. And Yes. So encouraged.
People are praying. You know, I I say it’s all set.
People always bring Lord and many many you I I wish I lived in Bible time. Congratulations. You’ve arrived.
You’re right. Now now, all now, again, again, we can only we’re only given via we’re touching doorknobs here on the drawers, but I gotta do this because it ultimately is about each of us.
This mystery is about each of us.
You know,
because what’s the mystery? It’s about coming home.
You know, our whole, you know, in in this world, we’re never at home.
And the older you live, the less you’re at home, which is weird because we’re not home.
But what is salvation? You see, you know, see, listen, what is the Jubilee? Yeah.
It begins where you’re leaving a land. You’re leaving a place that you had.
Well, look at the beginning of the Bible. We left our home. We left our time with god.
We left our place. And so what is salvation? It’s jubilee. It’s coming home. It’s returning home.
What Jesus is our jubilee? And it’s returning home. So he’s calling. So our whole salvation is Jubilee.
Our whole your he’s he’s calling you to become what you were meant to become from the beginning.
Restoration come at home. All that. And there’s that’s why I put in the book.
It gets very personal at the end, but also that god wants us to live the power of the Jubilee.
You know, if we’re seeing god, you know, we’re seeing We’re seeing all these things so real.
So god of Israel, that means he’s your god too, so he’s just as real for your life.
And if he doesn’t forget his promise, to Israel, he’s not gonna forget his promise to you. Yes.
And if he’s gonna so in the same way, if he’s gonna restore Israel, he’s gonna restore you. Yeah. Okay.
And what is this all leading up to? Missing peace.
What’s the, you know, listen, this all began when it wasn’t much as Israel left the land.
Someone else left the land. Messiah did.
The ultimate Jubilee is the king was separated from his kingdom, but the but the reach Karn is saying that the king is coming back to his kingdom.
He’s returning again, and we need to be ready.
And I will I will just say, you know, and I could just touch it up, but but there is a 7th door.
The 7th door is a mystery. Okay? If you do it, uh, but I will say this.
I will say this. When you read the end of the Bible, when you read the end of the Bible, what do you read?
The tree of life was gone. Now it comes back. Everything was gone. Comes back. What it’s it’s coming home.
What is what is heaven? Just like Israel came to Jerusalem, we’re coming to Jerusalem. Yeah.
And that is the final home. When we caught heaven is the final mystery, that’s our ancestral land.
Where we belong. That’s where god is calling us.
That when we get to heaven, we’re gonna say we’re home for the first time. That’s what it’s all about.
And it goes on forever and ever and ever.
He’s gonna wipe He’s gonna restore life away every tear from our eyes and he no more death, no more pain, no more mourning.
That is the ultimate restoration, it says. And then He will be ours and we’ll be his. That’s our possession.
God is our possession, and we are his. That’s how it goes on forever and ever and ever.
Folks, the book is called the all the jubilant mysteries revealed.
It’s gonna reach secular folks as well, I think.
I pray that. Yeah. I really do.
That my hope because if you’re not a believer, I mean, I got you right at that. Listen. Listen.
You don’t you don’t you know, a lot of people, they just don’t know. They hear, okay.
So they don’t realize the god that that they heard about, way, 2000 years ago, is alive and affecting their life, whether whoever you are.
It doesn’t matter. He’s been charging everything to the day To the election. Birth day to your question.
People are born just for, you know, at exact times, and so are we each of us?
So are we as well? We were born for this age. And and this is an exciting time.
It’s challenging, but it could also be the greatest time.
Because god is alive and well.
And to stand with him, And these times is worth more than when he’s popular. That’s right.
This is the time where he’s gonna anoint the eyes of the lord is searching the entire earth looking for the one whose heart is completely his.
He’s gonna raise you up. You be that 1. He will raise you up. He will anoint you.
He is alive now. And we need pray for revival. Yes.
Because we need
to pray for revival. We need revival in America, revival in the world because if there’s not revival, America is down.
We need to pray for that, and there can be, but the revival starts with us.

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